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  1. The flames need to move giordano , Monahan and gadreau for as many draft picks as possible. Hopefully get 3 1sts at the deadline to over bidders , keep the rest of the goup . Bring up pelletier and zary next year and hopefully hit on those draft picks from above trades and maybe we can re boot this thing quite fast.
  2. The flames are a bunch of cry baby sore losers right now , they suck they know it and just cant handle the fact .That was down right pathetic and embarrassing, andersson and chucky should be ashamed , id sit both of them for a game or 2 , not like it would matter anyways . Ive never wanted to see a team blown up more than i want this group dismantled, bunch of friggin bums
  3. I disagree, this team does have what it takes i think or close to .Ive been really harsh on them lately. This teams main problem is between the ears , this is where darryl comes in . Your gonna see monny turn into a true #1 you just watch . We have the depth down the middle , above average defense , and a great goalie and , this is freaking go time , peope are gonna be suprised . Just a year or so to late , but maybe now was the time
  4. Love it , love the passion i heard from him in the interview, he wants to win it all for this franchise and ownership and city of Calgary, lots of work to do but lets go !
  5. Oh man this is great , sutter brings a whole new animal to this team , that swagger and confidence and championship pedigree , one things for sure this team will play with alot more tempo night in and night out and players will know their roles and whats expected of them , im now invigorated for the rest of the season . I may be bias because i absolutely love this guy as a coach , best coach of the last 20 years in nhl hands down , this guy is a master motivator , short shelf life yes but hey i only need 1 more cup to die happy lol !
  6. Like this move or not the flames are drastically better off behind the bench now , id argue the flames now have the best coach in the division , this move also signaled the last dance for this core , thrilled about all of this
  7. Bennett could really thrive and blossom under sutter , cant wait to watch this movie !!! Happy friday !
  8. Woooo !! Great news to wake up to , frig ya ! Been calling for dutter for a while now !!! Yes !!! Lets go
  9. Ward still has a job today wow , fully expected a move , this franchise is asleep at the wheel , time for a new general manager
  10. Fair enough agree to diagree , and ive been a big tre fan over his tenure here , but i definitely think its time for a change myself , new vision is needed going forward , to many holes on this team not near enough size or toughness , and all the coaches hes hired have turned out to be big mistakes . Lets get a new set of eyes in here , honestly it cant get much worse in my opinion . If you told me we would win one playoff round under him over what the last 6 years id pasd on tre everytime , the jig is up . Wardo was the last straw , and i dont wanna here theories that management made him hire ward or hand cuffed him , that's pure speculation.
  11. Fair enough , who do you have in mind ?
  12. Good , tre needs to go hes had enough time , this franchise is mediocre at best under him , time to move on . Hopefully hunter is still available for gm by then
  13. Hes been the biggest disappointment for me personally on the team this year , he talked about taking a big step this year , and the only step he has taken is backwards , i had high hopes for him this year , so ive been frustrated
  14. Ya im cool with that , if he grabs the boys by the scruff here and proves hes worthy then im all for that change
  15. Chucky has been invisible most the season , definitely not ready to be captain imo , not backing gio either . If chucky can turn this ship around and prove it over the rest of the season then sure make him captain this off season , but i need to see way more from him
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