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  1. On October 2nd I had my baby girl, she's perfect! :)

    1. tmac70


      Congratulations, Hope everyone is well.

    2. Flyerfan52


      Congratulations Anie.

    3. cross16


      Congrats! Enjoy

  2. 2 weeks until my baby's birthday. Scheduled induction. :)

    1. tmac70


      Best of luck to you and your new family!

  3. 7 weeks left until my little Oiler/Bruin fan will show up :D

  4. Would be interesting how it makes things different with the quality of the product. Will it suck or be good? Who knows. I always found arrests with possession of weed or weed related crimes kinda silly anyway. As for driving, since it's illegal to drink and drive over a certain limit. I'm sure laws will pass in the same kind of way. Being under of any influence while driving is pretty irresponsible. It'd open business and bring in money but where the money goes will be more interesting to me. Bringing in money to help the taxpayers... pfhhhbbbbttt.
  5. My pregnancy cravings want Canadian bacon, timmies, Mexican chilli Dutch chips, coffee crisps and everything else I can't get. :(

    1. Pyromancer


      What's wrong with British Bacon? What is so special about ours?

    2. The_People1


      Diversity is our strength.

    3. Anie8706


      British bacon is thick and nice but the stuff in America is crunchy, crispy and greasy. While britian has good food it's very different in many ways and I just want a piece of Canadian home comfort food. Even a hot dog in a baseball park sounds great to me now. *sigh*

  6. Gun laws are very strict over here.
  7. I'm pregnant. Don't worry I won't name my kid Connor :P

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    2. Anie8706


      Yeah turns out my due date is now Friday the 13th! Which I don't mind at all, I love it since horror stuff has a special space in my heart. :)

    3. Cowtownguy


      You were not thinking of naming the child Jason, are you? :wub:

    4. Anie8706


      Tempting but nah, we sort of have one name in mind for a boy but still could change our minds until October. Thought we had a girls name now have to find something else.

  8. Political correctness is sadly a buzzword. There was no issue with political correctness before Trump., in fact I see a lot of Americans sharing their point of view in many spectrums long before Trump came a long. Also exercising their freedoms of speech in many different ways. What people simply want is a home, good job, get rid of bills, vacation every once and awhile and have dinner at the table. Sadly a lot of Americans don't live in that way and felt ignored. Now this populous stuff is coming out and it's completely fear driven, that's scary to me because fear was disasterous in history.
  9. I'm going to cringe a lot with what he has to say but hey the voters got what they deserve with his mouth. If this makes people learn that he's an embarrassment then go ahead let him be unrehearsed.
  10. Very passionate in here
  11. I miss hockey night in Canada
  12. That went by quick
  13. Caught my teams game and thought I'd say hi.
  14. I have a greyhound and it's the most sweetest dog I've had ever. She's close to being 12 or 13 this year and she used to be in races at stadiums before they retired her early. I was surprised how low maintenance greyhounds are, they don't need an excessive amount of exercise... they love sprinting a short distance but more than anything they love laying around on their blankets. Do you guys have any pets as well? Any funny stories about them?