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  1. DHT


    Lucic, Marchant and Thomas were the real reason why I hated Boston so much and still do. I was happy when Lucic went to Oilers. Now he is a Flames. I have to bite my lips from now on. I hope he is worth it.
  2. Too much wild fire smoke up in Edmonton so we should be a bit forgiving because of that. 😀
  3. DHT


    It is the two in bold that peoples remember. The second one is a real doozy.
  4. DHT

    Flames Defense

    We have to give Hanifin another season before we could properly assess him. He does sometime drive me crazy on his gaffs but not as much as Brodie's gaffs on my nerves.
  5. DHT


    Once I can figured out, you will be first to know. LOL
  6. DHT


    Seems like everyone miss you FF52. Your light shines bright in our hearts and may we lift our Stanley Cup this year making a toast to you old friend! Rest in Peace FF52. Thank You!
  7. DHT


    I couldn't have said it any better. Thank you! Now, lets hope that the coaching staffs got the memo.
  8. DHT


    Stats are great because it confirmed the eyes test. This year, the eyes test is nothing to dispute and it would take a moron to say that Smith is better than Rittich. However, there seems to be many morons in the Flames management because Smith is keep getting starter role over Rittich. I just don't get it.
  9. DHT


    I was livid last night with Smith. Every time he makes mistake, he doesn't picked himself up or makes a spectacular saves after to make up for his previous stupid mistake. Instead, he let in a stinker. I know we need both goalies in the playoffs but we all know who is the starter here. They are still hoping that he will turn around for us as a starter. How many lost like last night does it needs to say that he is not a starter for us this year? Smith has singularly cost us many games this season. We have a good backup goalie in Smith and that's all he is. Rittich is our starter so start giving him more games than Smith. He has earned that position!
  10. DHT


    To be fair to Rittich, Smith took the easier teams while Rittich played against tough teams during the run. Smith is playing better lately and Rittich has letting some soft one in but out of the two, I trust Rittich more. If we can trade Smith for Ward at TDL, we would be in very good shape for deep run in the playoff.
  11. DHT


    Amen to that! Smith is inconsistent with back to back games and the haunting of the last time he started against Penguins really makes me hesitate to start him. I would like to see Rittich have a shot against Pens and perhaps go back to Smith after that unless Rittich has a shutout.
  12. I'm not blaming our goalies. In fact, I am a big fan of BSD. However, we only have one goalie, we need another one for the playoff. Smith is not the one I considered as the other goalie. Tell me you wouldn't want another goalie that is better than BSD?
  13. I think we need a hot goalie first. BT haven't been spending money on the net and it is the most important position on the team (just my opinion). Look at last night game, Markstrom stole that game from us. We have BSD but he is cooling down and Smith is useless right now. We need someone to be a wall for us in the net. I would spend my money there first!
  14. Calgary economy is hurting so they should use a local firms and contractors to help out local outlook. Also, they need to design more bathroom stalls.
  15. DHT

    Sam Bennett

    Do you think if he was as good as McDavid that he will only get 6 to 8 minutes on the 4th line and no PP time?
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