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    Blow It Up?

    Agree 100% with this but we all know that it will never happen, be lucky if even 5% of this happens. Personally I would be jumping if we at least clean house with GM and coaching staff, then the new staff should be able to see all the gaping holes this team has.
  2. Changes need to be made with the forward group, plain and simple and we all know who those forwards are. So far, I have seen nothing done from BT that will drastically change things. Markstrom is a slight improvement but not by much in my opinion. Giordano has to go but we all know that wont happen either. This team as it stands is still the same Jekyl and Hyde team that all fans complain about year after year. There is still some time, so Brad, go ahead and prove me wrong.
  3. I doubt he will sign anyone considered in the top 5 UFA's, I don't have high hopes for major changes unfortunately.
  4. Watching the Hawks/ Vegas game tonight...still think we shouldn't have traded Valimaki for Stone? He would be making a big difference right now..
  5. I wouldn't be selling just yet, the playoffs are a different season all together, all we need to do is get in. We may stumble are way in but after that you just never know, all it takes is a hot goaltender.
  6. Probably will get flamed for this but would we ever consider trading Gaudreau and Monahan for Kane and Toews straight up? I know they are older but would they not provide the spark and grit this team needs? Haven't even thought about CAP implications, just throwing this out there.
  7. Mark Stone and Zucker would have changed this team immensely and I agree the Lucic trade would not have happened if we had made those trades. We also need a more offensive minded defenseman that will take control of the PP. The way things are right now though, its going to be tough to fix unless a major shake up is involved.
  8. Teams have been freeing up CAP space for weeks now to go after the players they believe will help them. BT should be able to do the same but I see nothing like that so far. I think he basically wants to stick with the same lineup as last year and hope for the best.
  9. Crickets is all i'm hearing today for the Flames....We've known about Talbot for a few days now so nothing new there....
  10. taz89


    This pretty much seals it....Talbot coming to Calgary...
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