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  1. @Kulstad, I can't login via the Flames forum login button even after changing my password through nhl.com. Right now I can only log in via nhl.com, should I be concerned or will there be some sort of fix for bugs like this as the summer rolls on?

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    2. Crzydrvr


      @FF52 Man I still remember the "old" old boards, back before the switch to the current IPBoard software (I wanna say back in 08, but I'm not sure anymore). The good old days lol

    3. Flyerfan52


      No kidding Crzy. Man we lost some good people after every change. It was funny but right after I joined the Flames board I won a t-shirt & some of the oldtimers were POed that a newbie with my name was 1 of the 1st winners. Then I started predicting the next winners (some right) & it was like "pick me" (lol).

    4. DirtyDeeds


      oh yeah.. we all forget the spammers that made our lives miserable ?

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