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  1. Merry Christmas, tinyninja!

  2. Don it doesn't matter how big the Cansucks organization makes the banners they still don't trump what a Stanley Cup, Presidents Trophy, and 3 Stanley Cup appearances stands for. I think no matter the size of the actual banner this Is much more impressive than this
  3. Go away! Just Go away already. Keep your comments about our GM to yourself as yours is nothing to write home about himself. Your team was on a big losing skid the entire of the beginning of the season. Does that make your team suck to you? Not now I suppose. Ours will pick it up too and it will be a fun race to watch indeed. So go away and spread your negative propaganda on your own board where you belong.
  4. Yes and am extremely Pissed with them Stupid Chicago has to go and crap the bed against the Cansucks. Reason why I don't bet on Hockey. WHY THE HELL WOULD I THINK THAT THE DAM BLACKCHICKENS WERE A SURE WINNER OVER THE CANSUCKS!!!!!!! THEY ARE BOTH STUPID!!!!!!!
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