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  1. Ha. I didn't even realize I hit submit. Having internet issues at the camp site. Post wasn't finished. Updated now, and Jankowski is still on the roster!
  2. Defence is mostly set. The only question is whether Valimaki and/or Andersson make it over Kulak/Stone Giordano-Brodie Hanifin-Hamonic Kulak-Stone Prout More interesting are the forward lines. The most probable based on coach and GM interviews: Gaudreau-Monahan-Neal Tkachuk-Backlund-Lindholm Frolik-Jankowski-Czarnik Bennett-Jankowski-Ryan My preference to balance out the lines: Gaudreau-Monahan-Neal Tkachuk-Lindholm-Ryan Bennett-Backlund-Frolik Hathaway-Jankowski-Czarnik It would be really great if the players allowed the lines to be: Gaudreau-Monahan-Ryan Frolik-Backlund-Lindholm Tkachuk-Bennett-Neal Mangiapane-Jankowski-Czarnik Giordano-Brodie Hanifin-Hamonic Valimaki-Andersson
  3. I don't think Kulak is in any real danger of being claimed. If he is no biggie. Valimaki sounds NHL ready. The one thing it does tell me is the Flames don't see him in their plans long term. This isn't a tactic you use on a guy you want to keep long term. As for Stone, I don't have a problem with him directly. But I don't like his salary and I think Andersson outplayed him and has much more upside.
  4. We are in terrific shape cap wise. We have no 7+ contracts. Gaudreau, Monahan, Giordano are our only 6+ contracts and two of those are big bargains (Giordano was below market value when signed as well). Backlund and Neal are the only 5 to 6 contracts, and both of those are fine. The rest are under 5 and most are fine. Lindholm, Brodie, and Hamonic have contracts slightly below market value and any of them may end as big bargains. The Brouwer and Stone contracts are the only bad ones and both are almost done. The best thing is most of the good ones are locked in for long term. The only scary contracts are to Giordano, Neal, and to a lesser extent Ryan. But none of those are particularly scary.
  5. The Flames still need so sign Hanafin and then Tkachuk. We also need to add a starting goalie for 19/20. I don't think we can handle the cap without unloading one of our big name players. That said, it will cost us a big name player to get a player like Trouba or Stone.
  6. Tkachuk-Bennett-Neal could be a great line. It would be a terrible line to play against and would be a great tool for the coaches. The downside is it takes up the three best candidates to play on the top line, but Gaudreau-Monahan is going to produce regardless of who is on it. Gaudreau-Monahan-Ryan Tkachuk-Bennett-Neal Frolik-Backlund-Lindholm Hathaway-Jankowski-Czarnick That is as good a middle six as any team and the top line won't missed a beat. There is some decent depth on line 4 as well.
  7. I have Monahan, Lindholm, Backlund as my centres as well. Last season the Backlund line had to play 2 more minutes per night because they had to shelter Jankowski. The line suffered for it. Bennett or Jankowski would have to show me they took a step forward and are ready to play tough minutes. Ryan has never been a strong defensive option. Lindholm is ready for the role now, and as you say, his skill set fits the position. That said, there are lots of options. They may flank Jankowski with strong defensive wingers like Frolik to help him along. The fact that Treliving speaks about Lindholm as a winger suggests they see Jankowski as a C long term so its probably where they start.
  8. What the Flames have been most vocal about is that they have options. And they do. Monahan and Backlund are clearly top 9 C to start the season. But they can play any of Jankowski, Bennett, Lindholm, Ryan or possibly even a Dube or Quine as the third. Gaudreau is the only guaranteed LW in the top 9. But Tkachuk, Bennett, Frolik, Jankowski, Neal, Mangiapane, Dube, and Klimchuk are all options. Nobody is set at RW. But Neal, Lindholm, Ryan, Czarnik, Foo, Frolik, Bennett, Tkachuk, and Brouwer are options. That is around 14 options 9 positions. Right now I would agree Bennett is down a bit on the depth chart, but he has every opportunity to beat out Jankowski for the third line C spot. Lindholm is probably penciled in at RW, but if someone Like Foo makes a case and Jankowski/Bennett don't cement a C spot you could see him (or Ryan) at C. Barring a hockey trade for an area of need (i.e. Goalie) or a big offer, I don't think the Flames move any players off the roster until they assess in camp.
