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  1. From watching the pheonix game it seemed whenever he was unsure of what to do in the O zone he would slide a wrister on net, which is awesome, we have scored a lot of broken play and garbage goals, which is how we are going to have to play to win some games this year, but i wouldnt mind him going back to juniors after 9 games and reinforcing his leadership skills while developing some poise. That being said, his drive alone to play in the nhl this year, and the abilities he has shown that stem from that make me wanna reward him and keep him in the nhl. Basically i am fine either way, he is the kind of player that will make himself better no matter what road he takes.
  2. gaudreau had a 5 pt night to jump to 19 pts havnt seen any game footage but i believe he leads hockey east in points now
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