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  1. I love that they're playing Sammy Hagar after Hanifin scores. So awesome! Love.
  2. I think it would be cool if they could get JBo for a relatively low acquisition cost. I didn't get the impression that he wanted to leave in the first place, but he knew where the team was at at the time. I never liked when they brought guys back in the past, but as I think he'd fit a need, it'd be cool to bring him in while we have a legitimate chance. Aside from that, I wouldn't do a whole lot, and I'd be really hesitant to move the first round pick. Obviously you'd like to see guys like Simmonds, Coyle, or Panarin, but I think that they'd be too costly to acquire. TheBrewCrew mentioned Brian Boyle - I could get behind that, too. Love.
  3. Yessir. In recent memory, even. Marian Hossa. 2008 - Penguins (loss) 2009 - Red Wings (loss) 2010 - Blackhawks (win) Love.
  4. To be fair, he's not as good with the puck either. Love.
  5. I see your Half Moon Run, and raise you Half Moon Street. Love.
  6. I had a JCM 2000 for a long time. Personally, I preferred the DSL. Natch with the 1960A. Let me know what you find! I'm stoked for you! Love.
  7. JCM800? Plexi?! Love.
  8. I'm a right handed shot that wins most of my draws... Rob can vouch for that! Love.
  9. They'll be Collin his name for the next start! Love.
  10. LOOB! Love.
  11. This anthem guy, though... Geez Louise. Love.
  12. Quick! Vote in Derek Ryan! Love.
  13. I am thankful that I have you guys around to be entertaining when the game is not. Love.
  14. Lindsey is a monster! Love.
  15. He's making a real name for himself. If he keeps it up, soon he'll be Rittich and famous... Love.