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  1. Funny thing about stats, I can also manipulate them in the Flames favour.

    SO Goals

    1. Alex Tanguay - 7

    2. Jarret Stoll - 6

    3. Thomas Vanek - 5

    4. Mats Zuccarello - 5

    5. Rene Bourque - 5


    1. Dan Boyle - 26:48

    2. Duncan Keith - 26:45

    3. Jay Bouwmeester - 26:10


    1. Brent Burns - 32.2

    2. Jay Bouwmeester - 31.4

    3. Tom Gilbert - 31.3

    4. Ryan Whitney - 31.1

    5. Mark Giordano - 30.7

    Blocked Shots

    1. Dan Girardi - 169

    2. Greg Zanon - 150

    3. Mark Giordano - 144

    Games Played by Defensemen

    1. Anton Babchuk - 60

    2. Jay Bouwmeester - 60

    3. Dan Boyle - 60

    4. Dustin Byfuglien - 60

    5. Joe Corvo - 60

    6. Mark Giordano - 60

    Points Amongst RWers

    1. Martin St. Louis - 69

    2. Corey Perry - 66

    3. Jarome Iginla - 56

    TOI Amongst Goalies

    1. Carey Price - 3 093:52

    2. Cam Ward - 3 047:45

    3. Miikka Kiprusoff - 3 014:24

    Shootout Wins

    1. Jonathan Quick - 7

    2. Miikka Kiprusoff - 6

    Stats don't tell the whole story ;)

    If there was a stat for character and resiliency, the Flames would be near the top of the league.

  2. So far, Luongo has been impressive to start the season. I don't think anyone can question his ability in the regular season, should put up solid numbers this season considering the blueline in front of him.

    However, as always, the one big question is whether he can take that level of play straight into the playoffs. 2007 is notably a year where he played well in the postseason, however, like Flame111 said, his issue is consistency. Almost like a Jekyll and Hyde type of scenario.

  3. I still believe it's gonna be Bouwmeester lol. He's an all-star. One average season doesn't mean he's an average player. If he finds his game he's top 5 in NHL all-around defenceman. You will see this year will be different, he will look like he did a year ago.
    If Bouwmeester bounces back next season, he's one of the top defensemen in the league. That's why he was so highly touted back in 09 just prior to free agency, teams needed his poise on the blueline.

    He had a bad season last year, but if I can recall what Jay Feaster said about him, he said something like this:

    "90% of players struggle after signing a big contract"

    You know why I think Bouwmeester will bounce back? He's no longer competing for ice time with Phaneuf, he'll get more PP minutes and the entire Flames organization has a new mentality going into this season. Everyone was disappointed with last year, and that should only add fuel to the fire as there will be players trying to redeem themselves for a mediocre season. They will be determined to make amends for last year, and I don't see why Bouwmeester can't do the same. 

    If we see the Bouwmeester from his Florida days, which is certainly possible, the sky's the limit. Bouwmeester CAN be a Norris defenseman.


  4. Luongo didn't look good, but he was also hung out to dry a lot today.


    Both Luongo and Brodeur have struggled at times lately, go Fleury?

    I'm sure it's nothing. I think they'll both be great in the Olympics. Looks like they will split duties the first two games and whoever outplays the other will likely get the rest of the games in the tournament. Go Canada! Let's drop our rivals between the Nucks and Flames for two weeks as we cheer Canada to gold!


  5. Canucks win streak pushes to 7, Flames losing streak snapped at 9. I wonder if the Canucks can surpass what Calgary posted but, you know, wins and not losses.

    Though, the Flames should really beat and NHL team before their streak can be considered really snapped.

    Aha it's funny that you mention that when the Canucks scraped by the Maple Leafs. If it wasn't for Burrows SHG, the Canucks would have lost. That was the turning point IMO in the game.


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