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  1. Мы Чемпионы! Урааааа!!! Урааааааа!!!!!! Урааааааааааа!!!!!!!!!!

    1. freakofnature


      So sorry for your loss, Rus.

  2. Чемпионом КХЛ'12 стало Московское Динамо! Хоккейные победы вернулись в Москву!

    1. Anie8706


      Congrats Dynamo?

    2. RUS
    3. freakofnature


      We have a horse named Dynamo.

  3. В Москву пришли морозы! Холодно е-мое!

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    2. Pyromancer


      Not Cold In Calgary and the snow is almost all melted > Tranlator > Не холодной В Калгари и снег почти все расплавленного > Translator > Not cold and snow in Calgary, almost all of the molten.....LOL

    3. flames1217


      Well there is 3 feet of snow where i live, in northeastern quebec.

      Ну есть 3 фута снега, где я живу, в северо-восточной провинции Квебек.

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  4. Nah.... I'm tired of Asian food....

    I want.... moose stew

  5. Can make is better Russian of meat dumplings? ))

  6. Make me a sammich

  7. Hello! I am fine, thank you! How are you?

  8. Hey, Rus! How's it going? :D

  9. go to hockey))) I'm a fan Russian club CSKA. I'm a fan of Calgary Flames, CSKA Moscow and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins)))

  10. What do you do for fun? :P

  11. three months you do not have the night))) cool!

    I live in a small town too, at 100 km from Moscow

  12. Yellowknife is a very small town :)

    Okay!!! I'll see you soon :P

    One thing that makes up for the cold is 24 hour daylight in June, July, August

  13. ))) very well, we'll meet at the North Pole!

    I look on the internet about the Yellowknife, you have very cold, as in our Siberia

  14. I love vodka, my tummy handles it good. Not so much my throat but meh...

    The smell of beer just gets to me and the taste is icky but I only drank one kind, your beer in Russia must be better, lol.

    Well if you just travel a bit more North we can meet at the North pole... tgat's halfway for us, lol

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