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  1. DO IT! Love.
  2. My favourite part was the video... Versteeg, to Brouwer! SCORES! Love.
  3. I had a dream about that. They won the cup, and I was devastated when I woke up. Love.
  4. Definitely a blue angel. Love.
  5. Feelin' for Sammy. Wish that would've gone in for him! Love.
  6. I do really enjoy the trade deadline. Last year, Darren Dreger was on the panel, and he said: No one even flinched. Love.
  7. A serious question - does anyone know who I would contact about advertising with the Flames? I'd like to buy advertising space on Matthew's mouthguard. Love.
  8. Maybe he's saving up for something... Love.
  9. I live in Vancouver now, but I bought tickets to the Flames/Kings game in January so that I can make the trip through the Rockies in winter to take in one of the starred dates on the Matthew Tkachuk Friendship Tour. I love the game in its current form, and I'm not sad that this has largely been left in the past... but sometimes you just wanna see blood on the ice, y'know? Love.
  10. That one is obnoxious. Love.
  11. Isn't that the worst? Sometimes I wonder what I'm paying for. I live out of the Calgary market too, and oftentimes I'll have to find those fancy streams even though I pay for the channel that shows the game. Love.
  12. WAY off topic (I guess there's a Blues connection, so there...), but one of my all time favourite players was Chris Pronger. There are obviously a lot of reasons for that, but one was his ability to play the refs. Pretty early in the game, he had a tendency to do something really borderline - and that put the referees in a tough position. Either they'd call it, and then have to call it all game, or they'd let it go - and then they'd have to let it go all game. Love.
  13. It's fairly accurate. I lived in Toronto (until just a couple of weeks ago) for seven years. I've seen some terrible things when it comes to their players. They're *really* hard on goalies. Remember that fabulous season where they went to the playoffs, only to blow it in the third period of Game 7? That was the year the Bruins won the cup. Anyway, the following season, James Reimer was injured in a game against Montreal, and he was concussed. He missed quite a bit of time, and that was bad because a) his stellar play had a lot to do with them making the playoffs in the first place, and b ) he was off to a pretty good start. Anyway, in his first game back after missing quite a bit of time, he got the call to play against that same Bruins team in Boston. The Leafs were awful, and they got blown out 9-1. The next morning, I was pretty dismayed to see the cover of the Toronto Sun which featured a picture of 22 year old James Reimer in his first game back against the reigning Stanley Cup Champions on the road behind the worst team in the league, and a headline that read, "What a JOKE". Pretty crappy market for the kids. It's nice to see that they've got a few good ones right now... I still hope they choke. Love.
  14. My favourite PF album is also Wish You Were Here. My dad took my mom to that show. Love Gun tour. July 31st, 1977. I have some pretty cool pictures from there. Love.