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  1. This season seems to be defined by the players that are costing us. We don't need superstars on the bottom pairing or bottom 6. But we can't rely on guys that are liabilities.
  2. Who to pick on. Bennett. Jankowski. Brodie. Rittich. Rittich has been solid this season outside of tonight. The other three have made us worse all season.
  3. That isn't really true though. He was poor for a long stretch. He recovered a bit statistically but still looked off. Smith still got the starts in the playoffs. I am not saying he isn't or can't be a starter. But I need more then four strong four games in October before I say he is.
  4. Which part doesn't make sense? For two seasons in a row he was stellar until February, and fell a part at the end. He is once again stellar early. Suggesting I want to see if he can sustain this for a full season with a starters load certainly makes sense. Announcing he is a starter and we shouldn't have doubts after 4 games is what doesn't make sense.
  5. We know early season Rittich can be great. It's late season Rittich that struggles. When the calendar turns to February is when the games get tougher, focus is harder to keep, and the body is a bit dinged up. It's then he can prove his is a starter in the NHL.
  6. Bennett is a liability. Bad penalty against LA left us short handed in OT. Stupid play at the offensive blue line while his D is changing costs us a goal. Terrible awareness and no IQ. When he gains confidence he just gets dumber. Worse then replacement level. Makes the team worse.
  7. kehatch


    I think you have to go with Rittich. I get wanting to manage his load and getting Talbot in a game. But part of moving away from Smith was to show Rittich he is the guy. Tough to stay with that message if you don't start him after a two day break following a shutout.
  8. Compared to Colorado, much better game against an inferior team. But similar themes. Top and third lines look good. Second and fourth lines struggling, particularly the second line. Rittich has been strong. D was stronger this game, which you would expect without Colorado top line and with our coach in charge of the matchups. But all three pairings were solid.
  9. -Top line was fine. Struggled five in five at times, but they don't match up with Colorados big line - The 3M line was crap across the board. Frolik was really bad. - The third line was a pleasent surprise. Both Lucic and Bennett had good games and Ryan is usually solid -Top pairing was good -Middle pairing struggled a bit, but I am not worried -Kylington didn't look good. -Rittich was strong -The game was terrible to watch due to the officiating. I felt like I was watching a Bantam 4 game where anybody that fell drew a penalty while actual infractions didn't get called. -The Flames can't blame the penalties. They got two goals on weak calls. They just started slow and couldn't handle the Colorado speed outside of half of the second period.
  10. Reffing is terrible. Benefiting the Flames as much as Colorado. But it's making the game unwatchable.
  11. They figured him out in February but then forgot what they figured out by March? The Flames didn't have a problem scoring in the regular season and the preseason means precisely nothing.
  12. Am I missing something? Did we not score 289 goals last season? Inability to score??
  13. I agree with your gut. It may not happen until after the season starts, but I can't see them passing the deadline without adding a D. Probably earlier then later. But, as you say, we will have to see how the season goes. If the Kylington / Andersson pair is rock solid and the top 6 stay healthy maybe that changes things.
  14. The playoffs were encouraging, I agree. I am fine with giving him a chance. But that is sort of the point of my post. He is a player that needs a good season and hopefully a good start. Making him the line roulette guy is probably not the best way to do that. The guy has been bounced around all three forward positions and hasn't been on a set line all preseason, and we still don't know where he is going to start. For a guy that has struggled but who should have more to show, that seems like a poor approach.
  15. No he isn't. The third line was a liability last season. Not just because of Bennett, but he was a big part of it. He has yet to show he can be a positive player in the NHL on a consistent basis. He somehow managed to be a team leading - 6 on a team with a positive differential of over 60, he takes way more penalties then he draws, his 5 on 5 numbers are poor, and he rarely plays special teams. And last season was an improvement. All that for 27 points and a 2.6.million dollar cap hit. He hasn't been fine. Either cut bait or put him in a position to be successful. But he is almost the last player on the team that should be jumping between all top 3 lines and every forward position.
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