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  1. I’m going to be realistic here. The real test is in December.
  2. Anie8706


    This is the first time I’ve logged in for ages and when I read this it was very sad news to hear about. RIP FF52.
  3. Which is scariest, Hunter or Gritty?

    1. Cowtownguy
    2. conundrumed


      Meth Cat in a landslide. Gritty just looks wacky, not really scary!

    3. Cowtownguy


      For a kid, Gritty is probably pretty freaky...like that Queen album cover News of the World.

  4. Three Lions ? ? ? 

  5. What magic supernatural powers do Vegas have? Geez!

    1. DirtyDeeds


      They seem blessed from day one.. that is for sure...


      On a Mission.

  6. Happy belated birthday!

  7. On October 2nd I had my baby girl, she's perfect! :)

    1. tmac70


      Congratulations, Hope everyone is well.

    2. Flyerfan52


      Congratulations Anie.

    3. cross16


      Congrats! Enjoy

  8. 2 weeks until my baby's birthday. Scheduled induction. :)

    1. tmac70


      Best of luck to you and your new family!

  9. 7 weeks left until my little Oiler/Bruin fan will show up :D

  10. My pregnancy cravings want Canadian bacon, timmies, Mexican chilli Dutch chips, coffee crisps and everything else I can't get. :(

    1. Pyromancer


      What's wrong with British Bacon? What is so special about ours?

    2. The_People1


      Diversity is our strength.

    3. Anie8706


      British bacon is thick and nice but the stuff in America is crunchy, crispy and greasy. While britian has good food it's very different in many ways and I just want a piece of Canadian home comfort food. Even a hot dog in a baseball park sounds great to me now. *sigh*

  11. I'm pregnant. Don't worry I won't name my kid Connor :P

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Anie8706


      Yeah turns out my due date is now Friday the 13th! Which I don't mind at all, I love it since horror stuff has a special space in my heart. :)

    3. Cowtownguy


      You were not thinking of naming the child Jason, are you? :wub:

    4. Anie8706


      Tempting but nah, we sort of have one name in mind for a boy but still could change our minds until October. Thought we had a girls name now have to find something else.

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