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  1. Considering that the Flames have more PP opportunites than almost all (if not all) teams, they have only scored 11 PP goals. There are only 4 players that have scored on the PP. As much as they have connected as a unit, they also have come up empty so often. Maybe, just maybe you need to swap players every once in awhile and compare. Lindholm man the point and Neal down low? Might actually get a one-timer on net in a game. Tkachuk on the 2nd unit to get them going? Maybe they would be able to build on the 1st unit's chances and not just be a waste of time. With his time on the 2nd line, you are using the example of the SJ game? Arguably the 2nd line's worst game and you single out Neal?
  2. You move a player to a different line to find the best chemistry. Lindolm has been a great fit on the top line, but he has 10 point EV, the rest being PP points. Our scoring is top heavy. Other than the top line and Tkachuk, everyone else is on pace for less than 45 points. How is Neal's most frequent linemates doing? Bennett - 4 points Ryan - 3 points Janko - 4 points Dube - 2 points Usage on th 2nd unit is pretty telling too. How is that unit doing? Every sinle player has zero ponts. Since both units are not doing that well, maybe it's time to swap a player or two.
  3. Did I actually say struggled all year? I think I said struggled the last number of games. Backlund was noticeably bad in the Cali trip. Tkachuk's only point on the trip was playing on the PP with JH, Lindy and Monahan.
  4. I don't think it could hurt. He's be relied upon less to score and more to prevent. Don't know what he will be like on the RW, since he hasn't looked great there in the past when played with Monahan and JH.
  5. Smith starting against Montreal. Does that mean Rittich against EDM or is it Mike wins, he stays in and if Mike loses, he gets to do better next time. I get the logic of giving Smith a chance to get the win after a letdown, but at some point you need to go to the goalie that is winning games. Asking the team to have to score 3+ goals per game is asking for trouble.
  6. Factored in is the 5v4 starts, so that number would be less at 5v5. The game dictates his O-zone starts. For instance, against CHI, he was 16.7%. Against SJS, he was 75%, but nobody was below 50%. Against LA, he was 60%, but nobody was below 5-% again. Against COL, he was 50%. Point is that it's worth as much to experiment as it is to stick him only ever with Backlund. If Backlund struggles, Tkachuk will be held back.
  7. Haynes is one of the most neutral writers that cover the Flames. He can be a bit too positive at times, but nothing like fanboy Steinberg or Wills can be.
  8. I think they could have (and should have) included the cleanup anyway. There's no way the Fed would have rejected the overages due to that. Hey, we're hosting the Olympics but part of the city has carcinogens polluting the land. We decided not to do that because we feel it can be ignored for another 30 years. Missed opportunity to bring Calgary up to snuff. Perhaps we can build a pipeline with all the savings from not going in on the Olympics. Maybe the Feds see some advantage in that?
  9. I realize you are talking to MAC, but I will add my two cents worth. 6 points scored on the PP. I don't think his results are Backlund propping him up as much as he is a dynamic player. The last two games Tkachuk was held off the scoresheet and 3 games for Backlund. Backlund is the best defensive center we have. No doubt. But he's also doing less for Tkachuk than Tkachuk is doing for himself. Tkachuk is scoring from other players assists, as well as Backlund's. Games where Backlund has zeros, Matty still puts up points. No, I don't think Tkachuk is being held back by Backlund so much. Is there a better fit with other players and leaving the defensive assignments to Backlund and Frolik? No real evidence except on the PP.
  10. I also think we've seen less than desireable results from more than just Neal. He's making the same as Hanifin, but Hanifin has a reliable partner to cover his mistakes.
  11. You mean Pinder and Steinberg? With Wills mixed in? I find them a little too....wrong.
  12. So, you read it and not just the excerpt?
  13. You might be able to do Bennett to ANA, and a D-man going to EDM from ANA.
  14. I tend to agree. Has Ryan done enough to justify playing between Bennett and Neal? Not really. Is Ryan a good fit at center with either player? The proof is in the lack of scoring. Neal is going to score on the rush, and getting rebounds. That tends to point to one line only and that's the top line, considering the way the lines are set up. Neal with JH and Monahan seems like a great fit, and has barely even seen the light of day. Neal with Lindholm seems like a fit as well. TBH, I don't think it's Neal's fault he isn't scoring. It's hard to make something out of nothing. He plays with Backlund and Tkachuk for a few games, where they didn't look that good. Are you blaming Neal for Backlund having two bad games? Is it Neal's fault Tkachuk get's a stick in the face and gives up the puck in the D-zone and stops playing? Play Ryan where he belongs. RW on the 3d with Bennett and Janko or center on the 4th line where he can win faceoffs and get the line going in the right direction.
  15. From what I understand, the other money for it was contingent on the YES vote. It's pretty much a non-starter now and the coincil will vote to withdraw the bid. Not a well thought out strategy if they really wanted the bid to go through.