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  1. Tough to be visible playing on the 4th line, on a team that consistently plays the first half of the game down a goal or two, where the coach is then forced to shorten the bench and sit the entire fourth line for half a game. So, in that regard he's kinda a product of his environment this year. But yeah he hasn't really stood out at all this year. Hasn't been a liability, but as you said, he's just invisible.
  2. One guy that has been getting a lot of attention and respect among flames' faithful - and rightly so - is Hamonic. Hamonic has been awesome. After settling into the team this year, and maybe having a better defensive partner that he gels with, or maybe better defensive systems...who knows...but he is playing as advertised, if not better, when Treliving made the big trade to bring him here. Last year he didn't live up to the expectations, but this year he has been such a consistent, reliable, composed defensemen, and he's starting to push the offense a bit too. We gave up a lot to get him, but with Gio-Brodie, Hammer - Hanifin, Andersson - Valimaki, we've got a heck of a defense corps, at a pretty decent price. Brodie, too, needs to get some love, as he's been awesome. Gio has been Gio...so he's been awesome. And the young bucks rounding out the 3rd pairing are playing well. By all accounts Kylington down in Stockton is taking a big step forward this year...we've got a pretty awesome group of D men to build a contender around.
  3. YounGuns


    As a previous poster had mentioned, this article is a good one: https://calgarysun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/calgary-flames/whats-wrong-with-smith-experts-weigh-in One of the things I would agree with is that he's not letting the puck come to him. He's trying too hard because he's not confident, and he's forcing the play rather than letting the puck come to him. Every player goes through highs and lows in the season, and every player grips the stick a little too hard at times, over-thinking the game instead of just letting their natural skill and confidence take over, the problem is that when it's a skater that goes through that, you have 17 other skaters that can shelter him a bit until he gets his groove back. When it's your goalie that is struggling, he's an island back there, and his errors are magnified because he can't just drift through the game like a skater can. He's always relied on to be the backbone of the team on every single shift...not an awesome place to be when you're dealing with confidence issues. I don't know where to go with Smith. I've tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but at what point do you accept he's not the one to take us into the promised land and just cut ties with him? Even then, what's the solution? Or, another way of looking at it is this: he's currently going through a funk, and despite that funk in our starter goalie, we're still battling not only for playoff positioning but for division crown! Imagine what we'll be like when he gets outta his own head and starts playing like a all-star again. Would you prefer to have Smith really take off in the 2nd half of the season, or the 1st (like last year). I mean, ideally he'd be dialed in consistently all season, but there are few goalies that are that consistent, if any. I don't know what to make of it. Do we ride this out, knowing we finally have enough skill up front to mask his faults until he finds his game? Believing he's still got it in him to be an elite tender when he gets into a rhythm? Or do we say "he's done, he's old, he's not coming back, let's drop him before he kills the season"? Hmmm.....I don't envy BT right now...
  4. Seeing the line-up for tonight and I'm disappointed to see Czarnik as a healthy scratch with Dube coming back. All Czarnik has done is impress...albeit in a limited role. He's been far more effective and dangerous than Hathaway. I fail to see why year in and out Hathaway seems to get the inside track on coaches decisions like this. I don't think Hathaway brings much of anything, other than a body to fill the 4th line, but we've got legit NHL players for that, so why keep him up and put Czarnik as a healthy scratch? Seems like a pretty suspect decision. Czarnik brings energy, skill, and consistency to the group. Hathaway brings energy...but inconsistently, and he doesn't have the same skill set by a country mile.
  5. YounGuns


    See I see it much differently. You know he's going to come out and play it. The first few games the players were re-acclimatizing to it for sure, but now they seem to have a good grasp on it. This is Smith's game, let's not turn him into a goalie that he isn't. He likes playing the puck, he says it helps him in the game, and every D men when asked about it say they love it. Sure, they are not going to throw their goalie under the bus even if they didn't like it, but it sure sounds genuine to me. The coaches seem to like it, Gully mentioned numerous times, Peters has mentioned it as a benefit to our group that Smith can play it, our GM loves the fact that Smith can play it, and we saw last night, he can play the puck well. I would say there is consistency with Smith. That's why I mentioned it wasn't my concern with him. What's my concern is last year there wasn't consistency with Rittich, because he would at times try to play the puck, and at times leave it. But Smith? He always just plays it, and plays it well. It certainly will cost us a few goals against over the course of the season (already has cost us one for sure), but it will also reduce wear and tear on the defense, increase speed of transition, and throw a wrench into the gears for any team that leans heavily on their forecheck.
  6. YounGuns


