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  1. The 4th line is rolling, but you can also say that Mangiapane and Ryan can play with whomever. Czarnik is comfortable playing LW. I think that Mangiapane-Ryan-Neal is probably your best best for a suitable third line. Mangiapane creates. Ryan is a RHS to feed Neal. Both Mange and Neal are shooters. Leaves you a 4th line of Czarnik-Janko-Hathaway, which is not a huge change. They have played together in different combos. The other option is Janko switching with Ryan. Has had some success with Neal. I'm not mentioning Bennett because I think he's injured more than what he was telling the coach and trainers. I think it goes back to that hit on the boards.
  2. There's a very good chance we re-sign Fanta. Under-appreciated by LA perhaps. Plays big, steady, excellent mentor for rookies. Would like to see if he's also effectove on RD, since it's about our only "weakness" on D. BT loves to make moves before the draft, so there's a good chance we see a move then, using someone like Brodie. Gio is the ultimate mentor for our D. He shows them what it takes to be a great player. Fitness. Attention to detail. Showing up for practice ready.
  3. Breadman wanted to go to the "Big City" back then, contender was secondary. He was a bit put off that he got traded to Columbus. If there was a way we could sign him this summer, that would be great.
  4. Good on Carts. I didn't see it until you mentioned it. So that makes up Ripley. She was hot way back then. We shall destroy them.
  5. I'm surprised you didn't turn the Nucks logo into a toilet seat. Then again, I can't decipher what change you made to their logo. Exposed whale blubber?
  6. Considering th team has been stripped to the core, there not much there to be positive as a fan. Not even a chance at Hughes. Traded away Duchene, Stone, Dzingle, Karlsson for what you see here, plus magic beans for the future. Sure seems like a cheapskate owner that doesn;t want to pay for any talent.
  7. I think what you see is Neal going to the 3rd line and Mangiapane sliding in there. Mange-Janko-Neal Czarnik-Ryan-Hathaway or Mange-Ryan-Neal Czarnik-Janko-Hathaway Czarnik has done a lot in the last month to justify being kept in. Mangiapane has shown he can play with Ryan or Janko. He played opposite Neal in a couple of games and looked good. Mange seems to be able to see the ice pretty well. He's not afraid of the dirty areas. He might be the right guy to get Neal going.
  8. The problem I have is some teams set the market price, which tips the scale for the comp players. Is Tkachuk and Marner the same value? Yes and no. Tkachuk plays more of a defensive role. Marner is a much better playmaker. The cap % thing is how you value within your own organization. You can't compare Johnny and Matty unless you account for the cost when the guy signed. JH signed a shorter term than you would like. Available cap at the time was hampered by bad contracts. That would make JH a bargain today at the same cap%. But I agree with you on C vs Wing. A C should garner more money. Tkachuk doesn't kill penalties, he serves bench minors. He does play more of a shutdown role, but that should line him up with the others that play a similar role that can score a p/gp. Not many of those guys.
  9. The timing of his injuries may have had a lot to do with being passed over. Strange nobody took a flier on him though. I agree about depth. RHS/C are hard to come by. Gawdin is one, but he's having issues with being consistent. That said, he's a 1st year pro, so that will happen except for the very best players.
  10. The Sharks have not been the same since Kane suffered the tragedy, coincidental or not. Their goaltending has also dipped to what it has been for 1/2 of the season. Not great.
  11. Bennett is out again. Guess Neal can't get healthy too soon.
  12. Long live the 3M line.
  13. He's a nose breather.
  14. Francis shoudl just shaddup. The fans know what the risk of going up the middle from the goalie. They have seen it go south. Rittich has done it and it makes the fans crabby. Make the safe plays first. It goes in the net, then what is the goalie going to say? This is not an indictment of Smth, just about 50% of his playing the puck. He rarel gets caught, but playoff teams are going to play him harder.
  15. I personally think Mangiapane has "had it" since his first game. He's dialed in now, which seems to be the difference. To me anyway.