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  1. Some decent names still there, just a bad feeling of who its going to be and I'll treat it like Voldemort and not say the name.
  2. If my memory is correct this breaks the streak of 4 straight season with one 2019 - Stone 2018 - Brouwer, Murphy 2017 - Bouma 2016 - Raymond
  3. The vision I had was with the red and black stripes switched, but I guess its more of a reverse to have it that way. I'd swap out the red C's for black personally, but that's just my desire to not completely put the black C out to pasture, as I do believe it still has significance to the history of the franchise, kind of the symbol of the rebirth. Don't hate this concept, just won't be one I rush out to buy at full price once it comes out.
  4. It's all cyclical. For some of the late millenial early Gen Z's it's the nostalgic jersey, it's one of the only jersey's to be on a video game cover. Like the current jersey's, very popular now, but back in the early to mid '90's the current set wasn't a big seller (at least with the people my age). I do wonder if they do a reverse retro with a blasty, if it would be on a white jersey.
  5. Not how I remember them. I do remember Mackinnon skating circles around us, but don't remember him pounding us with crushing hits or really anybody on the Avs, same with Heiskenen. I agree more players with size who can play would be a good thing, but not looking at it as swap 5-9 Gaudreau for 6-5 Laine = problem solved.
  6. I don't believe the benefit of having Laine will equal the cost that will be required in acquiring him or retaining him after next season, I don't believe he is a superstar but will seek being paid like one. At the end of the day I don't believe Winnipeg even entertains the idea of trading him if there isn't something different upstairs, for fans who've been rightfully critical of our own stars for the lack of playoff production Laine doesn't seem to me to be the person who elevates when it matters, or a person who cares to want to.
  7. Glad to see it done early this year
  8. There was no wink or nudge with Stone, and no real beneficiaries, Stone lost half a mil out of it and the Flames have 1.2 in dead space this year. he had a month and a bit to find other takers if he wanted to, the desire to bring him back stemmed from Valimaki being lost for the season. I don't know why Hoffman signs a deal for 8 to wind up taking less.
  9. On a standard contract I don't see any benefit to the player. Unless he knows for a fact he won't get more than 3.5. Plus whats to stop another team post buyout from coming in with an offer, you really putting in faith that they will sign a min contract, if another team comes back with a multi year contract-multi million dollar deal. I wouldn't even attempt that if it was allowed.
  10. Actually given Florida is having fans in football games now, massive crowds at college games. If the league allowed attendance based on what ever rules were in place in each city/state/province they would likely have more in Miami as I don't see Canada at the point where they would allow larger public gatherings.
  11. I think internal growth is also overlooked in these parts. We ask for the proven UFA's, yet each time we go fishing in that market they get surpassed internally, go for Brouwer and Brouwer gets knocked down by Ferland's emergence, sign Neal and he gets out done by the guy who had never scored 20 in his career in Lindholm. The question we need to ask is where is there room for further growth within, Mangiapane scored 17 despite spending a lot of time to start the season on the 4th, can he hit another level? Dube should grow to be more than a 6 goal guy, Bennett also I don't believe has hit his ceiling. People complain about poor development yet continue to want our top prospects continually pushed down the depth chart, I want to see what these guys can do in a season when given a good opportunity, don't care about handedness the best stretch we got out of any line last year was an all left line with Mang-Backs-Tkachuk.
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