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  1. "I do plan to finish someday Kiff!" -Zapp Brannigan


    Basically my feelings on the 2020 draft thread in a nutshell. 

  2. Gaudreau being 193rd on the Central North American list puts him around 250 on the combined list. So while he is on the list, CSS deemed him not good enough to even be a surefire 7th rounder. That's pretty off the board, and if I remember correctly the reviews were mixed on this very forum, with the general feel being that "let's wait and see". Gio was playing in the 00s equivalent of the OJHL, which is a high level Jr. A league and gets guys drafted directly from said league (Edit: went back and checked. Future NHLers playing in Gio's original draft year include names like Rob Schremp, Ryan Callahan, Wojtek Wolski, Tom Kostopoulos, and Dan LaCosta, among others. Gio would have had every opportunity to catch eyes). From what I hear it was a better league back then (but my friends out there are the kind of old guys who think today's kids are soft 😅). That's not obscure, that's well within the wheelhouse. Again, my argument isn't that the Flames are perfect, but the reality is every team is looking for the same thing and Canadian fans in particular have this tendency to lock into names and faces they like. At this point I honestly feel that bigger guys with potential are undervalued because they don't show the puck skills that most people see on YouTube. There's more to this game than flash and dash, and that's coming from a guy whose ideal team build and system is speed and skill. So for me, I don't understand writing off kids who are playing in some of the best youth leagues, doing very well, but because they don't fit this perfect box of expectations we're going to trash them and say they have no potential before ever seeing a shift in the pros. We literally just watched Jamie Oleksiak play a top 4 role on a finals team and we're just going to write off any big player because they don't dangle the puck through the neutral zone? Why limit ourselves in our drafting when we can just focus on "is this kid talented enough and mentally capable of becoming an NHL player?" If the answer is yes, I don't care if he's 5'7" or 6'9", you gotta shoot your shot. It's not like anyone remaining is any sort of guaranteed superstar. Same edit: I was just thinking about this when looking at my 2011 notes, but we talk up Gaudreau as a great example of reaching for skill paying off big (which is true). But I had a number of other guys, all small pure skill guys with "high upside", ranked on my own lists. Names like Rocco Grimaldi, Tomas Jurco, and Kyle Rau among others. I remember being very confident that at least one of those guys who dropped to the 2nd, 7th, whatever rounds would turn out to be a steal. I remember Baertschi being very skilled in juniors and feeling pretty excited he was a Flame. Yet here we are and Jamie goddang Oleksiak is the one with the best NHL career of that entire group. The reality is there no surefire recipe for NHL success. Every Gaudreau includes 9 Rocco Grimaldis, every Oleksiak brings 9 Mark McNeills. If you think he's Gaudreau take him, if you think he's Parayko or Brodin or Adam Fox, take him.
  3. I want to add in that I'm not singling anyone out (except the dorks at CP and HfBoards, yeah I'm calling you hiveminds out 😂), but let's not get into a logical fallacy and pretend that only the players we like are going to be worth anything. Surprises come in all shapes and sizes. Lucic was a guy all the fans hated at the draft because he had 19 points and 100+ PIMs (just a goon, wasted 2nd rounder), then he turned into a great player and fan favorite for a few years and won a Cup as a 30 goal scorer. And I'll fully admit I never would have drafted him either because those types of players are generally not my cup of tea. Heck, I wouldn't have picked Poirier today but I'm not about to say the pick is wasted, it just means the team has a bit more work to do over the next couple years to make sure that pick won't go to waste. I'm just some dude who watches a lot of hockey, not a miracle worker (as much as I joke about it). We can't see into a guy's mind and predict how he'll turn out. When we look at these kids today, we gotta remember this is not the end goal, the draft is just a checkmark to bigger things.
  4. Nah, he's small which immediately means it was a great pick because being small means he's good! In all seriousness it is a nice pick late in the draft. It's tough to project what he'll be at the next level but if things go well he can be a top 9 forward, but I don't know if he'd be a game breaking forward which worries me at his size. He is a very good playmaker though and should at worst be a good AHL PP guy.
