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  1. still too many giveaways.. they kill us every game
  2. Kreiger probably plays tonight as well.. sit out jankowski and czarnik4th libe.. quinne/lucic/kreiger
  3. that was downright embarrassing last night!! Kings were actually laughing at the Flames on their bench!! Somebody better grab Monahan by the balls quickly before he;s invited to play for Team Canada's woman;'s team
  4. if we have gaudreau/monahan/lindstrom/ tkachuk. backlund magiapane as our top 6 forwards.. they are all offensive minded players .. that leaves czarnick in a bottom 6 role with the likes of bennett/ryan/lucic/jankowski/frolik . .. none of those top six players belong on the fourth line .. even if we go three offensive lines will czarnick get playng time.. to show what kind of talent he has.. bennett/Jankowski/czarnick /// lucic/ryanf/rolik who plays on the fourth line?? .
  5. Janko was quoted after a good game saying.. I need to build a good game.. build a shift.. What!!!?? just who the hell got in his head??? you're 6 foot 4.. over 200 lbs.. Skate like hell.. hit everything in your way.. Take no prisoners and go to the net.. !!
  6. maybe robotic because there are so many players not playing their normal positions.. they are always thinking the game rather than feeling the game.. This team is not structured well..
  7. i;m fine with keeping him for our third line defensive center .. which means Jankowski gets moved,, no great loss there
  8. the title of this thread is,, what;s best for Tkachuck.. not.. is backlund a 2 or 3 center.. what's best is a more offensively minded center man
  9. lots happening in the next three years.. new arena.. new contract for players .. renewal of international tournaments// Treliving can settle in and build for the future now.. Valamaki t o take over for Gio on d.. Tkachuck to take over captaincy.. Monahan tradeable most likely before next contract \. Gonna be an interesting time for sure
  10. what Matthew needs is an offensive center man.. a real honest to God 2nd line center.. Backlund is a third line defensive center As much offensive skill as he potentially had, is now gone from his mentality.. and.. He's too damn expensive to play that role for this team.. Trade him.. now!!!
  11. kool.. i wanna see 60 Lucic fights
  12. i'm battling right now.. I really am.. James Neil.. Gary Leaman... .. oh the nightmares they haunt me!!! Make them go awayyyyyyyyyyyyy
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