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  1. I was saying the same thing, Frolik is a waste on that second line at this point, he can play 3rd line next year and kill penalties, Foo is looking like a solid second line RW in the making, now we just need a 1st line RW in the offseason. Love a second line of Tkachuk - Backlund - Foo But this might even be more interesting....has Janko just stated his case for 2nd line Centre? 2nd line of Tkachuk - Janko - Foo 3rd line of Bennett - Backlund - Frolik
  2. Any word on if Vegas will be sitting their stars for an extra day of rest and to not risk anyone getting hurt in a meaningless game 82?
  3. Blown 2-0 at this time of year, absolutely cannot happen regardless of what blame we want to place, hot goalie in Dallas, referee's tonight....bottom line top teams fight through all this stuff and make it happen. Time for people to come to terms with playoff hopes diminish greatly with 2 straight losses, we can probably only afford a few more losses in our final 17 games at this point, at the very least we are now at the mercy of the out of town scoreboard, but we put ourselves in this position. Oh well hopefully fresh coaching staff next year with the expectation that we were a playoff team to start the year.
  4. Before we toss Gulatzan, the coaching staff responsible for running our PP needs to absolutely been fired, and I can't believe they haven't been already. In every single game over this 5 game losing streak, had we not had one of the most inept PP's I have ever seen and actually converted on a PP chance when it mattered, we are probably looking at an 11 game win streak! Let's take the Vegas game for example, we are up 2-1 in the third and get a PP which could put the game away and provide a safety net and we can't convert, had we converted we are probably looking at a different game and most likely take two points. The players need to take some of the blame for not converting on some chances, but in the end the PP systems we are running are just so fricken predictable it's disgusting, player sits on the side boards, back to the point, over to other d man, back to player on half boards, back to point, rinse and repeat until we finally get a shot from the point which either gets blocked or goes wide, other team knows position to be in to scoop up puck and ice it due to our predictable PP. All our opposition needs to do is block shooting lanes and cover Mony and they have a sure kill. We know that Special Teams is just so crucial and we are losing the special teams battle in all of these losses, this is on Treliving to fix this problem because even if we squeak into playoffs, you won't win in the playoffs if you aren't winning the special teams battles.
  5. They were talking about this between intermissions tonight, and a few names I recall Friedman tossing out... Michael Hutchinson Calvin Pickard Antti Raanta Chad Johnson coming back... Both Doug Mclean and Elliott Friedman suggested the team has no confidence in Lack, and it's just not healthy to keep him around, waive him to stockton and see what it might take to snag one of the above mentioned guys.
  6. What a brutal game, I thought Calgary looked like the MUCH better team for the first few minutes of this game, but as soon as we let in that first goal it's almost like we knew it was going to be a long night. Brodie was just awful, when he has bad nights, they're REALLY bad! Backlund was uncharacteristically bad tonight, I can't remember what goal it was, but the trip in the offensive zone on Zetterberg was totally careless and it resulted in a real dagger goal to put the game right out of reach. I agree with taking Versteeg off the PP, he kills our PP so often it is beyond frustrating. Only person to really show up tonight was Johnny, had his two points and was creating. Waive Lack, there is no reason to believe at this point he is going to be able to be a serviceable backup, we need to address the situation as Smith is injured and even his play has been starting to slip as of late with his GAA and Save % stats tanking, Treliving needs to use this two day break to address this situation big time, if Lack is not in Stockton on Saturday I say start Gillies.
  7. Such a frustrating game. Second of back to back from the Nucks, and we blow two 2nd period leads, we don't capitalize on our PP in the 3rd, Nucks do, special teams will either win you a game or cost you a game, tonight it cost us. Also, should we be concerned that Mike Smith has now let in 9 goals in his last two starts? New Jersey was a mixed bag with probably 3 bad goals against, but also some big saves, but tonight was just almost all bad as he lets in 5 goals on 21 shots. We need to put a full team game together, we finally start scoring some goals and now Smith is looking average, whereas earlier he was carrying this team and we weren't scoring any goals. Still early but just hate to see a loss like this, we shouldn't have lost this hockey game, 2 points blown.
  8. Tkachuk and Bennett are more of a detriment to this team right now, neither is doing enough on the scoreboard right now to justify the amount of penalties these guys are taking, and it is time for Gulatzan to send a message, you can play on the edge without hurting your team. Could be time for a benching. 2-0.....thanks Tkachuk....
  9. Well pretty glad I was out and about tonight and didn't have to sit through this, also glad Center Ice preview ended and I didn't PVR it and get all excited to watch. Every team lays an egg, home or away,it happens, important thing is to come out tomorrow night and show how choked we are about this and beat the Nucks, a game we SHOULD win! As Fins&Fire15 said, better to go on a break 4-2 than 3-3.
  10. We had such a good first period that we thought it was in the bag, took the rest of the game off, we even had that 4 minute PP up 2-0 and looked like a pee-wee team, just brutal, on the bright side we have lots of time to tie this, just need to wake the heck up!
  11. By the sounds of the press conference, I got the impression that he wanted to take his time, said he hasn't been practicing with anyone, only skating on his own, he didn't even know if he would be playing this year, so I am wondering if he isn't in game shape and might not even be ready for Saturdays home opener? Although you have to think the Flames want him there, to be able to announce him and have him skate out the roof will almost blow off the dome!
  12. Well our streak of not winning season openers continues, you almost expect it now, this makes it 8....yes 8 straight season openers that we have lost! We sure love our terrible streaks, toss this right along with the Honda Center Curse. Positives tonight? - Smith played like the goalie we thought we were getting, if we get performances like that we will be in good shape. - Defense for the most part was good, the 2nd McDavid goal was just falling victim to the best player in the worlds speed, a LOT of teams this year will get burnt by him. Negatives - Johnny who? Sean who? Dougie who? Mark who? None of our big guns were visible tonight, at least Tkachuk you could sense was TRYING to create something, but other than that, none of our star players showed up to play, this really is the story for me, if our group of forwards show up, Mike Smith gave us a chance to win. - I get really worried about how soft Johnny can be, he gets pressured at all and he just throws the puck away, wondering if it would be smart to change the lines up to where Johnny gets 2nd line and possible less attention?
  13. Smith looking like what we were hoping, 4th line seriously looking like our weak spot, could really have used...hmmmm I dunno....Janko instead of Hathaway or Stajan.
  14. Hathaway....idiot! Seriously got away with one there!