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  1. Ferland will never be back in Calgary as long asa Treliving is here.. Ferland's inconsistencies drove him nuts
  2. Puljujarvi for lazar??
  3. I've always been a Backlund fan but alas.. He's been pegged here as a defensive center .. which on my Flames team.. is the Third line center role.. I've always thought though.. that Chucky and Monahan would pair well together as both are not the swiftest of foot ... second line... Jonny and lindy are magic together. which still.. for a cup team.. leaves us 2 forwards short .. But.. i'd play out the season and pick those two pieces up in the off season
  4. Bennett is just fine playing his game.. We searched for years for another Kromm when we let him go.. don't let the same happen to Bennett.. He is our destined 3rd line left winger for the backlund/Frolik line and future.. jankowski .. ?? line
  5. i'm not worried about contracts,, like I was a few years ago.. we are young.. and this year should be our first of a 5 year run near the top of the league.. Cap goes up every year to pay for our young up and comers and we are finally rid of dead contracts.. I would dump Neal sooner than later before we are hung with his contract
  6. Wow!! Just.. Holy Lasagna on an eggroll batman!! You've just taken a team that's been on a 10 year high and ripped it apart a month before the playoffs that they've failed to make a mark at in 10 years!! No Thanks!!! The trade deadline is for tinkering.. and setting up for a good run.. Maybe you should look at managing the Florida team... With only 4000 fans a night.. They wouldn't even notice who's playing or not playing for them.. What are you?? Ghost of Harold Ballard???
  7. unfortunately.. Frolik will be taking one for the team in any trade line deal this year.. Although somewhat of a fan favorite.. .. Something behind the scenes that we aren't privy to.. has happened with the team management and frolik.. Only thing I've ever heard is that Frolik's agent is an Hash Rate and not well liked here..
  8. everything built by Yankees here in Calgary seems to come from California.. They don't hire eastern bums and scums for jackSatoshi Nakamoto out this way
  9. I won't support an arena for Calgary drawn up by any American architect.. Have they no clue down there that it's winterish 8 months of the year up here?? All our malls across the country are being converted to outside walking malls and the parking lots have 20 miles of curbs.. They not understand the concept of freezing your assets or plowing snow??there is never an area to pull up temporarily in front of these malls to pick up a person so they don't have to shop with skates on to get to their vehicle afterwards
  10. I'm on the fence with neal as well.. he's had ample time to show and still nothing.. Would he get you a second pairing dman?? if so.. I'd so it in a second and use his contract monety to get Simmins from the Flers.. Lazar is a moveable part.. and while we're asking. are Sam Bennett and Sam Reinhert actually the same person??
  11. that.. was hilarious to watch on the tube
  12. Trade deadline in mind.. Rittich fell apart last year when Smith was gone.. This year.. Smith is still around and plays a seemingly important role in Rittich's mental make-up.. Maybe what we should really be looking for rather than a back-up.. is a competent emergency number 3 guy as our farm team goalies are crappin the bed this year
  13. Lots of possibilities.. My main concern at the moment is Frolik.. Maybe if he gets a new agent the management will have a better outlook on him.. There aren't many players around with the unselfish commitment to playing defence that Frolik plays.. I also think we've had a pretty darn good run in the first half but time to maybe change things up a bit with the lines we've pretty well run with the first half.. Teams will focus more on the first line and we don't have a ton of consistency after that//Gaudreau/Backlund/Lindholm.. Tkachuk/Monahan/Neal.. Bennett/Jankowski/Frolik.. would be my top three lines for awhile knowing you can go back to the present lines at any time but i'd try creating some chemistry with the other players now in case of injury. Hathaway. Ryan and maybe a player to come for the third line or spot in a guy from the farm for energy on the fourth line..Our most immediate need however with Stone and Valimaki out long term would be a solid third line veteran d man to play with Anderson.. I'm really on the fence about Smith and If it was my team.. I;d find a way to get another quality veteran back up goalie for Rittich in case old man Smith just can;t cut it anymore
  14. ughhhh I just can't take this any longer!! Smith is horrid!! He doesn't give the team a chance to win.. he merely gives them a chance to stay in the game.. I get way too drunk having to watch an entire game when he plays
  15. this is the line i've always written in as the shut down/third line.. I'd still move Monahan to center Tzachuk on the second line and play lindy with jonny hockey on the first line//