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  1. Yup group 1 back to Jr…Group 2 is the regular line up and Group 3 is AHL bound My only beef with Sutter is he’s already got the roster set with Vets before the first practice…would be nice if he would leave 2 sots open up front and one on the d to see if a young guy can actually slot it…I’m of option…3 of your younger forwards are a better option than Lucic, Richardson and Lewis… on the D site Mackey is better than Stone. it’s tough cause Sutter dose generally win…on the D side, I’m kinda ok with more vets as the ide is it’s better to let guys like MacKey play more… but Zary, Pelletier, Phillips and Francis should be in group 1…all are as good or better than some of the vets mentioned…I’d love to see 3 of the 4 mixed in with the bottom 6…
  2. I have to agree…millions to play a game…it’s insane, doctors who save lives don’t get paid this much…😞
  3. Lol yes but he also said this is part of how the negotiation game is played…it’s called posturing, which given the flat cap, it’s important to do…IMO, he’s just trying to keep the expectations high enough that the QO isn’t and bad as it could be…reality is, 9mil in a flat cap is tough to take on for any team..again, he’s trying to get and or keep max value…will he get it? Hard to say with a flat cap…the other question is will he get it in Cgy or elsewhere? Also hard to say…this COVID flat cap is a whole Economic era, teams are tightening their belts and players on down want less…so it’s kinda a wait and see thing, I think your gonna see guys like Tachuck and Gaudreau wait to sign extensions, it makes sense to see if things improve as the season moves on, they may opt for different contracts depending on how everything unfolds…maybe they go with a more back loaded contract because of the flat cap or maybe they go short term who knows? But I do get where the players are thinking, why sign now…especially long term if in 1-3 years things are better…signing long term now they are leaving a lot of money on the table…anyway, I’m kinda of the thinking that’s where a lot of this is coming from. as for guys needing to dig deep that is the kinda thing a captain or any leader should be saying…I’m ok with that. and I’m not sure why this is such a big surprise, the whole reason Matty got 7mil last go around was cause his daddy’s involvement…if I recall the same thing was said back then, it being a family business. I’m a huge fan of Tachuck, but if we could flip him for a better return and not hav daddy’s BS involved I’d be very ok with that…but again, has to be the right return like a 1st rounder and a top tier prospect… I think ther Thomas+ Tero Stl deal would be reasonable, though I’m not confident Tero is gonna be 100% ever again, he may still be a decent add…the real gem to the deal would be Thomas
  4. I’m of the mind set: 1. reason to not blow it up, is ROI is low, play out to TDL then evaluate. 2. if Cgy is on the fringes either just barely in or out…call it and move out our 30+ players and also most (not all) 25-30 year old players…nab as many 1st round picks as you can for 2022 and 2023 rebuild in a super deep and talented back to back drafts
  5. Here’s a counter point… Tor Edm they suddenly went from bottom to legit threats with the additions of Matthews and McDavid Also, Col with the addition of McKinnon… going back in history we have the already mentioned Pits and Chi..but also Was when they drafted Ovie… anyway the impact and point of having a generational player is huge, we had had that since Iggy, and that was just lucky. And of some of the teams mentions above, keeping in mind they also had to make a few moves to get in position, you don’t need to tank to draft high, must manage your assets properly… so here in Cgy, we have the worst luck of any team, therefore move assets at the TDL for picks..bundle a few to land a generational talent…it’s cheaper in cap hit and the amount of assets needed to trade for a injured possible one.
