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      It's great to see the boys earning their way into the playoffs this season (barring a Colorado-would-be-proud collapse).  What a night-and-day difference from way back in November.   With the playoffs, we typically see more traffic/visitors on the site, usually from the opposing team's fanbase (especially from the Oilers).  This is just a reminder that stating your opinion is fine (it's exactly what these forums are for), and friendly, good-natured ribbing is OK, however, name-calling and insults will still be a major no-no and cause for the Banhammer to warm up.  This applies to all new guests and visitors as well: you're more than welcome to join the party, but civility is house rule around here.   All insults/name-calling will be met with a zero-tolerance approach, regardless if you are a new person to the forums, or have been around since these forums began.   First-offenses will be met with a moderator-needs-to-approve-your-post for 3 days Second offenses will be met with a week-long suspension Third offenses will result in a perma-ban   If you have any questions regarding this policy, or would like to voice your concern about it, you are absolutely free to contact me directly.   We all love this team, and this game.  Let's all hop on the Bandwagon, enjoy a few beverages, and ride this wave of excitement as far as we can.   --  Kulstad


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  1. Congratulations! Love.
  2. I'll be quicker next time.. Chop chop! Love.
  3. Shear brilliance. Love.
  4. Wool you two please stop? Love.
  5. Personally, I'm hoping that TO goes up 3-1, and then blow it in 7. It'd be ideal if they have a 4-1 lead in the third period, too! Love.
  6. They probably oversold the media seats at the United Center. Love.
  7. Here's a longer and clearer version... I think the most interesting part of the clip comes at the end when even they are asking, "why are we even doing this? It'll be all Leafs and Blue Jays, and we might end up on the web or something." Love.
  8. An aside... I can't be the only one that thinks it's funny that the best sausage comes from Johnsonville. Love.
  9. It was bound to happen Sutter or later... Love.
  10. One little remark, and you've all gone Rogie. Shame Dionne you! My head is McSorley. I just know you've been saving up the Great One. Let's see what you've got! Love.
  11. He's a little Greene, Carty, but I have hope for him! He shall be blessed by the gift of Gaborik. Love.
  12. Gotta own it there, Judas. Quotations are a non-Carter. Love.
  13. The fans there don't Kopitar well with losing. Love.