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  1. well I'll give him some time.. there must be a reason he was captain of his team
  2. another left hand shot playing the right side.. there's lots of thosse guys unemployed in North America already a lot bigger then 5=11
  3. 5'11.. left hand shot.. what's the point
  4. getting closer but i think this year you'll see more of a team game overall with Tkachul/backlund/lindholm as a line playing top line from the other team and Johnny. Mony /Ryan playing sheltered second line offence and mangiapane/bennett.Dube being the third line game breaker line.. all other 87 players compete for time on the 4th line.. Lucic seeing spot duty depending on the team we play
  5. Bruins site had a write up of him saying he's a natural defensive zone center but plays both wings as well.. another lefthanfef player
  6. he actually plays center and was signed to replace Jankowski
  7. shhhhhhh I'm watching Field Of Dreams
  8. well just reviewing Arizona's roster and .. Who are these guys?? Kessel is gonna be sooooooooo feeling like he's a hundred years old playing with these guys I's bet he's even pack his own bags to get the hell out of there...
  9. Gio is a fine defensive player that has been fortunate to have some high octain forwards during his time on ice,, It's his defensive awareness that made him a key cog on this team.. Playing with Brodie has been a benefit to his offensive production as well.. Brodie is gone.. Mainly because he didn't turn into the projected.. next Paul Reinhart.. Gio weil be fine here for a few more years as a mentor for the likes of Anderson and Valamaki
  10. we don't so well on the developing talent front..
  11. first of all the title of this thread is.. for improvement.. not to win the cup or get to Utopia.. and Secondly.. someone needs to ask Treliving if the plan is to simply be competitive so as to earn playoff dollars or actually win the cup which well make decisions like Ryan and Lucic very important
  12. not like we have a lot of choices...
  13. i personally don't have an issue with going with young guys on the third d pairing but you'll never get the Flames management to agree to it.. They are so stuck on the new dynamics of running the organization my number metrics... they leave no room for anything resembling personal initiative.. Ever since Treliving has been here,, all we hear about is Sheltering.. I'm so sick of that word I could puke.. Hockey is played on emotion.. when you take that out.. you get robot hockey which is what we have here in Calgary
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