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  1. I'm not saing we should have kept Neal, as he was a poor fit. I am saying we are taking on a bad contract that may not fit any better. At 3m, it's less of an issue. AT 5.25m, he's the 4th most expensive forward and 5th most expensive player on the team. He's also signed a year longer than Gaudreau.
  2. He will retire a Flame or be bought out. I feel funny saying that, but we got another contract signed by the Oilers that is impossible to move again. I will probably warm up to the trade as time passes, but it's raw right now. BT reacted to the playoffs. Made a Brian Burke decision. Doesn't mean he is wrong, but I think he overreacted. The trade stinks because we approached it wth an overpaid player that couldn't fit the top 6, and looked for a solution that didn't fit the top 6. $5.25m is fine if they can play in the top 6. Role player or 3-4th liner making that much kills the cap. Neal couldn;t play himself up the lineup, but is a more skilled player. We can;t expect a declining Lucic to somehow be a top 6 player. And if he isn;t we just wasted $5.25m a year. Not to mention the retained NMC.
  3. When you think about it.... We signed Neal to be top 6. He played bottom 6. We traded for a guy that was barely top 6 in the Oilers. For this to make any sense, he has to play top 6 here. In other words, he has to replace Frolik for this to make sense. He won't.
  4. I don't know what the best line for him to play on is, but he's not bad defensively. We struggled with the coverage in the D-zone, mostly letting other teams wear themselves out. I could see them turn the Tkachuk line into a more offensive one. Would need to make at least one move first. Bring in a more offensive C than Janko. Bring in a decent top 6 RW. JH-Monahan-Lindholm Tkachuk-C-RW Lucic-Backlund-Bennett Mangiapane-Janko-Ryan Dube, Quine It's possible that one of Tuulola, Philp or Ruzicka could find themselves on the roster on day 1. But it's also very possible that we trade a guy like Bennett for Buchnevich, who could slot in on the Tkachuk line. Doesn't help them get under that cap, but he would be cost more than Bennett to keep. We still have to find a C. SO, we use some combination of Janko, Brodie, and Frolik to solve that. Essentially, we had a deal of Brodie + Janko for Kadri, so it should be doable. Frolik then only needs to be a cap trade.
  5. Kassian will play with McD. He will look after McD unless it's the BoA. He will call in sick for those games.
  6. That was the reported trade coming from EDM for any decent deal. They are happy to not have to attach JP to Lucic. 500k is not much when you consider the terms of Lucic's deal. Buyout proof, NMC, gets >= of a signing bonus than every other Flames. I'm saying that them retaining 2m would still have been a win in their eyes. The swap of players is a completely different argument. Won;t make us any worse as it stands today. Does force us to look elsewhere to save money. And that usually means taking a haircut on skill. Frolik and Brodie, for better or worse, still made this team better. Trading them to save money will not make us better. If we can pull off a Kadri deal, then that's different.
  7. I'm just suggesting that they would like to have traded Lucic at any cost. Sure, he has to waive to go somewhere. With that in mind, his value should have been rock bottom. One for one is not a rock bottom deal, no matter what we saw from Neal. The fact that Lucic was willing to be traded put us in the driver's seat. This is not about whether Neal will be a 20 goal scorer or not. They seem to think so, but if that's the case, why would we take on a bloated contract in that deal. I don't think he will do much there either, but because of that we don't even get the sweatener.
  8. Well, TBH, I think Mangiapane is more efficient at scoring, so he is 3rd line or higher. How they work Lucic into the lines is beyond me, especially since this isn;t the final roster. Bennett's role of 3rd line shift disturber and all round dirty player has been replaced. Whether that means a trade of Bennett for a true RW, they move Bennett to RW, or Bennett becomes a defensive player remains to be seen. What I do know is that ths team is not affordable right now. Someting has to go beyond just a Stone buyout. That means we need someone to replace Frolik and Brodie, and/or they move Bennett for someone making $1m. Not an easy task. I think there will be some deals we don't like coming up.
  9. Lucic is #17 this year. There's a pic of his new jersey already.
  10. Never understood why he was out there with Backlund, and why they were so much out of the play.
  11. And I think it was pretty obvious that Neal was aware that he needed to be better. His comments. His training in TO. That part was made public. I think that, if anything, Neal was just a bad fit. Didn't fit with any of the top 3 lines. We didn't need him scoring to be best in the West. Which make him expendable. So, I don;t think that the relationship soured, just that BT felt we needed a tough player more than a better scoring one-dimensional player. It's no different than the Dougie trade. It wasn;t about team spirit or locker room, it was about missing elements. My issue with this trade will always be about the return. A conditional draft pick geared towards our player outplaying their is just wrong. Picking up a NMC with no premium paid by EDM is wrong. EDM would have been happy to dump Lucic at 2m retained and still felt vindicated. Teams were not exactly lining up to make the trade.
  12. Good to hear from you MAC
  13. Bennett was one of our most effective players? By what measure? Mangiapane was more effecient at scoring. Janko was better shorthanded. Bennett was, at times, one of the most competetive players out there. Other nights, he was lost. Lucic fits as a 3rd or 4th line LW, depending on how they deploy Mangiapane, but he won't be playing 10 minutes or less. If Bennett can play RW on one of the top lines, he has a place on this team. He has to replace either Lindholm or Frolik. Bottom 6 does not work now.
  14. So, we are hoping that the Lucic of the Oiler playoff year and the Talbot of the same year and the Davidson of that year all show up to make us a better team. I hope all are rebound candidates, but I'm more concerned about Talbot. Lucic just has to play the same style as the line he is on. Play with Bennett and the other team is spitting chicklettes. Play with Ryan, and he is creating room for Mangiapane. Play on the PP, he's PO'ing the goalie.
  15. We are selling low on a player and buying low on a replacement. Seems like the wrong time of year to do that. Priority was to sign the RFA's and fix the cap. Personally, I don't care about Neal going. He won't make a difference in either city. But, I think people are trying to justify it in their own mnds by suggesting there was no other option. Lesser players have had more than one season to justify their contracts. The coach's job is to make it work.
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