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  1. Face it, if you are a Canucks defensemen you should be very worried about catching the injury bug. Its like a pandemic in Vancouver...
  2. GDT Maker for tonight's game wanted. Positions available. Apply within.

  3. Ooh ooh quick MG. Trade Cody Hodgson for Chris Phillips, that Grabner trade was so awesome, it redefined the entire meaning of awesome.
  4. I believe.

    1. littlereddevil


      Both I guess? I believe the Flames can make it.

  5. Well, we beat you in shutouts, Don, so the Flames win something FINALLY!
  6. hey, at least we're seeing some entertainment down here in Calgary. No win but an impressive comeback. Goes to show you that the Flames are not ready to give up on the season yet. Resilient bunch, those Flames!

  7. Don, you really got too much time on your hands. Did you seriously count all 83 pages?
  8. Excellent blog cross. Great read and everything was well said. I hope this bodes well for the Flames. A fresh face pulling the reins is exactly what this team needs.
  9. Happy New Years! Hope 2011 is better than 2010 for all Flames Fans!

    1. littlereddevil


      err definitely posted in the wrong place. Do you need a map? jk

  10. Anyways..... Back to the real discussion. Flames > Canucks, especially in NHL 11.
  11. no more Dutter. Guess this means we won't be trading for the Leafs' junk anymore

  12. My Christmas Wish List: Darryl Sutter - gone, Ken King - gone, Brent Sutter - gone, turnaround season.

    1. Coolie


      Me too, me too.

    2. Bane


      You get coal for Christmas then. No management or coaching changes coming until the off season, if at all.

    3. Louis23


      It HAS to happen.

  13. On the third day of Christmas, my beloved Flames gave to me, a gigantic winning streak!

  14. gahhh! I don't know what to say. This team right now can't tell the difference between left and right.

  15. This team is literally Jekyll and Hyde. Really don't know how to explain it any better...

  16. for those dealing with the white wall of space underneath mod posts, try upgrading your internet browser. It might help :)

  17. no icing on the cake today unfortunately :( Had a great birthday thought!

    1. Flyerfan52


      Happy B/Day anyway.

    2. Anar_Sajoo


      May be a win tonight will ice that cake for you!

      Happy birthday and Many happy returns of the day!

  18. Consider this a birthday gift for me! New boards = sweet

  19. So far, Luongo has been impressive to start the season. I don't think anyone can question his ability in the regular season, should put up solid numbers this season considering the blueline in front of him. However, as always, the one big question is whether he can take that level of play straight into the playoffs. 2007 is notably a year where he played well in the postseason, however, like Flame111 said, his issue is consistency. Almost like a Jekyll and Hyde type of scenario.
  20. Alright, new debate. Who has the uglier uniform, the Canucks home jersey from the 80's, or the Flames Heritage Classic jersey? I dunno, it's a pretty tough one to call....
  21. Bringing up another topic... Heritage Classics featuring the Flames = 1 Heritage Classics featuring the Canucks = 0 Oh yeah.....
  22. If Bouwmeester bounces back next season, he's one of the top defensemen in the league. That's why he was so highly touted back in 09 just prior to free agency, teams needed his poise on the blueline. He had a bad season last year, but if I can recall what Jay Feaster said about him, he said something like this: "90% of players struggle after signing a big contract" You know why I think Bouwmeester will bounce back? He's no longer competing for ice time with Phaneuf, he'll get more PP minutes and the entire Flames organization has a new mentality going into this season. Everyone was disappointed with last year, and that should only add fuel to the fire as there will be players trying to redeem themselves for a mediocre season. They will be determined to make amends for last year, and I don't see why Bouwmeester can't do the same. If we see the Bouwmeester from his Florida days, which is certainly possible, the sky's the limit. Bouwmeester CAN be a Norris defenseman.
  23. Flames need to keep this up, continue to pile up the wins, start climbing in the standings. Nashville, you're next!
  24. Dominik Hasek says hi. Czech Republic wasn't even close to being favoured to medal in Nagano, and Hasek literally carried them to a gold medal.
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