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  1. The last thing I will say about Fox was he had zero value to NY when we dealt him. They didn't need to trade for him then. Assuming we could even make the trade without Fox, then the replacement would have been something we would have trouble swallowing. Carolina dealt him when they did because he flat out told them he wasn't signing. NY was in a position to play him, so they ante'd up top get him then. Hanifin is paid what you pay for top 4 D-men these days. He was close to Brodie in production. And you are getting far more years out of him than you would an equivalent like Hamonic or Brodie.
  2. Gaudreau vs Monahan. Both are success stories. Maybe Monahan is not a top C in the league, but he is good player. Pelletier vs Mangiapane. Hard to call a late 1st to be anything other than success if he reaches 2nd line in the NHL. All the signs were there for Mangiapane to be that player if he could translate it to the NHL. The same signs are there for Zavgorodny and Phillips. The big difficulty is fitting them in a position to succeed. I guess to be fair, you have to look at the 2019 draft on the whole. Who among the top 31 players drafted do you see as being really special? Maybe a small handful, none of which were even available when we were picking. McMichael was about the best late round player available, but we will never know if he was going to get called. Of those "special" players, do any of them have a higher potential than Pelletier? Maybe a smaller list.
  3. Any thoughts about some of the farm hands being able to show they belong in the play-in round? Some guys that have really stepped up this year: Phillips Gawdin Ruzicka Phillips could be interesting. He looks to have figured out the pro game. Gawdin is a depth C/RW. Ruzicka is a wild card. Has stepped up his game. The bigger question is who doesn't get the games. Gustufsson, Forbort, Stone, Kylington, Rieder, Janko, Rinaldo, and possibly Dube. Lot of blueline depth, but very little on RD.
  4. The reason why the trade had as much value to NY was they wanted to play him in the first year of the deal. At the time of the Calgary trade, he was going back to school for a minimum of one year. Anyway, moving one. I'm hopeful we can make some trades to get rid of some higher paid players that don't offer us much. Hanifin is fine, but you take the good with the bad. Bennett and Janko have become strictly role players which you should spend a lot less on. Our biggest needs are on RD and a 3rd or 4th line RW. You could use some of the prospects to fill the wing spots, but RD is always going to be a hole. If you could pair Kylington with a more shutdown type, then you could use him on 3rd pair RD. That still leaves you with a missing RD. If Valimaki was able to step into 2nd pairing minutes quickly, then you can use Hanifin to supplement the team elsewhere.
  5. The risk of college players is there. We needed to have him ready to sign to have a chance. As it stood, we didn't have a spot at the time he looked at us. Even if we had, we don't guarantee spots for rookies. NY can make any kind of promise they want. They are just bad enough to be able to play anyone. Same way EDM can sign players like that.
  6. We ended up with 2 guys we signed long term for two guys that needed or will need a raise. In essence, we got two top 5 drafted players for one top 5 drafted D-man and a potential UFA D-man. Ferland was a one year rental that brought them nothing. Had we had a chance to sign Fox, then the deal would not have happened. We had no picks to offer instead. Maybe it's not good asset management but we got the players we wanted.
  7. Hathaway was getting a raise here or elsewhere. He'll be around 32 by the time this deal expires. You can't pay that much for grit when you also have Lucic and Bennett and Tkachuk. Every team has it's own set of standards for drafting players. The scouts make the case for the BPA's. Often you miss out on the guy you want by a single spot. I haven't seen that may gems that we missed out on. We picked Valimaki over Thomas, who may be more than a 3rd liner. Missed out in the McDavid year on Aho, but got Ras. How a team drafts is often a reflection on the team. Slower, grinding teams prefer grinding forwards. Fast teams prefer skilled, smaller ones.
  8. The extra cap relief for taking Backes is to offset the asking price for Manson. Essentially, this would replace Brodie's contract, so it's really just the difference between Bennett's salary and Backes. We don't really have a lot of picks available this year. 1st, 2nd and SJS's 4th. Next year 1,2,3 but no 4th. It would need to be prospects.
