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  1. The Moose only had 1 game left @ the time so the ATO is likely for next year. He attended previous camps so knows expectations & would have an edge over others. Just my opinion but a 1 game contract heading into playoffs where you dance with the 1s that brought you (meaning he'd be unlikely to play) wouldn't make much sense. The length of time was probably to see if he'd bounce back from the shoulder surgery that shortened his 2016-17 season. He did while finishing 14th in WHL scoring.
  2. Good thing we signed Peters rather than waiting to see if Trotz (the 1 I hoped for) would become available. I figure Trotz has earned himself a long extention for taking the Caps further than they've been since the late '90s.
  3. Strange he's on that list. The Moose signed Stallard to an amateur tryout agreement Apr. 7 & he's due in camp. I just rewatched his interview right after & he sounded excited to play in his home province. With the Jets likely to have to call up the readiest of the AHL players to replace the expiring UFA contracts they'll want to restock the farm. A top 15 scorer in the WHL will help in that.
  4. That hotseat in Washington just got a lot cooler. This is the furthest the Caps have gone since the late '90s. After coaching these playoffs without an extention in place (so an unknown future) expect the Caps to offer 1 as soon as their season ends regardless what happens in game 7. Leverage that into a big payday Barry.
  5. 3-0 for the Caps! Game 7 in TB Wed. Go Caps! Win this series for Trotz!
  6. Looking @ the 3 teams that finished on top of the west I'd argue a top (& hence expensive) 4 D preferably containing a bargain or 2 backed by very capable ELC guys is a need. The LVK defense will get more expensive for each of the next 2 years. It was a bargain this year but so were most of their skaters. I'm guessing the Jets D comes in @ $28 million next season. Nashville's top 4 come in @ about 21ish but next year Ellis comes off that steal of a 2.3 contract & the following Josi will get a big bump from his 4.0. The road out of the west is still that mighty D combined with a dang good goalie.
  7. Thanks Bud. BTW, with all those 10s of thousands downtown there wasn't a single act of destruction.
  8. Jets are in next year land & the cap says several RFAs & all the UFAs won't be back. This is where we find out if that pipeline has been trained enough to take those roles.
  9. They are a different breed. Who else would want to face 100 mph frozen rubber soming @ you constantly. Yet off ice they are often the most cerebral of all players. I've read they are also best @ finding people to manage their $s as they have a shorter shelf life. Older goalies making $5+ were rare so they got their money invested wisely. The difference from starter to backup & the coresponding $s can change with 1 seaon even if playing behind a weak team.
  10. Goalies are hardest to judge. After years of only standup goalies the butterfly style was made possible by the use of the mask & introduction of lighter equipment. Shortly after came the hybrid of the 2. Hard to remember who was 1st @ each since each was imitated so fast. I do know that the agressive play of guys like Billy Smith & Ron Hextall brought another change. Former defenseman turned goalie Hextall was the 1 that actually tried (& succeeded) to score a goal that wasn't just credit for last touch by his team. Each of those changes made a huge difference in the game but so did the evolution of the type that decided to play goal. Ken Dryden was so different from your average goalie (heck, average player) that it's hard to call any generational Goalies pick up on any edge faster than skaters it seems.
  11. It's a good rule of thumb just like drafting the BPA or letting all but the cream of the draftees mature in junior, college or AHL. But (there's always a but) some years there are more than 3 that deserve to move up & there are spots open as vets age out/are too pricey. The better you draft & develop the more of those you have available. But if your core of vets are still good players they carry the team while the 3 designated kids rot as healthy scratches. It has to go on a case by case situation where maturity/readiness plays @ least as big a part as talent. Sometimes you draft an extremely talented kid but that raw talent needs fine tuning. It's not doing him or the team any favors to try that in a limited 4th line role.
  12. IMO there can be 2 generational players @ 1 time but it usually signifies the passing of the torch. Rocket Richard was a generational player when in his prime over a career that spanned 1943-44 to 1959-60 but there was a fellow named Gordie Howe playing from 1946-47 onwards. I view both as generational as they exchanged awards over the years both played. But that's rare. Orr is likely that as he did change the way defensemen were viewed. Gretz is a gimme as breaking/owning dang near every record is unheard of. Lemiuex is more like Lindros. Could have/should have/would have if not for his injuries/cancer. Crosby > Ovechkin is a ? for me. Crosby had the benifit of a better supporting cast throughout his career. Reverse that & OV would likely be the 1 with SCs. ************************************************** As you say we all have different ways of assigning value.
  13. I saw articles on both the CBC & Global sites that over zealous security gaurds were consficating posters & Jets and Canadian flags from Jets fans entering the arena. They tore up the posters & threw the flags in the garbage. Said guards need to be reminded the biggest game in town is not the playoffs but rather the 24/7 year round tourism. *********************************************************************************************** I also read about a group of Flames fans from Calgary driving down for game 4, After a pit stop to pick up Jets gear they drove non-stop to support the Jets. Definately hockey fans that aren't blinded by allegiance to only 1 team but love hockey. I really wanted a win for them as much as for our crowds out here.
  14. Didn't Josh Ho Sang talk like that after falling to pick @28 ? He was last seen playing in the AHL & is probably available to anyone wanting a reclaimation project for a B prospect. He reminds me of E Kane with less talent but an even more pronounced "it's all about me" complex. The above is all about Ho Sang rather than Gawdin but a reference point. It certainly doesn't mean I advocate trading for him. With Gawdin I'd rely heavy on preseason interviews to determine where his head is. Would he play a team game or just try to prove himself so much better than a 4th rounder the drafting team couldn't be bothered signing. He could be a late bloomer but busting loose @ 21 against boys while exceeding his point output from the previous 2 years makes me wonder. He's on a 2 way ELC that pays 0.925 in the big league & 0.07 in the AHL so isn't a big cost. Not sure of the roster contracts for next year but @ least he seems affordable.
  15. Some vivid imaginations here. Could all of you please edit your posts to tell us the overall salary cost of your resulting rosters? I certainly don't want to do the math for all those pipedreams.