  6. Yeah but you forgot the part to my point…2022 and 2023 drafts are Uber deep and Uber talented…your better off taking your chances on 4x 1st rounders in theses drafts than trading for eichel, who is not a step defund McKinnon, he’s actually behind Monahan’s numbers and being paid 10 mil…at that price I’d much rather trade 4x1st to col for McKinnon…and if they were for this draft or 2023 they would do it in a heart beat cause they’d be getting so much more than just McKinnon out of that deal… hence the smart play is to Wait till TDL trade Gaudreau, Monahan, Backlund and whoever else’s (except maybe Tachuck, Anderson, Valimaki and Lindholm, need some vet and Already developed Or nearly developed D) you will land at least 1x McKinnon, maybe 2x Monahan’s and Backlund out of this and or next draft, worsts case..which is a huge improvement over where we are now and a far cry better than taking on an injured 10mil Eichel
  7. The big difference is: 1. Monahan is being dangled to see his value, Cgy is not actually trying to unload or move on from, and because of this, they just haven’t seen the value in moving him as he’s MORE valuable where he is at the price they pay him…he’s got a health issue that’s kinda minor but is effecting what he worth in trade right now..or maybe minor but like Eichel, I suspect it’s lowering his value greater than what keeping him would be…at least for now, after surgery and a good first 1/2 of the season is suspect he could be traded easily for a value that Cgy is willing to move him for… 2. Eichel is paid a lot to be an elite carry the team Francine Ctr, he hasn’t done that and they are asking the equivalent to 4x1st rounders…and he’s asked to be moved, and he’s got a very major health issue…now like Monahan, after surgery and a good start well then maybe the difference is Cgy is getting lowball offers whereas Buf is asking a kings ransom for a guy that’s way over paid for what he’s produced… put it this way, for 10 mil I expect Crosby or McKinnon…for 6.75 I expect Monahan…Eichel has not even hit Monahan production but is paid at a Crosby/McKinnon level…argue yeh but it was on Buf all you want he had an amazing wingman in Reinhart and still failed to produce Monahan numbers period…I’d argue Reinhart is a more complete player than Gaudreau and overall better and as such, or even if lest say Reinhart is only just as good as Gaudreau, in either case, Eichel should have been better, at 10 mil per, if not at least equal Monahan…but he has not and looking at this logic, this is exactly why he’s not been traded yet and why, when he is traded it’s going to shock people at how much less of a return it is than what Buf is asking for…it’s also why if Monahan is traded, it’s gonna be mid season or TDL and provided he’s healed back up property he’s gonna have a great season and fetch a good first+ anyway the point is Eichel is paid and expected to be the franchise guy, he’s not been capable of that on Buf…more will he be anywhere els, he’s at best a younger 10 mil Monahan…so why spend more for the same and throwaway 3-4x first round picks? It’s just bad business and that’s why he’s still in Buf and why he will be till the cost of acquiring him is sensible which at this point would be a conditional 1st and prospect (injury makes the 1st conditional…he prospect is paying for him hitting hit potential as an elite Ctr)
  8. And how you do that is NOT by trading away basically 3-4 first round picks (in amy combo of actual picks, players or prospects) how this is done is by not letting assets fade away(Iggy, Gio) settle into NTC positions (Gaudreau) etc… Basically your best players are on limited return once they hit 30…it just is…yes some can go to 35, and a very elite few to 40 like maybe 5 in this past 10 years in the entire NHL… point here is this, Backlund is a prime target at TDL to move for an additional 1st …while it may be a low 1st it’s a really deep and Uber talented draft and it also give options 2x1st rounders in a deep draft you may be able to trade up to the top 5….or you end up with 2x above average/star level players either way that’s how you stack talent and eventually lad a top Ctr or two… don’t believe me look at the team with “elete” Ctrs…all drafted none were traded for…Crosby, Malkknen (sp?), McKinnon, McDavid, Mariner (sp?) anyway not one we’re traded for they were drafted…yes true in most cases by way of tanking but some were from smart player movement and picking up an extra 1st rounder… we are not tanking so, logically, the best thing to do is move guys, not now but at TDL…pick us as many and as high as you can draft picks in an Uber deep and Uber talented draft… I guarantee you move: Backlund Gaudreau Monahan and get only a 1st rounder for each, that’s 4 x 1st rounders…package those to move up in this draft and only get 2 picks you probably drafting at worst 2x Monahan (young days)… that’s a huge improvement…but odds are you would lad a McKinnon and possibly a Crosby out of those two…or give how deep This draft is if you keep those 4 picks your probably gonna get at least 1x McKinnon and 2x Monahan and 1x Backlund level Ctrs… that’s how you get an elite or at worse an Uber deep Ctr group not by trading
  9. it is a bit of an over payment, I suspect, and based on sutter’s comments, Sutter wanted him really bad…hence the over pay. He’s definitely a Sutter type player so I suspect EG may be a good add to this team, particularly Sutter.
