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  1. The Neal signing was a mistake, and I have been critical of the trade for Lucic. I think Neal has a better chance to rebound compared to Lucic. You can add the original Brower signing then buyout to the sequence of this mistake. But Tkachuk would not be here if we didn't sign Neal. The GM will make room once he knows the contract that is being signed. GMs also make mistakes. Last summer the GM added Neal, Lindholm, Hanafin, and Ryan to a team that needed to add depth. The result was we went from a team that couldn't score and missed the playoffs to one that put up almost 290 goals and was the top team in the West. So we have one bad contract and a couple of million in buyouts. We also have a contending team because of aggressive moves to complete a team built via the draft.
  2. Show me a competitive team in the NHL without at least one bad contract and some dead cap space (buyout, recapture, etc). Also, the Tkachuk signing has nothing to do with cap space or the Neal signing. The GM is not going to sign Tkachuk to a contract that doesn't reflect his leverage. He didn't with Monahan or Gaudreau or any of his RFAs. We could have 20 million in cap space right now and it wouldn't impact signing Tkachuk. I have no problems criticising Treliving. I have done so many times in the past. But his cap management has been stellar, and his ability to sign his RFAs to good contracts has been stellar. The result is we have Gaudreau, Monahan, Lindholm, Giordano, Backlund, Hanafin, etc signed to team friendly contracts and are in a great situation for the next three years.
  3. The Flames did build through the draft. The vast majority of our players were drafted and developed by the Flames. But you can't do it exclusively. There comes a time when you give up futures to win now. Otherwise you never win. The Flames gave up too much in the Hamonic deal for sure. But trading away picks to make the team better at that stage in the build made sense.
  4. The Flames best players make less then 7 million. We have plenty of kids to spread across the line up. We have a single bad contract on the entire roster. We have a team that was good enough to take first in the west. Your rationale is flawed. 1. We don't have a cap reality that would require us to trade Backlund. See above. 2. We don't have the C depth to afford trading Backlund. Losing him would leave us with the C depth that would be a tremendous obstacle that would remove us from contention. 3. Backlund is not overpaid in a 2C or 3C role. Investing at C is how you win championships. The Flames need to add at C. Not take away. That's why Treliving went after Kadri. It's why so many people are calling for Lindholm to be moved to C. Monahan, Backlund, Jankowski is not good enough. Monahan, Bennett, Jankowski would be absolutely terrible. I would like to see them pair Gaudreau-Monahan, Lindholm-Tkachuk, and Backlund-Frolik. That sets under 35 million for the three pairs. That's a huge bargain (the Leafs are almost paying that for their top 3 forwards) and it leaves us with a respectable Monahan, Lindholm, Backlund C depth.
  5. There is no deathblow. The Flames have one bad contract. Meanwhile all of our best players are on budget contracts. We also have kids like Dube, Andersson, Valimaki, Quine, etc ready to take on a role on a league minimum deal. The Flames are in a great cap situation. This season is just a bit tight.
  6. kehatch


    I would have liked to see Gilles get a full start. Coming in for the last half is hard on a goalie. That said, Gilles just doesn't look right. It doesn't look like rust or nerves, it looks like he doesn't have the basic fundamentals. He isn't tracking the puck at all, his judgment is poor, his five hole is massive, and somehow he manages to look small despite his size. I don't know how they give him more time. They have two more throw away games, then two where they need to start taking things seriously. Talbot needs one of the throw aways and your would think they want to give Zagidulin a game to help his development and do some assessment. You would have to think Zag is the first call up if we have an injury so he needs a game. That leaves rotation as Talbot, Zag, Talbot, Rittich. It might change a bit, but unless they let Gilles split next game with Talbot then I think he is done as a Flame.
  7. Why can't we afford him? We aren't anything like Toronto. They have some of the highest paid players in the league on their roster. Our best players are making under 7 million a year and will for at least the next 3. Tkachuk may be the lone exception to that. Yes it's tight this season. But it looks really good for the following two. Trading Backlund as a way to generate cap space isn't required and would be a huge loss for a team in the window to go after a cup.
  8. Backlund is one of the better NHL players 5 on 5. He plays the hard minutes against the other teams top lines, yet he still consistently outscores the opposition. He also elevates his team mates with the 'Backlund bump.' There are very few players that haven't had success as his winger, and some exceptionally so (see Colborne, Bouma, etc). Meanwhile Bennett still needs to prove his is a positive NHLer. He plays sheltered minutes, is usually a weight on his line, and this while he plays the sheltered easy minutes. I would like to see Backlund moved to the third line and away from Tkachuk (who has more offensive upside). Coaches usually plan lines in pairs. I think Gaudreau/Monahan, Lindholm/Tkachuk, Backlund/Frolik, and Lucic/Ryan provide a solid foundation down the middle and on the wing. That leaves an army of wingers like Bennett, Dube, Czarnik, Mangiapane, Quine, etc to fill in the rest. I also think you can move Ryan or Lucic up as needed to get them more minutes and add some extra spice to the lines. But the Flames can't afford to simply lose Backlund. That would remove our luxury of getting our top line the offensive starts, further weaken a centre position that needs an upgrade, and really damage our depth (which was one of our two major issues last season). If we end up needing to clear cap then getting rid of Jankowski or even Bennett makes a lot more sense.
  9. I don't blame Talbot because he hasn't played a hockey game in a long time at it is the first game of the pre season. But that game was not on the players in front of him.
  10. He missed the first few days of camp, will miss the first preseason game, and made everybody (coach, fans, GM, players) pay attention to him for the wrong reasons. Not to mention the distraction he created for himself. End of the world? No. But he is starting his "prove it" season behind and has nothing to show for it. He had zero leverage. Missing a second of camp was a poor decision that his agent should have guided him away from.
  11. Lesson learned. When you are a 6 round pick with 54 games and 13 points (and no arbitration rights) you just sign your QO offer and you don't skip the beginning of camp. Winter did not act in Mangiapane's best interest in this negotiation. The hold out never made sense.
  12. I don't think the GM is waiting to sign Tkachuk until he frees up cap. He is working on the best deal he can on a long term asset.
  13. I am a little discouraged they haven't tried Lindholm at C yet this camp. I would like to see them aim for three strong lines.
  14. I don't think the threat is ever that real. But an offer sheet once the season starts doesn't give the GM the chance to dump salary.
  15. kehatch

    Take a Stand

    I will add my rationale when I have more time. But here is my list. Green Highlighter Dube Valimaki Andersson Pencil Rittich Gilles Red Ink Jankowski Bennett Mangiapane Czarnik Quine Kylington Lomberg
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