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  1. I'd like to know others thoughts on the dad who bought a Super Bowl advert to send a message to Trump.
  2. The day where I realize this road looks like a side boob.
  3. the montrosity of the cereal cafe where you pay maybe 6-8 Canadian dollars for your choice of cereal. One bowl for that price, noooooo....
  4. I don't shop at Tesco but I do love I can go to a grocery store and pick up alcohol but heaven forbid I want to buy some over the counter medicine (they limit the amount of pills you can have). One thing about Scotland I do have to say they definitely love New Years. I wish I can do that one year or even go to the fringe festival but oh well maybe later. Mild mustard is definitely not a thing in public but luckily Asda (UK Walmart) has the American version. Scottish are friendly and very fun to talk to depending who you meet.
  5. I haven't really explored the west side of England very much, only went to Dorset and Somerset for one weekend for a wedding. Honestly the best wedding I ever been to. I've been to Wales at the Brecon Beacons area and decided I wanted to hike to see waterfalls with my husband, thought it'd take an hour or two. Not an entire afternoon. 1990 would've been a great time to be around England for all the partying and raves. I absolutely love Camden Town, great places to see around that area except for maybe the Cereal Cafe. Way too hipster for my liking in that shop. Also nearby Camden is primrose hill which is a nice spot to sit around in the afternoon. Never had a chance to go to Abbey Road either but I know motorists would be so fed up with that famous pose. I love going to Brick Lane and getting a nice salted beef bagels from the Jewish shop. I never saw a cafe inside a car either before, the sites you see. Also at the east end, white chapel and going to some really good cafes in that area. Ohhhh also going to Lime House to see Gandalf's pub (the actor owns it) and he put the staff from Lord of the Rings at the bar. Prospector of Whitby pub is good. Been to so many good pubs. Oh to start off in Camden we always stop at the Worlds End pub. Also convent garden has some good places. West end is nice to catch a musical which I did last year. Tons of museums to see for free. I mean I got to see a Van Gogh in person for free which was mind blowing and going to the British museum to see their Egyptian collection. Amazing. I could go on forever about London and places I've been to and want to see. It's seriously the best city I've ever been to. Paris is pretty though, lol. I've also visited Edinburgh, I really enjoyed visiting the castle and walking around. A bit hard to walk up and down those steep hills. I wish I could have more time in Scotland to see Ben Nevis. I saw Loch Ness and Urquhart castle and was mainly in the Cairngorms then. Trying to decide what to do for my birthday this year, I know I'm going to end it at a pub called the mayor of scaredy cat town.
  6. It isn't too bad at all actually. It's odd the things I miss. Like a Canadian newspaper, seriously the sun in your part of the world is very tame compared to what garbage they write over here. Hockey of course. I miss snacks. But then I'm reminded I live nearby the best city I've ever been in and I can take a train and be in Europe in three hours or less. My daughter will have more opportunities or here even though I'm seriously going to be annoyed she'll have to wear a uniform going to school. All kids in this country wear one and if she ruins it, well FML. ($$) I find it funny I live just north of Edmonton, London. At least I feel a bit like I'm home when I'm on the train, lol.
  7. I'm extremely lucky that she isn't bothered by noise, she slept through us hammering our curtains up, slept through walking by construction sites and sleeps through the loud music and mumerings of a pub. (A pub is a very social centre for British people, not to get drunk but have some good banter and some food and yes drinks but depends on your mood.) Becoming a parent is on a whole new level than taking care of someone else's kid. That weight is quite big but hopefully I won't get as worried about it. Thanks for wishing me the best. English invented English language in the first place (least that's what I'm reminded of, lol) and luckily I'm in an area where the accent isn't too terribly hard. Essex accents is very quick but where I'm at there's a hint of cockney. If you told me to translate a Glaswegian then I'd nope out of the room. Football was explained to me very easily, there's a ball and you kick it with your foot. Thus, football where American football you carry it across the field, lol. Raining is a myth, yes it's bad in some areas but seriously last summer was great near London. It's Wales where I found it very stereotypical raining never ending. Housing is real bad in England depending on location, if you're nearer London then the worse it is but funnily enough there's empty houses up north since the mines shut down in the 80's thanks to Thatcher. Yes, I managed to learn a bit and thankfully I've developed into it, took awhile. I still miss my Canadianess though. (If you hear a British person talk about the weather, seriously... that means they have nothing to say to you but awkwardly have a topic to talk about comfortably.)
  8. Thank you, baby blues have been getting better but the past few days it kind of started off again. (Lack of sleep really does mess with your mind) Hopefully my three month old will sleep through the night eventually, lol. Who am I kidding I know it'll be a couple years.
  9. Moving to the UK has been the best thing that's ever happened in my life for me to grow as a person, in the past three years I managed to live my life in a way I never imagined it going. I got engaged, married, and had my first child in that time. If I told you three years ago that I'm moving to a different country to be with a bloke I've just met you'd think I was insane. My family thought so and they weren't warming up to him because he's such a character but in the end they see I'm happy. I still have my emotional hang ups, baggage and issues within myself so I ain't saying everything has been perfect but it's pretty nice to be more exposed to a wider world, different perspectives and of course being with someone to share life with, the good and bad. Since becoming a mom it's been weird, sometimes I question my decision about becoming a parent since it's not easy at all but then reality sets in that my baby is here right now so I need to take care of her. I have anxiety and a touch of depression, if this was ten years ago I'd be knocked down easily with those emotions but now I know what's going on and this time I'm not alone and I have my daughter to kick my Hash Rate that I need to get going, she's a good motivation in my life but also a panic I never had before, a new set of thoughts rolling in my mind of am I doing this right? Am I going to be a good parent for her? Also... never thought I would have triggers again which set me off in anger at my own parents, you see I never was raised by them and I never met my dad... seeing my daughter and how small she is... how can anyone leave their child like that and say you never want to meet them. Makes my blood boil thinking my dad knew of my existence and never bothered. By the way I have an easy name to search online it's not like there's 5000 people with the same name as me out there but I only have his name and he might as well be called John Doe with how common it is in Canada.
  11. On October 2nd I had my baby girl, she's perfect! :)

    1. tmac70


      Congratulations, Hope everyone is well.

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      Congratulations Anie.

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      Congrats! Enjoy

  12. 2 weeks until my baby's birthday. Scheduled induction. :)

    1. tmac70


      Best of luck to you and your new family!