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  1. Holy smokes! It's @Cowtownguy! I was just thinking about you. You have been missed, good Sir! Love.
  2. Well, Sir, I will keep my eyes open for you. I don't mind shipping something out to you if there's a deal to be had! Love.
  3. Hey @rocketdoctor - today I got a smokin' deal at a local shop in Calgary. It's not a hoodie, but I wasn't looking for one... I strolled into a Sport Chek, and this was 50% off the yellow tag price, so it was $30! I wasn't in the market, but it was too good a deal to leave behind. I did a quick Canada Post search for a shipping rate based on a package that was 30x30x10, and weighed 1kg. There are seven options, with International Surface being the least expensive. It might take awhile to get to England, but the lowest rate was $28. I don't know if you'd be interested in something like that, but if you are, I don't mind picking one up and sending it your way. Also, I posted it here in case anyone local is looking for a good deal on a jersey. They have some blanks, and some Johnnys. Love.
  4. This is pretty cool. Love.
  5. I was suspended once for telling Big Chief to stop acting so boorishly. Yes, I actually used the word boorishly. I was told to take some time to think about being more respectful on the board, but that was before people were being cancelled. Love.
  6. Oh yeah, I get that, but we can't pretend that they've got an exceptional record when it comes to development. I'm not convinced that the best place for Sam Bennett was ever in between Brouwer and Bouma, and yet, there he was. Then he was put on the wing, and then on his off wing, etc... highest draft pick in Flames history. I know that they're not all like that, and I know that other teams miss as well - but I don't have a lot of faith in their development, and I also don't have a lot of faith in Darryl Sutter when it comes to the younger players. Love.
  7. For me, it really comes down to the cost of acquisition. I realize that I'm not in the room, but I really don't want to trade Tkachuk - and to top that off, add one of Dube/Mangiapane, a first, and probably Zary. I would be inclined to make a trade like that for a MacKinnon or McDavid, but outside of that, I think that the cost is too high. I can't think of an example where a team has paid that type of price for a player, and it's actually worked out well for them. And it's after all of that that you'd have to factor in the injury, the cap, and whether or not Calgary is a destination that he'd want to go to. Love.
  8. I always get nervous around this time of year... I am hopeful that Pelletier, Zary, and eventually Coronato aren't on the Jankowski/Bennett development path. I'm not overly optimistic, however. Love.
  9. Yeah, the trick is to sit in the nosebleeds, and optimally, for a game against the Oilers. That's where you'll find me and the rest of the riff raff, and it's excellent! Love.
  10. That all said, I'd really like to keep Chucky. Love.
  11. I found the RCMP documentation on this matter (a quick Google search for age of consent Canada), and was going to share it here. Then I realized that I felt really gross doing that. You have handled this query perfectly with this single sentence. As per usual, good Sir, I defer to you. Love.
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