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  1. Just floating some names out there that the Flames might like to acquire. Not saying that they can/will/need to get any or all of them, but they are possible fits that could be looked at. Drouin Niederreiter Kevin Hayes Simmonds Tavares James Van Riemsdyk Duclair Palat William Nylander Nyquist Hamonic Trouba Dumba Brodin Montour/Manson/Theodore/Despres/Vatanen Hjalmarsson Eric Johnson A lot of these players are in danger of becoming cap casualties and/or taken in the expansion draft. Obviously it's not like there isn't going to be competition for these players, but if a team is desperate enough, Calgary might be able to take advantage. Additionally, as I've already stated elsewhere, I would not be opposed to trading Backlund or Giordano (and even Brodie and Monahan) in the right deal. Calgary has built up a good core, it is now time to line up everybody's windows to win, thus taking the team to the next level.
  2. My analysis of Treliving's track record: TRADED 3rd round pick for Brandon Bollig - Poor trade. Bollig is a great guy, but unfortunately, his cap hit and lack of points handcuffed the roster a little bit. Hopefully he has been a good leader for the young guys in the AHL. SIGNED Mason Raymond to a 3 year, $9.5 million dollar contract - Poor signing. Treliving could have done much better. Still paying for the buyout this year and next. Raymond is a great guy, I wish him the best. SIGNED Jonas Hiller to a 2 year, $9 million dollar contract - Meh. He helped us to the playoffs one year, faltered the next, left at free agency. No harm no fowl. SIGNED Deryk Engelland to a 3 year, $8.75 million dollar contract - The AAV seemed a little high at the time, and maybe still does, but his leadership and play was crucial this year, and most probably will continue to be a big factor into the playoffs. Seems to have become a better signing over the course of the contract. RE-SIGNED T.J. Brodie to a 5 year, $23.5 million dollar contract - How did we get him this cheap!?!? What a signing by Treliving! TRADED Curtis Glencross for 2nd round, 3rd round picks - Excellent trade, especially given the fact that Glencross retired that off-season. TRADED Sven Baertschi for 2nd round pick (Rasmus Andersson) - Probably pretty good timing for Treliving. Beartschi had expressed that he did not want to resign with Calgary. While Baertschi is doing reasonably with Vancouver, Andersson looks like he will also be pretty good (if not better). Probably the best we could have hoped for. SIGNED Jakub Nakladal to a 1 year, <$1 million dollar contract - Good player, would have liked to see more of him. RE-SIGNED Mikael Backlund to a 3 year, $10.725 million dollar contract - Like Engelland, the AAV may have seemed a little high at the time, but that has been absolutely disproved this year. One of the most valuable players on the team this year, proving how important it is to have depth down the centre. Like Engelland, the signing seems better over time. TRADED 1st round pick, 2 2nd round picks for Dougie Hamilton - By far, without a doubt, Treliving's best move. Hamilton is an absolute stud, and will be for many years to come. A fantastic addition to a young team. Adds to the core, without removing from it. Saw an advantage with Boston's cap issues, took advantage of it. RE-SIGNED Dougie Hamilton to a 6 year, $34 million dollar contract - Good value for this player. He will do nothing but get better until the end of the contract (barring injury of course). Absolutely fantastic trade and signing. RE-SIGNED Karri Ramo to a 1 year, $3.8 million dollar contract - Not a great signing. Already had Hiller and Ortio, did not really need a third goalie of the same caliber. This moved somewhat handcuffed Hartley, and (in my opinion), was a big reason that Calgary missed the playoffs. SIGNED Michael Frolik to a 5 year, $21.5 million dollar contract - Despite a high AAV, proved that he is a very useful player to the team. Would have liked to see a smaller cap hit, but can't complain too much when he addresses a need and brings value to the team. Also of note that Treliving signed Frolik over Matt Beleskey, which is seeming to be the correct choice. RE-SIGNED Lance Bouma to a 3 year, $6.6 million dollar contract - Overpayment, classic case of getting caught up in heart&soul/one good season. Hopefully this leadership proves useful in the playoffs, would like to get some more value out of this signing. RE-SIGNED Mark Giordano to a 6 year, $40.5 million dollar contract - As much as Giordano brings to this team, the AAV of the signing is high. This contract could very well handcuff the Flames moving forward, especially if Giordano gets injured, slows down etc... For now has good value. Time will tell if it stays this way. WAIVED Paul Byron - Poor decision, especially when looking at this season's production with Montreal. Makes one wonder if it would have been better to keep Byron over the likes of Bouma, Bollig, Raymond, Ramo, etc... TRADED Markus Granlund for Hunter Shinkaruk - Jury is still out on this one. Granlund didn't seem to have a roster spot, but will Shinkaruk? What about expansion draft? Time will tell. TRADED Jiri Hudler for 2nd round pick (Tyler Parsons), 4th round pick - Good trade. Would have liked to see a little more coming back to Calgary, but forwards did not gain a lot of assets at that year's deadline. Also, considering the fact that Hudler has not found his 70+ point form since the trade, looks like a decent result. TRADED Kris Russel for Jyrki Jokkipakka, Brett Pollock, 2nd round pick (Dillon Dube) - Pretty good value for a rental. Probably one of the better trades of the day, Treliving had good timing on this move. TRADED David Jones for Niklas Backstrom, 6th round pick (Matthew Phillips) - Small deal in the grand scheme of things. Well done to get an asset for Jones, maybe he will make the NHL. TRADED Patrick Sieloff for Alex Chiasson - Even though Chiasson hasn't worked out on the top line, glad that Treliving at least took a shot. Relatively small deal. SINGED Troy Brouwer to a 4 year, $18 million dollar contract - This is looking like a poor signing, not because Brouwer is a poor player, but rather because he is being paid like a first liner. Hopefully he steps up and his leadership shines through during the playoffs. SIGNED Chad Johnson to a 1 year, $1.7 million dollar contract - Good signing, he has played as expected. Reasonable cap hit. SIGNED Kris Versteeg to a 1 year, <$1 million dollar contract - Fantastic signing, very well done by Treliving. RE-SIGNED Sean Monahan to a 7 year, $44.6 million dollar contract - Signing needed to happen, probably came in the right price. Certainly didn't get a steal like he did with Brodie, but did not overpay either. Happy with signing as you gotta pay your first line centre. RE-SIGNED Johnny Gaudreau to a 6 year, $40.5 million dollar contract - Took too long to sign, but paid the right price for him. Good signing. SIGNED Matt Bartkowski to a 2 year, $1.3 million dollar contract - Great signing as he slides in to the third paring quite well. Perhaps more importantly, his signing ensures that Calgary does not have to expose one of Brodie, Giordano, or Hamilton at the expansion draft. Very crafty move by Treliving. TRADED 3rd round pick, conditional 5th round pick for Michael Stone - Fantastic trade. Stone slides in very nicely on the second pairing, and gives Calgary some much needed depth on defense. Also acquired for a very low price. In fact, some GMs around the league were surpised that a relatively young RHS defenseman got moved so early for so little. Once again, Treliving saw an opportunity and took it. TRADED Jyrki Jokkipakka, 2nd round pick for Curtis Lazar, Michael Kostka - Obviously way too early to tell, but in my opinion, a great (and underated move). Lazar has been a leader throughout his career, a can play centre or the wing. Hopefully he will find some chemistry with Bennett. Also nice to see that Treliving did not overspend on Vrbata/Burrows/Hansen/Vanek/insert rental here. Crafty move. *Also of note, Treliving gave a two year extension to Hartley, fired him after one year, and hired Glen Gulutzan. I will let you decide for yourselves how to interpret this decision. Something that Treliving seems to do consistently well is assess the trade market. He has a knack for swooping in on other teams, and grabbing their excess wealth for a very reasonable price (see Hamilton, Stone, Lazar). Also with trades, he seems to know when to pull the trigger. In other words, he gets pretty good value out of trades, not acting too early or too late (see Glencross, Hudler, Russel, Stone). I think Treliving's ability to trade is superior to many other NHL GMs. I am very impressed by Treliving's ability to trade. Treliving also has a tendency of giving out large contracts on useful, but not elite players (see Engelland, Frolik, and to a lesser extent, Brouwer). I have no issue with these players nor their contracts, so long as they keep being useful to the team. It is clear that Treliving knows how to build a team, but part of me wonders if this will handcuff the team in a few years time, when they will inevitably need to acquire one last piece to put them over the top. That said, this is a few years away, and therefore the team has time. Also, the depth of this team will be very useful in the playoffs and this cannot be overlooked. Therefore, I am cautiously optimistic about Treliving's ability to sign free agents. In terms of Treliving's ability to resign players, he has resigned essentially everybody that he needs to. He got a steal of a deal on Brodie, and he paid about the right amount on Monahan (could have been better, could have been worse, see above). While he did take a long time to sign Gaudreau, he eventually got it done for about the right price (like Monahan, could have been better, could have been worse). I my estimation the Giordano contract was a little lofty, but I guess you gotta pay your captain. All in all, I am satisfied with Treliving's ability to resign his players. This leaves drafting as the last category for assessment. While I did not take the time to look at all of draft picks under Treliving's watch, he has drafted the likes of Sam Bennett, Brandon Hickey, Andrew Mangiapane, Rasmus Andersson, Oliver Kylington, Adam Fox, Dillon Dube, Tyler Parsons, and Matthew Tkachuk. There are evidently some promising prospects in there, but only time will tell how good they are. That said, I am encouraged by Treliving's ability to draft. Evidently Treliving, like every other GM in the league has had some mistakes. Thankfully, he has not done anything that gravely jeopardizes the team for years to come. In fact, I believe he has done the complete opposite. Even more exciting is that Treliving's most questionable moves came at the start of his tenure, when he was still feeling out the team (a team which had just finished near the bottom of the standings). Treliving came in and did an admirable job, and is in position to have take this team to the playoffs for the 2nd time in 3 years. Evidently this is not all Treliving's doing - Feaster and better drafting deserve credit here - but nonetheless, Treliving has shown his ability to manage the hockey time. More than that, he has done it very well. Considering all of these factors, I think Treliving absolutely deserves an extension. He has earned the right to keep building this team, hopefully into a Stanley Cup winner.
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