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  1. I'd like to add a list of players who should have had astronomical value. Gretzky, Messier, Thornton, Jagr. None got any type of haul. The minute BT picks up the phone to shop him is the minute another GM would question why and offer less. If someone offers you something of good value how many people would not view the seller as desperate and offer less. I believe if we traded Johnny or Gio tomorrow the return would be less than most here expect.
  2. Talk about trading Gaudreau propose something, this is the thread for you to come up with suggestions. So come up with stuff. I don't have any man crush, but I ain't singling out one guy and base rash decisions off of one playoff series. Boast about how St. Louis won, cool, they only took 14 years from the start of their rebuild to win and had many series losing to teams well below them in the standings during that period. People care, just because we don't complain about everything doesn't mean we care less, because we feel that a 99 pt scorer on a 6.7m contract may provide greater value to us than ridding of that doesn't equate a man crush. You get way too emotional here, I don't think sports are for you.
  3. sak22


    IIRC that first game Matty ruffled some feathers and Kassian jumped him and took a triple minor in the process, that is a major deterrent for seeking retribution, nobody has to answer and the refs will 99% of the time call it when someone starts punching a guy.
  4. Keep in mind Crosby signed a 12 year deal that was front loaded it was worth 104m and he's already earned the majority of that money, he's made far more money than his cap hit indicates and the cap was almost 20m lower. I do agree that the best should be the highest, but thats just not how pro-sports work. I don't know what these players are asking for, but I have a feeling that the issue is that the players are wanting to follow Matthews and take the deals that don't eat up 2 or 3 UFA years.
  5. Pittsburgh's back to back teams were below league average for size. Boston the team that almost won was around the same size range as this years Flames (even with a giant they were shorter).
  6. On the flip side, can anybody imagine what type of cap situation we'd be in if he went 1 year on Lindholm. Some bad signings for sure, but thats the risk of doing business on July 1, who is actually a good UFA GM?
  7. He was making 4 prior to coming here and took the deal to stay mainly for family reasons. I'm sure had he hit the market he would have gotten other offers equal or better, I think we can question the reasoning behind it after the Harmonic trade but the contract was fair market value for a player like that and we could have done worse ex. Karl Alzner. I don't think its fair to question BT's intelligence because of it, based off that logic there are no smart hockey people in the game because everyone gets burned quite a few times in contracts.
  8. I've felt that the entire off-season that TJ wouldn't go anywhere until Gardiner was off the board. The longer it plays out probably the better for the team who gets him, I do think the Kadri might be the only actual hockey trade that we get for him, but I'd be fine with just picks I'd love to go into this deadline with picks to use without sacrificing too much of their own.
  9. A 1 year would put him at 4 years and mean he'd have 3 left before UFA.
  10. Exactly, we live with the majority of decisions made at all 3 levels of government. I hate most decisions made. There will be people who would hate this even if the city only invested 5%. The city didn't plan on an entertainment district without an event centre, even when talks stalled this was the end goal an entertainment district is pointless if it would be dead 51 weeks of the year on Sunday through Thursday much like the entire DT currently is. The optics are bad with how the city is going, but there needs to be some sort of pick up.
  11. Add in he has a 10 team list which likely puts some of the teams that could absorb his short term hit, out of the question. Another bad thing is his salary this year is down to 3M which in many years makes it more attractive to some of the poorer teams like Arizona, Carolina and Florida but all those teams are right up against the cap at the moment.
  12. sak22


    I would say San Jose is very bad. I was listening to their feed for game 7 against Vegas and upon hearing the Eakin/Pavelski thing I was led to believe it was a vicious crosscheck to the side of Pavelski's head that deserved a stiff suspension, until I watched it. Very very blatant homers, I'd throw Boston's in the same boat.
  13. sak22


    I think you are giving Kane way too much credit for that game. IMO that game we were completely fine effort level we were the more aggressive team but also the smarter team. David Rittich was not ready and Mike Smith didn’t stop the bleeding, but we weren’t scared or going out of our way to impose.
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