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  1. I want a few of the Flames to concentrate on improving their skating. Some looked painfully slow. It's the 0 to 60 part that seems the most important. Learn how to wind up. Quick off the blocks wins puck battles.
  2. First, EDM would never do that deal. They may move Poolie, but not just to get rid of Looch. Second, there is only a minor chance Looch ever lets his NMC lapse. He signed it to protect him from being sent to the AHL. He's not going to give it up going to a team with better depth. As far as the player goes, he is a liability. Whatever line he plays on slows to a crawl. Whatever minutes he plays takes minutes from a good player. He is a role player that we can't afford to pay $6m in a buyout proof contract. Let EDM choke on it. They may not even have to worry about protecting all their stars in the expansion draft. They have so few. I would look at Puljujarvi for Janko, if they would like. He a better C than they have past the 2nd line, since they refuse to use their 3 best centers for depth. Mostly because they only have 3 good top 6 players. Janko gives them depth they can use.
  3. I caution viewers that what we saw the last weeks before the playoffs and the playoff themselves is a good measure of this team. Overreacting would be selling the farm because you had a frost that killed the crops the last weeks into harvest. The crops were doing fine. The farm manager thought the prized pumpkin (Smith) was the right choice to showcase. He turned into a gourd. He forgot to weed the fields. The veggies themselves needed some attention. Wow, that was weird. I think you need to fix the goalie and add one RD, by way of moving out Brodie. Perhaps upgrade Janko for a scoring C so you can bump Backlund to a shutdown line only. Decide if Bennett will ever be anything more than a gritty player who shows up for 50% of the game in a positive way. Replace Frolik with a RHS. We don;t know what types of playoffs games the Flames can play. We saw them struggle to play one type and that was not how they played those games any other time of the year. We limped in, and let Smith set the game structure. Very little was started by the D. I don;t want to hear anything about Smith ever again, except that he's going to Toronto or EDM. I want to hear about bringing in a guy that will take the reins for the future or battle with Rittich to get them.
  4. It doesn't make much sense to trade JH, Monahan, Backlund, Neal, Gio, etc. even if they did little in the playoffs. Smith was in nets and we lost. Was anyone surprised that happened? Did playing Smith provide any glimpse into the future of goaltending in Calgary? I'm not pinning the losses on Smith, obviously. He stopped a ton. He let in some good and bad shots. But we never got the chance to build on the #1 guy. Give him some experience. See how the team responded to him. He could have been another Binnington and the team responded by scoring goals. Instead, we iced the guy who plays the puck every time it comes to him. I agree that we are pretty close to the right mix. The team fell apart rather than not having the right players. We could have used a Zucker or a depth center. Maybe a RHS D-man to jump in when Brodie was struggling. You win on the backs of great goaltending and stellar defense. We had neither.
  5. Strangely enough, we were undone more by bad goaltending than any "hole" in the lineup. We were 2nd in the league in scoring and goal differential. We sucked n the playoffs. We didn;t show up. Doesn;t mean we are that far away from a cup. The depth was there. We went with an aging goalie who seemed like he was at the top of his game, yet he let in a ton of goals. Our captain did nothing. Our best shutdown line was useless. Regaular season we had down years from Frolik, Bennett and Neal, while Janko treaded water. Brodie was up and down all year. We had Stone for part of the year. There should be some confidence that we can come close to the regular season success just by getting a good backup and these other players rebounding a bit or being traded for better players. They stay the same and no trades there, just having a backup golie will do it. Peeps is right though, your team needs to be different in the playoffs. You have to flip a switch. You are playing one team, and you have to know how to give them different looks when one thing doesn;t work. Then you play another team. No one style is going to work to the end. Score a bunch, defend well, stop every shot, hard forecheck, greasey goals, skilled shooting, dirty plays..... Commit to getting the best backup you can get. Either trade Neal or construct a line that works with him there. Be able to have Tkachuk play on dfferent lines not just a shutdown line. Construct a good 2nd PP unit. Trade Frolik and Brodie for a few players that compliment the team. This is as much about asset management as improving the team. Use the pieces you have to change some dynamics. Playoff growth will happen, but the team has to fix that, not bringing in a bunch of new people.
  6. Sorry, I was talking about the same time period as you. I said playoffs, but really the wheels came on much earlier. What we did well for 3/4 of the season seemed to be packed away waiting for the playoffs. Like I said, not every game, but we played games where we absolutely dominated. The team seems to play two different games.
  7. UNfortuneately, I don't think Bennett learned that.
  8. He may end up already being ahead of Puljujarvi in smarts. Learned the game in a good league with coaches that speak his language (or at least he can communicate wth them). Don;t want to say too much this early, but he may be a player.
