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  1. No talk about bringing Ferland back which is surprising. What kind of number does everyone think signs him ? Could we get him back between 2.5M and 3.5M ?
  2. They won't bring Myers back but the other two signings will put the squeeze on there.
  3. I don't think its that tough of read because this team had trouble defensing speed all season. We need more team speed and size for ourselves. I don't think this team is nearly enough of a finished product and say what you want about the core not showing up, well this is who the opposition fixates on the shutdown. I said all season our middle 6 will be our downfall and they were. Also let's give COL some credit because they came to play and were a very determined team. They had us being reactionary throughout. Our game wasn't where it needed to be either.
  4. I don't think Valimaki was out much against McKinnon and Landeskog much. Also let not forget how much Giordano does making up for his partners whether its Brodie or Andersson. Nobody seems to be mentioning that Andersson's rookieness showed up a lot in that series which is why experience is a valuable commodity especially in the playoffs.
  5. I think you will see Brady Tkachuk LW, Colin White C, Bobby Ryan RW as a line for OTT. I don't know why you think these teams will even consider trading their star prospects they will need themselves.
  6. JankowskiNone of us have any idea what BT will do however he usually has one big deal follow by few other moves. He has a chance to improve the by subtraction and improved additions. My beef last season was BP never got the middle 6 forward lines to be productive. Once again we saw Gaudreau and Monahan benefit a player such as Lindholm who had never enjoyed such success. I believe the key to next season is eliminating the weaknesses and adding some even better players. I think we all agree the ones to go will or should be Neal, Frolik, Jankowski, Brodie and Stone. The other UFA that could be gone Smith, Hathaway, Fantenberg and Prout. Here is what I would like to see BT aim for with trade deals and UFA signings. Gaudreau, Monahan, Nylander (trade Brodie and our 2019 1st to TOR for Nylander) Tkachuk, Bennett, Lindholm (going against popular thinking and giving Bennett one more chance at C with talented line mates) Wennberg, Backlund, Connolly (trade Neal and a 2nd for Wennberg from CBJ) and (sign Connolly UFA) Mangiapane, Ryan, Sisson ( trade Czarnik for Sisson from NSH) Rychel , Lazar (signed to new two way contracts) DEFENSE Giordano, Andersson Hanifin, Hamonic Valimaki, Prout (sign back Prout and Fantenberg) Fantenberg GOALIES Rittich, McElhinney (Signed UFA) Give Rittich the vote of confidence to start. Trade Frolik for 2-2nd rounders one 2019 and one 2020. Trade Stone for whatever pick we can get to move him. Trade Jankowski for picks
  7. Aiming higher like who ? If you don't think Nylander has a high compete you haven't watched him much. Glad it isn't your decision.
  8. You obviously know very little about Leadership and team sports. Giordano has nothing to hang his head about "EVER". If anyone needs to take responsibility for our play against COL it's the coaching staff for not having a better game plan defensively. All our flaws showed up at the wrong time and the whole team needs to recognize this and learn from it.
  9. I wouldn't get your heart stuck on obtaining Trouba. Defense isn't where we need to spend money. BT's focus should be Tkachuk, Goal and building the RW side if he trades Neal, Frolik and let's Hathaway walk.
  10. You must be the only person that thinks like this right now.
  11. They won't shop Marner, he is the favored child there.
  12. I don't think BT needs to use Giordano to achieve that feat. In regards to your second statement it is not a matter of whether our other LD suck it is a matter of them being able to replace Giordano's leadership and experience towards winning a SC. Do you think Hanifin or Valimaki are ready to step in and take Giordano's place ?
  13. If there is a hint out of TOR that they would trade Nylander I hope BT is in there like a dirty shirt.
  14. I wouldn't worry about Giordano being traded, management knows his true value is right here with this team.
  15. Trading Iginla and trading Giordano are not the same scenario at all. Our pipeline had been drained just trying to accommodate winning a SC for Iginla. This is not the case today and Giordano is just one incremental part towards winning one now. I don't understand this thinking that we "must" trade him before he is to old, WHY ? Giordano is a top4 defenseman now and will be as he finishes his contract. Our best chance to win a SC is in the next 3 IMO so no I wouldn't even be thinking about trading Giordano.
  16. I hear you and to be honest I believe next year would be the year to put Bennett back at C between Tkachuk LW and Lindholm RW. This would be a line that would compete hard for us. I would love to see what Bennett could do with an actual playmaker like Tkachuk rather than him thinking he has to do it all himself. Then with Lindholm they have the best overall player we have on RW.
  17. Maybe he is a 2nd line C, maybe Gaudreau is a 2nd line LW if you consider Tkachuk becoming our best complete player. He is going to be paid like our best Player. Tkachuk, Lindholm, Gaudreau, Monahan Bennett, Backlund Mangiapane, Ryan here we are rebuilding our RW side again.
  18. This is why I would hope some other team get him.
  19. Listening to Burke he thinks TOR will be forced to deal Nylander. The other thing he said is some team could OS Kapanen at 4M and only have to give up a 2nd round pick. I hope BT is at least curious about both with TOR.
  20. Peeps hasn't gotten over them not winning the SC this season. LOL
  21. I'm sure it is but to not recognize or celebrate one's successes is not the way to go about it either. Look at STL at 50 years, Flames 30 years some never have won a SC. I don't know about you but I enjoyed watching them this season even with all the frustrations.
  22. I think you addressed your own questions, your guess is as good as the next guys. If the finalized roster doesn't mean anything then neither do these questions.
  23. I don't feel what they achieved this season was "winning little things". You seem to want to win a SC but want to trade away the very experienced players we likely need in order to accomplish that feat.
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