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  1. Since beating a very very poor Vancouver team a few years back, with our current core (Johnny, Mony, Backs, Brodie, Gio) this team is 2-12 in the playoffs.....I don't know if we will EVER win the cup with Johnny and Mony at the helm, they are just so so soft, you would almost literally not have known our #1 Center was playing.....that is a disgrace and can't happen...Mony is NOT a 1st line player in this league, if he does stay I think it's justifiable that the A on his jersey gets removed....captains don't get to just no show for 5 games when it matters most. If I am BT I think you at least have to pick up the phone and call New Jersey to see if their #1 would be in play if Johnny was the return, we also need to test the market for Monahan. I disagree on the idea that our D is in trouble, yes this series was terrible. but the future is bright, with Valimaki and Andersson (who should get full time first pairing minutes next year) plus Kylington, we are in a good spot, the team just needs to approach Brodie about waiving his NTC, see where he would go and hope we can get a second for him. BT better come with a strong response because next season, his job is on the line if we eff this up again.
  2. We all know that this could be the last Flames game we watch until October, I really hope not, but it's possible, that being said I am going to try my best to not be nervous, fire on the jersey, get the bud red light fired up, and just try to enjoy the game...,,I know that could be a little tough if the game stays close lol. For some reason, and I hope it turns out, but I have a gut feeling that we could break out tonight and start filling the net, it's absolute best case scenerio.....create a little bit of doubt in the Avs/Grubauer and give us some much needed confidence. I really want to watch another Flames Game on Sunday......GO FLAMES GO!!!
  3. All valid points for sure, and I don't actually believe that the Avs are the better team ON PAPER, but in terms of coming with with an effective gameplan to counter our strengths, Bednar and his staff have done an incredible job, nobody has taken it to us all year like the Avs have over 4 games. That being said we don't focus on 3 wins.....you look 1 game at a time.....win at home Friday and all of a sudden you find yourself in a position to force a Game 7 at home, last night was a better performance but 50+ shots still not good enough, a LOT of guys are going to have to look in the mirror over the next day and a half and decide if they want this or not.
  4. Do you actually believe that? Would love to know what you are seeing that would make you think this team has it in them? Another 50+ shots against tonight. If not for Smitty this is a BLOWOUT sweep.....like every loss could have been by numerous goals, we have gotten absolutely decimated this series by their top line.
  5. Who is ready for the parade of cliche comments with little to no emotion from our players? "we need to better" "we know we need to be better" "we will be better" Blah blah blah, actions speak louder than words and all these guys have is words right now.
  6. Gonna say it right now....this team will never go anywhere in the playoffs with Gaudreau and Monahan as our first line, absolute garbage. ineffective, soft play, phenomenal in regular season when intensity is minimal. We all know Johnny eventually wants to end up in Jersey where he is from or Philly.....do it while the return would be sky high.
  7. We are getting exposed for having an awesome regular season team and a team that is absolutely not built for the playoffs, We can blame reffing all day long, but reality is the Avs have exposed the Satoshi Nakamoto out of us and if not for Mike Smith, this would have actually been a sweep with every game not even being close. This offseason should be VERY interesting. As for our slim to none hopes of winning 3 straight games? Take out Brodie, Neal, Frolik, bring in Kylington, Czarnik and Dube, start Rittich, might as well get a fresh look.
  8. They showed a clip of the ref literally STARING at Valimaki getting highsticked and didn't call it, right after calling two on us, someone needs to explain this!
  9. 65% is being pretty generous to Mony....he is not backchecking, he is not producing, essentially he is just taking up a roster spot and floating around the ice....that might sound harsh but it's kinda the way it is, he's a liability, as you said I think we could be move Benny to top line C he has been the best Flame in this series.
  10. I was thinking about Monahan, I know a lot of people think he is playing injured....but I am not so sure. If Mony IS injured resulting his non effective play, then why would Peters even play him? Why have him out there when he is not only providing no offense but also becoming a defensive liability when we could put in a healthy body who could actually do something. I know guys play through injuries but if it actually is injuries in Monahans case then it's time to give him some rest, he is not helping this team in the slightest right now. What are peoples thoughts?
