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  1. It's probably not that... I'm detecting a high level of arenis envy. Love.
  2. According to Jimmy Page, Reelin' in the Years is his all time favourite guitar solo. High praise, indeed! Love.
  3. I'd definitely rate StyxHexenHammer666 an unpresidented 10.2/10! Love.
  4. I had this nightmare where the Oilers won the cup. I accept that could just be a matter of time. Thing is, in the nightmare, Jarome was on the team. Obviously, I had to be consoled. Love.
  5. It's true! He's some kind of knowledgable! I like him a lot. Love.
  6. Lies. Love.
  7. Well, what do y'all think? As best I can tell, not a lot of changes - the shoulder patches are higher up, and they've taken the italics out of the font on the name bar... Love.
  8. He was tweakin'! Love.
  9. With all this Bennett/Gilmour back and forth, I figured I'd dig up some stats for the sake of comparison. I apologize that tables don't copy very well... Player Age GP G A PTS PIM S% PS 83-84, 293 Doug Gilmour* 20 80 25 28 53 57 15.9 3.5 84-85, 299 Doug Gilmour* 21 78 21 36 57 49 13.0 3.5 15-16, 231 Sam Bennett 19 77 18 18 36 37 13.2 3.4 16-17, 226 Sam Bennett 20 81 13 13 26 75 10.7 1.6 Doug Gilmour played his first two seasons a year older, and had an additional year of junior on a more successful team. He didn't lose a year to injury. Furthermore, although the data shows that he put up more points, it also shows that his team put up more goals by a fairly wide margin (that stat is in the first column, along with the season). The '83-'84 Blues also dressed 34 skaters, to the '15-'16 Flames' 40 that registered points. I was not able to find any info on Dougie's linemates for those years, but I'm confident that they were better than a slumping Lance Bouma, and Troy Brouwer. If anything, I'd argue that the stats show that Sammy had a bit of a sophomore slump. On the upside, we'll be able to get him on the cheap on a bridge deal, and he should be able to bounce back. Cut him some slack, Man. Love.
  10. Probably should get one of those super-slo-mo replays brought to us by Tim Horton's. Love.
  11. That's what we did in the 80's, except the Ducks were the Oilers. The only time we beat them was when Steve Smith was working as a double agent, and the year that we won the cup - the Kings took them out in the first round. Then we swept the Kings. Love.
  12. Nenshi is looking out for the city. Maybe the tax payers shouldn't bear the blunt exclusively, and costs should be spliff among would be developers, and potentially anyone that could be held responsible. Love.
  13. Just depends on when it fits with his Visine for the future. Love.
  14. That cleanup is bong overdue. Love.
  15. Yeah, but they should have worked harder at it. It was doob or die. Love.