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  1. Yeah, the main things that have helped IMO is the production out of the 3rd line and not chasing games in the 3rd allows them to roll 4 all game.
  2. There's also no 1-4 hour flights, and no 82 games in the previous 6 months, in a regular season if you have players worn out in October and November then you seriously question the fitness of your players, the pace of games so far this year hasn't really been far off from a regular start to a season, maybe I worry more if there are long OT games.
  3. sak22


    Trading Kassian right after signing the extension will reflect badly on him. Also not sure how many GM's want that contract, AA walking is just a disasters considering what they gave up for him. Honestly have no idea what they will do, my bet is they walk away from Benning, maybe they shop Larsson but doubt they will get much back, maybe they look into moving Nuge if he isn't going to extend in the offseason. I have no idea.
  4. It's actually 2004 vs. San Jose for game 2's. They have become the new Honda Center. When it came to breaking that they needed some external help, I'm doubtful they brought him along but maybe posting here will bring some luck Just remember one thing.
  5. Barkov is tough because I don't know why Florida would do it for anything involving Gaudreau or Monahan if they are intent on cutting payroll, unless they we are taking a bigger contract like Yandle, Stralman or Bob who all have some sort of trade protection. If Florida is moving him I see it being for futures which I don't think we have the pieces.
  6. He is the worst. I read him every now and then for a laugh, but sometimes can't even make it through the first paragraph because I can't believe he is an actual writer.
  7. You can take the player out of Edmonton, but can't take the Edmonton out of the player
  8. Not too often we've gotten to say that. Hoping for 40 more like that.
  9. Yeah, I attended many of those as well. It can be cliché for teams to talk about brotherhoods and all that, but I feel it was a little more sincere when they talked about the things that they had to fight through together, like the Brodie incident and the coaching change. With all that's happened this is gonna be a memorable season for a lot of bad reasons, today the journey begins to make it one that can memorable for a better reason.
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