  11. I think we need to try some roster tweaks, Mike Smith has been giving it his all and he hasn't lost the crease due to performance, but in the spirit of shaking things up I think we need to give Rittich the start in Game 4.....he has proven success against the Avs this season....maybe that would provide us with a boost knowing how well Ritter did against them this year. I also think we need to take a guy or two out of the lineup.....Neal does not bring the speed we need right now....and he is icing the puck like crazy, I say sit him for Game 4 and bring in Czarnik. Other possible moves could be bringing Kylington in for Fantenberg. I would love to be a fly on the wall around the Flames right now....what is being done to correct this? What is Peters saying to the big guns/team to light a fire under them? One thing is for sure, tomorrow is essentially Game 7 for this team, I don't see the Avs losing 3 straight games the way they are playing so we lose tomorrow it could just be a matter of time before we are dusting off the golf clubs.
  12. Ladies and Gentleman, this does not look good for our Flames....Mike Smith arguably stole Game 1, and we have been absolutely manhandled for 6 straight periods.... Furthermore, here is my analysis of our amazing 5 players who finished with 70+ points... Gaudreau - Absolutely awful....I have always been worried he won't be able to get it done in the playoffs and it is playing out, outside of doing nothing offensively he is actually a liability, our star play actually hurting our team. Monahan - Next to invisible, had a good whack at the puck for the go ahead goal in Game 2 but outside of that you would hardly know he is out there. Tkachuk - Big goal in Game 1 and then......not making an impact, he is starting to get into it physically but for a guy who is going to be looking for 8+ million in a few short months he is doing NOTHING! Lindholm - Contributing a bit physically but we need OFFENSE right now and he is not contributing.. Giordando - our Norris Trophy front runner has not been noticeable at all, what we need right now is our Captain saying screw this boys.....watch me lets go! And honestly, he has been mediocre. Honorable mention to Backlund who has been SO SO SO bad. Thankfully Sam Bennett seems to give a flying eff....he has been amazing (give him an A any day over Backs or Mony) I also think Raz and Smith have shown up to play, the list gets VERY short after that. We better figure this out and quick because guess what? We lose Wednesday our season is on life support, I don't see us beating the Avs 3 straight with how good they are playing.
  13. I honestly feel like some of our lackluster play could be due to nerves.....Saddledome is rocking, got the entire city's hopes pinned on us and we are probably gripping our sticks a little bit, I am kinda of glad we play the next two on the road....get outta the pressure cooker environment and just focus on our game, Pepsi Center will be fired up the the Avs are going to be the ones with that pressure. That being said Peters needs to make some adjustments....Avs have certainly come up with an effective gameplan against us so far, Brodie needs to sit....I am not sure if Peters would do it but the guy is an absolute liability out there it's actually really scary.....that giveaway to Landeskog for a breakaway and his blown play on the PP leading to the shorty....YIKES! Nobody expects to win the Cup going 16-0 so losses will happen, we just need to regroup, adjust and go get em tomorrow night!
  14. Many players have played their entire careers battling with re-occurring injuries, most of these guys have an intense love for the game and Monahan is certainly one of them, he isn't going to retire at 26 because of a wrist injury this isn't even an issue.
  15. I think a week or so ago I was perfectly happy playing Colorado first round....I think my tune has changed drastically. Based on last 10 games record, Colorado is the hottest team in hockey right now, unbeaten in regulation in their last 10 games at 8-0-2, even St Louis who has been incredible is 7-2-1. Colorado gets pegged as a "one line team" but they are obviously playing a solid team game right now to be on the streak they are on, Colorado could be peaking at the perfect time heading into playoffs and could make for an absolute handful of a first round opponent. I don't know that I want Colorado 1st round at all right now but if Dallas wins one of their remaining two...which is likely....then we are getting the hottest team in hockey in Round 1
  16. If Colorado loses to St Louis tonight in regulation things could get VERY interesting as it would be down to a 1 point lead over Arizona with 3 games left! If Colorado wins tonight I think that is going to be all she wrote. It's so weird not stressing about just trying to make the playoffs, but actually being in a position where we will get the lowest seed....I kinda like it
  17. It is looking extremely likely that we play Colorado in Round 1, it would take a pretty epic collapse from Colorado to lose their spot. That being said, what to people like/not like about a first round matchup with Colorado? Obviously they have one of the most dangerous lines in the game, outside of that are they a one line team? Do they have the supporting cast to get it done? I have Flames in 5, maybe 6.
