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  1. @Kulstad, I can't login via the Flames forum login button even after changing my password through nhl.com. Right now I can only log in via nhl.com, should I be concerned or will there be some sort of fix for bugs like this as the summer rolls on?

    1. Kulstad


      If you can login via NHL.com, and can post here under your normal account, I would say that there is no immediate cause for concern. Thanks for the heads-up...more details for me to work with :-)

    2. Flyerfan52


      It seems NHL is trying to kill these boards. Every change over people left & the stuff mentioned in announcements & alerts might be the final straw.

    3. The_Snowbear


      You guys are all lucky you got help when it happened to me i had no clue what to do and had no idea how to get ahold of the admin staff lol

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