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  1. gaudreau and bennett for the other Tkachuk??
  2. tkachuk said on an interview about his performance in the all-star final game.. yea..I did a lot of backcheckiing.. we all did.. i Guess that's what it takes too win.. I don;t do that much on my team
  3. what part of management??? I don't think Treliving has done a very good job .. but I get roasted for even mentioning it on here
  4. I don't think Ward's here next year.. but I don't see any top notch coach wanting to come here either unless there are guarantees of some pretty major player moves being made.. Scotty Bowman would fail with this bunch of head cases... backlund to the fourth line?? yea//.. that says a lot of where you stand in the coaches books.. backlund/Brodie'gaudreau/Monahan/Hannafin and his partner.. Jankowski.. all non competitive gutless wonders
  5. they didn't limp into the break.. theydidn't even show up.. There is something seriously wrong with the make-up of this team that not even God could fix.. Blow it up.. It'snot fixable
  6. David Backes put on waivers by the Bruins today.. rhs winger.. 6'3// concussion issues.. can he help us??
  7. if we had a game.. nobody on eatth can describe the Flames game as any particular style
  8. i wouldn't go head hunting specifically for a rhs .. but if he's say projected to be within 4 or so players of the player you're looking at.. I'd strongly consider a swap
  9. both mc douche and looch say they are buddies.. but hey guys.. this is the battle Of Alberta.. We re not a team of Trumps.. our enemies are our enemies.. I wanna see Looch go after mc douche for his unatoned interference in other's affairs and lay him out !!!!1
  10. our long time core needs to be reset.. Backlund/monahan/brodie/ jankowski/and gautreau
  11. all in all.. this turned out as expected.. Clean hit by tkachuk is what I saw.. hard.. yes.. but clean.. kassioipia should have had his chin strap done up.. then his crown wouldn't have fallen off.. The league should look into this issue though.. Chin straps should always be mandatory to be done up.. What I didnt like was Mc David's 3rd man in which wasn't penalized.. he's the Double Spend in this whole scenario
  12. it's easier to trade for a draft pick to get a rhs forward than a roster player.. use our assets to move up to get one
  13. i'd prefer.... JH/Monahan/RW Tkacuk/Limdholm/RW bennett/dube/Mangiapane Lucic/Ryan/RW this leaves Backlund/Jankowski/Reider/Czarnik/Rinaldo as tradeable assets
  14. Flames don't do unusual very well they are strictly structured and planned for like the next five years.. Maybe that's part of the problem.. They've taken the emotion out of the game and play chess on ice
  15. we have zero cap room to move guys in and out of the line-up
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