    Gotta go back to Smith. He played great, and didn't get a shut out, so that bodes well for the next game... I think you throw Rittich in either against the Rangers or Montreal, and then again with Buffalo. That has him playing every 4 games, which is perfect. I don't have any stats to back this up, but I feel like Smith is typically good in the games where he comes back after getting a night off? In which case you might want Rittich to play Montreal, and then get back to Smith for Pittsburgh, Washington and Toronto. Gosh...that'll be a big test for us...
  7. YounGuns


    I thought Smith had a great game last night. Both teams came out with jump, but we made a couple defensive clearing errors real early and Smith had to be very sharp early. He kept the puck outta the net, and gave our boys a chance to go up 1-0. Can't fault him on either of the goals he let in. That Boston top line is so good, they'll get their looks. Fortunately for us, our top shut down line actually outplayed them at both ends of the ice, and Smith certainly outplayed Rask. I know some people cringe when Smith goes behind the net to play the puck, but I wouldn't want him to stop it. He's really good at playing the puck, the defense is starting to remember how he plays it and are adjusting accordingly, it saves the D from getting wrecked on hits, and allows us to quickly move the puck up ice. Smith seemed even more active with puck handling last night, and I think that's because of the team we were playing. Boston is tenacious on the forecheck, and Smith single handedly deflated that part of their game for most of the night. There was one moment where he held on to the puck longer than I would have liked...but I think it's a awesome part of his game and I love that he has that. My biggest concern with how he plays the puck isn't Smith, but it's the impact it has when Rittich plays. We saw last year that the defense got used to Smith's style, and when Rittich played they weren't sure if he was going to play it or leave it - Rittich himself didn't seem to know what to do at times....he knows his D is used to their goalie playing the puck, but that's not his strong suit - and that cost us a few times.
  8. YounGuns


    Gosh I hope he brings his toes. Smith has the best toes....
  9. The only thing I wonder about that line, is if Bennett would be able to bring the same game playing Center. He's on the wing now. I know we drafted him as a center and wanted him as a center, but is he more effective as a winger?
  10. THAT could be an awesome line! I like the sounds of Tkachuk with Bennett and Neal better than Tkachuk with Johnny and Sean.
  11. I thought Bennett was our best player for a couple games now. Historically he's so frustrating how he was unable to finish, but the skill set is there, and the effort is there. Nice to see him get his first last night, and nice to see the refs unable to find a way to call it back! Not only did he get the monkey off his back, but with his physical play and that huge hit in the 2nd he basically took the team on his back and carried them forward. Everyone seemed more engaged after that. But not only that, he plays with a massive chip on his shoulder...I love that he's not shy to plough into someone 4 feet taller and 50 pounds heavier than him. I also love that he hasn't shown his penchant for taking retarded offensive zone penalties as he used to the last two years. He's awesome, and him, Neal and Dube could be great together. I really like that line actually....they've had some of the best chances for the past few games now.
  12. YounGuns


