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  1. Luongo has only been one cupcake (off of Hemsky's weeka$$ shot in game 2) short of sensational thus far...He seems to have stopped playing dead in his crease when an opposing player skates by as well... I wonder if maybe the Canucks should forget about trading him and make him their captain...
  2. The 3rd period would be a good time for the Canucks to show some sack...They really need to man up and respond...Getting embarrassed at home after a labour dispute is unacceptable...Oh well, they have the most embarrassing fan base in sports so I guess maybe it is deserved...
  3. Little sensitive are we?? I am quite aware of the sandpaper or lack there of problems with the Flames...It doesn't change the fact that the biggest issue for the Canucks is a lack of balls...I think both signings (Pylon and Barker) made by the Canucks are great moves...One gives them some toughness and the other is a very talented D-Man that was slowed by injuries early in his career that hurt his development...Barker could pan out when given a chance as he is still young...
  4. I am quite happy that those dummies signed Pylon....I hope he gets lots of ice time...On a serious note, I think the only reason they signed him was because they lack balls...They lost their last two playoff series because they played with too much estrogen...
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