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  1. I think you can point to the number of games Rittich started prior to the injury as proof of what you speak of. There have been mentions of it by the coach, in vague terms, but still mentioned. I don't like that concept. A goalie always wants to play. Smith as much or moreso. IMHO, the coach's use of Smith and non-use of Rittich when it was manageable contributed to the collapse. Rittich was great playing once a week or less, but had not increased his starts when he was doing great.
  2. I think he was doing well until the injury at the WJC. Not a big points producer, but solid on defense. He languished in Stockton, so unless we graduate a couple of D-men or fail to re-sign others, he will probably not get offered even an AHL deal.
  3. So, you are approaching the TDL with no bonafide starter, just a backup who has played 9 NHL games. He starts the next 6 games and posts one win and 20 goals against. The team has trended down a bit, but playoffs are still in reach. His confidence gets shot as a result. You are going for it, but are leaving one spot to chance. Doesn't sound too well thought out. Next year is different. Rittich can come into camp and take the backup job and even battle Smith for next game starts. I'm perfectly fine with AHL players getting a shot in the NHL. I was disgusted with Mangiapane playing 4th line minutes and Klimchuk having 7 minutes in the NHL. Andersson sitting for no good reason.
  4. Personally, Vegas games tend to be anything but boring. If it's the Caps, it will be a lot of hits and one-timer PP goals. Vegas has the speed to catch the Caps watching on transition, though they are able to defend TBL.
  5. Thanks for the insight. With the ATO, that's only for the current season not next year right? He would need an AHL or NHL deal first right? Anyway, it's a little strange they waited so long. He'll get signed, but it took long enough.
  6. The cost that a few teams paid for a former backup are quite high. Elliott was a 1a/1b guy that could have worked out but probably was the wrong guy to target. Andersen, Talbot, Jones and Raanta cost a lot and only one or two have been consistently good. When Smith went down we should have picked up a goalie to make it through the year instead of forcing Gillies and Rittich into a role they were not ready for. Play the other in the AHL. I get that we are developing goalies, but that wasn't the right situation for them to come into when everything mattered. It messed up Rittich's confidence. Gillies was shaky for all of his starts. I would like to see them give Rittich more games early on and keep him fresh. Don't overplay Smith early. If Gillies is lighting it up, bring him up for a few games and see. Rittich needs a new deal, so re-sign him. Gillies and Parsons in the AHL for the tear except as noted.
  7. Stallard may get passed over due to the state of contracts in WPG, but that's only a guess. They may need cheap players. Mascherin seems to have similar numbers. I just hope they don't just look at expiring rights players.
  8. Towards the end of the season Stone was played on the RD to use that BIG shot of his. Result was he couldn;t hit the net or he couldn't get in position to make an effective shot/pass to the net. His speed really impacts his ability to use the shot. My beef with his salary is only that he's here for another 2 years. Same way Brouwer is here for another 2 years. You can't plunk them in the AHL even of they deserve it. Bad press. Wasted cap when you do it. I'm not sure there is anything that Stone does better than Andersson at this point. Hit, maybe.
  9. Haven't watched a single game he played. Tonight's looked like a blowout, but Oilers goalie kept it close. I guess the only chance SC has is to beat the Pats in regulation and hope that AB goes 3-0; Even then, I'm not sure of the tie-breaker. SC has an OTL.
  10. You're damned if you do, damned if you don't. I'm fine with trading away the lesser players and evaluating the prospects properly. With the present bottom 6, there isn't many spots that couldn't be replaced by a decent prospect. And if they are good enough, they replace someone in the top 6. Three spots on D that are potentially available, 4 if you include Brodie. (Kulak, Stone, Bart). Mangiapane, Andersson, Dube, Foo, Kylington and Valimaki. At least 2 of them are ready right now.
  11. So, Gully answer was to play him on the side he didn't want to play him on. I'm sure that Brodie would like to return to RD, and would hope that Peters isn't married to the Gio-Hammy pair. Here's the thing I can't tell you about the player. Does he want to stay in Calgary or would he prefer to play closer to their hometowns? I know they live there, but they are both from Ontario.
  12. Press box or waiving is still carrying a big salary for two years. Most or all. Not to mention the bad optics for carrying like that. AT least with the buyout, you are limiting the cap hit to $1.5m.
  13. It's a tough pill to swallow, but buying out Brouwer is the only thing that makes sense. Trade him and we have to retain salary. Trade him for a lousy contract and we arstuck with a lousy contract. The buyout is a longer term pain, but smaller amount of cap. We could trade Michael Stone for scraps. Save on that salary at least.
  14. I don't have much good to say about either Ho Sang or Kane. I'll let the kid's game do the talking. No idea of the kind of person he is, but the Flames talked with him during the Penticton tourney and TC. They scouted him in SC before they signed him. Here's some quotes from BT about him in November: “His line, in the CHL, is unbelievable,” said Flames assistant general manager Craig Conroy. “And as much as those other guys are great players, (Gawdin) does a lot of the stuff kind of below the surface — getting pucks, winning things defensively … all those little things. “The points speak for themselves. But when you talk to the scouts and the coaches, he’s doing a lot more than just the points … He’s sound defensively. Obviously, they don’t spend a lot of time in their own zone, as you can tell from the point total, but the thing is he does a lot of the work — with the defencemen — so they aren’t in their own zone. He’s smart, reliable, good positionally … Plus, he’s a right-handed centre. It’s always nice to have a guy that can take draws on that right side.” At the very least it gives them options in the AHL. He could turn into a good player.
  15. The Sun article talks about that. He was upset about it and wanted to prove them wrong.