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  1. looks to me like Monahan has opted out but continues to take a spot on the bench
  2. as Bob Johnson used to say.. It's a great day fpr hockey
  3. no Satoshi Nakamoto Sherlock!! This is the playoff posting on line-ups.. that's what i'm expecting tonight.. playoff hockey .. sooooooo is it 830 yet??
  4. if ward uses this game for trial and error.. then I definitely don't want him back next year.. he's had 4 months to tinker and a few practices and scrimmages.. This is the time of year that the players need to be focusing on doing what they do best.. not wondering about the people that they play with or manage them.. No Distractions!! Singular Focus!!!
  5. if our lines are.. gaufreau/monahan/lindstrom tkachuk/ backlunf/ ryan bennett/dube/mangiapane lucic/ jankowki/ rinaldo. or whoever Then our skill and paychecks fall into place and we continue to build our defence.. which is avg, or better than most already and trades aren't needed
  6. gaudreau/monahan/linfholm are together.. well too start anyways.. I'd love to see Tkachuk/ bennett/ dube.. as a line/lucic/backlund/ ryan as the third line// and use three other spots for dynamics needed for special teams.. ie.. Mangiapane//
  7. Jethro Tull.. best concert by a band I never knew much about.. Yes.. Fell asleep.. might have been the Purple micro-dot.. I has season tickets to Season one at the CorraL BUT COULDN'T AFFORD THEM ONCE THE PENGROETH SADDLESOME OPENED// ERIC vAIL / kENNY hOUSTON.. MAGIC MAN kENT nNLLSON.. PEKKS RATAK EELLIO.. OH THOSE WERE THE DAYS
  8. they have yet to announce how many players can dress per team.. seeing as it's just an exhibition maybe they will allow all players to dress but limit the number allowed on the bench.. say 9 forwards.. 5 d men and 2 goalies.. with 6 men on the ice.. that leaves 10 players on the bench.. you can add and subtract players in between periods
  9. trade out of the blue.. Jankowski for.. Frolik
  10. we son't have any centermen to play with good wingers
  11. looks like the Black Hawks won;t have Crawford for awhile.. that might do them in quickly
  12. soooo who are you takinf in the play in round??
  13. which three?? i;m not a huge fan of the current Cakgary regime.. Our players from the farm and europe seem to develop in spite of the coaching rather than because of it
  14. are we getting a different coach?? it's been very quiet these past 4 months on the coaching front
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