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  1. Let me put it this way: Brodie with a guy that is and can be bad does not come close to value of a true #1D. Brodie by himself is actually a lot closer.
  2. If you are going after Eichel, you would be better off trading Monahan + Hanifin for him. The salary is similar. Gaudreau with Eichel would be other-worldly. No need to make too many other moves. Maybe Ryan for a depth player or 3rd pairing RD.
  3. I would like him to play in SHL if possible, or even the KHL/MHL. Russia may make more sense for the language question, but I suspect he would not get much ice time in the KHL. If I thought he was ready for the NHL, then he might be perfect for 2nd or 3rd line RW. He's short but weighs 175 lbs. That's pretty decent size.
  4. That's so true. A decent 1st rounder, a top prospect and a good prospect or younger roster player is what they should get. In fact, teams should be "fighting" to get the best offer.
  5. Not sure what you have left on the team. You are trading a (on this team) #1C for a RW? Who is pet? If you mean Pietrangelo, he's a UFA.
  6. For me, it comes down to whether they can make a Pietro deal work without destroying the cap. It makes it tougher to fill other holes for sure. Some of this also comes down to whether they are trading Gaudreau or not. No point in signing Hall if they are not. I always felt that Vatanen was a really good D-man in ANA. Injury trouble recently, but he is still a target. He fits our cap a bit better. Allows us to improve other parts of the team. Overall, regardless of who we sign, we need to move on from Derek Ryan. He's a good 3 or 4C. But we have Bennett and paying $3.1m for a 4C makes no sense. Gawdin is ready for NHL.
  7. You could argue that SJS took aa perrenial contender, albeit on a decline, and messed it up. Trading for Karlsson and Kane. Two primadonnas who have never won anything except being a distraction for their old teams. They have some good young players and most of the F are not old. The D is a retirement home for overpaid D. Karlsson, Burns and Pickle. I like the latter, but $26.5m on three D over 30 is a lot. Vegas buying out MAF makes sense, but put him out there to bite them in the butt. They pay the penalty and possible face him in EDM or SJS. I'm not sure that he is being bought out though. Won't that need to happen soon? I guess they could wait and open a 2nd window after FA with a couple RFA's going to arbitration. Calgary might be in a position to offer a back-loaded deal with a NMC in the early years and limited NTC at the end. As long as that is closer to $8m than $9m. Pietrangelo would be the oldest Flame near the end, but he would be playing with Valimaki. I doubt he would be any worse than the last two years we saw in Gio. In other words, pretty good. Gio gets some hate because of the playoffs and less than Norris this past year. But he was still effective. I see no reason why AP would be any different. Bobby Ryan might be an option. Dube-Bennett-Ryan. Definitely some skill there. I truly think we need to trade Ryan. He's still effective, but we don't really need him. Trade him to Buffalo. Gives them some depth. I'm less concerned about trading Hanifin. He may actually be rebounding. Ras made him look good, but he was effective in the playoffs. Keep him there this year and make the decision at TDL or nest off-season.
  8. Pionk, Poolman and Niku are all RD. Demelo is as well. On LD, they only have Morrisey and Dahlstrom; nobody else signed. That's not exactly great depth.
  9. What I find amazing is they had a real opportunity to play a good series against CHI. They looked 10x worse than the game they played against us. Koskinen was okay, not great. But it was a poor effort in every game. McD and Drai managed to be scored on more than they scored. And we complain about our players.
  10. If you are talking about a buy-low candidate for a RW spot, then yes it makes some sense. I think the Flames staff are good at helping the players with addiction issues. I noticed, he's from Cherry Hill, NJ. Same place as Gaudreau. Funny.
  11. They should just sign Hammer. It won't help the tire fire they call defense, but he is rugged. Hanifin would help them in transition/puck movement.
  12. Does Hanifin make sense to WPG? I don't mean in trade for Laine; I don't think we have the right fit for them. Maybe for Roslovic? It gives them a top 4D to replace Kulikov.
  13. If the price of signing Pietrangelo was moving Ryab, I would be on board. We don't need him since Bennett was able to take 3rd line C. Gawdin is capable of 4C.
  14. I would have some interest in Hinostroza and Fischer. Fischer as a project, not sending much for him. Hino as a possible depth re[placement for Ryan. Not sure if we have the assets for those two, but they have the most interest to me. They might want to avoid the arbitration with Hino.
  15. Sort of the opposite of Lucic, who also has a bulletproof contract for buyouts. STL has a tough GM to negotiate with. Doesn't sound like they are even that close. On another note, was there someting new in the CBA about the year to year change? I think the first to last still had to be less than or equal to 50%, but that might have changed too.
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