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  1. We saw a version of that against the Nucks. Gio was the lone D-man on the top unit, while Brodie played with Hamilton on Unit 2. I think it looked like JH-Monahan-Tkachuk-Janko-Gio. Bennett-Backlund-Ferland-Brodie-Hamilton. What I want to get away from is having the 4th forward being a LHS playing with a LHS D-man (Brodie). The above two units looked solid. The only complaint I have is that Brodie still tries to finesse it at the blueline. I'm pretty open to having the 3M line broken up and Tkachuk play on the top line, moving Ferland down to LW on the new 3M line. While Ferland is the faster of the two, Tkachuk plays the boards better and can create something out of nothing. I think you would also see Tkachuk shoot more.
  2. Ah the TSN monkey. Good ole days. Back when Randorf and Romanuk used to provide the annoying play-by-play. Wait a minute, they are still here.
  3. Hathaway has been adequate. He doesn't have the same skill level as Bennett or Janko, but he does have the drive. I'm fine with him over anyone else at that position; having a RHS helps them. The 3M line had the worst corsi numbers on the team, and only started in the D-zone a little more than Monahan's line. You have to wonder if it's time to move Tkachuk to the top line and play Ferland on the "new" 3M line; the one with three spellings of Michael. Here's an interesting stat from the game: "Tkachuk played roughly two 5v5 minutes with Gaudreau and Monahan and, tiny sample sizes beware, but had a 75% CF with them. " Something to think about.
  4. STajan. Butterhands.
  5. Really? More like it was an awesome save on a virtual tap in.
  6. Or a Johnny Hockey PP goal.
  7. I don't want to see them sit back. MORE COWBELL
  8. Oh, well you knew it was coming. Next time, though.
  9. I see that Gio is out there on the 1st unit.
  10. Take a penalty to go 4v4.
  11. We can pound on him later.
  12. Jagr forced to take a penalty because of scrambly play.
  13. Thachuky Tkacheese. Probably offside.