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  1. The players traded to contenders by bottom feeders @ the deadline tend to be depth on short term contracts while even the 1st round picks are far from being lottery tickets. Yet under the system I back those same depth players could be the difference to actually help secure a higher pick after the lottery. I want to eliminate the ugly sight of fans rooting for losses & managements throwing out a team that couldn't compete against average AHL teams. The current system still rewards mismanaged teams that chose to be bad with the owners blessing. That's on a par with buying hot coffee, spilling it in your lap & then suing the restaurant.
  2. Lack of help in clearing the crease makes a huge difference to a goalie IMO. I believe the coach has a lot to do with it. I've noticed a big difference in what the team TN bought from Atlanta to what happened when they became my home town Jets. The holdovers increased their involvement while the draftees were immediately expected to do the same. This is taught to the AHLers for when they get the call & it creates a feeling that every player be he a vet, rookie or callup has your back on that frozen pond regardless of if you or he are 5'9" or 6'5". Seems to be a team philosophy. You get players that hate to lose & it shows in everything from fighting for teammates to fighting for that win even if trailing by a few goals. Winners never quit regardless of the odds.
  3. I still like the idea of the draft order being sorted by the record after being mathimatically eliminated. Best win % after being eliminated picks 1st & so on. It would prevent selling off the best players to ensure being worse while making team honchos think twice about icing an ECHL caliber team @ any time. You fight for a playoff spot to the end but even if you are eliminated with 3 games left in the season you want to win them all rather than rest everyone in hopes of dropping from picking 16 to 13th & the slightly better lottery odds.
  4. "Battling" Billy Smith was 5'10, 175 pounds but managed to keep his crease clear of attackers. & any 1/2 decent team tries to keep the crease clear (especially the D) so I think @ least some of our skaters can be counted on for that. The small man finished his career with 4 SC, a Vezina, Smythe, HHOF induction & numerous other awards.
  5. Yeah but Gaudreau seems a bit small for a NHL 1st line player.
  6. I read that 1 myself but view it as a pipedream. Poile locked him in @ 1.5 x 3 as he transitions to replace Rinne. They'd be nuts to trade him & Poile is the GM furthest from that. We need somebody though. Slim market IMO with Grubauer gone to the Avs for a 2nd & the Orpik salary dump/buyout. Maybe our best bet is a former starter like 30 year old Reimer if the Panthers retain a tad.
  7. With the top 4 D intact for @ least 2 more years the Preds still have plenty of cap space. Poile has really set his team up for the long term. Scary!
  8. If not for the lottery win in 2016 that bumped them from #6 to #2 that #6 would have been the Jets version 2's highest pick. & they're doing OK. Strange to think that if the bingo machine had spit out #5 instead of 6 Laine would likely be a Flame & Tkachuk a Jet now (TG the 3rd spin was #4 or Laine would be an Oiler or Canuck now. ). Remember that neither of the Flames nor Jets tanked even with Matthews/Laine as the concensus 1/2 picke & both ended up with dang good players.
  9. Why keep altering things to keep trying to salvage something from Bennett? If the team is better using players in different combos do it. I was as pleased to get him in the draft as anyone but he's on his 2nd contract & entering his 4th full season (I won't count burning 1 contract year for 1 game & playoffs) but hasn't done anything to merit going all out to improve him especially if it costs overall. Unless he suddenly breaks out on his own we might as well admit he hasn't lived up to being what we thought we'd drafted. Without putting much thought into it there are easily 6 players taken after him I'd sooner have. I'd give it to the TDL (or less) & then probably try to get something for him in trade. It could be the Flames were too gung-ho expecting immediate impact but IMO he would have been better served with more time to mature in junior. There wasn't the Monahan reason of nothing gained by playing on a poor team as Kingston was a good team. But that's hindsight so regardless of where blame lies whats done is done & we have a lesser player than expected.From expected top 6 to hoped for bottom 6 depth is 1 heck of a drop.Save the TLC for players that still have a higher ceiling within reach.
  10. That is my biggest concern. I like what BT did on F & D (although losing Stone wouldn't hurt my feelings). However that's the concern on all my teams. The Flyers have Elliott & Neuvirth minding the net which doesn't exactly inspire confidence (@ least they have Hart & a few others in the pipeline). The Jets have Helle but nothing really to play behind him.
  11. Not much as the Jets haven't re-signed Morrissey yet even with space. The Oilers are the 1s that should worry as it seems that there is a huge gap between what Nurse wants & their cap space.
  12. They have the Jets ranked 28 for probably the same reason even the Wpg. has AHL Rookie of the Year Niku. I take these rankings as a few peoples opinion based largely on stats as I'm sure they only watch small doses or high light clips of those hundreds or thousands of AHLers & prospects playing around the world in many leagues.
  13. I'd love to have the Rinne/Saros situation Nashville is fortunate to have happening. No such luck. but few teams can claim to have something like that. In fact, none come to mind. There look to be 2 options that both will have support. 1 is a 30ish but proven big $ goalie like Bob, Schneider or Price that will cost us big in players/prospects/picks & mess with our cap severely. The other is a stopgap like we've used in the past. We could try to snag 26 year old Pickard from the TML & hope he's just a late bloomer or go with a former starter who is now a UFA @ no cost. I'd offer Mason a PTO & hope last years streak of injuries were just bad luck. If he outplays the AHLers in camp offer a $1 x 1 contract to stay in the league & if healed earn a job for next year. @ 30 he might still have the good years the Jets were hoping for left. To me it felt like last year was just that ultimate storm where he couldn't stay healthy but when he finally could Helle was cemented as starter. If you just look @ his #s in the limited games he played they are horrible due to a rotten start. They were much better in the few games he got into later. (His trade to the Habs was the #s game due to cap. Like BT over his tenure Chevy took a chance assuming Helle wasn't ready yet but in this case he got lucky.) Little cost but could be high reward since if he can refind his game he could buy a few more years for BT to find the "goalie of the future" by replacing Smith for a few years.
  14. RIP Stan Mikita. He was 78.

  15. Yeah, he'd sign but if he was having a better year than expected demand to renegotiate. Sat out to show he was serious. Good thing the later CBAs put the kibosh on that happening.