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  1. Which is scariest, Hunter or Gritty?

    1. Cowtownguy
    2. conundrumed


      Meth Cat in a landslide. Gritty just looks wacky, not really scary!

    3. Cowtownguy


      For a kid, Gritty is probably pretty that Queen album cover News of the World.

  2. I feel old now. I grew up with him being the face of the Flames way back in the day. Enjoy retirement Iggy, you beautiful bastard with the oddly shaped head.
  3. Three Lions ? ? ? 

  4. England!!!
  5. What a fantastic game by Spain and Portugal. Was a pleasure to watch. This goal was absolutely amazing!!!
  6. Since Spain got rid of their manager before this match. It’s all being talked about. But when Real Madrid comes calling, would you really say no? Also Iran won their first game since 1998. It was an own goal by a Moroccan player.
  7. Russia started off the World Cup winning 5-0 against Saudi Arabia. Uruguay won against Egypt 1-0. -Suarez isn’t on form. ? -Really sad Salah wasn’t in the match. -Egypt can’t finish and Uruguay aren’t gelling (according to hubby). Now we’re on the Morocco and Iran match. -not really impressed either side and in the same group as Spain and Portugal. You’d think we’d see something more in this match since they’re in a tough group.
  8. Unless you’ve lived under a rock the past few days. I’m sure you’ve heard about US/Canada/Mexico won the bid to host the World Cup in 2026. I’m sitting here wondering which matches will be held in the Commonwealth stadium in Edmonton and wondering what your reactions are so far? Mine’s been pretty much thinking how are Edmontonians going to react. My prediction would be not liking spending money for it. But I’m sure Tourism would be nice? Also Canada has some really old and dated stadiums. The ones in Mexico are much nicer.
  9. Russia and Saudi Arabia are kicking off the beginning of the World Cup on Thursday. My husband has his English flags flying and I’m sure he’s going to get his beer ready. Soon he’ll ‘ignore’ me for a few weeks, lol.
  10. I was trying to vote for Vegas but I hit the Caps by accident. It’s rigged.
  11. it was predicted
  12. Also really looking forward to Iceland, especially the fans.
  13. Looking forward to the upcoming World Cup? Since having our baby around we won’t be in a pub but my husband is thinking of decorating our home with loads of English items. Hearing football songs. In the last World Cup I was actually in a pub in England and I have to say it’s nice to see everyone cheering on a team. It was a deafening experience when goals were scored. As as for this one, it’s hard to predict who will win. Brazil? Germany? Argentina? Uruguay? I’m really looking forward to Egypt because of Mo Salah. What a season he’s had in the Premiership.
  14. I’m disgusted but so intrigued by Vegas. Good story that makes my stomach churn inside out because they just somehow win. How do they do it? What sacrifice did they make and to which god(s).
  15. What magic supernatural powers do Vegas have? Geez!

    1. DirtyDeeds


      They seem blessed from day one.. that is for sure...


      On a Mission.