  9. That is pretty much it for me. Gilles still has lots to prove in the AHL and Rittich had his opportunity to win the spot last season and he did not. Going into the season with the same goalies, with the starter coming off an injury and another year older, is likely going to end up with similar or worse results. We also have to remember that we struggled with an 82 game season. We want a 100+ game season. I think Smith needs a strong 1B to help carry the load.
  10. Hamilton and Giordano were one of the best pairs in the NHL by virtually every metric. I would agree with that based on the games I watched (most of them). I think trading Hamilton had more to do with mixing up the core and holding the team accountable as anything else. I am sure there were aspects of his behavior and on ice play the Flames didn't love, but even at its best Giordano-Brodie wasn't as good as Giordano-Hamilton. That includes both sides of the ice. That said, if they can get close to what they had with classic Giordano-Brodie and Hanafin-Hamonic works out we will be in good shape as far as our skaters go. But will we get there? This goes along with goaltending as the biggest questions for next season. That said, Treliving put the pieces on the board and has done his job. Now it's up to the players and coaches to deliver.
  11. Brodie won't replace Hamilton's production by himself, but it should go up. Between him and Hanafin I don't think you will see a big drop in points or goals from the back end. Especially if the PP improves (which it should). I agree we should see improvements up front. With those two guys perhaps, but also all of the other players added.
  12. Last season we had a number of issues. One, our bottom 6 was full of has-beens, never-was, with a few might-be's thrown in. It was a mess. The Flames have added a lot of quality depth options. This will help the coach with match ups and take some of the burden off the Backlund line. This should help with both GF and GA. Two, our D was great on paper but it didn't translate onto the ice. Hamilton is a big loss but the shake up, including potentially bringing up a prospect or two, could be the change we need. New coaches specializing on D should help as well. Time will tell if this translates to success. Three, special teams (especially the PP) was bad. The addition of Neal, face off guys, and a RH shot should help alot. Again, the coaching change should help as well. Time will tell, but I am comfortable that our PP in particular should be better. Four, we lacked goal scorers. Ferland was inconsistent scoring nearly all of his goals in the first half. Replacing him with Neal and adding some good options to the top 6 should make this better. Five, the Flames lacked the depth in net to compensate for an injury to Smith. Rittich was fine in spot back-up duty but he and Gilles were unable to handle the load when Smith got hurt. Currently we are gambling that Smith returns to form and Rittich or Gilles takes a step forward. Certainly possible, but it's a big risk they don't. Especially if we are talking a 100+ game season (which we all hope). I think Treliving has done enough at forward and D. He may need to do a bit of tweaking to create cap space and make room for prospects, but the big adds are probably done. I personally would like to see him add some insurance in net, but options are limited and there are plenty of fans that would prefer we take the gamble on Smith/Rittich/Gilles.
  13. Tkachuk is second in team scoring. Jankowski finishes the season as the second line C. Smith is not the starting goalie at season end. Neither is Rittich or Gilles. The Flames are top 10 in both special teams. We get to game six of the second round (and maybe beyond).
  14. I don't disagree. I do think Bennett has the skill to be a game breaker, and his pesky play fits the identity the Flames are trying to build (see Neal, Tkachuk, Hathaway, etc). But he is at the point he needs to realize some of his potential.
  15. That is a bit harsh. Both out up similar points (Bennett had one more) and Bennett is a year younger. Beyond that, Bennett showed his potential in his first season by putting up almost 40 points and making an impact in the playoffs. I think that has as much (or more) impact on people's perception then the draft position. Personally for me, I have Bennett in the top 9 more because I see him as a LWer then a C. There is more space on the LW. But I like both Jankowski and Bennett. I will say this, if Bennett doesn't look good with the new coach I see less rope for him then Jankowski. He is running out of excuses and needs to start showing progress.