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  1. Sometimes it changes the out come of a game but its done, Every game you watch and see questionalbe penaltys will now make you wonder. Pretty sad thing and for a Ref to say it like that, it must be a common practice not just him.
  2. A lot of overpaid players for the production. Need big movements, give lucic away to anyone, i like him but too much coin, Gio , too old, get something for his leadership now to a team making a run (toronto) I think the defense is good enough but we could use 1 better defensiveman. Team can't score goals, hasn't been able to for couple seasons, needs to be addressed, trade Monty, Backland, Johnny and Bennet, Ryan, Gio, Ritich ( bring up wolfe next year), get what you can for Lucic, or just buy him out, owners have to get serious about winning and it costs. I thik we can make some decent moves and have to. Bring up some of the Heat talent and let them play. Johnny may be the only one I may keep but he is likely going to get the best return.
  3. I think they are doing as well as they can with what they have, its just the reality of it. They are not all of a sudden start beating teams on a regular basis and going to the top of the standings. The team needs change in terms of players coming in and players going out. There is no steady offensive threat, hard time scoring and thats been for at least 2 years. All top teams have a number one guy and if you ask people who is the number one on these teams you will hear the name everytime. The Flames do not have a number 1 guy, they have @ 3 guys that can score once every 5 games. This is fine if the team wants to stay in the middle of the league as they have for years.
  4. Get Chucky's brother here, I think they would light a fire under each other.
  5. Middle of the pack team, playing like a middle of the pack team. Can't wait for Sutter to evaluate the team and make changes come closer to the end of the time of hope.
  6. Agree 100% I was hoping for that line, those other two will get less cheap shots maybe play better with the protection
  7. I think they just cannot do any worse bringing guys up,, I almost lost my mind with the Lomberg experiment. Lots of good talent on the team now, just need to give them a chance to play.
  8. Yes I would say the same, its just too late for a guy to come in and make them winners, I believe he will change some things for sure and the style of play but I think his major concerns will be planning for next year, who is getting the axe and who can he bring in to fit in his style of team. This is just a time for him to evaulate the team and players plus getting his own team system in place.
  9. I think Reinhart would be a great fit and he is worth the money. Flames management I beleive made some bad choices and tied up alot of money, at least 2 big contracts that they have on average players. Lucic is way overpaid and I think they paid way too much for Tanev. Trade Monty too. He is way too much of an up and down player, inconsistant at best.
  10. I agree, I say it all the time, when have you ever seen a flames player planted in front of the net? Rarely. You very seldom see a couple of them in there, even on the power play, rarely a flame in front of the net causing havoc,, easy saves for the opposition goalie.
  11. I thought they had lots of nice chances. I believe it was like 20 shots on net in the first period and some decent chances. Oh and the way the team played earlier in the week yes I agree but I don't even want to think about that train wreck.
  12. Still soft ice cream eaters who can't score.
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