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  1. This game can't come fast enough....I'm just pumped... I kinda wished they woulda left Rinaldo in the lineup though... Now that Little Walt showed he's not scared of Kassian they should put him out against the DraiSatoshi Nakamototle line all night to wreak havoc on Leroy... Backlund line looks like a good line to match against McDouche...
  2. not really about Kassian but does anyone know how to watch McDouchebag kicking Backs in the goods???
  3. Does anyone know how I can find video of McPizzaface kicking Backs in the balls???
  4. does anyone know how I can find video of McAcne kicking Backs in the boys???
  5. Does anyone remember the game a couple years ago when Crack Kassian went after Tkachuk... Here's how I remember it... 1. Bennett lays out Nurse with a beauty of a hit... 2. Nurse can't handle it and catches up with Bennett the next shift and forces Benny into a fight which Benny handled himself fairly well and they fought to a draw only to have Nurse throw a dirty punch after the linesmen came in... 3. Draisaitl slough foots Tkachuk resulting in Tkachuk hitting his head on the ice and missing approximately 10 min due to concussion protocol... 4. Tkachuk challenging Draisaitl to a fight for the dirty play and Leon not accepting... 5. McDouche attacking Backlund ()resulting in a wrestling match that went unpenalized) and Tkachuk coming to Backlunds aid...(McDouche seems to have a crush on Backlund as he kicked him in the balls the other night too) 6. Crack Kassian losing his mind on Tkachuk and Tkachuk not wanting that trade off turtling and covering up... Feel free to correct me if my recollection of this game is wrong... Now, according to the Crack Kassian supporters Tkachuk should have to fight for hitting Kassian...Doesn't that logic also imply that Draisaitl should have atoned for his slough foot??? In my opinion, Tkachuk did what he should have done and took Kassian's number and got him back within the rules of the game the other night... As for McDouche, he needs to realize that the only reason he gets away with the BS he does is because he's had guys like Looch, Crack Kassian, and Nurse babysitting him and without those guys his dirty rat crap would be met with retribution too...
  6. I'll play along... Start on time Protect the puck Be physically engaged
  7. I was in attendance yesterday and will be in attendance again today. I actually thought the Flames played a pretty good road game yesterday and I think if they can continue to build their game they will be alright...with that said though, opposing teams are doing a great job with their gaps against our top line and shutting them down so it is imperative that our depth players start providing some offence...Benny, Doc, Janko I'm talking about you!!! Our pp has been moving the puck around nicely but opposing teams are taking Jonny's passing lanes away and forcing him to try to beat them with his muffin shot which isn't working. Therefore, the pp needs a new plan...I'd almost try to put Looch and Little Walt in front of the net together forcing both d-men to cover them and create a bunch of chaos...Just trying to think outside the box I predict a Backlund goal and a Flames win today!!!
  8. 20 games in it is apparent that the Oilers were able to ride a hot start and a friendly schedule to mid November and still playing meaningful hockey...However, as the season progresses and teams concentrate harder on shutting down the 2 high end players and forcing the Oilers to make hay on the pp the wins are going to be harder to come by...I predict they will be outside of a playoff spot by Christmas and won't have a meaningful game after January.
  9. I see Brodie is once again in the lineup. I hope BP has learned something about how to use old TJ...here, I'll help... Brodie should not see the ice if the game is tied... yes this includes OT. Brodie should not see the ice if the Flames are ahead by 1 to 7 goals and there is more than 3 min remaining. Brodie should not see the ice if the Flames are behind by 1 to 7 goals and there is more than 3 min remaining. Any other situation it is fine to use Brodie... on another note...I'd rather see Talbutt getting the start on Saturday but then again as you can see by the way that I would use Brodie I clearly don't see things the same way as BP...
  10. Benny has been penalized for an awful lot of clean hits.
  11. I'd venture to say that it's mostly Brodie...He really can't play no matter who his partner is...Brodie is no longer NHL quality...Stone could be useful with another stay at home partner but we just don't have one.
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