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  1. Simon is another tiny player what are we the Calgary Canadians? Heck even they learned added considerable size...Sonos that’s 6 smaller players: Gaudreau Ryan Manji Dube Simon Rinaldo that’s 2 full Tiny lines🙄 as if we didn’t get pushed off the puck much last year...let’s get smaller maybe the problem will get better? Lol BT needs to check out Mlt and see how that’s been working...just saying...
  2. Hoffman on a 1, maybe 2 year deal could be ok...but definitely not at 6.75 and I’m pretty sure wherever he lands it will be for 5 or less, and probably a short term deal, it’s the market, short term good for Hoffman, low $$$ good for teams. he’s be well suited to do a deal like that, get a longer big dollar contract in a year or two after the market recovers some
  3. So I will admit yes Laine would be a great add...but I’m also willing to say yes his “issues” in WPG are a huge risk, but with that in mind, are there other top tier RW’s we could look at trading for? I’m only asking cause Laine and WPG May be overvaulting his worth, especially considering Hanifin is a first round pick and yes he’s older but he looks like he could be rounding into his potential now and D generally always take a few more years to develop fully, I’m hesitant to say Laine is that much better than Hanifin that Bennet + Hanifin would be fair ... especially given Laine’s attitude issues and his contract term is nearing its end...oh and Bennet has more to show so that would be a very bad trade in another year or two... now I’m OK with trading Hanifin for a legit top 6 RW, preferably RS, with at least some term left on the contract and mostly definitely under 30...keep the age close to our Core age, this team has a horrible track record with acquiring 30+ players so we are beat to stay away from those... so any ideas? And also let’s try and get a guy 6’ and 200lbs or better?
  4. probably add, cause 2 years ago were career years for those guys, last year was more on par with their career averages... added to that if you want to win, you go with the LCD (lowest common denominator) which I’d suggest last year would be about right...going by that, we need to add a 15-20 goal scorer as for the defensive situation I’m not willing to say it’s any worse just yet, too many variables in Valimaki and Anderson in particular and also there seems to be a lot of debate on Kylington and Yelesin...I can say it’s unproven, but weaker or heck even better we really can’t say, I can say there is strong evidence that Valimaki May very well be as good or better than Brodie (and I’m one who’s been advocating for Brodie and how much of a loss he is for us) but Valimaki seem to be ready for top 4, possibly even top pair at the rate he is going right now. anyway, the thing I’m willing to do is let them show what they have, you can’t get proven defensive without giving them a chance to prove themselves.
  5. Lol auto correct yes and most likely yes, but hard so say kinda depends, I’d be ok with Dube (as much as I love the guy, he may be a better fit for the rangers)
  6. If we can get Gauthier from NYI we should be all over it...he’s one of those guys if you give him an opportunity he could shoot you the depth chart but he’s a solid bottom 6...I have a feeling he’s a Glencross type (not play style, well maybe a bit in the power forward sense) but more in the sense he could be a top 6 on the right team, plus he’s just an amazing fit though if he could be had I’d be more inclined to play him on the third and also, if we could swing Laine if look at: Gaudreau/Monahan/Lindholm Tachuck/Bennet/Laine manji/Backlund/Gauthier lucic/ not sure/Dube thats a deadly lineup I’d actually be super ok with sending any of those lines out against any other team and any line. come on BT find a way to land Laine and Gauthier PLEASE!!!???!!!