  9. Yeah, I was adding it up. Two 20g playing with him, which is possible, plus PPP. No reason why he couldn;t be 30/30 or 25/35 or higher.
  10. Monahan will get 30 goals no matter who he plays with. The assists depend on if he plays with a guy who can pot 20. Brodie is 1/2 of a "potential" Norris pairing. If he fixed the issues, he would look as good as Karlsson.
  11. So, I would say we have the ability to forecheck. We have done it in games this year. Not enough overall, but we dominated when we did it well. Guys like Mangiapane, Hathaway, Lindholm, Ryan are good examples. They did the job effectively. At times, we didn't send in a 2nd man which would help. Don't look at the playoffs as being what we are capable of. We didn't do anything well then.
  12. There is some belief that his game is more rounded. I would like to see him come to camp and do something. He may not be NHL ready, but he probably has a leg up on the other prospects.
  13. So then, that points to his value being higher doesn't it? My desire to trade Brodie is rooted in his refusal to take the body and refusal to shoot. Frustrating to watch because he could be a Norris level player if he fixed those two things. Norris, as in scoring >50 points.
  14. First step, replace the goalie coach with one that has success. I don't recall either Rask or Binnington being big players of the puck. And I will stand by my assertion that it's a double edge sword. I would prefer to lessen it to the point of it being an afterthought, not the plan.
  15. For what it's worth, FN had this to say.... https://flamesnation.ca/2019/05/29/flames-2019-first-round-targets-egor-afanasyev/
  16. I was alluding to that. JB took the long road to the NHL. We need a guy like Parsons to do that, or we need to get a guy like that. I have faith in Ritter, but he has to get away from Mike Smith type play and stick to what he was good at. Improve the little things. Low and medium danger shots. Short passes to the D.
  17. We are likely not getting a NHL-ready player this late in the draft. That's fine. We need prospects all over the board. Zav and Ruzichka could end up being really good players if they can develop properly. As others have said, load up on high risk/high reward players later in the draft. Trust the scouts that have made good choices in the past. Value hockey IQ over size.
  18. There's a couple big lessons we should have learned. Forecheck is important. Goalies are worth their weight in gold. Washington won once Holtby gained enough confidence to make the saves he needed to make. Bingington came into the league and stole the show. Shades of Matt Murray. Goalies win championships. Young goalies continue that into the following years.
  19. This summer will be an interesting time. First buyout window opens soon. If they are taking a run at Bob and or Panarin or Duchenne, they will want to restructure their payroll. What I don't like is this sounds again like another stopgap. Another Hiller. Another Elliott. Maybe that's all we can get, but it sounds like scrapiing the bottom of the barrel. If we go that route, assuming he isn;t bought out, then it would have to be very little going the other way. B prospect or 2020 3rd. Would have to be able to bury him if it didn;t work out.
  20. Even her case is perplexing. Was forced to take drugs to lower her testosterone levels. That was overturned and she participated free from medication in the Olympics. Then she was banned unless her level was low enough. Then that was overturned for the time being. Unlike the West German swimmers of the 70's and 80's, this is a different issue. Opinion on it is wide, but it always comes back to identify versus biology. I'm not sure how this is different from a NBA star that is 7 feet tall who has an advantage. If she took drugs to turn her into a man, it might be different. Unfortunately, the advantage is less about sport as it is about money. But, what do I know.
  21. I won't miss him if he's traded, but that as a fan. Frustrating to watch him, even if he averages 35 points a season. As far as Gio goes, I would trade him for Burns today.
  22. The problem is where he fits on this team, not whether he's capable of being a top 2 guy. Who did he play with on the 3rd pairing? Prout mostly, but sometimes Fantenberg or Valimaki or Ras. Moving Hamonic away from Hanifin impacted Hanifin quite a bit. Brdoie does not make him as good. Brodie's biggest problem is that he's not consistent. One game he's a stud, the next he's crap. In between, he is steady. Compare him to every other #2 in the league. He's as good in some parts of his game, better than others in another part and worse in other parts. Gio has similar faults. How many penalties did he take when he loses the line or breaks his stick on a one-timer? How many skating races does he lose and take a penalty for? But he's a #1 in this league.
  23. Giving up a top 4 D and a 26th for 11th sounds dumb to me. I don't care how many years he has left on his deal. In 2012, we traded down from 14th to 21st for 21st + 2nd. That was bit undervalued, but is still more reasonable than Brodie + 26th. If the prices are that high? PASS.
  24. The older guys (24 is old?) have been passed by the younger ones. Phillips is already proving to be a pro level talent, and that's a small kid coming into an old man's league, or at least one that has ex-NHL players there. Gawdin did well as a rookie. Quine and Graovac are the exceptions. Both have done something at the NHL level but continue to look strong in the AHL.
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