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  1. Flames not winning this game....just horrendous
  2. Flames getting outplayed here early in the second
  3. I wouldn't be selling just yet, the playoffs are a different season all together, all we need to do is get in. We may stumble are way in but after that you just never know, all it takes is a hot goaltender.
  4. Rittich was great no doubt but honestly....the Kings 3rd and 4th goals he should of had those and he knows it. In any case, the inconsistency continues unfortunately...How long does BT have to wait to do something....
  5. I don't know about everyone else but it's pretty evident to me that he does not want to be here. He's not going to come out and say it or admit it, but his play is saying it. Everyone that thinks trading Johnny is a bad idea needs to rethink this. This team needs to move on and so does Johnny. This would be in my opinion the major shakeup that needs to happen and it will send a message. Adding a top RW right hand shot will not help or fix anything, it will just frustrate the acquired player when he sees what's going on.
  6. And that's if we make the playoffs....nothing has really changed actually with the coaching change...this is still the same team with lots of holes
  7. Unfortunately, i don't think anything will change unless there is a shake up and it needs to be a considerable one player wise. JG, Monny and Gio is not going to work for us anymore.
  8. Great game no doubt, but lets not get ahead of ourselves here. Saturday's game will definitely prove if they have turned the page. Actually, I would be more convinced after about another 15 games to see if they can keep this going. One good game against a bad team hardly proves anything and there certainly still holes to fix.
  9. Probably will get flamed for this but would we ever consider trading Gaudreau and Monahan for Kane and Toews straight up? I know they are older but would they not provide the spark and grit this team needs? Haven't even thought about CAP implications, just throwing this out there.
  10. The problem is flames ownership is also thinking this way..."its early"...."we started slow last year also..." "I'm not worried, they will figure it out..." Unfortunately this kind of thinking will be their demise...I am already prepared that we wont be making the playoffs this year...
  11. Mark Stone and Zucker would have changed this team immensely and I agree the Lucic trade would not have happened if we had made those trades. We also need a more offensive minded defenseman that will take control of the PP. The way things are right now though, its going to be tough to fix unless a major shake up is involved.
  12. This team is a mystery to say the least...it's been their work ethic for several years, not just last year. Different coaches have been trying to get through to them but to no avail. I can see the frustration is building up a lot more with BP this year already. We saw how GG reacted at some points a couple of years ago. Most teams have figured them out already especially how to shut down the top line. Janko, Brodie, Frolik, Bennett need to go. We need another top 6 Center and winger that can be as much of a threat as our top line is every night. We also need a PP defenseman specialist as Gio is not really helping. Hoping that Anderson can be that guy but don't know. I've been following the Flames for 30+ years now and last year a lot of people were comparing them to the 89 team. Not even close IMO, that team was a serious threat offensively every single night. That team put fear in opponents eyes, i seriously doubt this team does.
  13. If they keep playing like this, it will eventually have to trigger some change from management, the question is how long will they wait before doing something. If it wasn't for Rittich, we would probably be 0-6 right now. They are only fooling themselves if they think they will be making the playoffs this year with this work ethic they currently have. IMO, it's going to be a long painful year....but maybe thats what its going to take to get the changes this team needs.
  14. Ditto...nothing has really changed with this team so I'm not expecting anything quite different this year TBH. They are slow starters and have been for several years now.
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