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  1. Johnny for the games first star Go flames go
  2. Happy birthday Snowbear!!! Go flames go
  3. Missed game 1 but watching today. Go flames go
  4. That Bennett goal is huge going into the break. Advantage flames.
  5. That's the spirit Saymzies. Wasn't going to be able to watch today due to work but the rain hit at 12 and shut down my building site. I gave the boys the afternoon off and headed home to watch the game. Go flames go
  6. 8.45am start time here and I am conveniently working from home today. Go flames go.
  7. 4.30am start here. Go flames go.
  8. I completely agree but I am very disappointed that he will likely leave without ever being tried at RW. Maybe my judgement is influenced by the 4 goal game he had on the top line to finish the season a couple of years ago but I think he may have had the ability to rise to another level playing with high end talent. We have tried so many others at RW but I don't recall Jankowski ever getting that opportunity.
  9. Not sure if local restrictions will still apply but all this seasons completed games seem to be available to watch free on the nhl live app. Might be a good time waster during home isolation.
  10. So let's say we offer Monahan, Hanifin and a first for Eichel and Buffalo counters with we want Tkachuk, Valimaki and a first. Do we still make the deal? I do.
  11. 8am game here. Will be watching for 20mins before heading to work. Go flames go.
  12. I think this is very close to the best looking possible line combinations for the flames at present. I would like to see Jankowski tried on RW with Johnny and Mony before we give up on him completely. Hard to justify with his play recently but I can't forget his 4 goal game centering the top line a couple of seasons back. I think he may respond to playing with more skill.
  13. Only 36% on the dot tonight so far and it feels like even when we win the draw the puck bounces to the kings. Would love to see that get back to 50% by the end of the game.
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