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  1. But they won't. They can find guys like Mangiapane for less money without all of the downside of an offer sheet. That's the point.
  2. It isn't a tough one. The Flames see Rittich as the starter next season and potentially beyond. The cost of getting an alternate would be much higher then 4.5x2. It would be an automatic match. It is moot though. NHL owners and GMs don't like offer sheets. It provides leverage to a sub set of players that would otherwise have none, and it inflates RFA values in future negotiations. It is bad for the league. It also has very little upside. Either the other team matches and you get nothing, o they don't and you get the privilege of paying draft picks for an overpaid player. The only reason to do an offer sheet is to acquire a player you otherwise could not acquire. Young super stars are not available outside of an offer sheet or the draft. If you can realistically get a very young Mitch Marner, Sebastian Aho, or Mathew Tkachuk then maybe its worth the cost. But no GM is doing it for a David Rittich or Sam Bennett. At least probably, GMs have shown themselves to be awful stupid in the past, but I really doubt it.
  3. I thought the coach did what he could. The roster still has a number of flaws. What are we? We aren't fast. We have a few fast pieces, but most of the team is average with some of our expensive pieces (Tkachuk, Monahan, Neal, Giordano) being relatively slow. We aren't tough. Or even tough to play against. We do have agitators in Bennett, Tkachuk, Neal, and previously Hamilton. But they didn't play that way when it mattered. We aren't skilled. Sure we have Gaudreau and Brodie, but most of our top guys (Monahan, Backlund, Tkachuk, Giordano, Lindholm, etc) play a relatively simple game. We aren't defensive. At least at forward. We have Lindholm, Backlund, Tkachuk, and for now Frolik. But a good chunk of our forwards (including our top guys) don't play D. Our questionable goal doesn't help. We aren't a high energy, passionate, out work the opposition team. Etc. What we were supposed to be was deep. It's true four our D. But at forward guys like Bennett, Neal, and Jankowski didn't come together. Our lack of a strong identity and our lack of depth is what killed us in the playoffs. The problem is the Flames are probably going to get worse not better since we will be paying more for a team that is going to lose players. It's not on the coach. He exploited what we had. A mobile team capable of playing a puck possession game, a really mobile D, one elite defensive line, and one elite offensive line. Which got us a regular season conference title. But that isn't enough in the playoffs.
  4. All offer sheets do is give RFAs leverage. GMs should know better.
  5. We need to do the Frolik dump to just be under the cap. After that any moves will probably need to be dollar for dollar or close. I agree we need to find a top 6 or 9 forward. But unless Trelving does some magic (like a Neal move) or is willing to move one of our D for an underwhelming return via a cap dump, I don't see us in a position to take on dollars in free agency or via a trade.
  6. I don't think the Flames are in any position to take on cap.
  7. kehatch


    As far as July 1 signings go, not too bad. Its tough to regret a 1-year deal for under 3-million. Low risk signing.
  8. kehatch


    Yes. Humans are at the other end of the keyboard. Which means people are going to react. And calling a dramatic post dramatic isn't exactly hurt feelings territory, or at least it shouldn't be. The quotes you made were either not personal, very mild, or taken completely out of context. (The last one was me quoting you telling me I have no idea. Seriously.) You may also want to look at your own tone if you can't handle any sort of reaction. For example: But I tell you what. You ignore me. I will ignore you. Both of us will enjoy the boards more.
  9. I am not watching, but apparently on TSN they talked about a Kadri/Brodie deal that fell through. Kadri apparently has Calgary on his 10 team NMC.
  10. What would people think about a Monahan for Aho trade? We would need to move some cap in the trade to make it work. I don't have an opinion either way. Mostly because I am not super familiar with Aho. From a Carolina perspective they get back a 1C on a sweetheart deal. From Calgary's perspective they get a little younger and shake up the core a bit. I like Monahan but I don't know what he is. He doesn't play physical. He isn't fast. He doesn't play with emotion. He is an elite goal scorer and a very good player. But would Aho be a potential upgrade as a player and/or as a fit?
  11. kehatch


    This entire post is dramatic. Talbot / Smith can never win a cup. You have no idea how someone could think Talbot is an upgrade over Smith. Trying to take over both sides of the debate with comments like 'every year you say' and 'even with the limited scope you're operating'. That is just this post. It doesn't even touch on the 'we are still old', 'giving up or only playoff player to the Oilers for nothing', 'at least this speeds us towards a rebuild', etc. This is a 1-year contract for a back-up goalie. This isn't roof on fire sort of stuff. My take: The Flames are hoping Rittich materializes as their starter. He took a big step forward last season and the Flames are hoping he can take another. Talbot is veteran support to help him. As fans we discount this a lot, but most of the great goalies had strong veteran support. Hopefully Talbot will rebound some moving from one of the worst to one of the better defensive cores in the NHL. If Rittich doesn't take a step forward and/or Talbot doesn't rebound then both are on flexible contracts allowing the Flames to address it at the deadline / next off season. Even if they wanted Smith back, they wouldn't have the flexibility at the deadline with Smith signed due to his 35+ status and the bonuses. But in reality they probably didn't want Smith back due to his regular season performance and a desire to invest in Rittich as their starter. Disagree with the take all you want, but maybe with a rational argument.
  12. kehatch


    Drama much? There is more then one way to address the position. Step back from the ledge.
  13. kehatch


    It's not a wedding proposal. If you can get a few years out of a player it's a win. Particularly when the acquisition cost is zero.
  14. Frolik traded for a mid round pick Goalies signed for about 5.5 million Bennett signed for 2 Tkachuk signed for 8 Brodie traded for similar salary forward (like Kadri) That brings you to about 2M under the cap.
  15. I don't see the point of buying out Stone. He has one year left under contract and I would rather not spread the cap into future years. Plus, we are probably trading away a D for a forward so they might as well keep the guy as insurance / depth. He is a functional player with a RH shot. He might even have a bit of value at the deadline. If buying him out gave us the cap space we need then fine, but it doesn't. If we can trade him as a cap dump then fine, but we probably can't. Things might change between now and September. If it does then I am sure we will have an arbitration buyout if we absolutely need it. As of right now buying him out doesn't make a lot of sense imo.
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