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  1. kehatch


    I think you have to go with Rittich. I get wanting to manage his load and getting Talbot in a game. But part of moving away from Smith was to show Rittich he is the guy. Tough to stay with that message if you don't start him after a two day break following a shutout.
  2. They figured him out in February but then forgot what they figured out by March? The Flames didn't have a problem scoring in the regular season and the preseason means precisely nothing.
  3. Am I missing something? Did we not score 289 goals last season? Inability to score??
  4. The playoffs were encouraging, I agree. I am fine with giving him a chance. But that is sort of the point of my post. He is a player that needs a good season and hopefully a good start. Making him the line roulette guy is probably not the best way to do that. The guy has been bounced around all three forward positions and hasn't been on a set line all preseason, and we still don't know where he is going to start. For a guy that has struggled but who should have more to show, that seems like a poor approach.
  5. No he isn't. The third line was a liability last season. Not just because of Bennett, but he was a big part of it. He has yet to show he can be a positive player in the NHL on a consistent basis. He somehow managed to be a team leading - 6 on a team with a positive differential of over 60, he takes way more penalties then he draws, his 5 on 5 numbers are poor, and he rarely plays special teams. And last season was an improvement. All that for 27 points and a 2.6.million dollar cap hit. He hasn't been fine. Either cut bait or put him in a position to be successful. But he is almost the last player on the team that should be jumping between all top 3 lines and every forward position.
  6. The coach has indicated Bennett is his guy to move up and down the roster. A little like Ryan was last year I guess. Hopefully it works out okay for him. But personally I think that is the last thing Bennett needs. Everytime he starts to find success on a line they move him. Then when he gets trapped on a line without success they leave him there. I am not in the Bennett fan club. But if your sticking with him at least put him in a situation to be successful.
  7. I like Rieder. I want my fourth line guys to do something other then play 6 sheltered minutes a night. I want them to be able to play up and perform a role such as kill penalties, draw penalties, play physical, etc. Rieder has the ability to play up, kill penalties, and has some offensive potential. Plus, with him on a 2 way minimum wage deal there is nothing to worry about. This isn't a Grossman type deal where the player is a liability and will hurt the team on the ice.
  8. The PK is the big one for me. Calgary was an elite team 5 on 5, but our special teams were poor. Especially the PK. Last year out regular forwards on the PK were Lindholm, Jankowski, Ryan, Hathaway, and Backlund. We lost Hathaway and I won't be shocked to lose Jankowski. Ryan and Lindholm are sticking around, but weren't great on the PK. This is a good add.
  9. kehatch


    Good news for sure. Got better every game. As for starts, I guess that will depend on how Rittich is playing and how many starts the org has planned for Talbot. If the are looking at more of a 1A 1B scenario then I agree against LA, and maybe even against Vancouver game 2. But if they are giving Rittich the chance to be a legitimate starter, and he is playing well, my guess is game 6 against San Jose
  10. Mine are close to yours with a few key differences. I need to see Andersson handle bigger minutes before I put him on the top pairing full time. That is one of the reasons I think a Brodie trade is a non-starter right now. Giordano has a career season and won a Norris playing next to Brodie. I don't mess that up unless that pairing doesn't work or Andersson makes a serious push. I don't like Mangiapane in the top 6 yet, but he could earn his way there. I don't like Czarnik in the top 6 at all. My fourth line doesn't look like yours at all. I have: Gaudreau-Monahan-Ryan (Offensive): Ryan gives them a solid RH face off guy, and he plays a similar game to the kind of players that have had success on the top line Tkachuk-Lindholm-Bennett (Blend): Bennett adds a guy who can carry the puck into the offensive zone and add some skill. I like having an energy line in the top 6 and I think having Bennett and Tkachuk together gives you that. Plus, we get another top 6 with a LH RH face off option. Lucic-Backlund-Frolik (Defensive): Backlund and Frolik are obvious. They have been great together. Lucic's possession numbers are strong, plus he has a similar play style to Tkachuk. I also think playing with Backlund gives him the best chance to recover his game due to the so called 'Backlund Bump'. Mangiapane-Quine-Rieder (Sheltered): Quine is showing he is ready and he is a million less then Jankowski. Rieder makes the team to replace the PK time we lose with Jankowski. I think this is a quality 4 line that gives the team depth, special team support, but can contribute a bit on its own. (Scratch) Czarnik: Czarnik is an (almost) ideal 13 forward. He can play if we need him to and it lets guys like Dube develop in the AHL. The only issue is he is paid an extra 500K more then I would like. Which is why I am also open to a trade and bringing back a 700K 13 forward. Giordano-Brodie: This worked last season, and it worked very well. Brodie gets some flack, but he was part B to possibly the best pairing in the NHL last season. Hanafin-Hamonic: Old faithful, no need to mess this match up. MacDonald-Andersson: Kylington hasn't shown he is ready for a full time role. He is also not waiver eligible so he can easily be sent down. Signing MacDonald gives us the option to bringing Kylington up in the future without the pressure of 'do or die'. Stone: He wasn't my first pick for a 7D. But he is on a minimum wage contract and can clearly play at the NHL level, so here he is. This isn't perfect. I would like to see a bit of size on the top line from a player with a bit more offensive ability. I am not a huge fan of Bennett and putting him on the right side adds a bit of extra challenge to a player still working to find his way. I also don't love the lack of a RH shot on the third line. But overall I think this is a deep line up that is mobile top to bottom and that has a good range of offense / defense.
  11. The guys that have worked on the top line have all been strong defensively. Hudler, Ferland, Lindholm. I don't know if Bennett it a good fit there. That said, I prefer him there then on the Backlund line. But only if your doing it to spread out across three lines. I don't know you solve much moving Lindholm to the Backlund line.
  12. They started last season with Tkachuk-Backlund-Bennett. It wasn't good and they eventually returned Frolik to the top line. It looks fine in the preseason playing against AHLers. But how does it look when squared up against the leagues best in our defensive zone? I am not saying it can't work. But it didn't last season.
  13. I hope so, at some point. But given the limited preseason left I think you see the standard top 6 to start. The one exception might be Bennett in for Frolik. I wouldn't, but it won't surprise me if that occurs.
  14. I think the trade Brodie ship has sailed. Between the Valimaki injury and the bridge deal for Tkachuk I doubt they trade Brodie at this point. Maybe they make a trade in season depending how Andersson and Kylington do, but not now.
  15. If the Flames run 22 players they can get around 130k under the cap. That isn't enough. So who do they move? My take on the likely players (in order) : Jankowski: They can probably get a mid round pick for Jankowski. If they replace him with Quine they save almost a million on the cap. Czarnik: I don't think they get much for Czarnik, but they can probably move his salary. It only saves us around half a million, but that might be enough. Bennett: They have been showcasing him all preseason, and given his playoffs he might have a bit of value. Not sure you can move him on a straight cap dump, but you might get a second round pick and a depth player. Frolik: Given his cap hit I don't think Frolik has a bunch of value. If he did he probably would have been moved in the summer. He probably has more value to the Flames then they get back. But given the tensions last season and being on the last year of his contract he is a possibility. Ryan: This one is a bit of a leap because I think the Flames, and the coach, like him. I also don't think he gets you much of a return. But he is paid too much to play on the fourth line, even with his versatility. My guess is they trade Jankowski, sign Reider and MacDonald, and demote Dube and Kylington. Gaudreau-Monahan-Lindholm Tkachuk-Backlund-Frolik Lucic-Ryan-Bennett Mangiapane-Quine-Czarnik Rieder Giordano-Brodie Hanafin-Hamonic MacDonald-Andersson Stone Rittich Talbot
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