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  1. I wouldn't really classify Pelletier as the stereotypical "safe" pick. That would be a Suzuki or Foote type player. Pelletier is more of a boom-bust guy a la Lavoie, Suzuki or Kaliyev. The difference is he has more work ethic than those 3 which makes him "safer" if such a thing exists. I would say that if he pans out you're looking at a Gallagher or Anthony Beauvillier type 2nd line player, maybe a DeBrincat level complementary 1st liner if you're incredibly lucky, so he's an interesting mix of upside versus safety, because I think a lot of guys would say Lavoie is "safer" due to his NHL size and the fact he could conceivably turn into a 4th line depth guy. The thing I like about the recent Flames drafting is they're swinging for the fences while still looking for players that fit their goals character-wise. There's by definition only one or two Gaudreaus every draft. If it were that easy to select a guy like that he'd be long gone before the pick, the reality is most guys like that bust just as well and if they were such sure things they're likely drafted in the top 5. Pelletier might just be another, smaller Bennett (which honestly is what he'd be looking at if his offense doesn't translate), but for where he stacks against his contemporaries one year later there's at best maybe one or two guys from the 28-45 range I would say had anywhere near as complete a season as Pelletier, which is a good sign. I'd very much say they went all or nothing because everything about the pick at the time screamed BPA rather than fit. If it wasn't about skill and character and potential, then why not just go with a big, skilled right-shot RW? From my standpoint, there's literally no worries about Pelletier as of yet. Every milestone he's needed to hit, he's hit. Matched up against his peers, he stands out as a guy who has maintained his status post draft unlike other picks in his range. Attitude-wise, he brings way more to the table than almost anyone else around his draft spot. I would have been really mad with Lavoie, or Foote, or Kaliyev, for various different reasons, but Pelletier (who while not my favorite choice at the time) is a good pick. Being bigger or having one elite skill means absolutely nothing in the long run, it doesn't even make you more NHL ready. Just look at the development curve for Nolan's older brother with Tampa Bay, he's not going to be close to a lineup spot until possibly 2021-22. Either way, where the Flames have really lost guys is at the NHL level, so we'll get a real litmus test for Pelletier in a year and a half. At that time I'm just hopeful they work to develop him instead of looking at him as "this is what he is, good enough for me" which they've been prone to do in the past.
  2. Sorry I'm never around, I wasn't originally going to do one this year for a multitude of reasons: 1. Been busy with my job(s) 2. My grasp of the draft eligibles these last few years has been less than it used to be due to the 17-18 age group in particular being outside of my focused areas Now that the draft has technically been pushed back I can absolutely try and put something together, if y'all had any interest! I do think this year will be a very volatile draft in terms of hits and misses, and next year even more so.
  3. At this point, I would brace myself for Tkachuk making over $8.5 million on any deal over 5 years in length. The market is leaning towards young cost-controlled players as no longer being the discounts they used to be. If he gets an 8 year deal Chucky could make $10 million a year. If he's only signing for 5 years, I could see the cap hit falling in the $7.5 to $8 million range, but that's a tough call to make. This might go until September so y'all can laugh at me in 3 months when he signs for $7.5 million x 6 years (which would be as team friendly as things could get in today's NHL).
  4. Hello 2018! Hope everyone's doing well!

  5. Mock Draft made it in time for the 1st pick! Congrats to Nico Hischier, what a rise for the prospect over the 12 months.

  6. Part 3 of my Final Rankings are up! I wasn't able to finish everything in time, so if you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to answer or respond accordingly!

  7. Part 2 of my Final Rankings has been posted! That's my top 31, with more coming (probably).


    If you have any questions, ask away!

  8. Part 1 of my Final Rankings have been posted! Feel free to fire away....

  9. Left for a few weeks, came back to a WHOLE NEW WORLD


    (yes, you may imagine the scene from Aladdin)

    1. Kulstad


      It's just a Sominex-induced dream.  It will last for approximately 8 years.  Relax and enjoy the ride :-)

    2. Flyerfan52


      It looks a lot different. You missed some not fun stuff.

  10. 2017 Draft Watch List is up!

  11. @Kulstad, I can't login via the Flames forum login button even after changing my password through nhl.com. Right now I can only log in via nhl.com, should I be concerned or will there be some sort of fix for bugs like this as the summer rolls on?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Crzydrvr


      @FF52 Man I still remember the "old" old boards, back before the switch to the current IPBoard software (I wanna say back in 08, but I'm not sure anymore). The good old days lol

    3. Flyerfan52


      No kidding Crzy. Man we lost some good people after every change. It was funny but right after I joined the Flames board I won a t-shirt & some of the oldtimers were POed that a newbie with my name was 1 of the 1st winners. Then I started predicting the next winners (some right) & it was like "pick me" (lol).

    4. DirtyDeeds


      oh yeah.. we all forget the spammers that made our lives miserable ?

  12. Spent 2 days trying to log into this account before learning I had to reset my PW through nhl.com. Would have been handier to say that instead of "The security code you supplied did not match the one displayed, a new code has been generated, please try again", though.

    1. devilsadvocater


      Thanks! Saved me two days of hardship and hair pulling! I noticed your post entirely by chance though. I couldn't agree more. What kind of diabolical mind thinks up such totally useless error messages? Remind me not to up-vote whomever was responsible for that lunacy?

    2. Kulstad


      that would be NHL.com and MLBAM. I've had the exact same isssue, and just got it resolved yesterday.

  13. Whelp, just had my contract terminated yesterday, so I'll have a bit of extra time on my hands for a few days. Guess it's time to organize my draft lists.

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    2. Crzydrvr


      Haha thanks guys, I needed a pick-me-up. Feels weird having time during the day but I will do my best to have my draft stuff updated as soon as possible.

    3. Flyerfan52


      Sorry to hear it but you were missed here.

    4. jjgallow


      Definitely missed, Better times ahead Crzydrvr!

  14. Honestly hasn't been that bad this year. Whether that continues next season aside, he wasn't as big of a tire fire as prior and brings something other defensemen didn't. Still not great and a replacement option as soon as someone better comes along IMO, but he isn't the worst option to play 6th defender minutes and right now playoffs are hoped for, not expected. I like Hartley, but if he wasn't the long-term solution behind the bench, then BT had a responsibility to his team to find the guy that was. Hartley did an overall excellent job of instilling a culture of hard work and getting young players to improve. They are past that stage in the life cycle of a franchise. I disagree that the next coach is under pressure to immediately make the postseason. I think his immediate goal is to get the team to buy into a style of game besides dump and chase, long passes and shot blocking. Not that a different system has to ignore those parts entirely, but there needed to be a shift in how we enter the offensive zone, how we stay in the zone, how we create space on the ice for plays, and how we structured our style of play defensively. If this means one year where the team lies outside the postseason (which I believe will happen, just not to the extent we saw this year), then so be it. Rather than spending that year of adjustment after Hartley's contract expired (and timing it with the Flames' short window of opportunity) the team now gets to spend this entire year working to get comfortable with Mr. New Guy and improve their own skillset so that the year after, when a bunch of contracts are off the books and the young guys have hit crescendo, they're a legitimate threat in the postseason. Opportunity cost is a real thing, and this is very good forethought by Treliving IMO even if it doesn't pay off with a championship or even a run of success.
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