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  1. You know, I have been watching this team for decades, and am quite accustomed to frustration. Watching them develop Sam Bennett has been one of the most frustrating endeavours yet. I have been reading a few boards, and I'm also a bit surprised that anyone considers his playoffs performance like it's some kind of revelation. He's always been there, but the Flames have never really given him an opportunity to succeed. Of all of the year-end interviews, his was my favourite because I got the distinct impression that he was happy to play for our team. If I were Sam Bennett, I probably would have made that phone call a few seasons ago - you know the one: I am happy to read Conroy's remarks, and I am hopeful that they'll make good on it. He may never be the top line center that you hope you draft at fourth overall, but I have always believed that he'll be a damn good player, and the type of player that you need if you want to ice a winning team. Love.
  2. I realize I'm a few days behind, but I just watched the GM, and players' year end interviews, and what I've gleaned from it is that we really should trade Eric Francis. I think that a savvy GM could probably get a late pick for him, as some other network thinks that under the right circumstances, he might not be a total dildo. Brad Treliving: Johnny Gaudreau: Sean Monahan: 18-year-old Sam Bennett is 24 years old: Love.
  3. It's been said here before, but let's get this man the 'C'. Love.
  4. I see a lot of talk about Taylor Hall, and I do like him as a target. I think he'd be pretty motivated playing for the Flames, and if the price is right, and the pieces move appropriately to fit him, I would be all over that signing. So, in Dreamland here, how do you suppose he'd look lined up next to Sam Bennett? Maybe the second line looks something like: Hall - Bennett - Dube Or: Hall - Bennett - Lindholm That's some fast, off-the-rush, north/south, scary hockey right there. Love.
  5. Admittedly, this was the exact outcome that I was most afraid of. That said, some of the boys that'll be with us next year can stew about it in the off-season. That oughta do'em some good. Love.
  6. Y'know, I'm not even mad about this. My wife, from Brazil, has this saying - roughly translated from Portuguese: What's a fart when you've already 5h!t yourself? It seemed especially pertinent during Game 6 against the Stars. I might feel differently if the Stars go on to win the cup, and we have to hear for the next six weeks about how "the turning point was when we were 12 seconds away from being down 3-1", or "when we we're down 3-0 in the first seven minutes against the Flames", but I don't think either of those things are going to happen. In that sense, we're not nearly as tormented a fanbase as they have in Toronto. With that said, I do think that it would be a mistake to not make any changes. If there's a good deal to be made for 23 or 13, then give it some real thought. No player is untouchable, but I don't think that most GMs value our players as highly as we do. I definitely think that Giordano should pass the torch, and I believe that he would do it with grace. He's not a top pair defenceman in this league anymore, and that's fine. There are a few issues that I see going into next year will definitely need to be sorted out in order for this team to have any success: What are they going to do on the right side with the D? With Hamonic and Brodie both UFA, that creates a real problem, and I don't believe that we have nearly the depth that we've been accustomed to the last few years. Who is going to be the coach? What happens in net? Talbot basically came out and said that he wasn't happy, but did the coach totally alienate Rittich in the playoffs? Two years in a row when they probably should have put him in at some point, and in both years, he was shunned for someone on an expiring contract that would be the guy in a losing effort. And then, of course, there's the usual set of questions, like what the hell do we do to address the #1 center issue? Maybe you get on in a trade, but they're not cheap, and we're probably not picking high enough to draft one. I might be the exception, but I actually do have some faith in Brad Treliving. I think he's done a pretty good job with this team, and this is going to be a hell of an off-season. Remember the last time we were going to have a hell of an off-season? Jay Feaster was our GM. It's also important to keep in mind that it wasn't that long ago that this team was the top team in the west. These exits have hurt, and there has been some degradation to our core, but we're not that bad. Hopefully, we can get a little bit lucky, and our GM is savvy enough to get us out of mediocrity, which, I think is probably one of the hardest jobs in the league. Love.
  7. I don't think he'll drop there. We'll have to ask @Crzydrvr. He'll have some good insight! That said, I think it'd be the tits if he was there. Love.
  8. Well, happy to have gone down with the ship again with all of you guys. Love.
  9. Well, hopefully the decision makers, and the boys can't unsee it either. Love.
  10. I mean, one of the cool things about being a Flames fan is that you really get to know yourself. This is a team that gives you the opportunity to experience the entire spectrum of human emotion in a condensed 60 minute period. Love.
  11. You know, I kind of like Bieksa as a talking head. Love.
  12. https://calgarysun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/calgary-flames/original-flames-captivated-calgary-with-playoff-run-in-first-season Love.
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