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  1. do they not have thrift stores in the u.k... and secondly.. try to make a friend on here and get them to ship you a hoodie f
  2. it was entirely George Canyons fault for putting the team to sleep with his rendition of the anthems
  3. yup.. I said above we are still missing a top 6 forward.. however.. On Gaudreau and Monahans presser today.. sounds like they weren't much in favor o.f Tkachuk or Lindholm but liked chemistry they have with Mangiapane.. But I still prefer him with Dube and Backlund on the third line
  4. my third line would be Backlund with mangiapane and Dube .. gaudreau/monahan/tkachuk/lindholm and Coleman on the top two lines
  5. and if pitlick and lewis are two thirds of the fourth line, that leaves Lucic/Richardson and Ritchie as the third player.. none of which are regular players on any team in the league
  6. anddddddddd. call me optimistic.. but i'm predicting second place in our division this year
  7. well I certainly see where you are in thinking this .. I prefer to roll three lines consistently.. keeping the the top 9 forwards in the game.. We have 5 players listed that are in the aged/slow footed/ banger category that can share ice time or fill in for injuries .. We still have one opening in the top nine that needs filling.. In my estimation
  8. 4 forward lines seems so old fashioned when special teams now a days makes or breaks a season..I prefer a top 9 forward list.. of which we are in pretty darn good shape.. withMonahan/Gaudreau/ Tkachuk/Backlund/Coleman/Lindholm/Mangiapane and Dube.. this leaves one spot open int he top 9 and Lucic/Pitlick/Richardson/ Ritchie and Lewis fighting for 2 or 3 openings on Special teams.. The Defence of Tanev/Hanafin..Anderson/Zadorov and Valamaki/Stone isn.t horrible with Gudbranson backing them up.. with maybe one more of the 30 other dmen we have on payroll..
  9. well so much for that career.. Next!!!!!!
  10. the difference is .. the pick ups this year actually have a connection to the management/Sutter as opposed to \\\\\\\\trelivings usual pick'ups of players /pieces that had no reason to come here
  11. you missed the history of daddy dearest not liking Sutter and Matt and daddy interfering with Brady's negotiations with Ottawa.. And he wants and expects to be captain?? No Thanks
  12. Well came out today that Matthew and Daddy Tkachuk are both involved in Brady's negotiation with the Sens.. That boy Matt just doesn;t have a filter does he.. Daddy doesn't like Coach Sutter.. and with his son running off all the time.. I can;t see him ever being Captain in Calgary...can St. Louis afford both Tkachuk brothers?? and if they could.. would they want to??
  13. maybe we are.. Maybe our deveopment is the issue and not drafting.. We currently have Corranado./Zary/Pelletier/Wolf as well as some untamed europeans in the stable .. That's not too shabby.. Let's see what becomes of them
  14. i;ve always wondered who gives the parameters of skill set we want .. Is it the coach?? g.m?? head of scouting?? something seems missing
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