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    Please make up your mind. Which is it ? your not going to make a final judgement or Reto is not a NHL goalie. Reto had a rough night but if every goalie that had a rough night in the NHL is not a NHL goalie then there would be zero Goalies. Look at the two greatest goalies of all time did they have off nights? Brodeur Oct 9th 1999 3 goals on 8 shots in less than 15 minutes of ice time. Age 27 Roy march 16 1991 4 goals on 21 shots in 40 minutes of ice time. age 26 bot having bee in the league for a few years at this point of their careers. THE POINT IS IS he a NHL goalie? who knows but i can tell you one thing. Making a judgement on a guy after 3 or even 5 games ( which is what you have done) is a snap judgement. Give him 20 and see where he is then. I have no problem with you disliking him or saying he was horrible in a game. But to state he is not a NHL goalie is saying your insight is better than an NHL scout or coach. He has had good and bad games in his five he has played. this being his worst game he has played so far. But is it all him or does the team in front of him deserve some of the fault. think that over.
  2. geo35


    The only thing i quated of myself where the numbers that kipper had in his year that he was 26. For Proof and a reminder since you obviousley never looked at them. Are they good? IMO some yes and some no. That is the point Kipper at 26 years old was not great every night. You can try and argue my post all you want but the problem is you really can't. My post is that you throw our goalies under the bus after every loss stateing that they are not good enough. I just get sick of hearing you bash these guys on 3 games of work. Then you state that they will never be a NHL starter. I am fine if you say you do not like Reto or Karri. that is your opinion and choice. But I think your are short sighted if you think you can tell who is and who is not a potential starting goalie in the NHL after a few games. Have you watched the games or just look at the score sheet at the end?
  3. geo35


    Did I ever say that Reto is Kipper? I know you love stats. Took a year when Kipper was the same age as Reto. So you say kipper always had great stats. If I was to look at those stats I listed above I do not see Stellar stats. If you look at the year before that they are about the same when you look at them game by game. So why is it that Reto has no good stats. They looked pretty good to me when i look at them from the last couple seasons and the world cup last year. If you only want to compare stats from the NHL you have to be fare and compare stats from the same body of work. ( age, how many games,) Trying to compare a young goalie to a 10 year vet is not doing it fairly. Kipper was never considered a starting goalie in the NHL till he came to Calgary. A potential starter yes but not a starter. What people get tired of is after every game you have such a doom and gloom aspect to your comments. Not to mention you lay the blame on 1 guy. There are 20 guys dressed every game as well as the coaches. Reto has yet to let a bad goal in that was a easy save to make. It is cool you have passion and a opinion. What isn't cool is throwing a guy under the bus without giving an apropiate amount of time to show what he has.
  4. geo35


    So which is it do you like Berra or not. The stats i listed where from a goalie that was 26 and had a little more NHL experience at the time. His name was Mikka year 2002-2003. My point is stop being so negative after each game. If you dislike something fine. But to say that Berra is going to play himself out of the NHL after three games. Give the guy a chance like we did with Mikka. Then you will know what you have. Tell me what goals tonight he should have made the save on?
  5. geo35


    Hey there JJgallow i have a honest question for you. Look at these stats and tell me if this is a 26 year old goalie you would want to develop on your team? I removed the data of who he played for and when. Cause we all know how much into stats you are. DEC GA SA SV sv% TOI L 6 15 9 .600 39:50 L 4 21 17 .810 59:46 L 3 21 18 .857 38;00 W 1 21 20 .952 59;58 w 4 24 20 .833 60;00 L 5 27 22 .815 58;52 1 3 2 .667 26;41 L 2 29 27 ,931 62;24 5 14 9 .643 35;40 3 11 8 .727 40;00 W 0 29 29 1.000 60;00 L 3 34 31 .912 63;49 L 5 36 31 .861 64;28 L 1 28 27 .964 58;46 W 2 25 23 .920 59;29 L 3 24 21 .875 59.32 L 2 37 35 .946 59;04 W 3 36 33 .917 63;58 L 3 24 21 .875 59;58 L 4 28 24 .857 59;02 L 3 30 27 .900 62;04 L 2 20 18 .900 47;43
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