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  1. Sometimes less is more...hot a back up tender for Ritich that’s one check in the box...plugged a few AHL holes and only lost 1 good player to FA in Hathaway who should be fairly easy to replace... on on the flip side many teams are struggling to keep what they have together, Jets, CBJ etc...many teams are struggling even MLT to get tot eh cap floor... im really liking this Stand pat and holding on to what worked before, let the chemistry build even more and the learning form their years post season should serve well. though, It would be nice if we could I’ve a few bad controacts and older guys but if not I think we are solid 🤞👍
  2. MP5029


    Lehner would be my #1 target right now all be it it will cost some coin but we’ll worth it...only thing is if it were done we would have to let Ritich go he’s getting to a point of 3mil+ per season very soon if he keeps developing this way...and I’d also consider Remier in Fla as my second choice (I think you could squeeze either a good prospect or decent draft pick from them)...Tabilot is my distant 3rd option all be it cheaper option over Rimier there is less squeeze they and both kinda rebound projects. all and all I think it’s a smart move to let Ritich have the chance to be our go to, he earned it 😊
  3. So tired of the backlund is our best defensive Ctr...that’s great for line 3/4 NOT 2nd line and the money he gets is too high for bottom 6...simple math backlund is expendable and NTC move all the time, not sure why people are so afraid of change, seems fans of this team have a hard time letting go...this is a business just cause you live your old Chevy or ford don’t count out the fact the new dodge has better performance, longevity and is cheaper over the long term...just saying look at Iggy that kinda stuff we need to avoid to be successful over time...Backlund is getting to that point and Gio is getting there too it’s time to seriously consider trading in on our old cars while their motors are still running and have some value
  4. I like this, BT is on the right track, blow it up panic is not something he is gonna entertain which is good...he’s right to maintain and let the team grow, although there are some areas to address and he’s looking at them he’s not about to make a rash move this is great in my opinion 😊
  5. Anyone else think Matt Duchene would be a good fit here? Of course it would make Backlund expendable but that could be a good thing they are both about the same age...Duchene is a bit ore offensive which would be great for line 2 and with Backlund becoming expendable he would be a hot commodity for a good trade return coupled with Frolik wanting out, we could probably leverage one or both of those guys in a decent trade return for a solid RW for the 2nd line and maybe 3/4 line upgrades as well just wondering thoughts on that?
  6. I see your thought process on the size issue but (no pun intended here) a big deal...it wasn’t so much size but compete level couldn’t get going just like the first 10-15 games of the season, took this team time to get rolling and we seen it again after the all star break too, so we really shouldn’t be surprise that they were cold going in the playoffs, with all the days off and team changes the last weeks or so heading in. I believe I said that was their only issue going in to it and I was right on, not that I want to be. see I think they actually addressed this issue a bit with Peltier (sp) he brings this just like Chucky but you need more then one of those type on a team so this definitely helps the competition drive on the team, that’s what we lacked and still do but at least they have seen that now...I liken the current team to a pace team for a marathon rather then a sprint team...in hockey it needs to be a blend (proper balance) or if you like we need to cross train so to speak lol! Keep in mind Chi with Kane and Towes both small and skilled but different from then Johnny’s and Sean’s in the sense they have a tremendously high complete level Chunky has this so maybe another one or two like that and we could be well off?
  7. Nope I think BT will move: 1. Neil and for a reasonable return, something we will be shocked at, but everyone will be like not bad, fair deal, considering...however at a slight loss of quality player in return but one that’s a utility player and fit our 4th line and speed...gut feeling maybe a bit younger too? 2. Frolik for a fair deal as well, I think it will be as even as a trade you see, maybe a “hockey type” trade but basically a serviceable 2nd liner with upside probably a bit younger then Frolik. 3. and one everyone will lose their minds on...Gio for a kings ransom probably a 1st round too 10 pick, a blue chip prospect and a top 6 forward...kinda a Lindholm situation and again works out for our 2nd line...gut feeling here too but for the Norris winner I should think you could pull that at the least for the best Dman in all of hockey right now
  8. MP5029