  7. exactly, and I gone hate the idea of trading Hanifin, he’s gonna be a top pair D, but I also feel Kylington, Yelesin and Valimaki are all gonna be very solid. Kylington should round out to a solid 3rd pair regular D that can fill in higher when needed, same with Yelesin. Valimaki is gonna be a top pair D and surprisingly so is Anderson (I say surprisingly because he wasn’t expected to be this good when drafted but this is a great thing) point being, even if only 1 of Yelesin or Kylington pan out then we should be ok on the future D with Valimaki, Anderson and on of those two...true there will be a few holes to fill but the need to fill them won’t become a major issue till Gio retires and he’s here for 2 more years although letting Hanifin go kinda thins out the D even more, especially with the loss of Brodie, it’s a risk worth taking to beef up the RW which, after G has been a huge weak area on the team for a few years now, we have seen how much Lindholm has helped, but it takes more than 1 line, and our 2nd line is being filled out with a good player on his off wing, no matter how you slice it (Bennet moving up to Ctr 2nd or Backlund the top 3 lines suddenly look amazing if you can insert Laine: Gaudreau/Monahan/Lindholm Tachuck/Bennet/Laine Manji/Backlund/Dube lucic/Ryan?/????? spare???? That is a pretty solid 3 deep set of lines and 2/3 of a good looking 4th with guys able to play the 3rd line. granted, the 3rd line is a little small with both Dube and Manji on the same line but they like Backlund are possession monsters, add in the spark plug energy of Manji and Dube with Backlund’s steady 2 way play second to none in the NHL and size may not be an issue for that line. on D we would have: Gio/Anderson Valimaki/Tanev Kylington/Yelesin spare ??? A few options here and they could also fill in the 3rd pair if Kylington or Yelesin falter... it’s a bit risky putting 2 rookies together but it’s been done before by other teams very successfully so it could be worth the risk, and with the improved G it could be good Markstrom could help mold them too.
  8. I’m a huge fan of giving Bennet more responsibility: Gaudreau/Monahan/Lindholm Tachuck/Bennet/ Manji *(though I’d rather see a legit 2nd line RW, and would also let us have an insanely great 3rd line but for now Manji is it) Lucic/Backlund/Dube if my some magic BT were to land a legit 2nd RW: manj/Backlund/Dube although a smallish line its got a lot of energy and puck possession capacity I could see it being crazy dangerous, the reason I’d rather backlund here is he’s so sound, he could offset a few of the mistakes by Manji and Dube, Bennet would of course bring huge energy but I thing having a veteran presence would really help these two take another step. added to that Bennet and Tachuck with another proper RW would be like having a second top line...I just get the feel if they could do this they could roll out 3 solid scoring lines and teams would be hard pressed to contain all three lines..1 sure, 2 yes there are some solid defensive teams, but 3 lines, no way! added to that Lucic and Ryan on the 4th could be dangerous if teams underestimate them...
  9. also he missed a good number of games and took him some time to get his groove back, I’m pretty sure they were sheltering him for a while because of that, which is totally understandable...the bulk of his work in Cgy on the PP has been super important he’s been our QB for a long time, having said that it took him a while to get good at it too, I remember there were a few years early on where it looked like he wouldn’t be good on the PP but he did eventually get real good at it.
  10. 🤔 not a bad idea...but there is no real improvement other than getting a RW, he’s about the same Size as Johnny...given the chemistry with Monahan, unless we are getting some size it’s not really a big help. thats where Laine helps, not so much that the size is being used properly it will make it harder for opposition to knock him off the puck
  11. not so much crushing hits but, aggressive forcheck they totally did as a team, and also big so they were hard to push off the puck, where as our guy being so small they were and that the size difference
  12. yes and no, Brady is a LW too, we need RW help big time...now if you send Gaudreau, Hanifin, Ryan and get Brady and something pick or RW (which sens don’t have.. but maybe an asset We could convert to a RW) then yes! this is a good thought process to start though...
  13. not now but you will once the season gets going and our offence sucks just that much more than it did last year...unless of course BT can fix the RW some, particularly getting a legit 2nd liner, then we won’t need the offensive abilities of a DMan in the offensive zone as much cause we would have capable forwards...as it stand Brodie is gonna be a huge loss especially on the PP
  14. agreed but picking up one or two of those for like 700/800k for one year would be rather good insurance low risk low cost
  15. corey Perry on a less than one mil could be ok, kinda a 3/4th line filler
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