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  1. I think Little Ball of Hate is more appropriate.
  2. All right guys. Let's get back to opinions and stop trashing each other. If you can't, then walk away for awhile. This is a place for everyone.
  3. I didn't see Kulak's last game, though I heard he was not very good, neither was Bart. Spoon played a decent enough game where he was seldom ever out of position. Andersson was very good, I thought, against ARI. He's not top 4, but looks good enough to play on the 3rd pair. Of course this is pre-season play, but I never felt he has had any bad games at this point. Bennett with JH or Monahan with JH is probably closer to equal than ever before. But then you are playing Monahan on the 3rd line or playing Backlund as your 3rd line. Not sure that is a great idea. I think it's important to let Sam get back his swagger with good linemates before you play him top minutes. Lazar puts in the effort. He's not clicking at center. He no worse than Brouwer has been on RW. I just don't see a fit where you have better options at center (Janko) or RW (Frolik, Ferland, Versteeg, Brouwer). Should he be on the team? The reason should not be that he's waiver eligible. It should be that he can be one of the best 14 forwards.
  4. I'm really starting to wonder about Lazar. You are right that he hasn't shown to be very good at this point. Perhaps I am looking at him more of a work in progress at this point. With that in mind, he isn't in the top 12. Freddie has looked better at times, but I don't see him in the top 12 either. I'm also starting to wonder about Stajan's role on the team. Maybe just slow to start, but he needs to look better than the prospects if they are going to play him close to 82 games. Janko has earned a spot, so it's a question of what the best use if for him. He's smart on both the PK and PP. Couldn't hurt to use him as an extra center on PP2. He's got a good release and a decent snipe. Maybe they could use the following for a PP unit: Johnny-Monahan-Versteeg/Ferland Janko-Hamilton I think that would cut down on the number of O-zone turnovers at the line. ANd he's fast enough to recover. Use Johnny on the half-boards.
  5. Well, it's a bit hard to get a read of Monahan at this point this season. Monahan could be better this year. A full year (potentially) of Ferland, improvement over last year. A 30 goal scorer is tough to beat. Ignoring that for the moment, I would argue that Lazar hasn't done near enough to warrant 2nd line minutes. As well, Kulak may have played himself off the roster. Andersson is so cool with the puck, and while he isn't the fastest skater, he looks stable out there. You could easily go with your suggested forward lines (possible swapping Lazar for someone else) and it wouldn't be bad. I agree that Janko has cemented himself in the lineup. His size and longer stick allow him to do things better on the dot and defensively. One game, but he was the 2nd best center on the ice..
  6. It was a decent win. Score was closer than the game. The least noticeable players; Stajan, Lazar, Shinkaruk. JH-Bennett-Ferland was pretty good Janko was dynamic on both sides of the puck. Broke up a easy tap in for the Yotes. Scored a laser. Janko 63% on the dot. The defense was pretty even except for Gio with b2b penalties. Kept looking for Lazar. He works hard, but nothing seems to happen. Glass was ok. Might be worthwhile to keep around for occasional games (callup). Klimchuk was good. I thought. Smith had a few saves that Elliott easily lets in. He went for the empty net but it was knocked down.
  7. It was an awesome combo. 2g for JH, 3 apples for Sammy. Ferland gets a nice goal.
  8. Losing Brodie leaves us short on LD. Not ideal. If Stone was a LHS or could play the position well enough, that might aleviate it a bit, but it's a hard sell to me. Value wise, that probably as much as you can get for Duchene now.
  9. This could be the last game for Glass, Klimchuk and Hathaway. Seems like a last fight for 12-14th guys. Foo and Lomberg are on the bubble too. Not sure where Hrvik stands right now. The Monday game should have Monahan and Tkachuk back in.
  10. And it would be tragic for Gully to cut Andersson over Kulak or Spoon or Bart, just because of his bias towards lefty-righty pairs. If he's not better, then fine.
  11. Yup. See my edit above. Even if they find out the Leafs were cheating, I doubt they would face any penalties. They would need to be compliant, but Lou probably is able to convince them to let it go. It's the Leafs, after all.
  12. He's one of our best prospects, and will be important for Canada at the WJC. The Flames know exactly what he is. Glass is in the same boat as Gazdic, Hamilton and Hathaway. Fighting to be that 13th forward. Come in for a game and leave it on the ice. Glass did that for one or two in the playoffs. The rest of the time he's more of a grit guy, not providing offense. Sign him or don;t sign him. Him playing means someone is held off the roster during pre-season.
  13. And the Leafs don't get cap relief and get stuck with his cap hit for this and next year. EDIT - The NHL will now seek an independent doctor determine if he is fit or not.
  14. Last year Johnny missed all of camp and pre-season, while Monahan played one game. We saw how that unfolded. JH had "practice" at the WC, so he was at least comfortable with his game play. SO, we can play that game and carry a 46 man roster or get down to 26 guys sooner and have they play as a team. Evaluate the guys seriously close to a spot on the final roster. If I recall correctly, you can send a guy down today and not risk losing him to waivers. Or keep playing them hoping that they will show more than they have so far. Dube is going back to junior. I have no problem with that. He has actually been better than players like Foo or Lazar or some invisible players.
  15. From a fan's perspective, you look for any signs that your prospects and vets are nearing game ready state. The season starts in a week. I could care less about the score of the game. I just want to see the vets display some of the things that show why they are vets. No, I don't expect them to play to the same level as a regular season game, since that may risk injury. Sure, go ahead and bail out of a check in the corner, don't block every shot from the point, but at least play most of the game to your level. Expect some rust, but that better be gone by October 4th. It may take a bit of time for Brodie-Hamonic to develop, but work on it now. There is little reason to not be playing Lack or Smith for every game. Give Gillies or Rittich or Parsons part of the game, but have the main guys there.