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  1. I really like that kid, too. I am hopeful that he's there when the Flames pick. Love.
  2. An aside, I found this fun video by a Sabres fan that asked armchair GMs what they'd offer for Eichel... Love.
  3. And, further, the fact that there was no reaction at ice level indicates that it almost certainly wasn't in. There was no celebration, no confusion, and no controversy until ten minutes later when CBC showed the replay. It didn't happen, and they didn't win in OT, and they didn't take Game 7. It sure was a fun spring, though. I was really proud, and although I had hoped for the other possible outcome, I had nothing but pride for the boys and the city where I'm from. No sense in getting worked up, or feeling slighted over something that didn't happen. Love.
  4. These were a lot of fun, Sak22. Thanks a bunch for posting them! It was great to relive some old memories during a time when there wasn't a lot of hockey. I wanted to let you know why I didn't vote in this particular round, even though I tried to vote in all of the other ones. It's hard to really determine an outcome in this round that is fair. Obviously, the stakes were much higher for Lanny's go-ahead goal, but it's not like it was a great goal. Furthermore, it wasn't the game-winning-goal, which, arguably, was a great goal. I feel like when we think back on the cup team, we always remember Lanny because it was such a great story - similar to Ray Bourque, or Dave Andreychuk (even if it did come at our expense). Although Lanny did score the 2-1 goal, it was Doug Gilmour that actually scored the insurance marker that went on to become the Stanley Cup winning goal. Then he iced it with an empty-netter with 1:03 left. Matthew Tkachuk's goal in overtime last November against the Predators was great as well, but that's because they were down 4-1 to start the third period, and had only registered nine shots on net. The emotions were running high because they made a tremendous comeback, and the Predators were falling apart at home. To make it worse for the hometown faithful, Matty scored that absolutely ridiculous, super cheeky, highlight reel goal with one second left on the clock. It was great, and a lot of fun to watch - but really, it was pretty meaningless save for two points, and some team building early in the season. In terms of which goal is better?, I'd take the Tkachuk goal seven days a week, but it didn't feel appropriate to vote for it here. Even though, honestly, this is one of my favourite goals I've ever seen a Flames player score, at least, that I can remember off the top of my head. I'm sure that we could go back through the tapes, and find some really fun, and creative goals scored by the likes of Kent Nilsson, Hakan Loob, Joey Mullen, Theoren Fleury, Kristian Huselius, Johnny Gaudreau, and many others. Anyway, I noticed that no one has really responded to this post, and no one cast a vote - I'm not sure if they felt the same way that I do, or if there is some other explanation. In any case, I wanted to let you know that these were great, and I'm really glad that you put this together. So, thanks a bunch for that! Love.
  5. It gets them on TV more times. Love.
  6. So, teams A-F... are those the teams that are eliminated in the play-in? Or, are those teams that are in the play-in, but would have been out if the playoffs had just started at the break? I mean, what I really want to know is, if the Flames lose to the Jets, is there a possibility of a lottery pick? I mean, provided that they win the lottery, and then after that, they win the second lottery because the league didn't like the results of the first lottery? Love.
  7. Yeah, I think that colliding with the Stampede, and summer in general, could be a really bad thing in Calgary. You'd have to black out dates for potential playoff games that they might not even make it into, and that'd be a big problem because there are always concerts, and other events that are guaranteed income. Love.
  8. I understand why they're looking at this... but I also kinda hate it. What a mess. Love.
  9. I was wondering where you've been, Carty. Now, we've just got to find @Cowtownguy. Love.
  10. This is a fun project. I'm not sure you'd fit that roster under the salary cap, though. Love.
  11. Speaking of Lucic, and his presence in the room, I was a bit surprised that no one has mentioned his recent appearance on Spittin' Chiclets. It was a pretty good interview - starts at around 32 minutes. https://www.barstoolsports.com/podcast/2405416/spittin-chiclets-episode-268-featuring-milan-lucic Love.
  12. See, now, you can't do that. You can't throw out a Who Dat?! and not book a room, or give anyone the opportunity to answer. Love.
  13. I've said it before, but you poked a sore spot for me. I know that '03 was can't miss, and Dion was pretty good for a few years in Calgary... but how in the hell did they not pick Getzlaf? I mean, it's not like they didn't know he was there. It's not like he had, and continues to have ties to the city. It's not like Neon Dion was ranked higher. And it's not like they didn't need a center to play with that superstar right winger or anything. For all of the terrible things that everyone has to say about Craig Button, I'd betcha that if he had his job for just a few more months, he'd've drafted Getzlaf. Love.
  14. And, a rare full-right goalie, too! Love.
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