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  1. Lets not blow up a word in a quote from one of the worst speakers on the team Eric.
  2. Zac Rinaldo also won't vaccinate, so Columbus won't allow him in camp. Duncan Keith probably had a change of heart once he found out Alberta is paying $100, and Mike Smith we all know just doesn't handle shots well.
  3. Not many teams in this era have 8-10 20 goal scorers. Its less about the amount of 20 goal scorers for me, but improving on some of the numbers in the bottom 6, Ryan 2 in 43, Nordstrom 1 in 44, Ritchie 4 in 32 and Bennett 4 in 38. Those were some pretty ugly one and not good enough when most of the top guys were down. I'd love for the depth scoring to return to what it was in 2019, but even then it was Ryan 13, Bennett 13, Janko 14, Hathaway 11 and Mange 8 in 44g.
  4. The positive from the todays presser is that Zary is not expected to miss much time in camp, possibly good for tomorrow.
  5. Official training camp roster, no Parsons injury or vaccine related?
  6. No more inter-ference, We need a fresh stuart. Lets just enjoy the commodores
  7. I've had phaneuf of this discussion
  8. He did as much as he could, but I think a 19 year old is better off playing regular season games in a professional league vs. 2 exhibition games.
  9. His track record suggests he's had young defensemen at every stop and given prominent roles to young defensemen. every stop.
  10. Too bad at 24 yrs old he is past his prime, and undrafted obviously means no good.
  11. Other drafts were supposedly loaded. 2005 and 2013 come to mind that were quite underwhelming overall, so I hear about these classes which feature kids who've lost a lot of playing time due to COVID, I do become skeptical of how good they will be. But even in good drafts there are duds. But overall I'm just a live in the moment kind of guy, I would rather watch an up and down season that ends in disappointment vs. a completely down season that maybe gives hope for 5 years from now, I'm choosing the now route because I can be dead in 5 years.
  12. I don't know if I've "flaunted" a drafting record, I call it what it is average others make it sound like it is the worst in the league. For me it's not just the tanking, as it was said you still need the other picks to turn out. You need a quality coach, and good signings. Well Sutter isn't going for a tank and the history for coaches doesn't inspire any confidence in me, nor do I believe a mediocre free agency record will automatically change. Edmonton has gone with higher level head coaches and haven't been able to lure quality free agents, which I would only say Calgary has been marginally better.
  13. No that can be a thread for going on and on about the Hamilton/Fox trade, which every other thread also turns into
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