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  1. JH struggled in his first 6 games, to the point of them getting ready to send him to the AHL. And that's the point isn't it. Finding the right mix and the right style. Click with someone and the offense starts coming out. Figure out how to play the role you need to stay on the ice. Mangiapane already has a better shot than Gaudreau, but doesn't have the size or shiftiness to use it. You can see a bit of the hockey IQ, but he's not locked in yet with his linemates. Dube and Mange are pretty close in their abilities at the NHL level. Neither was scoring and both were getting knocked down. Dube managed to get most of his games on the 3rd line. Anyway, I would prefer to give Dube the year in the AHL. Mangiapane has graduated from it, and is starting to figure some things out. Where he plays will be determined by how he plays. Give him some consistent minutes, and he should start getting a few in. He's had golden opportunities out of nothing.
  2. I would suggest that when he was hired, it was to build towards the playoffs. Now that they got there once, the business wants more playoffs so they can get the renewals of the luxury boxes. IIRC, they are up this year. Hard to get people/companies to shell out that kind of money for a losing product.
  3. A fair question is how would Johnny look playing on the 4th line? The fact that he plays more agressively on the boards than JH is something that needs to be sorted out. A small guy playing big. So, he has two choices; learn escape mode, learn to take the hit safely while adding the odd hit. Play like Johnny or play like Byron. For the latter, he needs to add lower body strength.
  4. It's a tough call for me. A first could be as bad as 31st overall. If you could get a 2nd back by adding something to it, then it would not be as bad a payment. Depending on the team, the 1st could be in 2020. A lot of TDL trades include later year drafts. No, I wouldn't trade a 2019 1st for Silfverberg, but that's just me. It would have to be a protected 2020 1st at best. Ideally, you would have kept the 1st and had the 2nd for dealing.
  5. Last night was the first time in some time that the coach was actually happy. Got to reduce minutes to the top 6 (imagine the Oilers if they ever did that). Got to roll 4 lines and 3 pairings with similar minutes. I think what we fans tend to remember is falling out of the playoff or an early exit because of injuries. Smith injury and bad post-injury games. Lack of Gio in 2014/15. Regher injury. Roberts injury. I think we have a team that is clicking better than any team in over a decade. Obviously, I would not suggest trading anyone from the top 6F or top 4D. A little hesitant trading anyone that isn't a surplus right now. Kylington isn't a surplus. Mangiapane isn't a surplus. Only consider trading for youngish players or those with great character and scoring prowess without losing necessary players or pieces. For instance, you don't trade Frolik unless you get back the equivalent defensive player with better scoring. Don't trade Bennett unless you get a similar package that can score. Czarnik and Hathaway are complimentary players, but they aren't what teams are asking for. Saying that, Cogliano went for Devin Shore.
  6. So, they believe the playoffs in in reach? The 1st is a lotto pick, so be it. The goalie is Talbot. They have ruined more goalie than we have. The young defensive forward is Puljujarvi. So that want to trade away from their young player group to get back some of the scoring they lost by making bad trades. Their cap situation is worse than ours, unless they convince doctors (and NHL) that Sekera is unavailable for the season. They also don't have another goalie that is anywhere near NHL ready. They walked away from Brossoit. Fans should be afraid. Very, very afraid.
  7. There are some long term needs. Another top 4 RHS, should we decide to move on from Brodie or Hamonic. A top 6 RW. Frolik is a good fit, but is much more a defensive player than scoring forward. A top 9 LW. Bennett fills the need and Mangiapane or Dube should be pushing some time. A backup or 1a/1b goalie. We don't know how the season will finish, but we need to find the 2nd goalie for long term success. If we traded for Silfverberg, that likely means we are moving on from Bennett. Not in a rush, but Bennett needs to continue to play well until TDL. His game is lacking mostly just in scoring. But, like you, I'm not saying we absolutely have to trade. The guys that aren't scoring do, however, need to start providing goals. Otherwise, we are too top heavy. We can survive that way, but only if everyone is healthy.
  8. That's the thing, isn't it. Take a team with a bunch of 1st overall players. Little experienced depth on defense. Draft McDavid. Sign Sekera. Trade Schultz. Trade picks for Rienhart. Trade Hall. Sign Lucic and Russell. Trade Eberle. The inability to recognize the holes in the roster and the talent avaailable in trade is why the team is where it is. Tough hockey market with the highs and lows in a season. Thinking that a single trip to the playoffs means there is no problems, so you can just trade away one of your leading scorers is foolish. Considering that all the years of the Decade of Darkness didn't result in empty seats is a testament to desperate hockey fans. Tell them you are doing a forensic audit of the team, but fail to actually do anything. The fans deserve to be told the truth, and that is the team is not ready for the playoffs anytime soon. A re-tool is necessary. They have a couple od defensive prospects. A few forward prospects that may turn into NHL players. But, that's about it. Pretty bare. Puljujarvi and Bouchard are the only real notable players, and Pulju may have already been ruined. Yamamoto seemed like he might be able to fugure it out, but too much too soon. Needs at least a full season or two of AHL.
