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  1. BT stated a couple years ago that the team looked emotionally unengaged. If, they could just aquire that upper emotional level they'd probably go pretty dam far. If everyone played like the captain at even 80% of, his emotional level like they should do but dont. They'd crush everyone.
  2. Burke called BT a river boat gambler like himself. If there was a better time to gamble it'd be now BT.
  3. Harmonic is from Winnipeg so I'm sure he'd resign with them. So, Harmonic, Kylington, 2020 1st rounder for Laine and a 3rd.
  4. If one would take a look at all our top guys. Compared, to the rest of the team their +/- is brutal! Get your defensive heads out of your Hash Rate top guys. That's the reason for this.
  5. Gallagher is the missing piece we need. That would be awesome!
  6. I've always liked Rassmus he plays hard and is a smart player. I, find it odd that BT didn't make Rassmus sweat like Mony, Johnny, and Chucky had too. Make your best players sweat. Then give RA an early long extension? Weird!
  7. Bench Lucic for the next two months let Rinaldo play that spot. Send Janks Down even if u lose him.That 4th line is useless. Checking line and Janks has zero hits!
  8. Calgary needs a younger coach who has played in the NHL not just 3 games in the bigs. Someone that was a long time big league guy.
  9. Zach Senyshyn can really Fly. RHS has size. 2 points in 4 games. Is, currently injured though. He skates like the wind though.
  10. The Scouts say Wolf doesn't have pro type size. Well, someone else was 6' and165 pounds and his name was Patrick Roy. To lead the WHL last year as a 17 year old is impressive as heck.
  11. JG is from New Jersey. If, New Jersey finishes last and loses T Hall then it's, a Possible 1st round lottery pick if JG were to be traded there. NJ has enough 1st overall picks already they want to win now. Who's, the projected 1st overall pick next draft?.
  12. I might get flak for this. Chucky can be our number 1 left winger. Magiapanne might be growing into a grinding 2nd line lefty. Does that make JG expendable? So, I propose we need a power winger that can score and fight. Owen Tippet whoes lighting up the AHL could be our next Iggy. He skates well, shoots well, (awesome one timer) RHS and is physical. So, Hanafin and throw in Janks for Owen Tippet. Harmonic and maybe a low pick for Brian Little. He, has a RHS and can play center and wing. Then, we could dangle JG for a top 2 Dman and a stellar 3 Rd liner that can score consistently. Would save 4 million on the cap.
  13. Gilles has to clear waivers. So, Zagidulin gets the shaft.
  14. I, just think that the best man should win the spot. No, one is going to outplay our big boys. But, the bottom part of the roster should go to the best guy wins.
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