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  1. Happy Birthday RobRob

    Enjoy your day, and let's hope the Flames can get you a win in their retro jerseys.

    1. conundrumed


      Belated Happy Birthday 2rob!

    2. robrob74


      Hey Thanks! I just noticed today that I got the birthday wishes! as I am not the most tech savvy. Thanks so much! It was a nice surprise today to see it. :) 


      Although, I did just buy a new iMac to learn how to make art on... 


  2. Happy Birthday oh wise one.  Is this the day the CCP starts rollin' in?  

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    2. Pyromancer


      Happy Belated FF52 - Do you remember any details of the last Leaf SC win? :P

    3. conundrumed


      Belated Happy Birthday, still kicking myself for seeing I missed Carty's that you put up a few months back.

      What happened to the Unicorns when you were loading the Ark? Were you not keeping the Carnivores and Herbivores separate?:lol::P

    4. Flyerfan52


      I do remember Pyro. I was in high school & most school mates bought into the Leafs being "English Canada's Team" so I bet against them. Lost a few $s but nothing serious.


      :lol:conundrumed. Everyone knows how the unicorns missed the boat as there's a song about it.


  3. Finally, the boards came back up.  Looks like they were all down, not just the Flames one.  Thought it was Wideman'd.

  4. Would like to see Jay put an offer sheet to Ryan O'Reilly. $5.4M over 5 years or longer. Avs could match, but would they? Would only cost at most 1,3rd draft pick. Make it happen Jay!

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