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  1. The priority isn't to see what you have in Rittich. It's to get your starter playing well. Sitting him after a game then long stretch off isn't how you get your starter playing well.
  2. We need both. Smith is our starter. He is going to play 55-60 of the games in the regular season and all of the games in the playoffs. He needs to be good. We also need Rittich to be good because we dont want to be forced to overplay Smith. It's possible this is the season Smith loses the starter role and either shares starts or becomes a backup. But I need to see a couple more strong starts from Rittich and stinkers from Smith first. Like I said above, there are currently a lot of elite goalies at the bottom of the statistical pile right now and a lot of backups at the top. It's a symptom of being 5 games in.
  3. I don't see that this season. I did in the past for sure. But he seems to be using his team mates and focusing on other areas of the game rather then trying to constantly wow everyone.
  4. Brodie is on our top pair. Hamonic is on the IR and hasn't played well in Calgary. Trading Brodie leaves a much bigger gap then trading Hamonic. Right now I would keep all of our D. But Andersson and Valimaki prove we are better with the then without them then they may need to move someone to make room. It won't be someone from our top pair, and they probably can't move Stone. Chances are they don't move anyone until the summer though to keep us deep at the position.
  5. Anderson and Valimaki have looked good. Both had taken turns struggling, but both have been improving steadily as they have got more games. I don't love Stone, but he has been okay and we are probably stuck with him. So do the Flames try and trade Hamonic when he is healthy? I don't want to sit a kid that is playing well, and if you sit Stone you are wasting 3 million. I don't have an opinion yet. But it will be interesting to monitor as we see some more games.
  6. I agree with your lines and assessment that Dube may be the next to sit. If the lines don't work out step one (for me) is to swap Lindholm and Backlund. If it still doesn't work I swap Lindholm for Tkachuk and move Bennett to C. Gaudreau-Monahan-Lindholm Tkachuk-Bennett-Neal Frolik-Backlund-Czarnik Hathaway-Jankowski-Ryan I also consider swapping Bennett and Lindholm in this scenario.
  7. Rittich looked solid last night. The first two goals weren't on him, and he shut the door after that. He wasn't called on to be spectacular, but he was solid. I don't know if I would give him the next game though. We need to have Smith playing solid hockey. That's a long stretch without a game for Smith. Like it or not Rittich is our backup and Smith the starter. It will take more then one solid game to change that. If missing the next game is the best way to get Smith going then do it, but I doubt that is the case.
  8. Bennett has been playing great. It isn't just a display of skill and speed, he is playing smart. He has been defensively hard. He plays physical. He is aggravating. But he isn't playing like a bull taking stupid penalties and playing his game dumb. Some of this is likely him figuring it out. Some is probably the coaching staff. Having a young guy on the fourth line working on specific things is a development tool. If he spends 82 games there you have a problem. He spent 2 there. Great job so far. If Bennett can get it together it will be a big help.
  9. Not according to Peters who said Frolik is behind the pace (or something like that). Frolik was also limited to 5 minutes of 5 on 5 time last game and has basically been limited to the PK. His partner (Ryan) got a lot more ice time. I don't think its anything major, and it's probably about getting Jankowski in the line up as anything else.
  10. Looks like they kept the top 9 the same. The fourth line is changed with it now Hathaway-Jankowski-Ryan. They also put Valimaki with Stone and confirmed Rittich as the starter.
  11. Apparently I am having trouble typing today. I meant THIS season. Even that isn't totally accurate when you consider the top guys, but he has played well.
  12. I sure did. Ha. Thanks for pointing it out. Fixed now, I was just being lazy with copy/paste. I have been an advocate for a line of Tkachuk-Bennett-Neal since we picked up Neal so I am on board with that. I just think it is unlikely at this point. They have a lot of options at C and don't need Bennett there, and they are probably reluctant to disrupt his recent progress by moving him to a harder position. That said, I would love to see it. I like Czarnik. In addition to his offense, he has been strong defensively. He is one of our best possession forwards. Granted it is early and he is on a line with Backlund/Tkachuk, but I have liked what I have seen from him. It is interesting to note how Peter's deploys his lines. We aren't seeing the Backlund line buried as much as we did in the past. The first line is getting a fair bit more defensive zone face offs. I wonder how much of that has to do with Lindholm on the line.
  13. Smith hasn't been very good for three of his four starts this season. That is a fact. It isn't a condemnation of Smith, or putting every loss on his shoulder, or excusing the players in front of him, etc. It is also a fact that he wasn't good in the preseason, to finish last season, and that he is a 36 year old player that hasn't been great since getting hurt. Fan's have a right to be a bit concerned. I don't understand why this is such a touchy subject to some people. That said, the sky isn't falling yet. Smith may be in the bottom range of goalies this season. But so is Allen, Fleury, Rask, Jones, Talbot, Anderson, etc. Smith may still have a terrific season. It just isn't the start that most were hoping for since goal is one of the biggest risks facing the Flames this season.
  14. Stone was a mistake, pure and simple. Not the trade for him, with Giordano out they had to get someone, but the decision to sign him to that extension was a mistake. I am not too worried about Ryan, or the forwards in general. I think Dube and Czarnik making the top 9 has bumped them down to the fourth line. As has Bennett playing better. But even with that Ryan played almost 15-minutes last game. If I am worried about anyone it is Frolik. Almost half of his time last game was on the PK. He had around 5-minutes 5 on 5. If that trend continues the Flames need to move him because that is almost a million dollars per 5 on 5 minute. But it is too early to worry too much.
  15. The lines for today's game will be interesting. They are coming off a pretty poor game where the top line didn't look good. They have the opportunity to mix things up. Is Lindholm off the top line? I think there is a decent chance we see Neal on that line tonight. Is Dube's run over? I think we have an NHL player on our hands. It might not be right now. He may be dropped to the fourth line, or even sat tonight so Jankowski can draw in. Bennett was one of our best forwards last season and has consistently been good all season. Does get more opportunity? What I think is very possible we will see: Gaudreau-Monahan-Neal Tkachuk-Backlund-Czarnik Bennett-Ryan-Lindholm Peluso-Jankowski-Frolik What I would be very interested in seeing: Gaudreau-Monahan-Neal Tkachuk-Lindholm-Cazarnik Bennett-Backlund-Frolik Dube-Jankowski-Ryan On defense Andersson struggled and I think there is a reasonable chance he sits tonight and we see Prout draw in. I don't want that, but it won't surprise me.