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  1. He looked pretty terrible to start the season. He has looked pretty since being moved to wing. I am just looking for progress.
  2. Yup. I have no idea why they would look at a line up change after last game. Makes no sense unless someone is hurt. But it hasn't happened yet. Hope it doesn't
  3. If true I have serious concerns. Kulak has been very good. Bartowski was terrible. It's not complex math.
  4. People should remember the issue another Kane had. Not to mention his buddy Toews. Players grow up. I have no idea if Evander has an attitude issue. But I am confident in Treliving doing his homework and I am confident the Flames value character. So if they do bring him here I don't have a concern over his attitude. But I do have a concern RE the cost to acquire him, buying high based on his recent production, and the cost to sign him.
  5. I wouldn't be shocked at all if the Flames are looking at Kane. I am sure they want to add another power forward, and I am sure they are still looking at improving our scoring depth. The biggest obstacles are our lack of draft picks and Kane being a UFA at season end. I don't see us moving one of our D or Bennett for a rental and I don't see one of our defensive prospects as enough to get Kane (or even close). That said, earlier reports were we were in on Turris, so you have to wonder if Reinhart is the target. Similar player.
  6. The Flames are getting strong tending at every level. Yet this post is still full of complaints about the goalie coaching, goalie development, the recent trades, the schedule, the performance on the ice, etc. I direct anyone who feels they need to complain about goal tending at this point in time here:
  7. Bennett's season has simplified the decision. Backlund wants to stay and we should very much want to keep him. They will sign him.
  8. Hall is a downgrade to Gaudreau absolutely. In terms of who I want on the team, but also in terms of value across the NHL. Hall was traded for Larsson not that long ago and his best season recently is about the same as Gaudreau's worst. Zajac is 32 and signed for 4 more years at almost 6 million. He is already breaking down. Even if Backlund gets 6x6 that is a vastly better contract for a better and young player. Bennett for a second? While he is finally playing well? Not a chance. I don't know what you are trying to do with this trade. This season Schneider for Smith is close to a wash, so this trade is about the future. Longer term on a younger goalie. But in every other area you are getting older (and Schneider is not spring chicken.) The Flames get worse today and much worse tomorrow in order to solve a problem that isn't even a problem at the moment. Bad trade imo.
  9. Hall is a downgrade on Gaudreau. Zajac is a huge downgrade on Backlund (plus has a terrible terrible contract). I am not trading Bennett for a second. Which means we are giving up all that to get Schneider. Hard no for me.
  10. Hamilton hasn't played with anyone but Giordano in Calgary. He has also progressed in the two seasons we have had him. I think he could play with someone else okay. I am definitely not against Giordano-Brodie. I think Brodie-Hamilton would be okay as well. I also haven't minded Brodie-Stone. But Brodie-Hamonic has been a disaster. Given Kulak emerging as a quality player and Anderson looking NHL ready I might even consider moving Brodie or Hamonic. All good players, but as of right now not a good mesh.
  11. Trade Backlund and kiss the season good bye. He is the reason that Monahan and Gaudreau get the offensive assignments. And we are still a two line team and Backlund drives one of those lines. Smith is fine. I have zero issues seeing what we have in Gilles / Rittich for a game or two while he gets better. If they aren't ready you can get a back up for a lot less then Backlund. I agree with others that Lack was a miss. He hasn't shown anything regular or preseason that suggests he is a good option in the NHL. The sooner they pull the chute on Lack the better.
  12. Tonight's game certainly isn't making a case for keeping those two together
  13. The top pairing of Giordano-Hamilton has been one of the best in the league. So I doubt they split it up (and they probably shouldn't). The third pairing has been strong as well since they gave Bartowski the punt. But the Brodie-Hamonic pairing has been meh. Brodie has 11 points on the season, but 6 of those are from the PP. Brodie is also the teams ice time leader so he has to be doing something the coach likes. But the pairing is getting out shot, out chanced, and out scored 5 on 5. I wonder what the following would look like on the ice. Sure Giordano-Hamilton is awesome. But so was Giordano-Brodie. Giordano-Hamonic Brodie-Hamilton Kulak-Stone
  14. I feel like for the first time all season the Flames have the lines right. I am really hoping the third line can catch fire soon, hopefully tonight. The pieces are in place. Just need it to happen.
  15. Based on ice time the Jankowski line is the fourth line. Jankowski and Bennett both have less time then Glass. Can't see Jankowski studying up.