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  1. I would echo the problem of the 2nd PP having a big impact on his goal scoring. Backlund, Bennett, Neal, Ryan, Janko, Brodie, Hanifin, Czarnik are all putrid in PP results. A total of 4 PPG between all of them. 32 PP goals from the top unit. Fix the 2nd PP and you fix some of the problem with "secondary" scoring and Neal's low points totals.
  2. We have some problems, but I'm not losing sleep over them right now. The roster has been moved around a lot, and surprisingly we are still 2nd in the league. We have seen what happens when the top line is completely shut doiwn; shutout. Happened only a few times, as well as a few where we couldn't score enough in a low scoring game. So, that brings me to a point of view people may not agree with. The top line is capable of overcomming strong defensive teams. Unlike last year, we are not being shut down on a regular basis. 5v5 they may not score, but the PP will. Or they may score 5v5 and PP doesn't. Even so, we aren't a one-line team as well. We have 6 players with >= 10 goals. Three defensemen with >= 20 points. If anything goaltending early in the season masked how good this team is.
  3. He's been skating for some time now, but can't be cleared to play until he gets off blood thinners. He was supposed to meet with the doctor this week to get an idea of when he could stop taking them, but no word of it. Waivers might help to give him time in the AHL, but wouldn't you just get him to agree to play for 2 weeks there? If, at the end of that time you needed a longer evaluation, you could still place him on waivers. If the reports are true, they are targeting a depth defense player anyway, who would be your 6/7 guy anyway. Is that any worse than Stone?
  4. I also think that Valimaki should head to the AHL. He's still raw. Kylington has been similar in ability, maybe a bit of a drop-off in defensive play. But, Kylington has more years playing as a pro, and lots of time with Huska. Not an ideal partner for Ras, but good enough as a 6/7D. You can always swap him and Kylington late, if he progesses. Besides, we are looking for a 3rd pairing D, so that Prout isn't our only solution there. I am glad that Hamonic and Neal are back. Gives us the best options for defense and the 3rd line.
  5. I was more or less just saying Smith wouldn't have been dumped on for a game like the Buffalo game. Then again, he hasn't had a lot of games like that where he lost a close game. Maybe the MTL and STL are the closest, but the Flames only scored 2 or 1 in each. Feel free to point out what was a lesser game. I wouldn;t dispute it compared to some of his dominant games. Then again, this is really his first season as a NHL 1a/1b goalie, really he is still considered a rookie. He's doing as good as Matt Murray in his first full season. We forget that, him being a older goalie.
  6. Whether I think Ferland is a good player to target or not is one thing. I do not agree that Ferland is a good defensive player. I know +/- is not a great way to gauge defensive play, but my eye test showed him to be bad on backchecking. I never felt he was a strong 2-way player. The only reason why the Gatorade line is sporting a positive +/- is because Lindholm bring that defensive play to that line. Last year both JH and Mony had career years scoring, but were +2 and +3 respectively. Initially, I felt that Ferland really helped JH get space, but I don't think it was consistent enough. I don't see the fit in the lineup so much now. He doesn't take Bennett off the 3rd line. He doesn't take Frolik off the 2nd line. Trade Bennett for Ferland and you have a 3rd line LW. Beyond that I don't see the fit.
  7. If you are targeting Coyle, then the like starting point is Bennett. From a lineup perspective, it gives you more options. From a trade perspective, you give up a younger guy with some promise and a gritty game for a more consistent scoring bigger, RHS. Lineup choices: Gatorade line 3M line Neal-Janko-Coyle (better passing and 2 scoring threats) Or Gatorade line Tkachuk-Backlund-Coyle (more offensive linemate opposite Tkachuk) Frolik-Janko-Neal (3 LHS's but better defensive alignment) It's a win-win for both teams. Bennett does well in tight checking games. Coyle replaces Frolik or moves Neal to LW.
