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  1. These are the growing pains we should expect with the 1st year of a new coach but everyone wants to jump right to a SC now. I would love to see Bennett back at C but with Tkachuk and Neal not simply by moving Jankowski over to LW. Have a line of Frolik, Backlund, Ryan for our next line and drop Jankowski to C the 4th line. BP seems caught up in trying to make things fit vs placing players where they do fit. It may take this season for him to realize he did some things wrong.
  2. I agree with your big fish dealing in the offseason. What they will pay Tkachuk seems to be what has to come first in order to set priorities. I would take my chances on the line of Bennett, Jankowski, Neal catching fire rather than bring in an outsider. If they don't what have lost due to our primary firepower coming from lines 1, 2 and our PP. Bennett and Jankowski are doing lots that is helping the team win, All our 4th line has to be is responsible enough not to allow goals and allow some rest for the other lines and they seem to be able to do that. Once BT gets done with Tkachuk, he will have a better idea what other moves make sense.
  3. Panarin would be great but his agent won't do a new deal before trying FA. Maybe cross's suggestion for JBo is best if needed, a 4rd round pick then we lose nobody. I seriously would run with the roster we have and see how far they go, make whatever changes in the offseason.
  4. I would say if both Valimaki and Stone remain question marks start considering someone like JBo. Maybe Mangiapane for Bowmeister. I would like to take the time leading up to the TDL to see what a line of Bennett, Jankowski and Neal can accomplish before doing anything rash.
  5. Well I just listened to BT on Sportnet and it doesn't sound like he is going to tamper to much with the team. Should we get Valimaki back we should be fine on our LSD, he plays well beyond his years. Stone making it back also provide additional depth come playoffs. Call me crazy but I think our Goaltending is going to be fine. I fully understand your comments on Smith and agree but there is not much if anyone else out there. This brings the focus back onto the forwards. Where as you and JTech see Jankowski and Hathaway as the weak links I see Ryan and Czarnik as non factors thus far. Hathaway may blow hot and cold but his game has improved IMO and he is the type we need come playoff time to keep the heat off Tkachuk and even Bennett to keep them out of the box. I would say if you want a vet LSD maybe trade Czarnik for one. As for the top 9 I like where BP has them now but come towards the playoffs maybe try these lines. Gaudreau, Monahan, Neal (see if he rises to the occasion) Tkachuk, Backlund, Lindholm ( would love to see what these two Swedes could do with Tkachuk) Bennett, Jankowski, Frolik (more of a defensive aspect but still some secondary scoring here) Quine, Ryan, Hathaway Lazar
  6. Hard to ever dispute adding a clear upgrade but it will come at a sacrifice. Here are a few ideas. Jankowski and Frolik plus draft pick (s) or Mangiapane to OTT for Mark Stone RW. (negotiate a new deal) If we are trading futures we should try a build some into any new deal. Obtaining Stone and getting him on a new contract would allow a number of good trade moves in the offseason.
  7. Take this and start a new thread. This one has become total garbage.
  8. Officially HIJACKED thread
  9. Who hates Bennett ? Bennett is having an effective season however what I see is the constant mistake of playing him all over the place. It doesn't appear it will happen this season but I think if he were to move back to C between Tkachuk and Neal we would have another Monahan situation. Tkachuk is a great playmaker and he needs some speed, distractions and finishers with him. Maybe next year.
  10. I think you have to take into consideration how the coach deploys the talent he has to work with during games. BP is quick to shorten is bench and go for the win so 4th line on this team only has to be so good. Another part of our game that as performed well is the PK and players such as Jankowski and Hathaway have shined there for us. I can see a few areas we could improve on for next season in the offseason but I wouldn't tamper with this group right now. I think BP and his staff are making the right moves as the season progresses.
  11. I think the mistake and misconception you are making is using a stats that takes in a lot of players that have been used to date. BP appears to be settling in on some conclusions on who he wants playing with who on these 3rd and 4th lines which IMO was very much needed. BP is also very quick to shorten his bench and or mix up lines for more in game effectiveness which sometimes backfires. I like the top 9 now but would like to see Quine back on LW with Ryan and Hathaway for our 4th line. All of this considered should provide some answers of whether to deal at the TDL.
  12. Bennett has actually been better lately with distributing the puck. Jankowski definitely knows how to finish. Neal is getting more use to these guys which is why I say let them play. The TDL is the end of February so this will be an important timeframe. I have said this before but the changes I would make is have Bennett with Backlund and Frolik. Put Tkachuk as the playmaker with Jankowski and Neal. I like Jankowski but if you want a better overall player like Lindholm for that line trade him. Is Schenn that C ? I haven't seen him enough.
  13. All I see here are thoughts that try and overcompensate for a lack of experience in spots. The same players need to gain this experience and you never know who will rise to the occasion. The one thing I do agree with cross about is not having that playmaker either a C or LW playing with Neal. BP has just put the Bennett, Jankowski, Neal line together so give it some time. BT has sent out the scouts in preparation for the TDL but they are also further assessing if what they have is or can work.
  14. We haven't even had a consistent bottom 6 established so this statement is pretty feeble. No we don't have the experienced depth of WPG but we beat them. Can we win a playoff series against them likely not but I don't see one player making that difference this season. We may have to wait a year.
  15. So what is it then ? It is obvious that some of our players are not going to have a level of playoff experience heading there so do you simply cast them aside or trade them just so you have that one shot at a SC ? You call them "holes" while I would say lacking some experience, no team is without weaknesses. Players only gain the experience and hunger by going through the experience itself win or lose.