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  1. And I have no real interest in Hamonic after this year. He declined, whether related to playing with Hanifin or not. We have to sell at least one. I don't really care if we are making a run. Stone isn't a replacement, but he's somedays about as good as Hamonic. That's a bit of a stretch. I would look at integrating Yelesin sometime after the break. See what he can do. He's not a rookie, just a NA rookie. He doesn't provide offense, but really neither does Hamonic. Set up the pairs that are most effective and roll them. Kylington-Brodie might just be a killer pair. Hanifin-Yelesin. Gio-Ras. Either that or target a D-man from a 2nd or 3rd pairing from another team. It costs a 2nd, then so be it. As long as it's a decent player.
  2. Don't worry, the Nucks will find a way to drop 7 in a row. Probably shortly after the break. Expectations are high now, and that rarely works out for the team.
  3. We certainly have had bad luck in the playoffs opening rounds. Then again, when was the last time we had good goaltedning going in and in it? 2008/9. That's a loooong time ago. I'm sure that if the Oilers make the playoff, Smith will sink them in round one. Back to us. Hard to really judge a franchise's ability to wn the cup on only playing retreads when it matters. Sometimes all it takes is the right goalie in the right stage of his career. And a coach that makes good decisions. We've not had both, since.........
  4. I think he's been gone longer than you. Don't get a lot of Nuck fans here, but we tend to debate their successes.
  5. You must have waiting for the Nucks to be relevent. Count down to Nucks falling back down the standings.
  6. You are welcome to be disappointed. The chances of playoffs and beyond are not based on last year's results. We don;t have a crap goalie waiting to give up juicy rebounds. We seem to be able to win low scoring games. A rebuild now would take about 5 years. A retool this summer (after we win the cup) would bring us back in a year or so. We need at least one RW and probably a decent 3/4C..
  7. I would try for Ros and Nik for Hamonic and Bennett. They end up with the same number of players, but get a vet. Their GM is smart, but he is losing this season rapidly. He has to go somewhere. He lost Trouba and Buff and only got back Pionk. Poolman wouldn't be a bad consolation prize. But, you have to give to get. In both directions. Nobody is helping you out for nothing.
  8. I will ignore the Backlund trade talk, only because I doubt he's a guy they even consider trading right now. He's misused this year for sure. He's having a down year. Trade value for a player like that isn't that high, and unless the return was great, would be a step back. We can revisit it in the off-season. WPG and TOR are in need of D-men the most, as far as I can tell. Hamonic should be a player that WPG looks at seriously. We should be able to get a lesser player like Roslovic and maybe Niku (or Poolman). Might need to add a sweetener to get Niku. They seriously need to reemake their D, and Niku (Poolman) isn't far enough along to help. Hamonic makes them a playoff team at the least. They aren't right now. Toronto really needs a steady D-man. Brodie adds flair, but they have Barrie. Muzzin is a bit of a hybrid, so that doesn't help them, especially since he's still injured. At the very least Hamonic helps stabilize their backend. They have too many offense-first players. Kapanen for Hammer straight up would be a fair trade. It's close enough to WPG for the home connection. It makes them a better team, while giving up some offense they do not really need. If they insist on keeping Kapanen, then it has to be Nylander for Hamonic and Bennett. We lose some jam, but gain offense. Saying this, we have to look at a D-man if we trade Hammer and don't get back any D. Doesn't have to be a sexy player, just a steady 3rd pairing guy, not named Stone.
  9. We should have Backlund at C regardless of trading him or not. He has been wasted there. I don;t care if they use him with Tkachuk or not, just he needs to be a C. Unless we get a good RW, Ryan should be on the wng to take 50% of the draws. Play him with Monahan or with Backlund. 3rd line should be a shutdown line with speedy forwards to transition to offense. Bennett maybe, but a guy like Mangiapane or a steady guy like Ryan for sure. Bennett is there until we trade him (which we will). I think there a number of LW candidates that could do the job. Really depends on who we get for a RW.
  10. I think you have hit about the best way of using what we have. I like the idea of having Ryan available for strong side draws with Monahan. Also, this eliminate the waste of Backlund. I am also a believer that you need to play Lucic on the 4th line. Backlund and Bennett will have to shut down McD or Drai lines. That line and Tkachuk's line are the best at doing that. The D pairs are what I hope for. Hanifin-Hamonic get exposed too easily.
  11. Just realized why RW is more important that ROW. Just read where regulation wins is the first tie-breaker. That's not good for us, as we have a lot of wins after 60.
  12. They showed the 2013 Bruins team that beat TO in the 1st round. I want that Lucic. Maybe we get that in the playoffs, but I'm not pinning my hopes on it for the regular season.
  13. Either they move him back to Tkachuk's line or 3rd line. I don't really care if Lucic needs a RHS C.
  14. That's nice. Perhaps he can spend time on how to generate rushes. Dump and chase is all well and good if you attack with a heavy forecheck and you don't mind spending a long shift just trying to get one shot. Ice cold Backlund has had a ton of time to get used to the top line. One might ask why that even makes sense. A struggling C moved to a position he's never excelled at. There hasn't been any signs that it's getting better. Is Ryan prodicing because of Lucic or because he is a good player? We've actually gotten worse at scoring as time has gone on.
  15. Did we not see a line with Tkachuk and Monahan? Anyway, you can view Bennett as a productive player if you like. He's Rinaldo. Don;t have a problem with that, other than playing Bennett up to 15 minutes. Pay a guy like that $750k. A big hit or a big forecheck. You want the top line to produce better, add a sniper. That makes them better. Not much good Gauddreau passing to Backlund. Or Monahan on an off night. Maybe, just maybe adding a guy who can score might actually help this team.
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