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  1. Here's aquestion for you. Does he only get the usual ELC or does he get the chance to sign for whatever a team will offer?
  2. There is some suggestion out there that the Zucker deal is being discussed again, with Bennett and Frolik being the Flames side of the deal. That may seem like a hefty price to pay, but actually it's more like Bennett + cap dump/okay player for Zucker. We would not land a player like Zucker for just Frolik. As much as I like Frolik. How about we trade, instead, Brodie + Bennett for Trouba. We get a top 2 RD. They get a top 2 RD/LD. We make a side deal with Minny for Zucker. Frolik + Gillies + 2020 2nd.
  3. I don't doubt what you are saying. But the other side of that is that even when he's played brief stints with Gaudreau, he hasn't done much. May be just that he's not a consistent player, so the brief stints do not turn into long term stints. The quality of linemates may be part. Then again, Janko is suffering from lack of scoring playing mostly with Bennett. Keep him, but play him anywhere but with Janko and Neal. If we have a vacancy on Backlund's line, try him there. I guess the problem is that he plays LW and Mangioapane is trending towards a top 6 player, playing crap minutes for a lot of his games. JH and Tkachuk are for sure the top 2 LW's we have. That leaves Bennett switching to C or RW to play in the top 6. If he's a top 6 player, he needs to score like one.
  4. This isn't about being a fan or a hater. It's about what you do. Intangibles are great, but they don't win that many games do they. As I have mentioned to Peeps, Bennett didn't do a lot on the scoresheet this year, much like Janko. And I am simply pointing out the facts of his playoff results. More points than anyone else, but not enough 5v5 to make a difference. I suggest trading Bennett because he still has value to some other teams. He might bring in a player that could make us even better.
  5. I would never say never, but there is almost no chance of Joe leaving SJS.
  6. Well, what I was saying was that he didn't pick up the slack to take us into the playoffs. When the top line quieted down in February and March, Bennett did little to take us there. Yes, he was one of the few who got more than a single point in the playoffs. Was he a difference maker on the scoresheet? Not really. Brodie had more 5v5 goals than anyone else, but I wouldn't label him a difference maker. Where Bennett made his bones was in being a pest, hitting hard and forechecking. Overall, it's hard to classify Bennett as a playoff performer. Seeing how he would do in a long series or extended run might help.
  7. It's funny because in the playoffs, he was doing things that EDM wanted him to do in the playoffs. I would prefer Hall over Eberle, but a RHS might not be a bad thing. If I'm spending UFA dollars, then I prefer someone that is 100% compete. Duchene over Eberle. Panarin over Eberle. If I'm paying 7-8m, I want a guy that can make a big difference.
  8. There was some suggestion that the 1st was actually a high draft pick, not a 1st. In other words, a 2nd in 2020.
  9. I'm not sure how you can really say that about Bennett. 8 points in 22 games after the AS break. Sure, he was one of the few to get points in the playoffs. 1g 2a on the PP and 2a 5v5. If we are keeping him, then they better find a line for him to play on where he can do more than hit people. Are we really laying the losses there? Seems to me two GWG's were scored by the inability of the top "shutdown" line to score on high danger (basically empty nets) chances only to have them turn into goals the other way. Both of those were OT losses. Backlund and Tkachuk were the biggest no-shows from the team, well that and Gio forgetting what Norris meant.
  10. Lindholm was being fed, but was missing out on every opportunity he touched the puck. He regularly missed the net, blew a one-timer, or the play just died on his stick. I don't know if it coincided with a minor injury that messed him timing up or what.
  11. I don't know if Bob gets $7m or $10m. He was making $6.5m so I don't think it's a stretch for him to command $9m as a UFA. Even CBJ would be hard pressed to pay him less than that. You will need to buy max term with Bob, and the salary has to be worth it to him. Vrana and Connolly were steals for them, considering the amount of points they put up. Both will get raises, which chews into the 11m in cap they currently have with only 8 forwards signed. That may be a bit higher with the new cap, but not by a huge amount. They need to move out some salary to re-sign the guys they have. RFA with arbitration rights and a few UFAs (Connolly). Vrana is the only one without rights, but he will absolutely be re-signed.
  12. They should by all means do that, if the guys they are hoping to get are gone. I can see them trading the pick before the draft, for a high impact player. Won't be a D-man. Could possibly be a RHS C, if one became available. Could be a top 6 RW. I don't suggest they package a 1st and Frolik, for Zucker. Assuming that was the deal. That is the price you pay at TDL, not the off-season. 2020 2nd rounder + Frolik maybe. It's a big salary to take on for that many years.
  13. I get what you are saying, but even Backlund for Holtby doesn't help their situation, unless they go with a rookie in nets. Don't get me wrong, I would be all over a Holtby deal if it didn't involve any core players. Gillies, Bennett and Janko for Holtby. All day long.
  14. I think it demonstrates that it's very difficult to maintain a p/gp pace for 82 games. Personally, I think it comes down to fitness level. Not every player is McDavid, who can play 22 minutes per game and look the same for 82 games. Frolik and Gio were the fitness freaks coming into the season, but even Gio tailed off at the end. Guys like JH who eat pizza over trying to maintain a superior fitness program will burn out. I do think there is some truth to playing meaningless games in the last month of the season being part of the cause. The Flames qualified early on, and all they needed to work for was 1st in the Division and going into the playoffs healthy. Players like JH are going to be less dynamic and take less chances to make sure they don't get injured. It's just speculation on my part. Monahan and Lindholm shut down sooner. They became shells of themselves long before the playoffs started. Without those two, JH is just a player to shut down. The frustration level for him got really high when the others were unable to score and even the PP was neutered.
  15. I would suggest that WAS trading Holtby to go after Bob is a curious thing to do. In FA, they would need to pay as much or more for Bob than Holtby will get on an extension. This for a team that doesn't have much space ($9m) with only 8 forwards signed for 19/20. If we make any deals with WAS, it has to be low-paid players going to them.