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  1. then they will have an unhappy Eichel for a very very long time
  2. well monahan and jankowski and bennett I would do
  3. he's 32 he doesn't have a few years// he should be content to be where he is at this time in his career...
  4. Talbot did not prove beyond any soubt that he is our number one ggoing forqward.. Nor has the Flames ever dsaid that will ever bew the case going foward so he by his own selfish admission will move on loooking for that opportunity
  5. so Apparently// Talbot has no gratitude for Calgary in the opportunity he was given to keep playing in the league and is desperate to be considered as a number one goalie in the league// Well now.. isn't that special.. Talbot.. I was a dan of yours until you spewed off and now you can be a maple leaf the rest of your life and don't let the door hit you in the Hash Rate on your way out you ungrateful piece of manure
  6. which system are they playing?? a modified Peter's system?? Because of the circumstance .. most likely.. Is the new coach comfortable with this system>> the Assistants all come from another regime.. certainly not Our current coaches picks.. some are left over from yet a different regime than peter's.. are they comfortable implementing the new modified system?? probably not.. Are the players comfortable??by eye sight.. nope.. This Season is a wash.. Write it off.. Calgary announced today no gatherings at the Saddle dome until at least July.. Take the time now.. Restructure the management for the next 3-5 years and see where we are and what we need going forward.. where are we in the draft plans for this year.. if it happens,, I hope like hell they say Uncle and just completely cancel this season
  7. go to a 72 game regular season.. then 1 vs 4/2 vs 3 in each division.. .. all series best a 3.. 1 vs 2.. per division.. best of 5.. i vs 1 per conference,, best of 7.. i vs 1 league finals.. one game
  8. yes the player's and their wives and families represent our fair city very well.. I often visit these boards and often,, the rumour boards .. I wonder just how much thought goes into some trade suggestions.. They aren't moving just one piece.. they are uprooting an entire family.. The Wives really do need a page on here letting everyone know what goes on behind the rink.. It would be enlightening and make us all a closer family of Flames fans.. As for the management.. pft screw it!! They Suck!! fire them alll!!!
  9. well we do have to have a bit of levity with all that's going on.. Lots of panicing..
  10. because their home markets are only temporary????? This would be everyone that doesn;t have a full no trade clause
  11. the next rebuild will include getting the seats filled in a new arena..
  12. have the European players been told not to travel during this pause??
  13. Horsman1

    Ken King

    R.I.P. Mr. King.. you were a stabling force in this city.. We have been so fortunate in our city to have such outstanding men ans women lead the way in our franchises and sports media.. Mr. Ken King.. Sugerfoot Andersin.. Ed Whelan.. Peter Maher.. Lanny to name but a few,, We have had a few that we would have sooner been associated with the city to the north.. Mike Lounsborough.. Eric Francis.. to name but a couple but.. we have been blessed, Thank- you Mr King for all you've given us.. ,, God Bless
  14. I am a Brand Ambassador for a couple of Alberta based companies and all grocery companies in Alberta have cancelled in-store demo's for the foreseeable future.. I will not be receiving one red cent from EI nor the companies I demo for as I'm considered a contracted employee not a permanent staff member....
  15. Horsman1


    which goalies are available to come here and be a league top 5 number one goalie and will fit into our salary cap.Cause if yoiur goal is the cup.. then this team needs to be conpletely torn apart and restructured by position and salary
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