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  1. Bill Peters is now labelled as a confirmed racist, agree or disagree, it is the title he now carries, he would be lucky to even find a job in the NHL ever again, let alone coach, if he ever works as a head coach again it will likely be overseas.
  2. Many players have played their entire careers battling with re-occurring injuries, most of these guys have an intense love for the game and Monahan is certainly one of them, he isn't going to retire at 26 because of a wrist injury this isn't even an issue.
  3. My expectation for this season are that we have got to be a playoff team, there are no excuses now, Tre has done HIS job this offseason to put together a solid product. Beyond the playoffs it's so hard to predict cause you don't know who you might play, but I think the pieces are there to win a round or two....and beyond that...you never know! We haven't had the forward depth we have now in possibly decades, the late 2000's we had some decent depth but our bottom 6 would still be plagued with older veterans, we don't really have any dead weight anymore with Brouwer gone, closest to dead weight we have now might be Lazar type player but we have guys ready to take his spot. The fact that our top 6 has Johnny, Mony, Neal, Tkachuk, Backlund, Lindholm, and our bottom 6 having Jankowski, Bennett, Frolik, Czarnik, Ryan, Hathaway/Lazar is very promising. Defense is still very solid even with Hamilton leaving, and most importantly could be the locker room issues that were rumored leaving with him. The only question mark that remains is goaltending, I don't know if Tre can work out a deal for a backup, even if it had to include Stone, but it would be extremely sad to see such a promising season go to waste because Smith goes down and we didn't shore up our backup position and Rittich and Parsons just can't get the job done again. What has me excited is hearing Neal talk....the man is dead set on winning a cup and came to Calgary cause he thinks we have the pieces, it can't be stated enough how important this mindset could be and could rub off on his teammates. We have some guys who will thrive in a playoff setting...Tkachuk is bred for the playoffs, Neal has been to the big show numerous times and will know how to lead the younger guys through the intensity of the playoffs, guys like Bennett are also gritty and thrive in a playoff environment, I still get nervous with Johnny, he seems to disappear when things start to get super intense and physical so the coaching staff is going to have to work with him to learn how to play with his size in that environment and get the job done.....guys like Marty St Louis have done it. Overall there is LOTS to be excited for this season and I can't wait for the puck to drop!
  4. Kipper14


    They were talking about this between intermissions tonight, and a few names I recall Friedman tossing out... Michael Hutchinson Calvin Pickard Antti Raanta Chad Johnson coming back... Both Doug Mclean and Elliott Friedman suggested the team has no confidence in Lack, and it's just not healthy to keep him around, waive him to stockton and see what it might take to snag one of the above mentioned guys.
  5. PLEASE no to Jagr and also Iginla, neither fit into the youthful environment we are seeing, both kinda just slow us down. If I had to pick one, I would actually take Iginla and not for nostalgia sake, you could at least try Iggy with Mony/Johnny, if it doesn't work, Iggy slides to 3rd line RW and gets time on PP with that lethal shot he still possesses. Jagr is going to be 46, numbers are bound to continue to decline, and he has no real desire to sign in Calgary, at least Iginla would be a homecoming and he'd probably be very motivated. As I said I hope we sign neither!
  6. Kipper14


    I am so torn on this trade.... On the bright side, Mike Smith is a bonafide #1 starter in the league, he is no doubt our #1 from here on out, he seems to be a battler who absolutely hates to lose, he also has the ability to absolutely steal games which we have kind of lacked since Kipper left. My apprehensions lie in him being an older guy for the league at 35 and his numbers are mediocre, albeit being on an also mediocre Arizona team for the last 6 years. I still wouldn't mind seeing if we can snag a legit backup, Mike Smith being the age that he is you need to worry about injuries and have a backup in place.
  7. Kipper14


    Feels like we missed the boat on Darling, he had that same kinda scenerio as Talbot, backup on a solid team ready to take on a #1 starters role somewhere. Feels to me the clear choice to go after right now is Bishop, and then resign either Elliott or Johnson to remain as a solid backup to play 20-25 games or possibly take over if Bishop falters. Fleury is playing lights out right now for Pitts, but he still worries me with his mental lapses at times, he can either play like the best goalie in the world or be very average. With Elliotts up and down season, and with his last goal allowed in Game 4, I bet he'd sign on for another year at 1.5-2 million, sucks for him cause his stock was sky high heading into playoffs, and then absolutely plummeted in 4 games. There is speculation that Winnipeg may be a fit for him but if that happens, Johnson wants to remain a Flame.
  8. Crappy about the suspension. As a first time offender, given that Doughty missed zero time, I think a fine and warning that the next offense would be a suspension would have been sufficient. I hope Bennett is moved up to 2nd line for these two games, similiar edge in their game with some offensive flair, hopefully won't miss a beat much.
  9. Kipper14


    Spoke with a buddy who attended the Season Ticket Holder Q & A hosted by Brian Burke. Burkey apparently told those in attendance that the only current goalie who might be returning is Joni Ortio....in a backup role. Ramo is done. Pretty sure they are aiming for that true #1 goaltender who will play 60-70 games.
  10. After watching Dallas's goaltending basically cost us a first round pick, I want nothing to do with Niemi or Lehtonen!! In my opinion we try to get Frederik Andersen from Anaheim, he has good numbers, but Gibson seems to be the man of the future for them, With a possible expansion coming Anaheim might be willing to part with Andersen while they can get a decent return, I would do the same deal as the Dougie Hamilton deal, 2 second rounders for Andersen, or a Second and a prospect.
  11. Yzerman would want our 1st in this draft I am sure of it, lots of teams interested so Yzerman can play hard ball.
  12. Man people have short memories! When we picked up Russell just a couple years ago, it was an absolute steal! The guy is a workhorse, a true team player, and assistant captain. Now, he's on everyone's list of guys to deal. Dealing Russell doesn't make us a better team, it weakens what is right now, a strong D-Core. Our issues of late haven't been on the back end, it's been up front, we're losing low scoring games. We need a top Line RW and a second liner as well, but I am very strongly against weakening our D to accomplish that.
  13. I see he's not even in the lineup tonight....hurt, sick, or healthy scratch? I was SUCH a big supporter of Johhny playing in Calgary this year, but 5 games in from what I have seen...he's just not quite there yet. I think the season in Adirondack would help him get more experience playing against real pro's, and big guys....this ain't no College Hockey, I also think Johnny is the kind of guy that you need to play in a top 6, scoring role....his offensive skills is why he's here, it's not on display very much on the 3rd line.
  14. How is it a copout? I think it's more common sense than anything. You're a defenseman, who do you want to be playing for if you're looking for points? A team that boasts these forwards.... D.Sedin, H.Sedin, Burrows, Kesler, Raymond, Samuelsson.... Or Iginla, Tanguay, Stajan, Bourque, Hagman, Morrison I don't think anyone could argue that Vancouver boasts a much more potent offense, especially with Iginla really on the decline. As a defenseman you're going to have a much better opportunity to get points with super skilled guys in there to put the puck in the net off your shot/papple, or get the puck back to the point for you.
  15. Not really surprised. These teams are heading in two completely opposite directions. Vancouver is expected to contend for the West title and make a long playoff run (hopefully not TOO long), while Calgary is just hoping to squeak into the playoffs. Vancouvers players will have better stats across the board for sure, I don't really think this means Edler is a better player, he just plays for a much better team. One interesting note however is that Edler is still a -1 despite his 10 points as Giordano has a +1 and no points himself even strength.
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