  8. Oh for sure he needs to work on parts of his game. The bigger parts are fine, though. The little parts only get exposed in some games. Like with Smith last year, BP has to manage the starts a little better during the Dog Days of February and March. I hope Smith is able to get wins at a better rate than he has been. 2 wins for every 3 starts would be great. We don't habd the starter reins to him, just make sure that he gets in enough to lower the workload to about 44-38. Enough competition to keep them both engaged.
  9. No, I think the majority here are all over Smith for shots that go through him, see him laying face down on the ice, or gets beat short side from the goal line. We dump on the D for those breakdowns as well. The complaint on Smith tends to also his ability to let in a weak goal at the worst possible time. Talk about momentum killer. Did he play a great game? No. Did he play good enough to get the win? Yes. Did the Flames have enough opportunity to put the game away? Yes.
  10. Hard to fault him on the Eichel goals. My issue with him is he's starting to have Smith bad habits that Smith doesn't get caught so much on. Play your own game and style, like you did earlier, and you will be fine kid. He's one of the best goalies I have seen in breakaways. Not so much in penalty shots and SO. Strange, but he is better control when he's seeing the whole game, not a single player in a skills competition. Since we generally suck at it, our goalies can't practice it much.
  11. Nail, meet head. I am surprised they feel they are anything resembling a playoff team, or more accurately, a team capable of reaching it. 3 wins in shootouts. And quite a few wins in OT. Negative goal differential. Koskinen won quite a few games where they couldn't score many themselves. Even with the few games where blew up the other team, they still are barely outscoring Minny. Arizona looked like a last place team for so long but appears to be starting to figure it out. And that's without top talent or goalie. STL is going to make some trades like last year and fall back a bit. Depends how far they go.
  12. The team is behaving weirdly. Dominant on one shift, can't get out of their own ways another. Just thinking about some of the recent goals let in, regardless of goalie (since I can't remeber which for all of them). Rittich plays the puck to a small crowd and it leaves the net open. Hanifin passes it to Monahan's skate. Hanifin casually skates with the puck nder persuit. Cross seam pass at the blueline turned over. Line change in OT leaves only Gio behind the play, with the new guys up the ice. Pucks deflected off sticks toes and screened by own players. A lot of sloppy play looks bad on whomever is in nets. Rittich just is better in a couple of the types of scoring chances against.
  13. They may be scouting heavily STL, but not for Perron. JBow for depth. Schenn for a scoring RHS C. Tarasenko for his scoring prowess. Parayko for a good shut-down D that is costing STL a lot over term. Edmundson because he's up for a big deal. Every one of those guys could be available, but only a few would be reasonable costs. They are all (except JBow) in the right age to help the Flames contend now and another 3-7 years. Maybe longer. You look at Parayko to replace a guy like Brodie or Edmundson for (eventual) Gio. They won't come cheap if available. Saying that, it's supposed to be a buyers's market. STL was a seller when they were still close last year. Too many bubble teams. Some will accept fate.
  14. They seem to like D-men drafted by the Flames. Another Erixon? His rights are probably at their highest. He's not going to forgo a contract at this point just to wait for FA.
  15. The top 4 players had the most time due to 3 PP's and OT. They are still just barely playing 20 minutes. That's not that high, nor does it burn out young guys. Backlund and Frolik played about 16 each, which is normal for home ice. Janko got 2 shots at least on the PK, which he excells at. You have to balance home ice matchups with creating chances. And you need to know what you need in the game. Nice to roll 4, but you can't do it religiously. Sometimes, you have to shorten the bench because they are getting their heads kicked in. To sum it up, sometimes you face a goalie able to save mostly everything. You don't change your overall game after a game like this. Take the lump and move on. One point in a game where chances/shots were mostly coming from the Flames. Refs were more interested in watching play over enforcing rules. Rittich had the puck covered for 5 seconds and the refs didn't blow the puck dead. Hacks and whacks, and he figured they were thinking it live, so he started to play it. Then they blew the play dead. Not using the refs as any excuse at all, because we did get PP's. It wasn't as clean a game as the calls would indicate.