    Mark Giordano

    First congratulations GIO! definitely the most deserved candidate for the Noris! and with that, in my opinion, now is the prime time to trade Gio, send him to another contender and bag as much as you can for him, the Norris winner must be worth far more then what Karlsson and Truba hauls are This is where the flames messed up with Iggy, and we are fortunate to have a make up chance now trade now his value will never ever be higher! i figure at least a 1st rounder, blue chip prospect and an above average roster player for the best D-man in the entire NHL would be the least you could expect back
  9. Chill out guys, even the Avs took a few years to get to where they are playing now, we are only 1 year into the same formula... true there are areas for fixing, but the core is still young and learning...there are however some areas that need to be addressed, some can be from within like adopting an win/win mentality first and foremost second, no days off, even if you are in the post season early, gotta keep the motor running...idle takes too long to get back up to speed. and there are of course some player changes needed, love Gio but how much dose he have left? Brodie and stone are other things to ponder for upgrading maybe? replacing smith is pretty much a give, question is who? And then hen there are some questions about Backlund/frolick etc...they are great but maybe best suited down a line..could Tachuck/Bennet and a power RW be better suited for 2nd line? Probably...although our top line is far from a 1A it’s def a 1B line and if we could manage to upgrade that 2nd line to a 1B that’s even better I think then a 1a and 2a line built team backlund/frolik on the 3rd with another hard nose player with defensive play would be really good, maybe Janks or someone else or we could look at bovine both and doing a full makeover on the 3rd maybe start building that line around Janks? Maybe Mags and Janks and then another tough speedy Rw power forward type? as for the 4th line Ryan is fine, so to is Mags and all the others Neil has to go, he’s just not a fit here...great player and all just not here sadly Anyway there is is a ton of good young core guys no need to blow everything up, just some modifications would do, that and they need to learn how to play hard starting on day 1 of the season and keep it going ALL year long, no days off even during the breaks
  10. I said that would be what shot us in the foot before the playoff started...totally makes sense teams that take their foot off the accelerator loose...in military context they didn’t finish their primary mission because they lost focus on it indicators were slow start, and the AS break and then the shoty play of key guys after being given “rest days” it’s not rocket science just common sense
  11. You know TDL and not getting Stone...you have to think that RW Power forward type or even C is one thing we lacked...can’t help but feel that could have made a massive difference... the other thought, mackinnon comments reminded me of comments from 2004 about Iggy willing the team to win...funny he was a power RW mmmm, seeing a trend for playoffs? in any event, there are some iaauws to address but nothing huge I don’t think tinkering should be fine to resolve most of theses issues except this lazy slow start trend...intensity boys find your intensity and will to win...it’s a mind set issue you need to have the win/win mentality this group has not learned it yet
  12. Ok all these panic issues do have some merit, we have all seen and questioned through the year...some honesty are minor issues that can be fixed, the biggest issue in my opinion is: you cant let this team rest, they are like an old reliable engine, takes a while to turn over but once it starts you run it cause you know it’s gonna take a while to turn over if you turn it off I’m not sure why this team is like this or how to change it? in any even obvious BT has some questions Monahan....his disappearance tricks at the end of the season Neil’s fit here? Goaltending...I’m thinking Smith needs to upgrades and replaced he is getting older And obviously Brodie, love the guy but he dose have brain farts at the worst time there are other areas to look at too but those seem to be the pressing ones the only crappy deal is we had a good season so we don’t have a great draft pick 😞
  13. They are gonna loose this series for two simple reasons: 1. An incredibly hot goalie on the Avs...which could be solved or a non isssue if not for the second reason below... 2. Too much time off leading into the playoffs, chemistry and timing are clearly off for the key players, matter of fact with the exception Bennett, all the “injured” players sitting out are way off...maybe Gio but by his standards he’s off a bit too. The minor aches help keep you sharp and they should have never rested the core guys...hopefully Peters has learned this lesson, they have proven by the slow start of the season they take time to gel, and there is just no time for them to do that in a playoff series. I mentioned this just before the playoffs started, our biggest problem would be shooting is in the foot... you need intensity and sharp reaction time that if you take time off, takes twice as long to get back...this why Col is out playing us Side note why is Valamaki sitting out in favour of Fantenberg? Anderson is great game in game out, and keep improving, Gio a little off, Brodie is becoming a liability, hammer is great and Hanafin is kinda invisible but at least not a liability...at this rate I’d consider sitting Brodie, Fantenberg has been better then him by far and quite possibly Hanifin..but Hanafin has had less liability issues...I’d sit Brodie for a game or so, and definitely bring in Valimaki at least for the rest of this series if the Chang makes some difference...Stone would be my second fill in if Hanifin is sat...the rest of the D seems to be ok at least... up front...that’s a whole other mess and it starts with Monahan and Neil being horrible, followed by an ok group of Backlund, Lindholm and Gaudreau Oh and I also thing Janko could be a wee bit better he’s definitely playing better then the first few listed above... After that, Chucky, Manjapani, Hathaway and Doc are all playing very well...Janko is on the fring to be here but best say he’s playing ok...not quite playoff caliber hockey but close, theses guys are...problem is all of Col’s Team is playing playoff caliber hockey and it shows, that’s why we are getting dominated in all aspects of the last 2 games...lest be honest Flames got luck in game 1 where smith was super hot nothing more
  14. I only have 2 worries about this playoff: 1. Long layovers between games our boys have a bad habit of being lazy (slow start of the season and after the all star break) and in a playoff run we can’t afford that habit 2. Tampa, most likely to set an NHL win recoded we can compete with them but I don’t think we have beaten them outside of maybe the first game of the season against them...I know we lost the most recent two against them, all be it close we still lost...I’m hoping it’s cause the East is easier to play in then the west is why Tampa is such a titian but they seem next to unstoppable which worries me just like in 04...although We are a much better team than then, so are they I really hope we don’t face them in the final...also SJ and Wpg could cause us issues but I’m more comfortable with them...it’s really just TB and also if we shoot our selves in the foot see point#1 otherwise this is as good a year as any maybe even the next few years 😊
  15. Dont need him anyway we have JH for that and he’s waaaag better too, we need a power forward and looks like at RW being that is where we are more weak at...and possibly at Goal, we will see as the season plays out. we have speed, skill, depth and grit,we just lack a little power is all.
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