  5. That's why "consensus" means nothing. It didn't even put a consistent number on Gaudreau, just like basically any prospect after the 2nd round. Plenty of teams want to draft guys at certain spots but we can't all save our favorite players for the 7th round. I'm not a genius or anything but like I've said before, the only thing I care about is hockey sense. Y'all know my preference for skill and speed, but I'm willing to accept that not every guy who makes it has to be the same. If they're smart and work their *ss off I would take that over a small soft and lazy player any day. I'm just confused because too many guys see a big guy as immediately written off, and then getting mad the Flames aren't swinging for the fences when that's exactly what they did when they picked the 2 Americans. Kuznetsov if he pans out is an incredible pick, if he doesn't the team just made itself look like idiots, but they did it because they swung hard at a guy without regard for outside opinion. Kanzig was bad, Sieloff was bad, and I'm pretty sure I said as much the moment we took them. Kuznetsov I'll take a wait and see, because he's shown more in his time with Connecticut than I ever saw with Kanzig. Meanwhile, we're talking about some guys getting drafted who are small, skilled, dumb and will never contribute to an NHL team as if they have any more potential just because they look good in a 2 minute video where they stickhandle themselves into corners.
  6. Gaudreau was rated to be undrafted in 2011, we picked him 104th. Micheal Ferland was just a goon. Gio wasn't even stated and settled for a 3-way contract, which stopped existing in 2005. Everyone likes going for the home run until the home run doesn't fit their preconceived notions. Let's remember that not all off-the-board success stories have to be small, skilled players.
  7. I dunno but he's not on my board. Gotta remember that even with NHL rankings some teams could have a consensus 1st rounder off their list entirely (like Lapierre). Poirier had the flash but outside of the power play he had no substance when i watched him play. So I'm not enthused because I think his ceiling because of his lack of smarts is an AHL guy. No NHL coach would give him the time of day without major changes to his game.
  8. He's dumb as bricks. Can't play defense to save his life
  9. You don't have to be fast to play a fast game. 3 of the last 4 Stanley Cup finalists are teams I would say are just average speedster. I don't see Zary being that slow either, and Kuznetsov while slow is not easy to beat because he's a pretty good backwards skater and has the wingspan to cover a lot of ground. Do they need work, absolutely, but most guys do and at 17 your skating improvement will come down to will and organization competence. Clearly the Flames feel they can hedge their bets because their development guys can improve skating, so taking guys with work ethic (so they put in the work) and hockey IQ (that can't be taught) is not a bad play to make when you don't have any guaranteed superstar picks.
  10. I always laugh too because we all want big players with puck skills and perfect skating. Those guys go first overall. So every year we bust the scouts' balls because they went too small (prioritizing skill and speed) or are just drafting for size and toughness (prioritizing compete, defense or development upside). There's just never any winning for the scouting department, I'll just stick to hobby scouting where I can't get yelled at for liking a guy! 😂
  11. Because Kuznetsov has already played a year of college hockey, his eligibility runs out a year before the Flames' 4 year window in his signing rights does. So he'll either have to miss a season in the pros, ask for a trade or sign with the Flames either way. Fox was threatening to just leave, playing out his 4 years. So the Flames didn't have much leverage there.
  12. Speed is overrated, mobility is more important than straight line speed, especially for a defenseman. Kuznetsov isn't your stereotypical coke machine. He might still bust, not saying he won't, because every prospect has a chance to bust. But I honestly think he has more hockey sense than some of the high scoring QMJHL D guys for example and that means more to me than anything else.
  13. Big, strong, hard hitting defenseman. One of the better defensive players in the draft. Skating speed is slow but mobility is pretty good, has surprisingly good poise with the puck. If he misses you wasted the pick, if he hits you might have lucked into a Colton Parayko type player. I'm not usually a proponent of defense first guys if I don't think they have the skill or development curve, Kuz has enough of both where I can actually see him grow into an NHL role in 3 years. It can't be overstated how hard it is to be a rookie defenseman in the NCAA, doubly so for U18 players.
  14. Really really like this pick, Kuznetsov can play. Not many 17 year old defensemen can play a regular shift in the NCAA. Not going to be a big scoring defenseman but he's got a ton of raw potential and is a bit of a late bloomer with a sharp development curve.
  15. I didn't even have him ranked among my top overagers, I don't remember watching him enough to feel comfortable even ranking him. Might be the wildest off the board pick in over 20 years....
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