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  1. I don’t like Marine Le Pen and having to read about her in a Canadian newspaper just makes me roll my eyes so far back.
  2. I'd like my daughter to be a programmer, robot mechanic or some sort of engineer. Usually when technology moves forward it's setting up for the next generation while leaving the past behind in the toilet bowl unless you go back learning something new but hey it's my daughters generation which will pay heavily for a dying population. Elder care is going to be a huge headache. Don't forget infrastructure as well is crapping down so that'll need some fixing. There will be jobs, it's just changing. Years ago there was jobs that existed which were necessary for that time but things change fast. Heck if my daughter was a caretaker that'd work. It's a guaranteed thing that people die. Okay I'll stop being morbid.
  3. I believe in Aliens. Now, do I think define Aliens as humanoid beings? No. I believe 'aliens' exist in microscopic form. There should be some sort of bacteria doing their thing in some other planet. Would be neat to study alien fungi, bacteria, etc. Also to be fair, there is aliens in this planet. I mean every meteorite that hits this damn planet came from somewhere.
  4. A way to piss off both the Remainers and the Brexiteers. The blue passports will be made in France. Thanks for making everyone unhappy May (PM).
  5. Happy belated birthday!

    1. Heartbreaker


      And to you too!


    2. The_People1
  6. For an emotional ride would be this one. Love the way he plays.
  7. Shane Macgowan again. The best songwriter I’ve ever heard. This little poetic piece is about Alcoholism. If I introduced one person to the Pogues than yay!
  8. Already was in a Miles Davis phase long ways back, lol. It’s really good stuff though. Not sure to put it here but the lead singer is my hero. Don’t make fun of Shane Macgowan’s teeth. This song reminds me of Edmonton when I miss it.
  9. I'd like to know others thoughts on the dad who bought a Super Bowl advert to send a message to Trump.
  10. The day where I realize this road looks like a side boob.
  11. the montrosity of the cereal cafe where you pay maybe 6-8 Canadian dollars for your choice of cereal. One bowl for that price, noooooo....