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  1. Was never a Flame. Drew and Nick Shore were
  2. He tried on Bishop ownership didn't want to pay him, he tried on Anderssen and Anaheim didn't want to keep him in the division, the asking price for Fleury was too high and he eventually wanted to go to Vegas. Who else did we miss on? We can easily get Quick or Jones if we want a $6mil goalie.
  3. Add to this there are only 3 other forwards on this team from his rookie year and he has essentially been in a blender for line combos his entire career.
  4. Its the division where the top 5 have all been at the top at some point, and all have had stretches of playing like crap.
  5. I'm a Kansas City Chiefs fan and going from watching their playoff run to the Flames has been the ultimate high to low, but I can still compare where they are different. The Chiefs fell behind by at least 2 scores in every game, made plenty of mistakes in every game, but instead of letting those mistakes beat them they kept their head high and kept fighting the offence went big and the defence became a force. Patrick Mahomes gets a lot of attention for his talents on the field, but after watching him for 2 years its his drive and attitude that truly makes him great, 2 bad interceptions in the 2nd half of the biggest game of his life and he's unfazed. The team challenged each other when things went bad. The Flames right now and especially the stars are letting the bad things in games control them, lets be honest Johnny has been a turnover machine since day 1, he's just not cancelling them out with good plays anymore and its destroying him mentally.
  6. I agree with everything. I don't know how the Eichel talk picked up here or even how Dahlin was in on, they have no reason to move those guys until they have to and just because they are unhappy now doesn't mean they have to trade them. Second what we are seeing in Johnny is what pro scouts are seeing, and I'm sure they're not passing messages to sell the farm for him, I still think there is a market for him but unless you generate a bidding war GM's will try to buy low because his flaws are also apparent league wide.
  7. In Calgary that generally leads to one player being scapegoated as the problem, with stories of museums and such. Its started to lean on it being a 1 man problem again in the media again. One thing minor caught my eye during warmups yesterday. 1 minute left and Monahan, Gaudreau and Rinaldo are the only Flames on. Monahan and Rinaldo stay 10 more seconds and Johnny leaves with about 30 seconds. I look at the other side and there are still 8 Preds that stayed the entire time but looked more loose and having fun, and that was the team chasing in the standings. I know its only warm ups and shouldn't be a big deal just caught my attention.
  8. Could've gotten Stone, pretty sure Stone was set on Vegas and wouldn't do the extension here so there is that. Also, I don't ever recall him stating Lucic was going to make the difference this year, he might have said last years group could show growth over the previous and that would be wrong as the performance has indicated. I said earlier on the speculating, lets not pretend this guy only worked the draft, July 1, the day the Lucic trade happened, and the RFA signings. Kadri deal fell through, and like Kadri almost anybody else with a list has Calgary on it. We can look back on the lack of activity now, but there wasn't much league wide.
  9. Can't say for a fact we get the same return a year earlier, I don't know if it was common knowledge that he wasn't gonna sign here when the trade was made, but there was some fan panic when he decided to go back for his junior year. If Brad starts calling every GM looking for a 2nd I bet every GM questions the kids intentions, even if the Rangers knew they were getting him they could wait it out, if the player was going to play college why would the Rangers risk an asset that season. They spent a pick this summer because they wanted to sign him this summer, if he had told Harvard he was 100% going back for his senior year the Rangers would wait until he hit UFA. We can always speculate, but I think its unfair to criticize someone for something you can only speculate on. It's a hard job, I think we're all foolish to suggest we can do any better.
  10. Fox wasn't a throw in. Remove him and the Flames got a 23 and 21 year old for a 27 and 25 year old with. At the time Hamilton was the best player, Lindholm has closed the gap but still the scales still tip in the Flames favour with Ferland being a one and done in Carolina. The thing with Fox is he was committed to play his junior year, the Flames know he won't sign maybe he suffers a major injury that year so it's best not to take the risk knowing a major injury in his junior year, Rags probably don't offer much and you can't roll with him going into his senior year. I don't know, I get many people just need to hate the guy for any reason possible, but it was a tough spot and IMO he came out of that okay.
  11. Right now Mangiapane is giving me Paul Byron flashbacks, many chances no finish. I have my doubts he's a top 6 player in this league.
  12. Interesting take. Harold Ballard acting like Harold Ballard in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s didn’t win. But you expect it to bring results now.
  13. Wasn't really a fan of his either. I think the debate of the player should be put to bed, I was more making the point of the shakeup. Even at the trade there were many detractors who thought it would be addition by subtraction, which it really wasn't, and I was probably closer to that group. Right now I think most people in the trade Gaudreau now camp are either in the addition by subtraction, or for some reason believe he gets a kings ransom. I believe they are both wrong, not saying they should never do it, just that now isn't the time.
  14. The only shakeup I'd do is finally buck up for a bigger name coach and put the team on notice that he wasn't gonna be the next fall guy. I don't move a bigger name player mid-season, I think this late in the year its too difficult to do a hockey trade that benefits both, and I don't like selling players with term later in the year as I think return is better during the offseason. The Phaneuf trade has scared me from making a major shakeup, mainly because it served no purposes we traded the best player to obtain depth, but none of the depth performed here as well as they did in Toronto.
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