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  1. First, thrilled about the retros! I think we should stop calling them 'retros', and just call them 'the home jerseys'. I know I've said it a hundred times before, but I'm pretty passionate about it... The problem with the current home jersey is not the black trim, it's the black 'C' and numbers. It used to also be the italicized names, but thankfully they've cut that out. If they kept the three-ply logo and numbers, that'd be fine, it just has to be white on top. Everything would really pop then. The pants and hats could stay black on the home set. On the road set, the problem is the black pants. Switch to red, and it'd already be a huge improvement. Love.
  2. You know why I'm here, Carty? I wanted to make this exact post. "Not to worry, Buddy! I got this!" Love.
  3. Spare the puns, you Turkey! Love.
  4. YES! I had a MULLEN one when I was a kid. I want to get a new Adidas one. Going with Matty. Love.
  5. Bummer. Love.
  6. You know, F&F, I heard that he took that pretty personally. I'm glad that you two are able to get back on track. Love.
  7. This is my favourite EJ tune. Love.
  8. He's the yeast from the east. Love.
  9. Interesting that you should mention that... it's a date that's tattooed on my brain. My Pops took me Mam to that show on one of their first dates. He bought her these 8x10 images of each individual band member, and one of the full band. She kept them in a photo album for around 30 years, and then she gave them to me. I've never forgotten the date. Love.
  10. Uh oh! I thought that we just retired 12?! Fortunately, no one believes that crap about moons and goochers, it's baby stuff! Love.
  11. Looks like Travis Yost isn't thinking too highly of the Flames chances this year... Per: https://www.tsn.ca/previewing-the-likely-first-round-playoff-matchups-for-canadian-teams-1.1273193 I definitely agree with him on his last point. It would greatly be to their advantage to win the division. That way, it's guaranteed that in the second round, one of LV or SJ is out, and the other is beat up. Love.
  12. Thanks for finding this info, Carty and Pyro. I really enjoyed discussions with FF52, and had been concerned about him when I noticed his absence several months ago. We used to talk hockey, occasionally disagree about politics, and talk about cool rock and roll that happened in Winnipeg. RIP, friend. You've been, and will continue to be missed around here. Love, KJ
  13. First the Gatorade, and then the six unanswered in the 3rd... a rough outing for the young netminder. Love.
  14. I don't know if it was the last time... but it turns out I was right! Memory is still good! https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/iginla-and-huselius-have-hat-tricks-as-calgary-beats-tampa-bay-9-6 Love.
  15. Yeah, I think they won the game 9-6. Total barnburner. Love.