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  1. I mean, it's not bad - I never liked the Blasty jersey, but I pretty much agree with this. The only reverse is that it's less red. Love.
  2. It's not bad, but it might be premature. Love.
  3. 100% - what the Flames do not have is a Victor Hedman. There aren't very many guys like him. An aside, I've got a cool piece of memorabilia from the Oilers 2006 Stanley Cup run. It's a 7' poster of Chris Pronger, and it's just him standing in his skates. At the bottom, it says, "Actual size is slightly larger." Love.
  4. I like that one too, and actually have one of those. For me, the problem with the current home jerseys is the black numbers, and the black logo. They can still use the 3-ply if they want, but the top layer absolutely needs to be white. This jersey got that right, with the numbers, at least. An aside, the problem with the current white set is the black pants. It'd be pretty slick if the pants were red. I'm looking forward to the retros. I just wish that we could actually be there to see them. Love.
  5. So, I coach U13 (formerly called peewee) hockey, and the boys are on the ice on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Anyway, the group that comes out right after us is a lot of fun to watch... there are a bunch of AHL, and WHL players. Glenn Gawdin is one of them. Holy smokes do those boys ever go hard! It's really great to see, and they really chew up the ice - they are absolutely the reason that the ice is so bad for the beer league games later in the day. I don't get to watch them for too long because of the COVID restrictions at the rink, and I'm not in any position to judge how these guys compare across levels - but they're awesome! Any one of those guys is the difference between Full Metal Jockstrap wins a tight game, and Full Metal Jockstrap wins every single game by twelve goals. Love.
  6. Unfortunately, I think that Laine is a pipe dream. It's fodder for talking heads. It's nice to think about, though. The year that he was drafted, I was really hoping that the Flames would get him. I remember talking to people in Toronto - where I was living at the time, and everyone was so excited that "Oh, my God! The Leafs won the draft lottery!" My opinion was that it was actually the Jets that won the draft lottery that year. The Leafs did everything that they could to ensure that they'd pick first. Joffre Lupal scraped his knee... LTIR. JVR had hurt feelings... LTIR. Basically, any player that might have been able to help them win a hockey game or two ended up on LTIR, and they played their AHL roster. The Jets, on the other hand, tried until the end, and were supposed to pick seventh. That's a pretty good jump, and in my opinion, made them the true "lottery winner", even if Matthews is a better player. Love.
  7. I like that, too. Specifically, I do really like Elias Lindholm. He gets some flak around here, and I think it's a bit unwarranted. I think that all-around, he's one of our most consistent forwards, and he's an excellent utility player. He plays great defense, and he puts up good offensive numbers, too. Of course, I don't know that the "band of Brothers" approach is what they're going for, but I have no issue with them surrounding him with people that he likes to be around. He can be on my team seven days a week. Love.
  8. This is one of my favourite threads of the year. I really appreciate the work that @Crzydrvr puts into it. It's an excellent reference. Love.
  9. This is great news! If only they'd do it when there are people there to see it! Love.
  10. This is the correct answer. I don't see it happening either. Love.
  11. You know, I have been watching this team for decades, and am quite accustomed to frustration. Watching them develop Sam Bennett has been one of the most frustrating endeavours yet. I have been reading a few boards, and I'm also a bit surprised that anyone considers his playoffs performance like it's some kind of revelation. He's always been there, but the Flames have never really given him an opportunity to succeed. Of all of the year-end interviews, his was my favourite because I got the distinct impression that he was happy to play for our team. If I were Sam Bennett, I probably would have made that phone call a few seasons ago - you know the one: I am happy to read Conroy's remarks, and I am hopeful that they'll make good on it. He may never be the top line center that you hope you draft at fourth overall, but I have always believed that he'll be a damn good player, and the type of player that you need if you want to ice a winning team. Love.
  12. I realize I'm a few days behind, but I just watched the GM, and players' year end interviews, and what I've gleaned from it is that we really should trade Eric Francis. I think that a savvy GM could probably get a late pick for him, as some other network thinks that under the right circumstances, he might not be a total dildo. Brad Treliving: Johnny Gaudreau: Sean Monahan: 18-year-old Sam Bennett is 24 years old: Love.
  13. It's been said here before, but let's get this man the 'C'. Love.
  14. I see a lot of talk about Taylor Hall, and I do like him as a target. I think he'd be pretty motivated playing for the Flames, and if the price is right, and the pieces move appropriately to fit him, I would be all over that signing. So, in Dreamland here, how do you suppose he'd look lined up next to Sam Bennett? Maybe the second line looks something like: Hall - Bennett - Dube Or: Hall - Bennett - Lindholm That's some fast, off-the-rush, north/south, scary hockey right there. Love.
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