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  1. Unfortunately, I don't think that fetches Marner. His value is very high, and presumably, we'd be selling our boys' pretty low. https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/leafs-need-their-best-players-to-follow-marner-s-lead~1375372/leafs-need-their-best-players-to-follow-marner-s-lead~1375372 Love.
  2. Totally agree. Barzal would have been my choice, but I still make this trade seven days a week. It's the Hamonic one that I get really sore about - and we don't even know where we'd be on the board yet. Love.
  3. I'm in the "Please don't Blockchaining hire Darryl Sutter" camp, myself. First of all, the Flames were really boring when he was the boss. I realize the cup run was exciting, but watching them try to win every game 2-1 was pretty rough. Do you remember how awful it was to watch them play Minnesota? Six times a year?! Gawd, never again! He had a completely different team in LA. Also, who likes going backwards? Sometimes I've missed my old job, or my old girlfriend... but when you'd get it/her back, you realize that you ended your tenure for some reason that you'd forgotten about while you romanced the good old days. I like the idea of a new look. I know the players are all different, and that it would be different than it was before, but I hope they steer the ship somewhere we haven't been. Love.
  4. And.... DONE! https://www.tsn.ca/flames-fire-head-coach-gulutzan-1.1059790 Love.
  5. Good points, and fair enough then. Still, I exercise my right to be pissed off about the Hamonic deal. I understand the Elliott, Smith, and even Brouwer deals, but this one truly inspires the insertion of fiery adjectives and hyperbole while discussing my feelings about it. Nothing personal, Travis, I think you're an absolute gem. Love.
  6. Love.
  7. Funny, I was just thinking about you. I listened to that today. Lots of brain candy. Love.
  8. It's funny, but I don't think that they actually want to impeach him. If I'm a Democrat, that's the last thing I'd want. First off, Mike Pence is probably a lot worse, and second, Donald Trump inspires a lot of people to show up to vote next time because they're tired of the gongshow. They're probably thinking that they're a lock for 2020 so long as he stays in office. If I were a strategist for the Democratic Party, I'd be really focused on winning the lower level elections. You could take control of Congress, and then worry about the presidency afterward. They need to be smart about this, and it'd serve them well to run a better candidate. Hillary, while arguably more qualified than any other candidate in history, was not a good choice as she is loathed by Democrats and Republicans alike. A lot of people will tell you that she didn't win because she's a woman, and while I acknowledge that sexism probably played a role among a loud but desperately small faction of the population, I believe it had more to do with the fact that a lot of people didn't want to hold their nose and vote for her. So they didn't vote at all. And that is to say nothing about the campaign itself. Love.
  9. True enough. Love.
  10. Some good points, but for what it's worth, Calgary is actually the sunniest major city in Canada. So, if you want to stay in Canada, and it's not the worst idea to do that, Alberta's a good place to set up shop if you're thinking solar. https://www.currentresults.com/Weather-Extremes/Canada/sunniest-places.php Love.
  11. Like a boss. Love.
  12. Have you ever seen http://deadmalls.com/? It's an ugly site that could definitely use a Wix or Wordpress update, but I'd suspect that you're of the same generation that I am, and maybe you'll appreciate this. They also have a YouTube channel. Love.
  13. Definitely, and I (and hopefully most reasonable people) would expect that to be the case. However, it's not a world where there is true Equality of Opportunity, and some people, perhaps overly represented by different races, have to deal with a lot more obstacles than others. That's the problem. To label myself, as per the SJW network that I am exposed to from time to time, I'm a cis-het white male. According to them, that puts me at the apex of opportunity. The reality, of course, is different from that. I'm from a lower-middle-class family, and I didn't go to the best school, and I certainly didn't come from a trust fund. I had a single mother, and she really struggled at times with an abusive ex-husband (not my father). So, it wasn't the road to easy living that they'd have you believe, but it was certainly better than the struggle of refugees that flee war (as was the case with my ex), or drug lords, slums, and corrupt government (as is the case with my wife - who is just about to become a Canadian citizen, after 14 years of working toward that, thank you, Jason Kenney). Now we're getting somewhere... I'll give you that, too. I think that we need to find ways for people to work to their strengths, and we should acknowledge that while all people are equal, they're not all the same. It would be beneficial to humanity if we could at least agree on that, and work within that framework. While I agree that natural selection has brought us this far, and will continue to do so carrying us forward, I am not prepared to abandon humanity. We can agree on Equality of Outcome being unrealistic, but sometimes people need help - and they can still be useful. With that said, I don't know how to fix the problems that we face, although I did watch an interesting TED Talk this morning with Dr. Wornie Reed. The discussion itself only sort of pertains to what we're discussing, but the point that is made that is useful in this context is about identifying the problem, and that being the biggest piece to finding the solution. Love.
  14. Programming is a good idea, and I know that a lot of schools are teaching it from a young age. As the world evolves, so too should education, although it has been slow to adapt. My wife (a programmer) made a poster from this image of Margaret Hamilton which hangs in our place: Per Wikipedia: There's all sorts of reasons why women are less drawn to STEM occupations, but a good role model can be encouraging. Love.
  15. Yeah, I don't know about that... Ma an Pa are going to be in pretty deep. I used to be a Fedex driver in Strathmore, and I saw a once bustling downtown get decimated by a Wal*Mart. Ma and Pa couldn't compete. Their costs of running the business were much higher, and that wasn't just due to labour, they also didn't have the buying power. I have read a lot about this concept. A lot of people with automated vehicles could rent them out while they're working, or not using them, and basically running a taxi service. It's interesting to think about. There's a lot to adapt before this model is practical - insurance, for example, but I have no doubt that will be sorted out. The automation needs to improve as well. I was living in Toronto when Uber launched there, and it was a real disruptor. I was happy to see it, actually. I wasn't happy to see taxi drivers getting into fights with Uber drivers, mind you, but for decades, taxi services didn't evolve. Uber offered a different model that was more affordable for consumers, with a lot less overhead for the company. There was a real fight there. As a consumer, I was tired of being gouged by taxi services. I was once charged $50 to get a cab from YYZ to Zet's Restaurant. Love.