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  1. My husband loves Stone Roses.
  2. Listening to this tonight was really nice.
  3. Which is scariest, Hunter or Gritty?

    1. Cowtownguy


      Gritty. WTF!?

    2. conundrumed


      Meth Cat in a landslide. Gritty just looks wacky, not really scary!

    3. Cowtownguy


      For a kid, Gritty is probably pretty that Queen album cover News of the World.

  4. I feel old now. I grew up with him being the face of the Flames way back in the day. Enjoy retirement Iggy, you beautiful bastard with the oddly shaped head.
  5. Just words really. You can say a lot of words about it but at the end of the day it’ll never fix a very divided country with a weak government in at the moment. There’s so much going on in this country. No one is going to be happy. Doesn’t matter what optimism there is, doesn’t matter if you’re a skeptic, and doesn’t matter what other various emotions there may be. It has sparked so many feelings and I guess all I can say it’s exhausting. It’s been a couple of years. It’s been on the news everyday. Focusing on Brexit didn’t solve the NHS crisis. Focusing on Brexit didn’t solve problems with housing. Focusing on Brexit doesn’t solve Education. Theres so many cards on the table but it seems no one in office wants the job to pick the cards up.
  6. May is on borrowed time. Two more people in her party quit.
  7. It’s also very difficult for May to get things moving along since she doesn’t have the majority and there’s definitely rebels in her party ready to be defiant. Also doesn’t help that she’s backed by the Northern Ireland’s DUP which is a long story on it’s own. May didn’t make it easy on herself when she called an election. It was predicted she’d win by a landslide but instead she made it worse for herself. Her campaign was really terrible, I remember when Amber Rudd went into a debate just after her father died because May couldn’t be bothered to appear on tv.
  8. It’s a mess. Theresa May doesn’t have a majority, the conservatives are infighting intensely over it, got to get things moving before October. Boris Johnson is looking out for himself but we’re speculating what it could mean for May, does this mean a general election or a new leadership vote or continuing on. Soft or Hard Brexit? What do the people want. It’s a very divided country. Democracy is probably going to be honoured since Brexit won. Reports come in that the referendum is under investigation because the leave campaign overspent. A certainty is that no one is going to be happy with how it’ll go. After the referendum I kept saying I wouldn’t want to be the Prime Minister in this mess.
  9. Huge news over here on Boris Johnson resigning. Who does May want as the new Foreign Secretary? Jeremy Hunt. Good grief.
  10. Three Lions 🦁 🦁 🦁 

  11. England!!!
  12. What a fantastic game by Spain and Portugal. Was a pleasure to watch. This goal was absolutely amazing!!!
  13. Since Spain got rid of their manager before this match. It’s all being talked about. But when Real Madrid comes calling, would you really say no? Also Iran won their first game since 1998. It was an own goal by a Moroccan player.