  9. Manson did have a good year the last time the Ducks made the playoffs. He would be preferable to Hamonic for sure. Bennett would be a good fit there as well. The Ducks have some cap issues next year, so we might have to take Backes to make it work for them. Anaheim has so many needs that perhaps they would take a flyer on Janko.
  10. I think they tend to go for the guys with heart over the guys with size. Guys like our Pettersen. Not big, but not small. One thing we need to look at is where the Flames have drafted in recent years. Not a lot of 1st round picks. The last time we had a 2nd rounder was 2016. It's a numbers game for us. Not a lot of bigger guys are selected in the early rounds, a lot of why is available players. The bigger guys picked have a lesser chance of making the NHL because of where they ranked. So the pool of players we have looks smaller because the best one took the ball and ran with it. Ruzicka has a shot, but he's just starting. Phillips is just that much further ahead. Zavgorodny is going to do the same when he gets here.
  11. I think you have to look at guys not playing on the top line to make a fair assessment. And you need longer than one playoff round to really make a blanket statement. We have lost in the playoffs for a lot of reasons, so simply saying Gaudreau was neutralized doesn't cut it. The entire top line was a no show, but mostly the two taller than 5'9". Tkachuk was a non factor and Backlund was not near his usual level. Not to mention the D. If a team ices a line of smurfs, you can expect that to be a difficult line to play against. You can't hit them easily. They may lose board battles initially, but they my still end up with the puck. What's left? Hooking, slashing and illegal hits to the head or boarding. Back to the point. The Flames have drafted player 5'10" or smaller 4 times in the past 7 drafts. That doesn;t make it an alarming trend. Only one player was selected higher than the 6th round. Two of them are NHL regulars. If you raise the bar to 5'11" then that counts for a lot higher percentage of NHL players.
  12. There are exceptions of course. Mangiapane was kept to low minutes last year and was super efficient at scoring. He earned his way onto the 2nd line this year. Dube is sort of following that mold. While the Flames model may not be great for some of the players we have brought in, I think you have to ask yourself how much of it is the players themselves. Little guys like Gaudreau, Mangiapane and Dube have always been playing in the shadow of big kids. They have that competetive drive to be the best player on the ice. Huge chip. That is my belief why Gaudreau and Mangiapane have become good to great players, They had to skate faster, deke better and shoot more accurate to make up for the lack of relative strength. Bigger guys like say Lavoie have been the biggest kids on the team. They have not had to train as hard or learn the finer skills to get ahead. When they get to the pro leagues, that means more than just a hard shot or being big. When I look at the failed prospects, I see an alarming trend. As soon as they hit the AHL, they regress and never seem to gain any traction. Most or all go on to nothing careers. Klimchuk is a perfect example. It's the reason why I have great respect for players like Phillips who are the size of a players kid brother. They find a way. Pelletier is cut from that cloth. He may not pan out, but I suspect he will be something closer to Mangiapane than Nemisz.. It's also why I see great potential in Zavgorodny.
  13. I think his usage has a couple of problems. He plays on a weak PP unit. What would it look like to have him in front of the net on the top unit? He played a lot with Ryan and Dube. I was not a big fan of that. If Lucic's strong points are possession and board work, someone capable of sustaining O-zone play has to be part of his line.
  14. Good to have you back Crzy. I'm interested to see what we have in some of the farm hands. The way they are handling Dube seems a bit off, but maybe I'm just seeing negatives.. We have apples, oranges and pears, plus a watermellon on the roster. I'm not sure how they view guys like Phillips, Gawdin and Ruzicka but I suspect they are going safe this year. I'm interested to see if there is a WJC, because it should be a great opportunity to see him play wth the best of him peers.
  15. I was talking about where the Flames were in relation to other teams. I think we had the 16th best record. It gets more complicated if the play in series results in lower seeds winning, teams like Toronto don't win the series and the playoff are cancelled. Do they still pick after us if they don't win the lotto? I don't know there is a clear answer My head spins thinking about, so I hope that this thing goes to the end.
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