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  1. Most if not all sports see players from a very young age that have received good influential coaching, plenty of playing time to engrain disciplined fundamentals are those that succeed the most. Physical ability also plays a huge part.
  2. People see what they want to see and you don't start at a very objective viewpoint. To say a player can't improve especially as they come out of a limited College league is wrong IMO but we will see. He doesn't have Monahan's instincts around the net or shot but given an opening to score he knows what to do with the puck. I like him as our 4th line C for now.
  3. Monahan is an average skater that has learned to take the proper angles and position himself on the ice correctly. He is smart about what he does out there. Jankowski as a lanky player covers more ground than sometimes noticed. I think he has some ground to make up just from playing less games in University vs a Junior career. I believe he is a smart player however not a quick player once in our zone which is odd considering his anticipation on the PK. He is still learning on the job and now with Ryan getting up to speed o this team Jankowski should slide into the 4th line C forte playoffs. I would say our most improved players are Bennett, Jankowski, Hathaway and Rittich.
  4. I don't think the D situation is dicey at all. For someone that wouldn't think of breaking up the 3M line why would you even think of breaking up Giordano and Brodie ? Brodie plays best with Giordano period. Valimaki and Stone have lost to much time to be considered for the playoffs and Andersson has replaced Stone. Giordano, Brodie Hanifin, Hamonic Fantenberg, Andersson Best foot forwad
  5. I fight this notion as well but things seems to go astray when Frolik is moved away from Backlund. Playoffs are a different animal and the changes (not experiments) I suggest should help to get Neal into a better production scenario and Tkachuk off a primary checking line which we will need to fortify. You want Neal to be effective you need to put him with a playmaker like Tkachuk. Ryan has answered the call on the top line perhaps he can do the same between Tkachuk and Neal. Bennett, Backlund and Frolik should be a tenacious shutdown line best suited for playoff hockey.
  6. I agree Ryan has rounded into shape lately to be an effective player. I would be tempted to break up the 3M line to get ready for the playoffswhen Bennett, Monahan and Neal return. Gaudreau, Monahan, Lindholm Tkachuk, Ryan, Neal Bennett, Backlund, Frolik Mangiapane, Jankowski, Hathaway Quine, Czarnik
  7. Smart players come from there LOL
  8. Neal has won wherever he has played and not because he is a superstar but because he does stuff like this with and for his team mates. He will be a real plus to get back on the ice and potting some goals for us.
  9. Lazar could easily slide in for Hathaway and give him a rest before the playoffs. Probably a number of these players are banged up and could use a game or two break.
  10. They need a top line C
  11. You touch on something I have thought for awhile now and that is how Monahan and Jankowski are similar. Maybe not this season but I wonder if a line of Tkachuk, Jankowski and Neal could work together. Put Bennett with Backlund and Frolik (if he is still here)
  12. I do have to say I love how our depth has risen to the occasions we called upon tis season. All of BP's experimenting does drive me crazy however kudos to the players for answering the bell. This is what creates a winning atmosphere and eventually culture.
  13. Go FLAMES Go
  14. Most if not all coaches will error on the side of experience for the playoffs. You need your players at their best and in the case of Brodie that is with Giordano ot hiding him on the 3rd pairing. Stone may end up in the situation where they only use him if they really need him. Fantenberg vs Kylington or Valimaki is almost a given they go with the more experienced player.