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  1. Nope don't think so I would remember the name stubblejumper.
  2. I would say this comes from the disappointing play from most of our beloved players. We have a good team but far from a great team and as far as our record goes a lot of teams in the WC had a season of struggles. We did not play real great from the AS break forward while others got better. COL is one of those teams and are proving not to be a one line team. Speed has always given us trouble and COL has noticed they can take it to us. Last game was ours right up until the end so there is hope we can turn this around. Go FLAMES Go
  3. I think next season would be the time to try Bennett back at C. Just spitballing but if they were to deal Neal would it worth trying Monahan on RW along with Gaudreau and Bennett. Maybe if Monahan isn't up to the task at C you still have is sniper abilities top line. Move Lindholm into C a line with Tkachuk.
  4. On this particular line Tkachuk is the main playmaker, where as Lindholm is the best overall player we have IMO and Nylander is very talented and growing . You get this line in place and productive, then maybe you think of moving Gaudreau. I would keep Gaudreau for another few seasons at least.
  5. They love Marner in TOR so that won't happen. Ask for Nylander and you might get a favorable response. A line of Tkachuk, Lindholm and Nylander could be awesome.
  6. I have wanted to see that swap ever since Ryan started pouring it on. He took awhile getting use to his new team and surroundings but is now playing well. Jankowski would do well for a team like OTT that will be going through some changes.
  7. The guy wants 10M and BT won't pay that. Mrazek would be my target, fellow Czech for Rittich. Throw Gilles in a trade package and start getting Parsons ready for prime time.
  8. I think the coaching staff did a great job scheduling and nurturing Smith back to top performance level. Win or lose with him now is how I see it. It will be the other parts of our game that must determine where we go from here.
  9. Better luck with all this next year, the won't change anything.
  10. To each their, what you are suggesting won't happen
  11. They won't sign Bobrowsky, get real.
  12. He won't be back
  13. I absolutely see things others don't because I have actually coached sport talents. His line mates definitely have been the issue and if you can't identify that I would question your ability to assess the situation. Your fall back for every thing is skating ability, well Neal skates just fine and with experience knows where and how to be successful given others are not identical linemates. Check his history and the lines he played on and you might be able see what I mean. Yeah you can have your narrow minded opinion as always here.
  14. I don't think so, real hockey people will see how he was not used properly here and know full well what he can bring to a team. Simply looking at his season here and saying is not tradeable is incorrect. Even if we didn't trade him I think a line of Tkachuk, Bennett and Neal would put up some numbers for us. I just don't see the willingness from BP to make such a change.
  15. I know what you are saying with Frolik however he has value within a trade. If we are talking a 3rd line RW it would be good to get some with a bit more size, speed and talent for 3.5M. Personally I like Kapanen out of TOR if we could get him. Also we need draft picks and Frolik should get us a couple of 2nd rounders or at least a 2nd and 3rd. Ideally my 3rd line next season would be Dzingel LW, Backlund C, Kapanen RW. I like Jankowski, but I like Ryan and Dube better for our C position going forward and again we should be able to get something good in return for Jankowski.
  16. I agree. We can't or won't do much about Monahan or Tkachuk but Neal is wide open to trade. CBJ may be a good fit for Neal as they will lose some firepower this offseason. Monahan and Tkachuk have to be complimented with good talented skaters in order to make up for their deficiencies. On the size question I think a team can have one or two smaller forwards which we do but even look at the troubles Gaudreau faces when the going gets tough, he gets intimidated. I think BT needs a solid plan for gradual elimination of or aging players starting with Neal, Frolik and Brodie this offseason. Backlund, Hamonic and Ryan the following offseason.
  17. I'm not sure if I would deploy Lindholm any different unless we can land an upgrade for Gaudreau and Monahan on RW. The forwards I would look to trade are Neal, Frolik, Jankowski and Czarnick. On defense trade Stone, Brodie and Kylington.
  18. Kadri is no answer for us. He is another over paid Backlund and a punk, no thanks. I don't think we have anything TOR would be looking for as parts.
  19. Last night was a better effort but still way to many brain cramps happening. It also doesn't help when officials let all their "minor" penalties slide and hit us with every "minor" infraction. Some days you have to beat the other team and the officials. I didn't underestimate COL's speed however the failure is like STL they have gotten better as the season progressed, we as a team did not. If you don't hit to slow speed down it will kill you and this is part of what is happening. I am not sure what BP's game plan is but we don't have the smarts to carry it out it seems. If Monahan is fighting injuries he should sit out, he is killing us laboring around out there. Brodie has to go this offseason, I just can't take this guy's stupidity ay longer. Should we lose this series I can see a number of changes required.
  20. Every team as to deal with their own cap situations. Moves are not made in a vacuum. It was just a suggestion worthwhile asking.
  21. If you keep Neal on the 3rd line as a GM you should trade him. Frolik is likely good as gone. They have to improve RW on the 2nd line for more offense. Kadri wouldn't be my target from the Leafs, I would go for either Nylander or Kapanen. BT and BP will have a lot to consider this offseason to fix the 2nd and 3rd lines. As much as most fans I know dislike Brodie's play, I could see them keeping him and playing him 3rd pairing with Valimaki. The tough decision will be how to choose between Kylington, Prout and Fantenberg. Stone is gone one way or another.
  22. VGK would be a good target. Engelland is done after this season.
  23. The team just needs to bring it instead of having the play brought to them. Obviously I disagree that it's to late to make a few changes for the better . COL isn't afraid to bring a green rookie defenseman in Maker right of the plane into the line up.
  24. Peters has failed miserably with this forward group IMO outside of striking it lucky with Gaudreau, Monahan and Lindholm in the 1st half of the season and now a great 4th line he has no idea. This top line has gone stale, the Backlund line is ho-hum and the Jankowski line with Bennett/Neal with zero chemistry has done nothing all season. If we get by COL I will be surprised.
  25. I see you have written Neal right out of the picture which IMO has been the biggest mistake BP has made tis entire season. Your GM goes out and gets you one of the best clutch forwards in the game and you render him useless on the ice by playing him with the wrong line mates or not at all. Bennett equally has troubles with his scoring so why him and not Neal on that line. If Monahan and Lindholm are having trouble scoring why not at least try a known sniper/playoff performer like Neal for a whole game to see what happens. Lindholm with Backlund shold be a sound move bot defensively and for some possible added offense. The line we need is a hard checking middle line to put up against McKinnon's line and that for me is Bennett, Ryan and Hathaway. Let these guys be all over that line while our top two lines get back to what's important scoring for us. Another line of Mangiapane, Jankowski and Frolik will be no slouch of a line either with Frolik's experience there. This is a battle now and adding Czarnik or Dube at this point adds nothing to the job at hand. Our Defense no matter what pairings has to be more intelligent with their decision making. Smith is playing his best ever hockey now. Go FLAMES Go