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  1. DHT


    Lucic, Marchant and Thomas were the real reason why I hated Boston so much and still do. I was happy when Lucic went to Oilers. Now he is a Flames. I have to bite my lips from now on. I hope he is worth it.
  2. DHT


    My bad. You are absolutely correct. I thought he did played a few games. God, that's seems long ago. Beside, I was pretty intoxicated watching those games in the Red Mile.
  3. DHT


    I wouldn't want Phaneuf here even if he plays for free. He is a cancer to every team he's on with the exception of 2004 cup run. I did not like him after he got his big contract.
  4. Too much wild fire smoke up in Edmonton so we should be a bit forgiving because of that. 😀
  5. I would disagree with firing BT. As for Johnny, I think we either trade him or get him a McKinnon like center to play with him. Monahan is not that center so either we trade Monahan or we trade them both. Johnny is my favorite player, but I can see how easily he can be shut down in the playoff if he is without his line mates support. I think this team got into a habit of sloppy defense and only to give half efforts majority of games. All the third period come back is an indication that the team will only play one third of a game and not entire game. This can not be the team next year. I think BT will be fixing this in the off season. The very first thing BT needs to do is getting rid of Brodie. I think Hamonic should play with Gio as first pair, Valimaki and Anderson as a second pair, Hanifin should play as third pair. The second thing BT must do is to get us a true #1 goalie. I believe that we need players with heart and grit but if we can't win in the regular season, there is no playoff so I think we still need a player like Johnny to get us to the playoff. Johnny is a great player and if he gets us first or second overall pick, we should do it. If we traded Johnny, we should trade Monahan, Neal, Backlund, Janko. and now we are in the tear down mode. Our first line is too soft and that have to change.
  6. If Washington and Boston out of the playoff, it would be 4 top teams in the league out on first round. There is a chance that may happen. LOL
  7. Well, gentlemen we will be enjoying our summer early. I will have better sleeps once my frustrations and disappointments subsided. It has been a pleasure to be on the game night board all season with you guys. Better luck next year perhaps. Thanks guys!
  8. If playoff experience is a key factor, then what happened to Neal?
  9. We went from a 12 cylinders race car in regular season to a 1 cylinder lawn mower in the playoff. WTF!
  10. Could we put Rittich in? What do we have to loose? Not Smith fault but we need something, anything.
  11. Why are we challenging on that one?
  12. Failed to clear and goal against us. This is the story we are so familiar with.
  13. OK guys, hit the net please!
  14. He is still in deficit. He owed 5 more goals but who's counting. LOL
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