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  1. The Flames don't need to move anyone down. The 23 man roster isn't active anymore. In fact, they can't move anyone down thst wasn't on the AHL club as of 3 pm. So you will probably see a bunch of paper transactions announced shortly.
  2. I would love to be wrong, but I don't see him a lot of NHL upside in his game. He lacks the breakout skill you need as a small player. Plus he has Gaudreau, Tkachuk, and Bennett ahead of him. Dube will probably make a push next season as well and he is a guy I like a lot better then Mangiapane.
  3. With only 4 regular recalls it's good to have some flexibility on the NHL roster. Like you said, it adds some options and competition. Plus, we added a couple of RH shots. One at the dot. If they turn out, great. If they don't, no harm done.
  4. Flames top end looks great. Gaudreau is one of the top offensive players in the league, Monahan is proving to be an elite goal scorer, and Tkachuk may very project to be the best of them. Backlund is a good second line centre and Frolik is fine. It would be nice to add a RH shot or two, maybe a little size, and someone for the top line. But that's a young top 6 at a budget price. Looks good going into the future. But the bottom 6 is terrible. Brouwer and Stajan get paid way to much to do too little. Lazar, Hathaway, and the rest of the fill ins are replacement level at best. Versteeg is fine for the half of a season he plays. The only real glimmer is Jankowski and Bennett. Not because they have played great, but because there is some potential there. In the long run it would be nice to update the top 6 and see Frolik and Ferland trickle down. But taking chances on guys like Stewart and Shore are fine low risk plays. I would rather take a shot at the next Versteeg then spending a bunch of assets and cap on the next Brouwer. Plus, we added to RH shots and some flexibility to help with the four recall rule. Safe and no cost moves.
  5. There is no reason to have a poor power play with guys like Gaudreau, Monahan, Hamilton, Tkachuk, Giordano, etc. Yes we are missing a RH shot up front, but we have so many weapons. Time for a coaching change.
  6. Then fire Gulutzan for hiring Cameron. Special teams is killing this team. Enough is enough. Time for a change.
  7. Lots of guys sign later. Treliving has a handle on if he thinks a deal will get done.
  8. If you can sign Backlund to a contract that makes sense then you do it. He is a good second line centre and a great third liner. At 28 years old he is a good fit, and his defensive capability really balances out the top line. Plus he looks great with Tkachuk and Frolik. But if you can't sign him then you need to trade him. If that happens I don't think it equals a reset. The Flames have assets like Bennett, Brodie, and prospects they can trade (plus whatever they get for Backlund.) They can fill the spot if they need to. They are past the point where losing one player derails the team.
  9. I have zero issues extending Backlund on a good contract. In fact that is my preference. It might still happen. But I have a lot of issues losing him for nothing. We could probably get a first and a very good prospect for him. Defensive centres and top 4 D go for a LOT at the deadline. Especially a youngish guy with a good chance to extend. Given where we are at and the few picks we have we can't afford to miss the playoffs and lose Backlund for nothing. Brodie I am okay with keeping as well. But with our prospect depth something has to give. You might get a big return on him at the deadline given his status, age, and contract. But holding on to him till the summer makes sense if the return doesn't knock our socks off or is for another roster player. I agree with you on Bennett. But I don't know if his value is all that high right now. I think you get more for him in the summer. But barring a decent return (which you might not get) it might be better to be patient with him.
  10. I don't think it was a bad move. Regardless of this season, we still have a great D core and a lot of great pieces up front. Most of the players are young and locked in long term. Hamilton and Hamonic are part of that. I just don't see us looking like a cup contender this season and we don't have many picks. The Flames can make changes (say trade Backlund, Brodie, maybe Bennett, buyout Brouwer, go for an impact UFA, etc) and be stronger next season. Better then losing Backlund for nothing and wasting more assets on trying to force it this season.
  11. I wouldn't expect to see the Flames pick up a rental unless it is very cheap. We are currently sitting outside of the playoffs and are a 0.5 club over the last 10. Meanwhile we don't pick in the first 60 next draft and we don't have Backlund signed. This is setting up to be a really expensive playoff miss. The kind that costs a GM their job. Unless we go on a bit of a run over the next week and a half I think you could very well see Backlund moved to recoup some picks. Maybe even a guy like Brodie.
  12. Not a fan for a couple of reasons. One, I don't love Kapanen and I think he is dangerously close to bust territory. These rescues rarely work out (see exhibit Lazar, Colborne, etc) and they shouldn't cost you a top D prospect if you do roll the dice on them. Two, I think the Flames would be better off leveraging this defensive depth in the summer by moving an established guy like Stone, Hamonic, or Brodie rather the depleting it with moves without much upside.
  13. Mangiapane is showing what he has got, and it's really good. He has transformed the fourth line and he is developing a tonne with his time in the NHL. He has made an impact and made people take notice. That's great for a first call up and will serve him well at camp next year. The Flames are on a run. Messing with lines just to rush a kid up the line up doesn't make much sense imo.
  14. We will give Parsons a couple of weeks before calling him an AHLer (instead of one game)? How generous of us The Flames are getting top end goal tending in the NHL right now from both goalies, one of which is 25. Gilles has turned a corner and Parsons is still a top prospect. Bottom line with goalies is: 1) You measure their progress over years not weeks, and 2) Chances are your best starter is coming from somewhere you didn't expect. Sure there are exceptions to the rules, but they ARE exceptions. Given Smiths age we definitely need to find a long term option. I also agree adding a prospect or two won't hurt. But I like the goalies from top to bottom and I definitely think it is WAY to early to be coming to conclusions on Rittich, Parsons, or Gilles.
  15. He looked pretty terrible to start the season. He has looked pretty since being moved to wing. I am just looking for progress.