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  1. *Sigh* I was taking a lot of heat on the board prior to the Gio contract and after. I kept stressing to wait to sign him and stressing that the deal was way too long. I did not want to sign Gio in the off season and I didn't like the long term contract. Everyone was all over me berating me. I know we all get attached to our players and let emotion into the equation. History is history, hockey you have to be continually proving yourself and unfortunately you are as good as your last season. There was no reason to rush the Gio signing when he had a full year yet on the existing one. We could have gotten a monster return for Gio this year at the deadline. While BT has done an outstanding job, the early signing of Gio is his big mistake...
  2. I have been holding my tongue on the Gio thing in this thread until it came up. I am glad people are finally talking about it. I didn't want to sign Gio off-season, facing the wraith of the board, wanted to hold off on signing Gio until we got a look at him post-injury. I also was not a fan of the long-term deal. That deal may decrease his trade value at this point but if you are not considering moving him at the deadline, you are not being fair to the team. He has to be a piece to be considered in a trade. I think by the end of November we are all going to be shifting back to accepting these kind of moves because we will realize that we are firmly in rebuild. I personally thought the rebuild was over but it isn't. I have to face the reality of the standings and the team's performance overall. I am not sure what is wrong and last year was great but the Flames are the poster child of regression at this point even with the significant improvements in the off-season.
  3. Realistically I can't see any trades happening until the deadline or close to it. If things continue on as is the Flames will be sellers. I am not sure we will be able to move Wideman due to his contract but we can expect Hudler and Jones to go and probably Russell - the return is likely going to be prospects and picks. Make some room and get some of the prospects onto the team I and others jumped the gun on the rebuild being over. The rebuild will be in full swing. Hopefully we can move Wideman this year but our return will not be that great with that big Cap hit of his. Same holds with Smid, tough to move due to his contract but we may be able to ship him as a depth D for a playoff team... Bottom line for myself and some others is to adjust our perspective back to the team being in a rebuild mode.
  4. Stamkos Would have to part with Monny or Sam B to start the conversation and the Flames would have to add - I am ok with doing something like this because the team needs to get shaken up a bit. A player like Stamkos fits the bill and the thought of him and Johnny G would work for me... It isn't pie in the sky and is rumored at the moment... http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/flames-seeking-a-big-trade-to-clean-up-a-big-mess/
  5. I also agree the rebuild is over. except for Goaltending, which lets face it, is one of the most important positions. The Flames on paper should be able to compensate for it with the solid and deep D they have. So many people were calling the Flames the Leafs and Avs, a team that defied the stats and is destined for regression this season. I disagree, BT has quite literally gone out and addressed exactly what we need. As you said the Core is solidified and the team very may be a season away from the Contender status. Clearing some of the "dead weight" as you say may be the final work of this season but prospects should be ready or close to ready to filling those holes. We will know a lot by Dec of this season. Is the team there or not? Are our young stars continuing to evolve or not? Does Johnny, Monny and Sam have a higher level? Is that D getting chemistry right down to the bottom pairing? How is the PP looking? Will possession numbers be where they need to be to please the adv stats guys? This team is now an expected playoff team in my book and we will know by Dec if they are evolving to contender status. This is the most exciting upcoming season for the Flames in years and I can't wait for it to start...
  6. I am really glad we are doing the BT review in real time. I personally think the Gio contract will come to haunt the Flames. Certainly decent value in real time but as the years march on the signing of Gio to such a long term will likely come to be seen as a misstep... Just my view, nothing he could do about it today...
  7. I would be for this but the life of these buildings is too short. If it was a commitment for a life time it is workable but these projects have a life of what 30 years. Plus I still like the Saddledome - lots of good memories there. Plus the design of it is cool. I know it is not ideally functional but it still is cool. The minute you finish one of these monster arenas it immediately starts to depreciate in value... The Flames were smart to pick this location though. A lot of us picked it as the spot. The plus is that it is environmental waste land that does need to be cleaned up at one point. So it is kind of a two birds with one stone project but who likes the public tax-payer money going to it... Especially that much. I love the Flames owners, way better than Katz but billionaires taking public money just can not sit well with many...