    Gotta go back to Smith. He's our guy. We need Rittich to be a capable back-up, and he did everything he needed to in that role last night; he gave us the chance to win. Had Rittich lost though, gosh there'd be 3 more pages on here about how Treliving failed to address our goalie situation. Funny how it's mainly crickets when Rittich plays well and gives us a chance to win....you know, like he did last year while in the back-up role... One thing I find funny is how people hate how fiery Smith is. I personally love it. It's not a sign that he's losing his composure, as some on here seem to think, rather that's just who he is. He's a fiery, passionate guy. It's his personality, not a reflection of his skills as a goalie. We need MORE of that on this team, not less. We're, for the most part, too "nice". I love the fact that Smith gets frustrated and shows it. He's not afraid to call out his defensemen or throw a blocker into the face of an opposing player who is taking liberties on him. It doesn't affect his play....this is how he's always been...it's just who he is. Asking Smith to reign that in would be like asking Rittich to at least look like he gives a damn. Rittich is like Kipper....always cool and collected, no matter what's going on. Smith is like Patrick Roy....a hot head ready to blow a gasket. Guess what fellas, it's just a personality thing and has zero impact on how well they can play their trade. In fact, getting fired up and angry probably makes Smith play better. Being cool and relaxed probably helps Rittich play better. There's no one "personality" that makes a goaltender great. So I for one think its comical when people point to Smith being "fired up" and try and sell that as a sign that he's unravelling and not ready to play. No, no it's not.
  13. From numerous players' accounts early on they all say the same thing: "practices are very fast and up tempo", "Peters is a demanding coach", "Peters is a coach that will push you to be better"....those comments, particularly the players from last year who mentioned how fast the practices are, are essentially alluding the fact that that's not how practices were last year. Nor did it seem Gully held players accountable, or pushed them. It seemed - and I don't know for sure - that he cared more about being a nice guy than a good coach. I love that our practices are fast, and the players need to work in practice. That is already translating to a faster, harder working team this year. Another thing that drove me nuts about Gully - and something he flat out admitted - is that he didn't change things up depending on who they were playing or how players were playing. He was so unadaptable. He had his systems, and his game plan, and if the game went sideways he was unable to adapt mid game. Peters seems more than wiling to adapt and at least try out different line combinations, or to try and ice the right players for whoever the opposing coach throws out there. One more thing: I like how Peters 1) holds players accountable, and 2) rewards players. Making Frolik a healthy scratch because Peters see's he's clearly not engaged to where he can be, that's a slap in the face to Frolik, and he's gotta be better when he comes back. Peters saying he needs to find Bennett more ice time, and then actually acting on it and giving Bennett more ice time. Peter's going right back to his young D (Valimaki and Andersson) after a brutal game by them against St. Louis, but he uses it as a learning platform, and instead of sheltering them and limiting ice time in the next game, he had Andersson playing the final minute of a tied game! He seems to reward his players when they deserve it, he has faith in his players and shows it, and he holds players accountable when they are not up to the standard he knows they can be. Those are all things Gully either refused to do or was unable to do. The sample size is real small, but so far I like Peters.
  14. YounGuns


    Also, for whatever reason, Smith is TERRIBLE in games after he posts a shut out, i forge the stats, but Hrudey was talking about it before the game. Peters should have went with the original plan to play Rittich. But then what happens...if the same team came out in front of Rittich as they did in front of Smith for that game, then all of a sudden our back up is thrown to the wolves, he would have almost certainly lost the game as well with how terrible the entire team played, and then he sits for 4 or 5 more games dwelling on how he lost one of his few chances. Smith needs to be better, but also nearly the entire team needs to be better. We had one solid game, and 1 sub-par game, and 2 terrible games so far this season. We need to be better, more consistent, and come to play for a full 60 minutes.
  15. YounGuns


    Although I'm not trying to say Smith had a great game, the same argument of "what is his role?" and how he needs to do it better can be said of the entire team. What about Monahan in the penalty shot? Isn't it his role to score on those? That would have been super helpful when down 3-1 to get a goal there. Or the inept power play that was just passing around the entire time, isn't it their role to score on the power play? Or the defense in front of Smith, particularly Andersson and Valimaki who both made numerous positional and panicked errors that ended up with the puck in the net, is it not their job to defend properly? Is it not the teams role as a unit to come prepared to play for a full 60 minutes rather than just the final period? (I'm not trying to throw you under the bus here T_D, as you made the same point I'm making so I know you get it too, i'm just reiterating it.) Smith had a bad game, I'll readily admit that, but as some posters have been mentioning he was just one of almost every single player that had a bad team. We lost that game as a team; that loss is no way on Smith. Also, let's not forget the 3 incredible saves he shouldn't have had to make to start the game in the opening 5 minutes. Would Rittich have saved those? Impossible to know, but again the point is that the team just didn't come out ready to play in front of our goalie. Also we know there will be scary moments with how much Smith plays the puck out of his net, that's just going to happen, but remember last year how he was so effective back there doing that? It helps out the defense a ton, gets the puck up the ice quickly, catches teams making slow changes, and it helps Smith get in the game. That's HIS game, he's one of the best tenders in the league at playing the puck, so you don't all of a sudden tell a 36 year old goalie to stop playing his game. Just know that with that style we'll get burned a few times in a season...I think that over the course of the season his ability to play the puck will overall really help this team, but I also know it'll count for a few goals against as well.
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