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  1. Phillips has shown he can score at the pro level and was one of the strongest finishers last season. Gawdin was one of the best prospects in camp. No reason why we shouldn;t see either one.
  2. Gawdin is leading the heat. A RHS center. Could we have a use for him? Seems like Quine tailed off, like he usually does EDIT - Phillips did take the team lead. Big 5 point game today.
  3. Neal is slowing down. One EV goal since October 18th. 2 PPG in the last 13 games. If, at the end of the season Neal is sitting at 20 goals, he will be sat by the coach (by KH demand). Just speculation on my part, but I suspect that would be a tactic used.
  4. Maybe, but what is the point in being ready to spring when you are playing without the puck, almost equivalent to a 4v5 situation? TBH, I don't know where he should be, but we are outmanned when he is covering nobody.
  5. He could join the Heat (I think) on an ATO once the season is done. I don't know that would be good, other than him getting the chance to work with our goalie coach. Yikes.
  6. I think he's different from those drafted from a US development league (like Seiloff). He was drafted while playing for a WHL team.
  7. I was thinking about something someone said here. Gaudreau is not backchecking like he used to. I would take it a step further. He's looking lost in the D-zone. Maybe it's not his assignment to dog the puck carrier, but he is the best player on his line to skate with someone. His edges are second to none. There is no reason why he couldn't be the guy all over a player. The other payer is going to win board battles every time, but I talking about shadowing a player. Is that the wrong spot for a winger? I just notice that when he's in the D-zone, he's usually up high and between players. Not on the D-man or guy near the point. He's not going to block a shot, but that doesn't mean he can;t disrupt.
  8. Did you and someone else agree to split the cost of the ticket, and at the last minute they decided to split it with someone else? Since you never paid them any money, they don;t owe you squat.
  9. 20 games. 1/4 of the games and it's only the 2nd week of November. 3 B2B series, 11 games on the road. 1 regulation loss at home so far. 2 OT losses at home, both occured during a PK in OT. 3 points back of 1st in the Pacific. 3rd in the West. We have issues no doubt. Scoring is down from last year. Penalties are getting ridiculous. PP scoring is bad. The positives? Ras is looking like an everyday NHL'er. Mangiapane is fitting in the top 6. Rittich playing out of his mind most nights. Lindholm proving last year wasn't a fluke. Tkachuk leading the charge. Hopefully the practice time will provide some focus to the team. Breakouts are not coordinated and ususally one man. D-zone coverage is too passive.
  10. You might be onto something. Gaudreau's worst season start was the year he missed camp.
  11. Classic case of a player looking great at a young age. Too young to play in the AHL next season. Too bad there wasn't another option for him. Maybe play in the Swiss league?
  12. To save space I am only quoting your lines. Most of all, I don't see the benefit of the way you set them up. If you are trading for Hall, you don't slow him down by playing him with Tkachuk. Maybe Monahan isn;t the best fit with him but I would play Hall LW and JH on RW. So, here's my stab at the lines, assuming your trade works using Hamonic (has no NTC). Hall-Lindholm-JH Top line has two snipers on it. JH can pick apart the defense or spring Hall. Lindholm has to be comfortable enough at C to play both sides of the puck. Tkachuk-Monahan-Mangiapane Mangiapane is working out with Tkachuk so far. Decent passing and good finish. Two snipers and a super pest that finishes. An ideal top or 2nd scoring line. Bennett-Backlund-Frolik All three seem to be prone to penalties, but they are the best defensiveoption we have Rieder may ultimately replace Frolik due to his speed, but he has to be able to finish. Lucic-Ryan-Rieder Ryan's is meant to win draws and forecheck. Get the puck back, and occasionally attack with speed. Lucic is there to prevent smaller players from being creamed. That leaves the defense: Gio-Brodie Brodie has to clean up some of his play, but he is capable. Hanifin-Ras Two players that will get comfortable working as a unit. Kylington/Davidson-Stone Work out who is best together. Doesn;t matter if there are two LHS or one. Kylington is on a work assignment but will be back in a few weeks at most. If we could get a RD for Brodie that would be ideal. Pionk wouldn;t be too bad. WPG might be desperate enough.
  13. I'm not sure we can solve anything without trying other things. JH is struggling, but Monahan has not been scoring on what I consider money shots. 4 goals on 20 games. Lindholm has been good. Since only Tkacuk is putting up goals beyond the top line, it takes its toll. Sure, we should be exploring a Hall trade. I think he would be motivated. And he would provide that speed on anoth line. TBH, it would have to include Bennett and probably Janko going the other way. Or maybe it's just Bennett and Brodie.
  14. We can quibble about the fault of the cause of the penalty, but we should never have been behind by two goals 1/2 way through the 3rd. Chances materialized and evaporated by questionable choices. Over-passing is a common problem. Missed open nets. Upper half of the net open and Stone blasts a Wideman-esque shot from 15 feet away. 3 feet over the net. Backlund with a tap in, and somehow it goes a foot wide. JH needing to elevate the puck and limps it into the goalie. Just a few examples. I'm less annoyed with the Brodie penalty than some of the other calls/missed calls. We ask for consistency from players, yet the refs leave you scratching your head. A hold isn;t a hold until they call it a hold. Brodie is a call you make in the game, but that was not the only one like that or worse.
  15. Short term, Brodie with Stone is a bit of a tire fire. Gio with Hamonic is solid but the speed is too slow to defend properly. Rght now, there is no trade available that makes sense for Brodie or Hamonic. In the meantime, you need to line up the D with what makes the most sense. Gio-Brodie is a natural fit. Just need to coach Brodie to be harder on the defensive side. Hanifin-Ras is fine and will probably be the best use of the two for the year. Davidson/Kylington-Hamonic matches a skating/offensive D-man with a defensive/slower skating one. You pump up the value of Brodie and see if Hamonic is the right partner for someone not named Hanifin. Trade one by TDL, whomever is not solid day in, day out.
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