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  1. @redfire11, @The_People1, @Carty, @flames-fan-in-jets-land, Thanks for the info, Fellas! There's some really good stuff in there. Usually I just wash the produce with salt water, but usually there's a lot less to worry about. I was able to get into a Whole Foods today, and they had some canned food (that they didn't have any of at the other grocery stores), and although chick peas and black beans are $3.19/can, I picked up a few, and made a giant chili that should last for about a week. That combined with all the other stuff should get us through for a bit. I was even able to get a cake! The grocery stores in my neighborhood have all scaled back their hours, but they're still open for now. It's something that I'll definitely be continuing to monitor. Love.
  2. I have been wondering about produce... How are you cleaning it? I did some Google research, and someone was saying to clean it with soap and water. I've never washed kale with soap, and that seems a bit ridiculous. I have been able to find information on how the virus lives on plastic, metal, etc... but nothing about how long it lasts on produce, and nothing useful about cleaning it. Thing is, as I've been a vegetarian for 15 years, it's a pretty important part of my diet. I went to the grocery store last night, and I was able to get some produce, and I found a bag of rice, but almost all of the cans, and all of the pasta were gone. Love.
  3. I am really happy to see some of the boys and their wives donate to this, but I stand by my previous comment - CSEC ought be ashamed of themselves. If you do the math, it's actually a remarkably low number. I realize that I'm pulling some numbers out of me arse, but I would imagine that it looks something like this: 6 remaining home games 6 hours per shift $12 per hour 1000 employees per game... Total cost: $432,000. Again, while I recognize that there's significant margin for error here, I can't see it being a whole lot more than that. If I were a billionaire, I'd probably add an additional 12 games as a hypothetical playoff scenario as well. I realize that's putting the cart before the horse, but some goodwill during tough times goes a long effing way. Love.
  4. Agreed. They ought be ashamed of themselves. Lame.
  5. To be honest, Robbo, I missed the bit Burke bit. I turned it on in the moments just before Lindholm scored. So, it sounds like I came at the right time... which is the real art of book hockey. Love.
  6. So much book hockey! It was a little messy tonight, but the boys found a way to clean it up! Love.
  7. It might not mean anything, but it’s noteworthy that as of now, TSN still doesn’t show the Gustafsson trade to Calgary. Love.
  8. Well, he was an Oilers pick... but I found this article that talks a lot about his offense. https://nhl.nbcsports.com/2020/02/21/chicago-blackhawks-nhl-trade-deadline-nhl-trade-rumors-erik-gustafsson/ Love.
  9. What do you think we could get for the zamboni driver? Love.
  10. This is an excellent point. If the OP is willing to settle for merchandise that’s not officially NHL licensed, there are quite a few options online. This one, on Amazon, for example: NHL Men's All Over Team Logo Neck Tie (Boston Bruins) It even links to a Flames option, and comes with this handy-dandy how-to diagram. Love.
  11. Personally, I think they should go back to the two points per game system. Not that my proposal will be heard by anyone with any sway, and I recognize that they might not agree with me anyway, but here's what I would suggest: - Ten minutes of 3x3 overtime, after that, the game is just called a tie. - 2 points for a win, no matter how it's achieved. - 1 point each for a tie. - 0 points for a loss, even if you lose in overtime or a shootout. That way, there's no playing for a tie, and no teams get ahead on Bettman points. If there needs to be a shootout, then I'd go to five minutes of overtime, and then a shootout with a maximum of three rounds. If that doesn't lead to a victor, it's just a tie. Love.
  12. Could also be a bit of a bonus for him. He gets his NHL paycheque while he's up, which is roughly 10x what he makes in the AHL, plus he gets to practice with the big club. Love.
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