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  1. I don't feel what they achieved this season was "winning little things". You seem to want to win a SC but want to trade away the very experienced players we likely need in order to accomplish that feat.
  2. I'm not sure they would care if they extended Brodie or not. They have a few good D prospects not quite ready but would be the season after this one. Maybe it's Brodie a 1st and 2nd ( BT should be able to pick up a 2nd leading up to the draft )
  3. Is it really though ? Isn't it really more about how you do go about complimenting players such as Monahan and Tkachuk. Simply having a "true" #1 C doesn't guarantee you anything. Tavares was a #1 C in NY and now TOR with nothing to show for it so far. Overall team talent is what wins.
  4. To be honest I thought both Marleau and Thornton would have retired at that point. Leaving could happen but SJ isn't in rebuild mode and fell short of their goal again so I would say Wilson will ante up for Pavelski.
  5. Here is a reverse strategy. Some think Brodie is worth anywhere from 2-2nds or a 1st and 2-2nd. What if BT offered Brodie and our 2019 1st for Nylander RW/C from TOR ? I believe Marner is the more coveted player in TOR's eyes and they need to cast off some talent. They have already paid the bonus hit upfront and we would have cost certainy with Nylander under a new contract. They would have Brodie for the season and could extend him plus he can play either side on D which TOR also needs heading into next season.
  6. Agree with moving out Neal but I don't think a true #1 is in the cards right now. Gaudreau, Monahan and Lindholm was one of the most dynamic lines in the NHL last season so it's not like Monahan is a huge handicap. The real changes required in order to get better lies in upgrading the 2nd and 3rd lines IMO Monahan and Tkachuk will be fine where they are so long as you have two speedy, talented line mates with them.
  7. Useless conversation until you see the finalized roster. This team has been building towards being better each and every year so I don't see BT and now BP in his 2nd season not adding to this year's success.
  8. What stats should 3rd line players be achieving in your mind ?
  9. Hard to predict until we see what changes BT actually makes but I agree the harsh lessons should have the returnees motivated and newbies excited.
  10. SJ has built in loyalty so I don't expect they will let Pavelski it the market. I don't see them signing Karlsson there again. Thornton will retire. The money will be there for Pavelski.
  11. I was watching SportsNet this morning and they had a special section on the 1989 team with some of the team players saying they had a special group and thought they should have won 4 or 5 SCs but managed just 1. First and foremost you need a group of players that play for each other which means no tag-a-longs, everyone has to give max efforts each game out. I look back at that 1989 team and see talent but also a very high compete level and desire to win. Sometimes a team like this year's has to lose in order to gain those qualities together as a team.
  12. Definitely a player of interest for us, hopefully Loob convinced him to sign with the Flames.
  13. I believe the draft is for building the organization and keeping your pipeline healthy with options for the main team. I also believe certain players rise to the challenge within playoffs and some do not. Also some don't need to if their play is steady and consistently good. NHL rules and officiating have been getting steadily worse over the last 5 or 6 years. I'm not sure what the answers are for loading up your team be it for the season vs playoffs. With our Flames and this season in the rear view mirror I would say we have some definite weak spots but overall we could use some additional size, speed and a whole lot more compete from more players.
  14. Curious why you draw those comparisons to Connolly ? I would say Connolly has more in common early in his career to Lindholm or even Bennett.
  15. Hopefully it wasn't anything personal like that but it sure seemed Gaudreau went back to the old ways of feeding Monahan and Lindholm became an after thought for the scraps. Just a thought but I think a line of Tkachuk, Bennett, Lindholm would be very good together. These guys would definitely compete every game.