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  1. Hey FF!

    Thanks for your birthday wishes.

    Sorry I saw them just yet.

    How are you!

  2. hey guys! hope everythings fine over there.

  3. Hey Buddy! I wish you a Merry Christmas! Enjoy the time!

  4. Hey Bane! I wish you a merry Christmas!

  5. Hey Pyro! Thank you very much!

  6. Hey chief!

    The weather here is great actually and it really feels like spring. It's nice to hear that's the same in calgary. It feels great after this long winter! And it helps to get a little bit distracted from the flames and the playoff race.

    I hope everything is fine over there!

  7. It looks like that an atomic power plant exploded today....hope they can prevent the nuclear meltdown. This is scary....

    1. Peace--Out


      From the sounds of it, a full on meltdown wasn't a threat. This is second hand news though, but its something.

    2. FlmsFnWindsor


      some expert says it already did b4 it exploded. :o

  8. Hey guys! I want to tell you that a new German Flames fan was born on Tuesday! My son Mika is 57 cm tall and weight 4200 grams!

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    2. kutarna
    3. FlamesShine4ever



      Little guy has brought some good karma so far. :)

    4. Jens-1


      Thank you guys! Yes all are healthy. It looks like he brings some luck to our team so far!

  9. Merry Christmas, Bane! Have a good time!

  10. Merry Christmas guys! My biggest wish is a winning Flames team, but this seems like impossible this year.....

  11. Wake up owners....it's time to make statements.....

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