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  1. Hall brings draft lottery wins. You should love that peeps.
  2. I don't believe its a hard vs. soft. Hartley was an Hash Rate, hard coaches can survive and thrive in sports (see Bill Belichik) they just have to respect the players and not act like god. That was Hartley from what I've heard, Peters may also have Hash Rate traits based on whats come out. Gully may have been softer, but some of his decisions are also a factor in his firing, ex. his love affair with Troy Brouwer in all key situations, terrible special teams, and leader of the most fragile team I've ever witnessed in my life in all sports.
  3. sak22


    Have to agree; look at the goalies to win cups post lockout: Ward, Giguere, Osgood, Fleury, Niemi, Thomas,Quick, Crawford, Murray, Holtby and Binnington. Theres a lot of names that'll be tough to remember in 30 years.
  4. Not many were high on the Kanzig pick, so it might not of been that which angered people.
  5. I think the investigation now goes more into the Chicago and Carolina organizations. Where does Bowman come into this? How does Brind'Amour look if he never brought up the Jordan incident until 2 days ago? What does this do to Francis? Is there a chance he is out of Seattle before the team begins? This is far from over
  6. Lol, yes makes sense, I just hold the city more accountable for the GL
  7. Don't care about Edmonton, have been disappointed with certain people who continue to get elected term after term in Calgary many dating back to Bronconnier. Using Edmonton is like using Trump to talk up Trudeau.
  8. For me I think the biggest thing that is lost is whether Bill Peters has lost the room because of this. Bill Peters isn't the first person to lose a something over past transgressions. And he won't be the last. I don't think he'd win a wrongful dismissal and any defamation, the best he gets is a settlement from the team.
  9. His words do nothing at this time without backup. His character as a coach was put into question by one player, other instances were brought up by others and verified by a former assistant coach. Given the fact it took 2 days from the initial tweet to this tells me that this was one lawyered up explanation to save face.
  10. And with that the city councillors have their scapegoats to re-election. Can't wait for all these incompetent councillors to spend the next 2 years blaming the province for not covering all their mishaps. I do want the arena and the green line, but the only thing I would use the green line for is to go to the arena, so It'd be moot as there would be no games to go to if the city backed out now. The GL has just been a complete disaster from the start and the city can only blame themselves for that.
  11. Well he's not on trial for being a racist. It is in his rights to be a racist if he wants to be. It is within the teams rights to decide on whether they want to be associated with someone based on past behaviours, they have an image to protect. We're not looking into just Aliu now, now its others in Carolina, and like jets alluded to, I'm sure there is a reason Ryan, Lindholm and Hanifin have been quiet so far. Could've Tre done more? Sure, but I'd say the previous employers handle more responsibility.
  12. Doesn't turn off that music work just as good? I listened to that music a lot as a kid, parents hated it, they called it rap crap though, big difference. But were not looking at someone who only made horribly unacceptable music references either.
  13. Well all that did is slow down their rebuild. They got Derozan who is older than Leonard makes a lot of money and is a solid but unspectacular, right now they don't look like a playoff team definitely not a contender and might be too good to have a shot at a good draft pick. I would think you of all people would rather be in the best position to win the lottery than a team fighting for 10th in the conference, which is what that trade did for them.
  14. Meant his college buddy Kevin Hayes, gotta be rough knowing he makes more.
  15. Well Gaudreau watched his buddy get more per season despite never hitting 50 points, and if Tkachuk's negotiations were easy they would be done much earlier. That said, my guess is there are guys unhappy with their contracts on every team, I solely believe what is hurting this team right now is strictly on ice.
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