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  1. I don't care for the Leafs. Even when I was a kid with only two teams to chose from, I picked the Habs. The fan base is what makes it difficult for me to watch or follow their antics. The commentators are such blatant homers, it's sickening to listen to. Right up there with an Oiler broadcast on the Rogers Hockey Rinks Network. The ex-TSN guys are the worst for calling Leaf games. Expect one of them to have a stroke. Leafs can suck it.
  2. ^^^^^^^ Some context is necessary. The Flames have "seemed" to draft pretty good in BT's time here, barring the Smith and MacDonald selections. High end d-men drafted - Valimaki, Fox, Andersson, Kylington High end goalie drafted - Parsons. Good picks made from high rounds. Thachuk is a stud. The team is littered with players just good enough to play in the NHL. Unlike a lot of successful team, we aren't able or willing to promote players to positions where they could succeed. Blame the coach for that. BT is to blame for the Stone and Brouwer and Lack signings, but the real failure IMHO is the inability to communicate the goals to Gully. Bring up Andersson, to have him sit in favor of Bart playing. Bring up Mangiapane to have him play on the 4th line with Brouwer. Klimchuk - 7 minutes. Etc. We will see the moxy of BT this summer. Brouwer needs to be bought out. Plain and simple. Gully needs to go. Stajan should retire. The team needs about a 50% makeover.
  3. Ferland didn't get a concussion, he messed up his wrist in a fight against Rinaldo IIRC. HE was holding his wrist in the box, and left for the room. Said to be a re-injury of something that occured in the Feb. 15th Nashville game. Honestly don;t remember him getting injured then. He played 15 minutes.
  4. Wes Gilbertson‏Verified account @WesGilbertson Following up on earlier report, #Flames report on their team site that C Sean Monahan needs wrist surgery and also has hip injury.
  5. Awesome. Thanks.
  6. Every player on the team does something god some times. If I were to do a fairly honest comp between Brouwer and Hathaway, I think you get similar value. Both are bottom 6 RW. Both draw penalties. Both kill penalties. Both are pesky. Neither is that skilled. About the same amount of finish, with the advantage going to Brouwer. Both will stick up for a teammate, with the advantage going to Hathaway. One is trending down due to age, while the other is probably close to his prime. Not sure I can give much better marks to Brouwer in this comp.
  7. Have a hard time cheering for a team like TBL. That whole goal no-goal BS from 04. On the other hand,, they are less annoying than teams like the Pens, Devils, TML, BJ's. In the west, it's hard to take up the cause for any Pacific team, except maybe Vegas. They don't annoy me. Hate the Ducks. Kill the Ducks. Kings are a Doubty team, not a big fan now that Sutter is gone. SJS - cheer against on principle of them trading for Kane. I'm okay with the Peg, since they aren;t the team we used to have to play against before they moved to the desert. Hate Minny. I guess I will cheer for Nashville to go to the cup finals. At least then you get to see Carrie Underwood jumping up and down.
  8. Back must be one of them. I would say the wrist is the one he needs surgery on. Hopeful on that, as back surgery would not be good.
  9. There has been nothing to suggest that he has value to the organization, other than what Gully was saying about him. Maybe Gully is parroting what the owner want said. Or, he thinks he's a valuable player. The Flames don't really have an issue buying out a player, but it has to make sense. Nobody is going to give you value for him, so don't go into the summer thinking you can trade him. Make the decision now. Two more years of a 4th line player at $4.5m per. He's done little to justify the cap expense and positional use. I would be worried about him still being here if they ship out other better players and don't gain any improvements.
  10. Goal is to help the AHL kids make the playoff. At the very least, the games are meaningful. That way, you could call up Gillies to the NHL and split the season between him and Rittich. If the Heat makes the playoff, they go back down. Smith wouldn't be able to play in them anyway.
  11. Wow, that is a bad looking top line. If we had the lotto pick, I would think we were tanking. Of those available players, I would offer the following as an alt: JH-Janko-Ferland Stajan-Backlund-Frolik Bennett-Shore-Lazar Hathaway-Brouwer-Stewart Couldn't be much worse.
  12. Is it possible to send down Mike Smith to finish the year in the AHL? I mean without waiving him. More of a conditioning stint, at full NHL pay.
  13. Ferland has one year after this, so that would make him more valuable.
  14. I have my opinions about the team and players, and yes I watch every single game. If you think he's a great leader of this team, that's your opinion and has as much value.
  15. Sure. Win out the season. 94 points. Make sure that COL loses every game. Make sure that DAL loses every game. Make sure that STL loses every game. Make sure that ANA and LA and SJS alternate wins and losses enough to lower the WC cutoff.