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  1. I have to agree, seemed like a quid pro quo when signed
  2. I don't see the team or the league coming out of this smelling like roses. I'm not exactly sure that TV revenue will offset the lost gate revenue, which with 2 home playoff games guaranteed would've been at least 2Mil. Also the team hadn't been known for breaking the bank for any coach, why do they do it now. Lets not forget this is the same ownership group who needed to go into damage control mode only months ago over the part time event staff. Could be another PR disaster if they do.
  3. Not quite the time to throw a bunch of money at a guy I imagine. We talk about what this will do to the cap, but this will also impact what teams will spend on coaches
  4. Reinhart played the majority of his time with Eichel on the wing, although drafted as a centre he has primarily been a winger in the NHL. They didn't have any other centre that recorded more than 30 points. Not a far stretch to say they don't have a proven centre outside of Eichel.
  5. I don't doubt we can replace Monahan and Gaudreau, honestly we stayed afloat with both of them being unproductive for long periods this season. I just think from Buffalo why do they do it? It really doesn't make them better they would still be a one line team only with the risk of losing both pieces in 2 and 3 years respectively. Fans in Buffalo don't just want to challenge for a playoff spot for 2 years, which I don't even know if Gaudreau and Monahan drastically help that, and then push the reset button, they want to challenge for the cup and how do you sell that to fans when many people round here don't believe they make a much deeper Flames team a legit contender.
  6. One thing to add is Monahan will have trade protection for next season, not exactly sure when it will kick in with this offseason being crazy, but timing to trade him would likely be short, and I'd put money on Buffalo being one of his 10 no-go teams once he makes one (yes, I don't know for sure and nobody does besides him and yes it is closer to home, but still it is on almost everyone who has a list, I'm sure even Patrick Kane would refuse a trade there at this point).
  7. Patience is needed because they are a one line team, with weak D and below average goaltending. All a Monahan-Gaudreau for Eichel does for them is turn them from a 1 line team to maybe a 1 and 1/3 line team. I don't think they can give away their franchise player unless they are getting pieces with more control than 3 years. My thinking is it would take Tkachuk with a defenseman like Valimaki or Andersson to even get the conversation started.
  8. I agree, I do think it'd be unlikely he plays due the depth, but if the injuries pile up get him in, also better to at least practice with the team. In an ideal world the AHL would start at its usual timing and he can play games in October and step in with the Flames in December or whenever the 20-21 season starts.
  9. I think they will go the Chicago-Edmonton, I really don't know too many outside of Calgary and Winnipeg that would really care about that, same with the other series, but Chicago-Edmonton has the top players in the game and an original 6. If I was betting it'd be that's the prime time matchup.
  10. It was going forward if the NHL decided to start in December every year.
  11. The chances are the same as that movie.
  12. Not entirely impossible but not ideal for either party. The Stampeders never even play a home game and they are well off the grounds, most years they are pretty booked at the dome with concerts. I just don't believe the Stampede board would want to take anything away from the Stampede getting all the attention.
  13. I could see the networks strongly opposing this. For starters in Canada, would Rogers want to put up the hockey season up against the Blue Jays for the majority of their season. Would U.S networks want to run into summer where you are competing against either a Summer Olympics or World Cup every other year, plus the blockbuster movie season and summer in general. Also in Calgary if playoffs started in July would a series be put on hold or moved if it fell during Stampede?
  14. Question. If you are including the picks that were traded away in player deals would we be able to set to the Flames original draft spots in years they traded down? Examples, Backlund and Chucko were trade downs and '08 they traded their first for Cammy and re-acquired a later pick for Tanguay, were originally supposed to pick #17.
  15. I forgot to run this poll last week, but we are down to the final matchup. This matchup features an old sentimental favorite vs. a recent highlight that we may never see duplicated completely. Voting for this round will go on until May 26th. Here are the highlights for the final time. Matthew Tkachuk vs. Nashville - 2019 Lanny McDonald go ahead goal 1989 SCF Gm 6 Thanks to everyone who voted, this project became a good time killer for me and now that this one is wrapping up, I may need to launch another set of polls or games of some sort to pass the time, but I'm hoping we can at least have the draft to talk about in June. Finally, if there are any highlights or moments that I left off feel free to share them or discuss your favorite moments in the teams history.
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