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  1. Familiar content tonight.... "Oilers get away with another one there". We haven't looked that good in this one though.
  2. As much as Hani-Tani was our best pair last year, we should not forsake the other pairs. With Gudbranson in the mix, it kind of messes up the options. Valimaki-Tanev (solid RD with Valimaki) Hanifin-Andersson (best pair from last playoffs we played) Zadorov-Gudbranson (too much size on one pair, but this is really the only problem out of 3 pairs). Perhaps I am being a bit hard on Gudbranson, but I think he messes up what Valimaki will show.
  3. Well, we signed Poirier to a deal, who will be in the AHL next year. There is something to be said about having a mix of players in your roster. Can't just have big tough guys who can't skate. I don't mind Zaddy, and Guddy is okay in some uses, but come on....
  4. He did actually catch a break, albeit a small-ish one. Accounts for Eichel's risk doesn't it? I would suspect he is more of a Backlund than a Monahan. Good offense, but smarter as a two way player. But that is for the future. He's young to the point of being part of a future wave. The 5th wave.... They should be playing the crap out of him in the AHL with Pelletier and find the right RW for them.
  5. Zary out week to week with a fractured ankle.... According to TSN.
  6. We have come so far from the early days of medicine (leeching, balance of elements, etc). Bladerunner decided to go to the Olympics with no legs as a sprinter (and later a murderer). Wonder how that conversation went.
  7. If that's the case. it may be because he is not yet healthy and the USA like to have the roster set early on. I find it odd that they would reject him this early. He would be one of the top USA players in that position. It's easy enough to have him on the roster, and replace him at the last minute. Unless they consider his play to be at risk. If that's the case, there may be things about his injury we may not know.
  8. I don't see Eichel missing more than October and November. Back in shape by December. So, the LTIR thing does need to consider what we move out to get under the cap. On second though, I might actually be willing to consider Dube in the deal, but we get a pick or prospect in exchange. I don't include conditions of play in the deal. Perhaps we add in Kylington to sweeten the pot. I'm really hesitant to trade Dube. I don't know if he will be better than Mangiapane or not. The problem I have is that he is another winger that we don't have room for in the top 6. He could be passed by Pelletier and/or Zary in less than a year. Or Tato in 2 years.
  9. I for one felt that Ward was the worse thing this team needed. BP had a good regular season with a complete no show in the playoffs. His 2nd year was marked by too much reaction to playoff failure. The complaint about being too soft was familiar with our team the last two years. Lucic bought into Sutter's game. He has some faults but can change the complexion of a game. We should be protecting the players that rely on skill. Even if Tkachuk was wrong to get fired up about the puck flip, where was the team? Anyway, I have some confidence going into the season. We may not have the game breakers that some teams have, but we have players that given some space can dominate. We never punish players for going to our net or running our goalie. Let them fear the Zad and Gud. Keep your head up around Pitlick and Coleman.
  10. It's almost to the point where it's Tkachuk for Eichel straight up. Obviously, that doesn't work for us with the exception that he would be on LTIR until healthy. We would need to either send another contract the other way or a separate deal where salary gets moves for a pick or prospect. Tkachuk + Dube seems like an overpay. Perhaps Tkachuk + Gudbranson as a throwaway contract. Or just Tkachuk, where we trade Dube to another for a 2nd + top prospect (waiver exempt).
  11. Well, they are going with the most effective pair from 2 years ago with a dynamic player that elevates two players he plays with. They are also loading up Tkachuk with an effective RW, to replace Dube. Last year, Tkachuk and Lindholm did pretty well before Johnny played with them. And Tkachuk has put up pretty stellar numbers playing on LW. Gaudreau is adept enough to swap places with Mangiapane in the O-zone. I like when Gaudreau is on the off-wing, as it opens up the ice for him. The other thing is that Monahan had started noticing the effects of the injury 6 games into last season. The big advantage for these two lines is that each has a defensively sound player on it. As far as the presser, what is he supposed to say. He is not talking about it. It's a distraction that he faced with his last negoitiation. No matter when he signs, they will keep asking him questions about it. "You are the highest payed player, do you feel that your current performance should be better?". "It's January and you haven't signed. Do you expect to be traded at TDL?" "Have you directed your agent to take a hometown discount?". Bla, bla, bla....
  12. Archie was a key player last year and spent time on the top line, but you are right. He won't get paid unless he is on the roster as active or in the AHL.
  13. It's all starting to confuse me. Canada will be enacting something that prevents people from flying unless dosed. The US requires a quarantine period now, but will be going fully vaccinated for entry in November (I think). To fly into some provinces, you need to be vaccinated or quarantine (I think ON and QC and MB and BC). I suspect some US states you may have similar rules, especially CA. I admin I am no expert. The rules change and have changed. Nothing is standard anymore.
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