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  1. A slow start again this year...maybe they need to watch the movie “how Stella got her groove back” cause so far this year the team is NOT groving well 😞
  2. Typical for the flames, slow start to the game with strong push in the 3rd..also this team usually is slow to start the season anyway...kinda just a Flames thing...no worries, wait and see 10 games in hopefully BP can light a fire under them for the start of games, every game! Playing 20 mins will never with a hockey game, that’s the bad habit they had in the playoffs last year...Peters hit the hammer on the nail in the post game interview so at least he’s aware of the problem...hopefully he can fix it 🤞
  3. That’s an interesting idea, I’d like to see BP that and I think he was hoping to try that over training camp but the Chucky thing took that look away for him, maybe he can test it here and there over the season but that comes with risks...I’m not sore BP will do that unless he needs to mix thing up but who knows, maybe he will...it think he should take more risks like that IMO
  4. Well now I’m much happier with Talbot’s performance..it wasn’t good it was great 19/19 thorough 40 with an AHL line up in front and a nearly full NHL line against..not he wasn’t good he was great. and to be honest the total shots against was something like 36 and had he played the 3rd and let in those 4 goals I’d still say he had a good game even then giving... ok now I'm more then willing to cut him a little slack and see how he dose over 5-10 games before I pass judgment... my criticism of him is until this game he just didn’t try, he had very few shots against and hardly stopped any..this game he showed effort and he was rewarded..I know he can’t stop all shot but one dose expect some to be stopped i honestly think Rittich’s performance the game before may have lit a fire under Talbot...but whatever the reason, this is what I expect for 3mil 😊👍
  5. Not true wheeler was out and so too was Laine and the other RFA guy..unless your saying their 2nd line as top 6 so yes yes he had a watered down support but so too was his opposition..6 GA was not good even under those conditions and it being preseason...he’s showing noncompete and no drive which you do see from Rittich, Geo etc... even in preseason
  6. No I disagree, he’s not being professional, kinda a mailing in the pre season, which is a poor approach, especially considering his season last year you would reasonably expect him to want to show he can do it...at this point I have serious doubts, and think it will be the same Talbot that Phi got. I’m usually right about these things, but hopefully I eat my words on this..i will be very happy to be completely wrong about this 😊
  7. All I will say is a fair and reasonable deal for both sides, wish the term was longer but I guess we have 3 years to nab a cup and worry about cap space at that time...though having JH, Mony and Chucky all due around the same time is gonna be a nightmare! But other teams like TOR, Pits etc... have managed stuff like this in the past and currently so I’m sure we will too... Chucky brings the sand paper, that’s what we need, hopefully Lucic can too, Physical play is not about the enforcer these days it’s about bringing a heavy in your face attitude (although some sized and skill and speed help that). anyways, I’m liking the PP lines with the options of putting Chucky and Lucic on either unit and placing someone in the front of the opposing goalie...having each PP unit with that ability keeps the opposing team off balance more as the won’t be able to take a break from playing unit 1 or 2 for clearing the crease 😊
  8. See Rittich stopped all 16 shots...yes in pre season, Talbot can’t stop a beach ball, money waisted I’d rather have Parsons backing up Rittich i took flak for mentioning this but if Talbot cannot get his head in the game and at least make an effort even in preseason like Rittich (basically be a pro) then he’s the same old Talbot as in Phi...which is to say, a waist of money
  9. MP5029


    Talbot is money that has been waisted, it would have been better spent on signing Chucky...3mil waisted period!
  10. Well if Talbot is tracking the puck...he sure as heck is not stopping 3 mil worth of them at .8xx save percentage, Wpg didn’t have a full roster and we had a very thin one, however, I’d expect more for 3 mil any thing else is unacceptable considering that 3 mil would probably have Chucks signed Talbot is another failed reclamation project ... just like Neil, smith etc... hopefully I’m wrong and I end up eating my words, and maybe I’m being too critical, but I think it’s fair to say the Talbot money would have had chucky signed who is far more important then Talbot... granted im not a huge fan of the Lucic trade either, IMO buying him out would have been better but I can live with the Lucic situation as he definitely can bring a presence to the front of the net, I think with Chucky doing that on PP1 and him doing that on PP2 would make both PP lines more dangerous
  11. Well rumour has the Avs Rattenen around 8.4-8.75 on a long term deal... question is, is Tkachuk in the same ball part as Rattenen in terms of talent and what he brings to the table? Hard to say, by stats and pure goal scoring probably not...close but not quite...however, it’s the intangibles Tkachuk brings like grit and agitator that’s worth a lot to a team but hard to place a value on...that in my opinion, balances him out with Rattenen... you would think BT could manage to free up some cap room of about 2-3 mil or so and build a longer term deal that could bring the AAV to about 9 mill but grows ever so slightly towards the middle of the contract then tappers back at the end... kinda like 8 at 8 9 9.5 10 10 9.5 9 8 Not sure about those numbers and all but he’s got about 6 mil free right now and some guys could be moved and or released for this year and then a few that expire over the next few years that won’t matter too much to us anyway... anyway i I was wondering if something like that could work? Could be a way of planning for monny and Johnny later too? this is where my opposition to signing Taboit comes in...that’s the wiggle room we need now for Tkachuk...and I’m not confident Tabiot is going to be at all any better then some of your young prospects in backing up Rittich...hopefully BT is done with theses FA reclamation projects and sticks to trades and internal development and drafting, that’s what he’s good at, he needs to stop handcuffing his ability to do what he’s good at by over priced FA’s...money better spent trading and signing like Hanifin and Lindholm stick to those things BT that’s what your good at
  12. Actually I am happy to see Bennett looks great so far with Backs and Frolik, that would be a pretty amazing 3rd line if Chuck can move to the top line RW The only question is who to play with Lindholm and that also depends on if Lindholm can play Ctr still...however, could make for an interesting 2nd line with an awesome 3rd to follow it? my only issue and major disagreement with what people are saying here is in regards o Taboit... I am extremely worried about this guy, he had what maybe 10 shots on him and let in what was it 3 or 4...and it was vs a weaken line up with rookies in it like we had... that money would have already had Tachuck signed...Taboit best start showing something ASAP because he’s turning into this years version of Neil who I didn’t like last year when he was signed...I’m getting the same feeling about Taboit I'm hopeful BT will stop these overpaid FA contracts and stick to what he is good at UFA’s and Trades
  13. I agree, the top line worked very well so leave it be...I’d definitely like to see Bennett and Tachuck together in some form or another...honesty I’d consider Bennett as the Ctr and maybe try Janks on the RW with Backlind Lucic and Frolik or whoever on the 3rd or something like that..I think Janks could take a big step this year if in the right position plus you could have Janks and Bennet rotate which could prove to be difficult for opposing teams to adjust to
  14. MP5029


    Funny you say that, cause Lombardi is exactly who I was thinking of..him and Martian St. Louis in his early years here in Cgy, the latter of those two obviously figured it all out and became a star the former had a decent career and showed signs of brilliance. I’m of the thought Oats could help Bennett’s career become like St. Louis otherwise he may be a high first round Draft pick Lombardi...not a horrible thing but I’d rather see him more like St. Louis then Lombardi...two players I also really liked here😊
  15. MP5029


    Mmm this Oats thing seems to have some merit, I’m thinking Bennett could and probably should become a client of oats😊
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