  8. Signings / Waivers: 2014 Mason Raymond - 3yrs @ 3.15 - F (This is now a problem contract / although perhaps defendable at the time it is now clearly an F contract mainly because of term. Jonas Hiller - 2yrs @ 4.5 - B+ (Addressed emergency G situation and although a little high in costs / UFA market price) Deryk Engelland - 3yrs @ 2.9 - F (Bad contract and signing - ) Devon Setoguchi - 1yr @ 1.75- Kris Russell - 2 years @ 2.6 million - B+ Joe Colburne - 2 yrs 1.275 - B Joni Ortio - 2 yrs @ 600K - A T.J Brodie - 5 yrs @ 4.65 - A+ Potter - 1 yr @ 700k Diaz - 1yr @ 750K David Schlemko (waivers) - A very good pick-up for free ( Coach Hartley to a multi-year deal ) 2015 Mikael Backlund - 3 years @ 3.75 - B+ (Good term, good dollars and a solid player (only concern is injury history) Michael Frolik - 5 years @ 4.3 - B (Little high in price and term but also this is what happens on the UFA market - fills hole on RW) Dougie Hamilton - 6 years @ 5.75 - A+ (Could not be better - cost below all estimates and a top pairing player is locked up for term) Karri Ramo - 1 year @ 3.8 A (Covers the G need for the next season - gets high grade because of 1 year term) Lance Bouma - 3 years @ 2.2 C- (Overpay and too long of term / other options were available) Josh Jooris - 1 year @ 975K - A - good term and cost Paul Byron - 1 year @ 900K - A - good term and cost
  9. With a Cap Crunch coming thought it would be worthwhile to gauge how people felt about BT's contracts. Term and $ matter. So you may not like the cost of a signing but because the term is so short it doesn't really matter or vice-versa... Grade away Signings / Waivers: 2014 Mason Raymond - 3yrs @ 3.15 Jonas Hiller - 2yrs @ 4.5 Deryk Engelland - 3yrs @ 2.9 Devon Setoguchi - 1yr @ 1.75 Kris Russell - 2 years @ 2.6 million Joe Colburne - 2 yrs 1.275 Joni Ortio - 2 yrs @ 600K T.J Brodie - 5 yrs @ 4.65 Potter - 1 yr @ 700K Diaz - 1yr @ 750K David Schlemko (waivers) ( Coach Hartley to a multi-year deal ) 2015 Mikael Backlund - 3 years @ 3.75 Michael Frolik - 5 years @ 4.3 Dougie Hamilton - 6 years @ 5.75 Karri Ramo - 1 year @ 3.8 Lance Bouma - 3 years @ 2.2 Josh Jooris - 1 year @ 975K Paul Byron - 1 year @ 900K
  10. My ranking overall for BT since his GM tenure started at this point in time is a solid " A- " The only reason he doesn't get an A is the Raymond / Engelland contracts because the term is too long and they are going to potentially interfere in future plans He also has one last huge task as well and that is the Gio contract. I get your point but my point is that this thread is being started now because these GM reviews are usually at the end of things when everyone is all hindsight is 20/20. There may have been reasons to sign Engelland (reaching the cap floor etc) but it is a burden now. I never supported the Emgelland signing and I just shrugged at the Raymond one. I also am not burying BT. He has every opportunity to somehow move Raymond and Eng and make things better. I give the guy a solid A- grade and that is good, it just recognizes that the situation isn't perfect at the moment, that is all...
  11. I am not giving BT a pass. Although we might understand why he made the mistake, new to the Flames and did not fully understand what he had yet, still it is a mistake. The short one -year contracts are fine, those mis-steps are much easier to over-look because they solve themselves but the 2-3 year contracts are more troublesome. He has done absolutely great work in this off-season but the Raymond and Engelland contracts / signings were mistakes. They will be seen as that going forward. He needs to correct them. He has time to get rid of them this year but time will tell. It isn't really a money issue for the Flames, since the Owners have given him the option to spend to the Cap, so he can sit them in the box or waive them but they do need to be dealt with.
  12. BT gets top marks for his moves. I am impressed. This board has been echoing the same theme and need over and over all season - top 4 D with right handed shot and a RW positional shortfall. BT systematically blew everyone away and solved what many thought was a unsolvable problem by getting a young top pairing D with a right handed shot. He also got the versatile RW in Frolik. His moves of trading up in the draft to target the players who fell are also top rate moves. He has also gotten proper contracts for Backlund. He knows the Cap issues ahead and it is the one issue that worries me personally but he is showing poise and long term vision. The last big hurdle for him will be the Gio contract and it has to be reasonable but what he has illustrated so far can give us some peace of mind. I fear a long term contract with an aging Gio. Shorter term and higher dollars is fine with me.
  13. I am very curious too but I liked the sound at the press conference. BT knows he is rebuilding, he is projecting forward as he should be. He mentioned they have several cap simulations that are up to five years out which is reassuring to me. My only comment here in general is that I know the Flames have had a great season and it is hard to do this or make comments like this so soon after a good season but tough choices are ahead here. There are only so many slots available. I would like to see Arnold at some point and more young players. I am all for Backlund but only at the right price. That is really the only contract that is worrying me. If there is anything in the realm of an overpay coming I am going to be pissed. I am also fine with the Hudler trade suggestions, although I wait until the trade deadline next year. If the Flames do regress next year as many predict, there is going to be a powerful market for the Hudler / Wideman. Does anyone think Backlund could get a low 1st round pick from someone? If I am BT I keep a low profile. No big trades, no big UFA's. All about stocking the cupboard and building the fast big team he wants. I liked how he mentioned he liked the Jets progressions and if that is his model then I don't think we should be expecting any big trades. Personally I hope when he takes D men with all three 2nd round picks.
  14. SO now BT's season begins- interesting to see what is coming in the off-season...
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    ^ Great piece - thx for sharing
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