  9. Silfverberg is one of those guys that just knows how to score; a Flames killer. If he's traded, I hope it's in the East. Saying that, if not for the pending UFA status and the need to re-sign Tkachuk, I would be all for this player. Very good in the playoffs. Middling stats on a defensive (or injured) Ducks team. Pretty consistent guy with good speed and a great shot. I think it would take at least Bennett to get the deal done. Probably a bit more. Neal-Janko-Silfverberg??? Interesting concept. EDIT - I guess you could replace Frolik on the 2nd line, but I think it makes more sense to spread it out. Frolik has been great since re-joining the 3M line. Makes them all fit a bit better.
  10. Agree. I know the coaching staff probably wants to get Smith some starts to maintain his confidence, but the Sabres may be the wrong choice. He played very well in the game to give the Flames the chance to dominate in scoring. It's not like he has gone on a run, though. He won a game where the Flames dominated in scoring. You have to ease him back into playing 2 in a row. And the reason for doing that is to give Rittich some rest.
  11. Does playing Ferland on the 3rd line make us a better team? He was successful here because he played offense only on the top line. In CAR, he plays with Aho. Even if I was to entertain the idea of Neal for Ferland, I don't think he would be able to keep up the numbers he's putting up right now. He's only ever seemed to develop chemistry with a few players, one being JH. Pass. And no, I'm not giving up on a rookie NHL player plus a pick to get him as a rental we can't afford to sign to a new deal.
  12. I hope, for his sake, they spread out the minutes. Play those kind of minutes and they will lose more than they win. He's dominant for 20 minutes a game, up to about 22. After that, he's a liability because he makes mistakes or gets frustrated and takes penalties. Currently, they are out of playoff contention, albeit not by much. Two points out of a WC spot, but there are two other teams ahead of them as well. Only 6 points ahead of the Kings for last in the West. At some point, the Old Boys Club will start demanding a fire sale for draft picks. Lose for Hughes. Let them win enough to just be 1 point out of the playoffs.
  13. I wouldn't call it a statement win, but they played the way they should. Kept the Yotes at bay for most of the first. Piled on scoring to leave no doubt. Played well defensively, except for a couple of gaffes. Able to roll 4 lines. Effective PK. I get a little concerned with how they finish out a period. The PPG against was an example of not closing out the period.
  14. Tkachuk Tkaching.
  15. If we could trade Jimako as part of a deal for a RHS C, that would help a bit. Lindholm is the only guy playing on the RW that has dpne anything. Frolik is great, but is not a C to take many draws. If we could use Janko in a deal for Schenn, that would be nice.
  16. This is a perfect schedule. Practiice one day, play the next. No travel. We have had a tsretch of playing teams on the 2nd night of a B2B, so just about perfect. Can't let this one get by us. BTW, Hathaway comes in, Czarnik out. Mangiapane played last game, yet the 4th line barely played.
  17. Considering that Rittich is 6-0-1 in his last 7 starts, we need Smith to steal a game now and then. The team plays better defensivel in front of him, yet he manages to give up weak goals. TBH, I do know what to say. If Smith can't get a win with limited starts, then we need one that can.
  18. Chia is just trying to keep his job. He has a lot riding on this season, whether Burke believes it or not. None of his most recent trades have worked out. Ebele traded to NYI for Strome traded for Spooner Spooner is getting scratched and little points COnditional 6th traded for Wideman Traded Wideman and a 3rd for Petrovic Traded Garrison and Caggiula for Manning Manning barely gets played over being a health scratch With all this, the Oilers blueline is a mess. The forward lines can;t score. Lucic is a cap dump to another team at best Rieder can;t score Puljujarvi provides little The rest are marginal players on any NHL team. There are teams that would trade a top 2 D-man to the Oilers, but the cost would be crazy. Nobody is going to provide a lifeline. The only assets they have is picks, Bouchard, maybe Yamamoto, and Jones/Bear. They could send Nuge, but that would dry them up even worse.
  19. I'll agree with it unless we lose. I get it. We need to manage Rittich's workload. Especially where he is getting run over a bit too much these days. What concerns me is that they haven;t gone to Smith sooner. Does that mean they don't have confidence or he hasn;t looked good in practice. I would like to see the team play their best defensive game ever in front of him. Give him a game to work with. If he can;t win with that, I don't know what to say.
  20. Never break up the 3M line. When together this season, they score.
  21. Kaboom. Tkachuk.
  22. A 2 on 1 with Tkachuk results in no shot, so yeah. Tkachuk needs to just worry about the shot and forget the pass. More often than not, Backlund is going to miss the easy tap in (like tonight already).
  23. Rittich forgot about that rule. Time for a Janko/Frolik shortie.