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  1. I'm sure it's nothing. I think they'll both be great in the Olympics. Looks like they will split duties the first two games and whoever outplays the other will likely get the rest of the games in the tournament. Go Canada! Let's drop our rivals between the Nucks and Flames for two weeks as we cheer Canada to gold!
  2. [quote name='Kristian_Huselius wrote: The_Don']New sig bet? Sedin + Sedin vs. Kotalik alone? Based on PIM and Game Ejections? Kotalik FTW!!
  3. Aha it's funny that you mention that when the Canucks scraped by the Maple Leafs. If it wasn't for Burrows SHG, the Canucks would have lost. That was the turning point IMO in the game.
  4. I wish the Flames could play like the Canucks right now. This losing skid is making me really cranky....
  5. It's Canucks trolls like this that earn the reputation of being some of the worst fans in pro sports http://www.spike.com/blog...?page=2&numPerPage=1 EDIT: 1111th post, certainly a dandy number
  6. [quote name='pross wrote: Goatwhore90']You wanna know a funny stat? the canucks have never won a stanley cup in a 40 year excistance. /laughter. Will win one before you win another because the flames are awful and Sutter is a brutal GM. You're like a really bad mosquito. I guess I gotta get out the troll spray.....
  7. Prove it.Flames own a 3-1 season series lead this season.
  8. Where the Canucks be without the Sedins? Probably in the same position in the standings as us. But give them credit, they're playing well, the Sedins are a definite steal at 6M a piece. Too bad they didn't go to free agency in the summer, I would have loved to see them playing in a different conference.
  9. Refs 3, Oilers 2 Sorry but those last two goals on the PP for the Canucks were the result of two very soft calls by the refs. No way should Grebeshkov have gotten that penalty in OT. Should have been diving the other way.
  10. Errr well if this team starts putting the puck in the back of the net more often, I think Iginla could get back into the 90 point range. But that's just being optimistic.
  11. [quote name='The_Don wrote: Flame111 wrote: The_Don']Anyways, back to what this thread is really about. Canucks fans chosing which stats to present based on how bad they make the Flames look. Today's feature: Goals. Iginla - 21 H. Sedin - 20 Burrows - 20 Never thought you'd see that, did ya? Iginla has more than twice the career goals of Henrik and Burrows combined. Yet, here we are. Unfortunately I am not allowed to comment on this and defend good old Iggy and why this might be BUT hey DON how about a friendly bet. Iggy will finish the season with more goals than both Sedin and Burrows, should give you a 2-1 odds advantage over me with 2 players. If you win I admit that you are a brilliant hockey mind. If I win you admit that I am just a brilliant mind. Sound fair... No. Not because I do or don't think it will happen, but because I neither gain nor lose anything in this bet. Do you think that my ego is so fragile that you saying such a thing would make my day? And on the flip side, so you think me saying such a thing would me make feel like I had lost? No. I do think, however that Iginla will finish with more goals. Henrik, since Daniel has returned, has been on a more Henrik-like goal scoring pace. He will probably finish with 30, top out at 35. Burrows, though he is playing great right now, will not keep up this pace. He is not at the same level as Iginla, and will likely top out at the same as his linemate. I expect him to hit 30, could top out at 35. Iginla, if he doesn't score 35, that would be a greatly unsuccessful season for him. I think he will finish between 35-40. But I will take a bet of Sedin + Sedin will finish with more points than Iginla + your choice. Just like the good ol' Sedins vs. Iggy/Tanguay thread from back in the day. Bourque's on pace for about 25 goals, Iginla's on pace for about 37 goals, that makes a total of 62.
  12. Plus we have our own leader in the league... Short Handed Goals Player SHG Complete Leaders 1. Rene Bourque, CGY 3 2. Curtis Glencross, CGY 2 3. Patrick Kaleta, BUF 2 4. Todd Marchant, ANA 2 5. Chris Thorburn, ATL 2 Win
  13. Points Player PTS Complete Leaders 1. Joe Thornton, SJ 57 2. Henrik Sedin, VAN 55 3. Marian Gaborik, NYR 52 4. Alex Ovechkin, WSH 50 5. Sidney Crosby, PIT 48 Not so fast....
  14. Who owns the best road record? that's right, the Calgary Flames!
  15. Haha. Can you say deja vu? That's twice Vancouver's given up 5 goals against us this season!
  16. They're keeping Regehr-Phaneuf and Dawes-Langkow-Bourque together? I thought that was the whole issue, especially since they are all minus players
  17. Wow we need to start taking more shots these days. 29th in the league, that stings!
  18. I know I just realised I forgot mentioning Lombardi's name, but his best production (PPG wise) came with the Coyotes. Mabye I'm just a bit over realistic with Fleury, but who isn't excited about his return to the NHL? Flames will still have no issues scoring this season.
