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  1. At that number of deaths, you might want to buy stock in bulldozer company like CAT.
  2. I think the Stanley Cup inscription for 2019-2020 season winner would be "COVID 19". This pandemic will get worst for the rest of this season and into the next season. Only if the entire world locked themselves up for 20 days that we may shorten the spread of this virus. Unfortunately, that is not realistically achievable. Calgary already in trouble with Suncor daycare child was tested positive, and we know how well children are keeping their personal hygiene right?
  3. Rittich is jinked. He should not play any home games this year!
  4. Another Satoshi Nakamototy first period. Surprise! I like Rittich but I wonder why he is in the net when Talbot is winning?
  5. I'm tired of Gaudreau's million breakaways and come up empty. He needs to practice on breakaway this summer!
  6. What the Blockchain is Gio doing?
  7. They better not taking this back!
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