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  1. Happy birthday Kulstad.

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      Hope you have a great Birthday Kulstad...


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      :rolleyes:   Not sure what happened there, or why it says Ho and then a quote?...   :blink:   When you come back maybe you can put the edit button back for the status update replies and then we will pretend it never happened...   :ph34r:


      Happy Birthday man...

  2. But how long can Pettersson keep having a 40% goals to shots ratio? Right now there is no book on him so early in the season tendancies don't exist. As time passes & film is watched the other teams will know what to watch for. As for the high goal scores part of it is likely due to the 'tenders getting used to the stream lined chest protectors that give less protection. It's also unreal that TML holds down the top 4 in points, has won 4 of 5 & scored 25 while giving up 20. The next highest GF is the Caps @ 18. It's way to early to call trends since there was a high turnover of players & teams are adjusting. I also figure the exhibition games over seas are hurting some teams. We'll really see what that does when the Jets & Panthers play those 2 games that count in Finland. A big time change requires a while for the body clock to reset. Heck, even our 1 hour time change twice a year is said to increase accidents on both the road & in the workplace & that doesn't involve dang near a day cooped up in an airplane. All in all this is starting off as a strange season.
  3. I did after my boss gave the shop to his kids. They were power proud & tried to boss us around. I just told them to F themselves. I'd known them since they were 8 & 6 so was not taking crap. They just gaped & said OK.
  4. I doubt watched him a lot. I have every game since he made the NHL until he was traded (180 regular season & 13 in the playoffs. He just keeps getting better too. I was actually showing greed by asking for a 2nd on top of Armia. Bergervin is 1 of the few GMs I could think of to overpay like my ask involves.
  5. I'd try offering Bennett to center hungry Montreal for Armia & 1 of their 2 picks (the other came from the BJs). Bergervin would likely jump @ the chance to trade for a player that was actually drafted as a center. Playing in Montreal we don't have to worry SB breaks out & comes back to haunt the Flames. Contracts are close (Armia is 0.1 less) & both RFA after the season. Armia had 29 points in 79 vs Sam's 26 in 82 lasr season. Also better defensively IMO. We have a lot of players that play RW but most also play other positions. A line of Tkachuk/Backlund/Armia would be capable in both a shutdown & scoring role. Also, whichever 2nd rounder we get as icing on the cake replaces the 1 we traded as part of the Hamonic deal. Another bullet in the gun for trade purposes or to refill the pipeline.
  6. He said those were teams that had inquired about him over the years. Kicking the tires in the past does not = a trade rumor. So MTL inquired twice? You list them twice.
  7. I 1/2 watched the game as I flicked between that & Jets game. Had no time to comment. A good win.
  8. I saw Elliott is taking about the new chest protector having little padding on the arms. Every shot seems to leave a bruise & feels like no padding in the arm area. If you don't get the shot in the chest, stop it with the blocker or catch it you hurt a lot.
  9. Except in the playoffs when you concentrate on 1 player the other 2 on the line can & will hurt you. Edmonton has McDavid (& without him his wingers become rather average) & Draisaitl (who's wingers are not exactly world beaters on their own. Shutting down McDavid as the main goal when Draisaitl was on his wing allowed the German to feast but since the Oilers think they have 2 world class centers that can each drive a line they are split up. If you totally shut down McDavid he can't even set up the others on his line making them useless.
  10. Monahan scores 1 they can't call back.
  11. Overturned. Kiss my grits ref.
  12. These 1st 2 games against the Orca should be winable 4 pointers. We blew the 1st so to me it is a must win.
  13. Happy birthday in advance. I hope the guys give you a "W" .
  14. Gio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!