  18. I am hoping Arizona squeaks into second wildcard spot.....they have cooled off a bit and don't have Mackinnon, Raantanen, and Landeskog to deal with. That being said, more than likely we play Colorado 1st round......we are the deeper team, we need to play sound defensive hockey and shut down that top line as much as possible, it will be imperative to stay out of the box and not put their big guns on the PP. I feel like if we play to our potential and our top guys are firing on all cylinders, we should be able to finish the Avs in 5-6 games.
  19. Hey Flames fans... I was talking to a buddy about this recently and with our current roster more than likely looking pretty similar to the way it does now as it will when the Seattle expansion draft rolls around, who are people thinking we would protect? The crappy thing about being so deep is we are going to lose a really good player to Seattle for nothing... Obviously we protect Mony, Johnny, Chucky, Lindy, Gio, Hanafin, Valimaki... We could end up losing one of the following guys for nothing.....Bennett, Janko, Dube, Andersson, Kylington...hey.....maybe Seattle would pick Neal lol How do people think the expansion shakes down for us if it were to happen this offseason?
  20. Here is a question... In the expansion draft would the Flames consider not protecting Backlund, expecting that Seattle would take Backs and have Janko slide into that #2 Center slot?
  21. My expectation for this season are that we have got to be a playoff team, there are no excuses now, Tre has done HIS job this offseason to put together a solid product. Beyond the playoffs it's so hard to predict cause you don't know who you might play, but I think the pieces are there to win a round or two....and beyond that...you never know! We haven't had the forward depth we have now in possibly decades, the late 2000's we had some decent depth but our bottom 6 would still be plagued with older veterans, we don't really have any dead weight anymore with Brouwer gone, closest to dead weight we have now might be Lazar type player but we have guys ready to take his spot. The fact that our top 6 has Johnny, Mony, Neal, Tkachuk, Backlund, Lindholm, and our bottom 6 having Jankowski, Bennett, Frolik, Czarnik, Ryan, Hathaway/Lazar is very promising. Defense is still very solid even with Hamilton leaving, and most importantly could be the locker room issues that were rumored leaving with him. The only question mark that remains is goaltending, I don't know if Tre can work out a deal for a backup, even if it had to include Stone, but it would be extremely sad to see such a promising season go to waste because Smith goes down and we didn't shore up our backup position and Rittich and Parsons just can't get the job done again. What has me excited is hearing Neal talk....the man is dead set on winning a cup and came to Calgary cause he thinks we have the pieces, it can't be stated enough how important this mindset could be and could rub off on his teammates. We have some guys who will thrive in a playoff setting...Tkachuk is bred for the playoffs, Neal has been to the big show numerous times and will know how to lead the younger guys through the intensity of the playoffs, guys like Bennett are also gritty and thrive in a playoff environment, I still get nervous with Johnny, he seems to disappear when things start to get super intense and physical so the coaching staff is going to have to work with him to learn how to play with his size in that environment and get the job done.....guys like Marty St Louis have done it. Overall there is LOTS to be excited for this season and I can't wait for the puck to drop!
  22. Before we toss Gulatzan, the coaching staff responsible for running our PP needs to absolutely been fired, and I can't believe they haven't been already. In every single game over this 5 game losing streak, had we not had one of the most inept PP's I have ever seen and actually converted on a PP chance when it mattered, we are probably looking at an 11 game win streak! Let's take the Vegas game for example, we are up 2-1 in the third and get a PP which could put the game away and provide a safety net and we can't convert, had we converted we are probably looking at a different game and most likely take two points. The players need to take some of the blame for not converting on some chances, but in the end the PP systems we are running are just so fricken predictable it's disgusting, player sits on the side boards, back to the point, over to other d man, back to player on half boards, back to point, rinse and repeat until we finally get a shot from the point which either gets blocked or goes wide, other team knows position to be in to scoop up puck and ice it due to our predictable PP. All our opposition needs to do is block shooting lanes and cover Mony and they have a sure kill. We know that Special Teams is just so crucial and we are losing the special teams battle in all of these losses, this is on Treliving to fix this problem because even if we squeak into playoffs, you won't win in the playoffs if you aren't winning the special teams battles.
  23. Kipper14


    They were talking about this between intermissions tonight, and a few names I recall Friedman tossing out... Michael Hutchinson Calvin Pickard Antti Raanta Chad Johnson coming back... Both Doug Mclean and Elliott Friedman suggested the team has no confidence in Lack, and it's just not healthy to keep him around, waive him to stockton and see what it might take to snag one of the above mentioned guys.
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