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  1. Horsman1


    We only play the oilers a few times a year.. I don't think Smitty's knowledge of systems after one year will amount to much. There' has to be changes with the structure this year if only due to the fact we are cap maxed out so no new players..which leaves system changes
  2. Horsman1


    Is Phaneuf on a cheap one year contract a fit with Valimaki on the third pairing??
  3. nobody had an issue with Phil Esposito scoring 76 goals and he and Monahan are very similar players.. Check history for espo's wingers.. Who do we have similar??
  4. please list the overwhelming throng of players clamoring to come to Calgary.. Thanks for the other smart Hash Rate remarks.. it was just a fukking question I didn't know about
  5. I have a cap question .. All my canadian friends are caught up in something called Basketball fever.. whatever that is.. or watching the Stamps so... Question... Is it possible.. that if Backlund/Frolik/Brodie/Smith/Jankowski/ Stone are not traded before the season starts.. to wave them in the hopes of someone picking up their contracts.. and if not,, sending them to the minors?? Would their contract as a player in the minors still count against the Cap here in Calgary?? If not.. I'd just as soon send them there at full contract price and get their salaries off our major league team and get the proper players needed then to have them here blocking the possibility of improving our team.. Most of those players won't last but a few months down there any way until some team with injuries comes calling
  6. Horsman1


    sports radio in Calgary today says Talbot in Calgary on a one year /one way will be announced July 1
  7. sorry if the truth bothers you Mrs. Treliving but your son is a sap
  8. treliving has been very outspoken on many occasions in many interviews in regards to the fact that there will not be any new contracts coming to the city in terms of top end players The League as a whole is at a stop to much transactions of any type until sept/oct when we may see a bit of movement.. I'm okay with keeping Backlund as our second line center with Tkachuk and Neal until we have room for adjustments...
  9. Horsman1


    not sure.. I've got like a buck two fifty I could throw in
  10. bull crasp!! You don't to lose to be a playoff veteran.. The Flames major issue is that they are built in the personality mold of Treliving.. Great guy.. wonderful family.. Balls and emotion of a dead sloth
  11. Vegas has a team of veterans.. We have a team of fragile BTCes more suited to figure skating
  12. you don't get jack Satoshi Nakamoto for winning the division.. don't burn out the team for that glory.. Go for the glory in the playoffs
  13. yup except Duchesne is gonna cost 9 mill and we can't afford that.. Schenn I'd try at least
  14. backlund/Neal/Jankowski/Brodie/Smith/Kylington/Frolik 3 first round draft picks and lifetime no entrance fee for all Ottawa residents to the Calgary stampede to Ottawa for Stone and Tkachuk
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