  19. [quote name='The_Don wrote: Wolven wrote: The_Don']I would agree that the Flames don't need a top flight LW and could easily get by with one of the guys you mentioned. However, the problem could arise on your 2nd line, when you are again filling in spots with borderline top 6 forwards or 3rd line forwards. Having one of your fringe players in your top 6 is no problem, teams do it all the time with success. Detroit with Cleary for example. But having 2 of those guys in your top 6 can pose a problem. The flames right now have 4 legit top 6 forwards; Iginla, Jokinen, Bourque and Langkow. After that you have a bunch of guys that either have the potnetial to be there (Boyd, Dawes, Backlund) or guys that are just on the fringe (Glencross, Conroy, Moss). The Canucks have been in a similar situation for pretty much the last 3 years. It was Sedin, Sedin, Naslund and Morrison. Then last season it was Sedin, Sedin, Kesler, Demitra (before Sundin). This season it seems that Burrows has stepped up into that role, and I believe we now have 5 of these guys, with just as many knocking on the door, like the Flames. I think having that 5th guy can be crucial, so that you don't have both of your top lines with guys on it that just don't quite belong. And I'll say this again, just so you don't think I am bashing here. There are always guys that step up and surprise (ala Bourque, Burrows) and take hold of a top 6 role for good. And there are some guys that could conceivably do that on the Flames roster. But it remains to be seen who that will be, if it happens at all. It could be the difference between being out in the first round again, or making a long run in the playoffs. I agree with the concept of what you are saying. Only having 4 bonafide top 6 players with one of them (Bourque) being suspect in some people's eyes can be cause for concern. For the most part the Flames have been one of those teams that have not really allowed growth from within, particularly in our top 6 forwards. We have always gone out and looked for that Nolan, Cammalleri or Bertuzzi to add to the mix. Last year the Flames worked pretty effectively with a top 9 that pretty much looked like this: Cammalleri-Lombardi/Conroy-Iginla Bourque-Langkow-Bertuzzi Glencross-Lombardi/Conroy-Moss Taking that line up to this year: XXXX-Jokinen-Iginla Bourque-Langkow-XXXX Glencross-Conroy-Moss Plugging a Boyd, Backlund, Glencross or Dawes into that top line spot should allow the line to still be effective. At least as effective as last year when we were rolling with Lombo/Conroy on the line. I really think having a strong centerman like Jokinen will make that line superior to when we had a questionable center but a big scoring winger like Cammi. The second line loses Bertuzzi which I think is a big chunk of creativity but also a big chunk of turnovers and defensive liability. Moss should be an effective replacement and I think that line should still be productive and from the sounds of Sjostrom he should be an easy replacement for Moss. What is exciting from my point of view, especially during the offseason, is that we are going to be giving guys like Moss, Glencross, Boyd or Backlund a shot at bigger roles and there are enough of them competing for those spots that I feel they will really go all out to try to be the guy who wins top minutes. It will certainly suck if these guys all fall flat on their faces but realistically one or two of them should be able to really step up. The main thing that makes it all work though is our strength on D. Having Bouwmeester, Phaneuf, Regehr and Sarich on the blue line will really allow for more options and room for winger mistakes than when Aucoin and Vandermeer were there. Expecting Moss to replace Bertuzzi's offensive production and expecting Sjostrom to replace Moss's offensive production is a little bit out there if you ask me.Are you aware that we will have Jokinen for a whole season? He'll get probably around 35 goals, which is pretty much replacing Cammalleri's totals. Bouwmeester replaces Aucoin. Dawes, Sjostrom and mabye Theo Fleury will replace Bertuzzi. Goals won't be an issue for Calgary this season. They never have been.
  20. [quote name='Barney_Gumble wrote: littlereddevil wrote: small_member'] This debate about the defense is getting a little out of hand. Calgary may have the star power, as it were, but the simple fact remains that, all things being equal, the Canucks top 6 put up considerably better numbers than the Flames top 6. Flames top 6 of Bouwmeester, Phaneuf, Regehr, Giordano, Moss and Pardy combined for 175 points last season. Canucks top 6 of Bieksa, Edler, Erhoff, Schnieder, Mitchell and Salo put up 202 points last season. The Canucks have 4, possibly 5, players on defense that could put up 40 points. The Flames have only 3. Stats don't tell the whole story, but they do tell a lot. Its clealy in favor of the Canucks on this issue. So the Canucks clearly win this debate? Wow you're being very delusional Putting up points isn't the glory stat for a defenseman. It's keeping the puck out of his own net. It just amazes when everyone talks about Norris candidates, they all say it should go to someone that's put up points like Mike Green. I'm sorry but Mike Green could play as a forward since he is so lousy defensively in his own end. Chara certainly deserved the Norris last season, since he has a way more complete game. I'm still trying to figure out when Moss became a defenseman...What? I'm confused
  21. So the Canucks clearly win this debate? Wow you're being very delusionalPutting up points isn't the glory stat for a defenseman. It's keeping the puck out of his own net. It just amazes when everyone talks about Norris candidates, they all say it should go to someone that's put up points like Mike Green. I'm sorry but Mike Green could play as a forward since he is so lousy defensively in his own end. Chara certainly deserved the Norris last season, since he has a way more complete game.
  22. I don't know about offence though. I have to say we're pretty equal. We may have less talent on paper on the offensive side, but we got more grit, heart and determination, stats that can't be measured. The Flames have never struggled to score goals, so to say we're going to have a pisspoor offence this defence is absolutely wrong. I guess we'll see October 1st who is the better team. Go Flames Go!
  23. Did I ever say that the Canucks didn't win in the Ehrhoff trade? No way José! I'll quote what I said:Vancouver definitely wins the trade IMOAs for trying to compare Luongo to Bouwmeester, I really don't get where you're going with this conversation. They are two completely different contracts that can't be compared since Luongo is probably being resigned and Bouwmeester is a free agent acquisition. If Darryl Sutter let J-Bo go to free agency, I can assure you that he would be getting offers of $7 000 000+
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