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  1. You aren't disagreeing. I agree Bennett would be good with Gaudreau. But the coach just spent to long and passionate interviews talking about parking him on the bench. I don't see him getting a promotion until his play improves, and I am skeptical his play improves until there is a change (to wing, promotion, trade).
  2. At this point we have two options. Call up Jankowski and move Bennett to the wing. Or trade Bennett (in which case a Reinhart trade would be ideal.) Bennett is off to a nightmare start and his penalties have him in the coaches dog house. He needs a change, not more time.
  3. With the way the Flames are playing they don't have the luxury to start their back up. Hopefully that won't be the case forever. I am not saying never start Lack. I just don't think the fact he hasn't started yet is a problem.
  4. Brodie struggling tonight.
  5. I have liked three of our four lines so far.
  6. You would think for the 9 million we spend on it our fourth line would be better then the other fourth line. It isn't.
  7. Nobody is suggesting anything as dramatic as playing 81 games in a row. I also don't think this has been an ongoing problem for the Flames. The last goalie to play more then 52 games in a season was Kipper. That was in 11/12. The Flames have had a light schedule work wise and Smith isn't overplayed. Giving him a chance to rebound when he was playing so well (especially of Lack wasn't ready) isn't a problem. Especially before a 4 day break.
  8. Would anyone trade Bennett for the equivalent of Kylington, Stone, and Mangiapane? Now pretend Bennett was coming off of a 47 point season and was third in scoring on the team. It's going to cost Bennett+ or a core player to get Reinhart.
  9. Indeed. Glass-Stajan-Brouwer might even be a halfway decent line in the AHL.
  10. It's not about getting Lack starts. It's about getting Smith rest. And so far he hasn't needed it. I get the school of thought of getting the back up starts. But when you starter is hot and rested you play him. Also, it sounds like the coach didn't feel Lack was showing well in practice until a couple of practices ago. If true, that factors in as well.
  11. Rumor is some in the organization think he has a better shot at bring an NHL starter then Gilles. He was a bit of a low chance / high reward pick up and so far he is showing he might make the NHL. My guess he is the first call up if we are looking for a goalie, but the season is early yet so that may change.
  12. I think it was the right call. Smith is the starter. He had been playing very well for us until one bad game where he was pulled. If you start with Lack the game after it is the wrong message. Let Smith get back on the horse. Lack will get his chance soon I am sure.
  13. I am not in the locker room. I am not sure if Bennett would appreciate the move to wing to re-establish himself offensively or if he would see that as a demotion. Either way, this isn't just about his development anymore. We need to fix our third line and right now he is part of the problem. I am fine giving it a few more games with consistent line mates (Jagr/Versteeg) and see if he takes off. He hasn't had a consistent stretch with different line mates in his short NHL career. But if he keeps spinning his wheels we need to do something, both for his development but also to make the team more effective.
  14. To win a cup it starts with having the best players. That is on drafting and development. (A draft lottery win or two certainly helps, but it isn't required). Then you need to surround them with good players. Drafting a development is still key, but now your GM comes in as well. Next they need to play well on the ice. Hello coaching staff. Throw in a lot of luck and you are on your way to a cup. But that doesn't have much to do with goal tending. Goalies are strange. Fleury was a first overall and started in the NHL, but ended up back in junior and played in the AHL before coming in as a poor/mediocre starter (until he found his legs). Meanwhile Murray was a 3-round pick who played his full four years in junior and two in the AHL before getting an injury call up where he was able to unexpectedly win the starters job. Crawford was a second round pick and was up and down between the AHL/NHL for years before breaking in. He has won cups as both a young and older goalie. Quick was a third round pick but broke into the league very quickly, moving from the ECHL to the AHL to the NHL in a single season. Anyone telling you there is only one path to success when it comes to goalies is speaking out of the wrong hole. They are all different. The only consistent trend for just about all goalies is really strong play in the AHL before making it to the NHL. The Flames haven't had that from any of their goalies which is why they haven't had any young goalies in net. This idea that being young qualifies you for an NHL position is ridiculous. It really really is. You need to play well in the developing league first then you move to the NHL. The day that a goalie is playing well in the AHL but doesn't get the bump is the day I join the naysayers. Until then Mike Smith is 4-2 and is top 10 in both save percentage and goals against (among starters). That is despite seeing more shots then any other goalie. He isn't giving people any valid reasons to complain about how we are managing our net. Hopefully it stays that way.
  15. Gilles has one great save (in an otherwise poor camp) and Smith has one bad game (in an otherwise great start) and out comes the naysayer. We all want a kid to step up and take the reigns. But you need a kid to step up and take the reigns first. That is a distinction that JJ and a few others can't seem to grasp. Until that happens let the rest of us enjoy the good goaltending we are getting from Smith. Let's not jump up out for the gutter everytime there is a bad game. Overall Smith had been great. Good on him. Meanwhile Gilles, Rittich, and Parsons have had a decent start to the season. The reigns are still hear for them WHEN one of them is ready. The great thing about an older goalie on a short term deal is that they will be available when one of the kids gets a hold of them.