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  1. I guess you know about Lucic only getting a $10,000.00 fine for targetting Mathieu Joseph, slashing him, nailing him when he didn't have the puck & then punching him in the head when he was lying on the ice. The rookie is 6'1:" & 173 pounds. Yeah, Lucic is a real tough guy. The part that bugs me more is young Lemieux got a 2 game suspension for his 1 offense. Lucic is a repeat offender but gets a slap on the wrist of about 10 minutes pay @ his salary.
  2. Quennelle has a contract that pays him $6 million a year until after the 2019-20 season. He can well afford to wait before he picks his next head coaching gig. Being used to winning on a team with good management the odds of him going to a team with constant drama are only slightly lower than him opting for Ottawa.
  3. The Uber driver that put it out there said he did it because they were cheap with his tip.
  4. I still like the 1 where the team with the best record (% wise) after being officially eliminated picks 1st. That means not selling off your best to be as bad as possible & trying in all games. It also makes for what are the weaker teams becoming spoilers so contenders can't rest their stars since they are a fight for the top. I figure it results in better hockey all around.
  5. That was the draft where everyone wanted to draft a Finn. I'm happy with the Jets getting Laine but would be surpised if Oilers & Canucks wouldn't love a do-over. Their loss turned into 1 heck of a gain for Calgary.
  6. He's starting to remind me of Blake Wheeler without taking the years to grow into the role. Wheeler is the better leader for now but Tkachuk looks like he'll grow into that role as well. If BT can lock him up for something like 7.5-7.8 x 8 now or this summer it'll be money well spent. To think on draft day I didn't want this kid.
  7. Assuming you mean Evander Sportsnet reported he's had another lawsuit filed against him. Apparently he offered an ex girlfriend $3 million to have an abortion.
  8. Flyerfan52


    Like the skaters of this generation the young goalies are different from the old guard. i see it over & over @ all positions where players that are driven to be the best shake off the coddling of their developement years (I think it was Tim Hunter who said these days coachs need to be as much babysitter as coach) & start working with outside experts. For skaters is guys like Adam Oates & Gary Roberts while the goaltending fraterity has their own version. The skills on these modern kids are there as they have passed on normal childhoods to live for only hockey since they were 5. What is missing is the expertise to fine tune those skills. Many of these outside experts are truely the "gurus" as with so many you see a huge turnaround when players commit to them. Even during the season they are available if their client feels the need to talk to them. It's too late for them to help the old guard like Smith but for young players @ any position working with them is walking the talk.
  9. 8 games into the season is way to early to talk about TDL adds. Let's lock up a spot 1st & then see who might be available @ the deadline. BTW, Buffalo is tied for 3rd in the Atlantic.
  10. Fixed it 1st. If BT can find a sucker taker he should trade him & find = or better with less cap hit. There are guys as good or better available now. Then add depth @ the deadline.
  11. Happy birthday s4xon.

  12. Happy birthday Kulstad.

    1. Carty




      Hope you have a great Birthday Kulstad...


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      :rolleyes:   Not sure what happened there, or why it says Ho and then a quote?...   :blink:   When you come back maybe you can put the edit button back for the status update replies and then we will pretend it never happened...   :ph34r:


      Happy Birthday man...

  13. I doubt you.ve watched him a lot. I have every game since he made the NHL until he was traded (180 regular season & 13 in the playoffs. He just keeps getting better too. I was actually showing greed by asking for a 2nd on top of Armia. Bergervin is 1 of the few GMs I could think of to overpay like my ask involves.
  14. I'd try offering Bennett to center hungry Montreal for Armia & 1 of their 2 picks (the other came from the BJs). Bergervin would likely jump @ the chance to trade for a player that was actually drafted as a center. Playing in Montreal we don't have to worry SB breaks out & comes back to haunt the Flames. Contracts are close (Armia is 0.1 less) & both RFA after the season. Armia had 29 points in 79 vs Sam's 26 in 82 lasr season. Also better defensively IMO. We have a lot of players that play RW but most also play other positions. A line of Tkachuk/Backlund/Armia would be capable in both a shutdown & scoring role. Also, whichever 2nd rounder we get as icing on the cake replaces the 1 we traded as part of the Hamonic deal. Another bullet in the gun for trade purposes or to refill the pipeline.
  15. Flyerfan52


    He said those were teams that had inquired about him over the years. Kicking the tires in the past does not = a trade rumor. So MTL inquired twice? You list them twice.
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