  10. It’s way over payment, but Buf is looking for under 25 roster players, decent prospects and 1st round picks…something we should be looking to don too but whatever… The big issue is Eichel’s health and price, also if we are being honest if your paying 10 mil for a guy who hasn’t been in the same category as Crosby, McKinnon, McDavid…and I’m not interested in excuses…but he didn’t have anyone to work with in Buf…that’s BS he had Hall, he had Reinhart and a few others…guys that a just a a good support as these other top Ctrs have had…no if he’s elite he’s gotta be able to carry a team for 10 mil and he just hasn’t…what he has done is been on par with Monahan who is 6.75 mil… anyways if your trading for 10 mil player and giving up the equivalent of 3 first round picks + he best be healthy, bans be proven to be able to carry a team…sorry Eichel just hasn’t as isn’t that no yeah buts about it… I’m pretty sure touncould land Matthews from Tor for a 1st, Anderson, Monahan Lindholm and Pelletier (or equillivant…why not just do that, least Mathews has proven something, has carried the leafs, and he’s healthy…heck if Not the same division we could prob Get a decent shot at McKinnon or McDavid for those pieces..
  11. I’m not sure who call it a few weeks ago, but someone said that would sign Stone so well done…I’m not sure if this make much sense especially with the Gunberson (sp) signing…Stone maybe depth/Injury insurance for Gunberson (sp?)? least the D has some depth, not a replacement for a Gio but overall I think it’s gonna be a tough tight D…would be great if we had a puck mover, maybe Valimaki can take a step and do that?
  12. I totally get that and agree the mental strength is just not there…thing is, is it the bottom 6 or the top 6 that needs the mental strength? That’s kinda where the change is needed your best have to have it and to be honest the only 1 was Tachuck and he’s been beaten down…hence we his effectiveness faltering… that’s kinda the thing that needs to change…and also one of the reason so many see Tachuck as the captain…kinda like Iggy the will to win and dragged the team into the finals…Tachuck is that guy, Gio as much as I lived the guy, especially earlier on, he’s just not that guy…look around the NHL the Crosby, Ovi’s, McDavid, McKinnon, Stamkos etc…it’s not just an elite player skill it’s also an elite mentality to win…you put that type of guy as your leader and the rest will follow, you put a soft easy going guy as the leader the rest will also follow down that apathetic path (including those who are the will to win guys) which is what we have been seeing…2018/2019 Gio was that leader and guy but that was his peak and Father Time has caught up to him and he’s has been wearing down since then, including his drive to win… anyway that the “culture” change needed but we still Gaudreau/Monahan/Backlund etc as the core leaders with the easygoing mentality…I think this is why some feel a full clear out is needed to reset it with new and very hungry top draft picks…just saying
  13. Lol…Well that’s the thing, hard to say really. Could be Coleman, sadly it actually could be Richardson (doubtful but…) could be: gaudreau/Lindholm/Tachuck manji/Monahan or Backlund/ Dube or Coleman hard to say really, it’s like this almost every year say for maybe 2018/2019 the first line was Locked in as Gaudreau/Monahan/Lindholm but the rest was still up in the air…. I guess the big change is nothing is for sure with the lines?
  14. Lol why? I would much rather list a bunch of players in place of Richardson…which is kinda my point…that and well he’s proto typical of mgt moves over the past 2-3 years…all of which huge fails say for Tanev…and to a lesser degree Markstrom I’m giving a pass on last season and see how he rest his year..gotta be fair but otherwise it’s the same old situation, of going to old guys…and proof is simple, no playoffs 2x seasons in a row..it’s gonna be 3 this year unless they change this process…anyway I’ll check my list and post a few much better options than Richardson, Ritchie, Lewis and Pitlick…the later two are meh, depth, the first two just shows how bad this line up is..heck Levino is probably a better option than Richardson
  15. Well I disagree, I’d rather have 45 free spots than Richardson…it’s just gonna be more of the same with this guy, and regardless what some my think the 4th line is very important…now Richardson 2 years ago and even at 2mil I’d be super fine with but not now…and yes Richardson 2 years ago for Sutter to a T not now… I look at it this way, watch your pennies and the dollars take care of themselves, and although this is a penny signing it’s a waste, it’s not the player or the contract it’s just evidence of more of the same from the Mgt and owners that’s the issue
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