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  1. I think he has been okay. Bester than Feaster and Sutter, but that isn;t saying much. Better than Chia. Again, low bar. He's smart when it comes to cap management, but needs to be because he makes dumb signings. I would have preferred to trade Neal for a bag of pucks and pay Ferland 4-5m over trading for Lucic. Dougie was a good trade, but we had to give 3 picks for him, only to turn around and deal him with another player for two players. Dougie (1st + 2x2nds) + Ferland + rights to Fox for Hanifin and Lindholm. I liked the Monahan deals and the ones for other RFA's (Gaudreau, Hanfin, Lindholm, Backlund, etc) since he got them for less than other teams were paying. I don;t necessarily agree with the decisions about other RFA's, but I get them.
  2. I haven't seen any BT trades that are one-sided for the Flames. The best one to date is Ferland and Hamilton (+ Fox). Even that could be considered a high payment for a lesser D and a better/younger forward. Or perhaps the one to get Dougie initially. Russell for basically Dube. Most of the other trades are head-scratchers. Kulak for a scrub. Granlund for a scrub. Neal for Lucic. 2nd for Lazar. Multiple goalie trades (this for Elliott, that for Smith).
  3. He was kinda like Bouma, in that he was heart & soul and managed to put up points. He was able to draw penalties, but also took too many, making it less valuable. Still, he was a good player, maybe not worth 1.5m. The leaders in drwaing penalties were Tkachuk and JH. Bennett had the opposite impact mostly, taking too many and not drawing enough. If he's going to take top 6 minutes, he better not be putting us in a hole all the time. And that's sorta why I'm against DSP being a regular. I don't think he has blazing speed, so he isn't drawing hooks. He mucks it up, so he's as likely to get a penalty as draw one. Doesn't make him useless, just not as valuable as some. It's funny, but I actually think Rieder might get a contract. He's got speed. He plays his off wing on RW. We don't have too much depth there.
  4. The point being that if you aren't scoring much, you need to be contributing elsewhere, not just in penalty minutes. My back and forth with RobRob was about replacing Hathaway's scoring, PK'ing and general mucking with possibly just one of those facets. I feel DSP takes you backwards. Bit of an anchor. As a role player who gets in the game against the Kane or perhaps Perry?
  5. I don't know that demotion is a reality, since he would get claimed off waivers in a minute. I do tend to agree with the UFA's (he's signed) mostly being a waste and the relative price paid versus bottom 6 Flames player deals is annoying. Versteeg was a better signing than Neal, and he wasn't even a Flames PTO. In the end we get Lucic for Neal money, which was overpayment at the time. Stone being re-signed was a joke. I don't see him being at all better than Kylington. Just me, I suppose. He wasn't better when he was healthy. AMac may be fine, but I don't think he should be on the team over Kylington. If you need him, fine. At this point they don't need him. Not until Kylington shows he can't take the job out of camp.
  6. Is it? 9.5% of the cap for the most valuable Flames player at the time. Playoff results not withstanding, he's the highest scoring Flames player since his rookie season (2nd on the team that year). McDavid's salary was the biggest deal since what, Crosby? Draisaitl was no more than what big guns were getting, he just had less results. ROR, Tarasenko, Benn, etc were getting large contracts. Just to name a few. You consider trading Gaudreau if he is not willing to sign an extension, but you better be ready to go all in. Magic beans will not do it. Not a Seguin return.
  7. I don't know about the Gio cap being a thing or 100% coincidence. What I do know was at the time JH's agent was looking for mid 7's on a longer term. Supposedly, JH caved and told his agent to get it done.
  8. By some accounts, Gawdin and Phillips are the first call-up options at this point. At this point means nothing. I think it's smart to play Lucic with Pelltier, just to have protection for our smallest player. They seem to be giving AMac a decent shot at making the team.
  9. Who's better? Haven't seen wither this year. Last year, I gave the edge to Mange because he seemed to figure it out.
  10. The Leafs will have issues with Matthews and Marner's extensions. That's the biggest issue for me, the same way it's going to be with Gaudreau. BT was short-sighted with Gaudreau. The idea that the captain should be the highest paid was nonsense. Short term, yes, he was the most valuable defenseman and captain. Long term, he was going to struggle, while Gaudreau will still be in his prime. We joke about the Oilers and their contracts, but they have ended up being good for the value of the player they signed. Nuge is a bit of an exception (don't think he's worth more than Backlund), but Hall and McD and Drai have reached the value within two years of signing.
  11. He's no doubt a better C, even if you just look at FO%. He's also a bit more stright line. Simplicity. I was thinking Janko might be a good linemate for Lucic, just because one is big with a long reach but soft, while the other is big and tough. Have 2/3 of the line able to skate and get Lucic setting them up or retrieving the puck. Or providing a screen when they are cycling. I dunno. I just don't see the use of Czarnik with Lucic and either C. He spends more time falling down. Just Kidding.
  12. I can't see any way that he could play 3rd line or 3rd line minutes at this point. It just doesn't make sense. Can he be an enforcer and specialized role player, like adding a netfront to the 2nd PP? Sure. Will he be equal or better than 2018/19 Neal? I seriously doubt it. And that's a pretty low bar. But hopefully they aren't expecting 25 points out of him. I could be wrong. He might be able to finish plays we needed a big in-your-face guy to collect the scraps. Bennett seemed to have limited success doing that. Neal had almost no success doing it. Perhaps the only reason they even need him is for the playoffs. In that case, play him sparingly.
  13. I wonder if it makes sense for NJ to trade Vatanen for Brodie straight up. RHS for LHS. Brodie could be paired with PK. TBH, I don't know how he's played since going to NJ; numbers don't tell the full story. Does this help or hurt? The salaries are almost identical.
  14. Glad he got signed before camp went too far. Mange needs to show he's more than a 4th liner, like he did at the end of the season. Bennett will need to watch his rearview mirror; Mange is looking to pass him. Different players, but minutes will go to whomever is consistent and able to take a step forward. The unfortunate side-effect of Tkachuk remaining unsigned is they can't experiment much in pre-season. I suppose they could opt to have Bennett on the top line RW, Lindy on the 2nd line RW with Mangiapane and Backlund. But it's pre-season, facing lesser lineups. Bennett would need to light it up with this kind of competition. Or at least show that he can handle the slikk of the others, not make them worse. They seem to be stuck on Lucic-Ryan, with someone playing RW. Maybe that's better for Lucic, but it limits Ryan. Personally, I think a (4th) line of Lucic-Janko-Dube would make more sense. You've got a tandem that can skate a little better, but you have a big body that can get them the puck. That leaves you Mangiapane-Ryan-Frolik or Bennett-Ryan-Mangiapane, depending on who plays on Backlund's line.
  15. If they could get him to a full term now for 8-9m just do it. Draisaitl is starting to look like a good deal, and will be better in a few years. Meanwhile, we signed shorter term deals with Monahan and JH, which will cost a lot if they continue to put up big points. BT won't get a 8 year deal now. He won't pay up to $9m, worth it or not. It puts him in a big hole he can't get out of without someone helping him out. Someone like VAN, who let TBL out of their situation.
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