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  1. Oh, Man... I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit worried about what happens to Bennett when Ryan comes back. Love.
  2. Is it that weird AWS 403 error? I've had that going on since 2018. I've been in touch with everyone that I could find about that error, and apparently no one else has ever had the issue... It'll go down for me for days at a time, and then it'll work. Maybe if there are more of us, there might be some interest in finding a fix. Love.
  3. I don't see Gio getting traded unless he requests it. I'm fine with that, but I understand why in a vacuum, we could banter about it. He's worth a lot more to the team, and the community than what you'd get in return, and sometimes, when guys pay their dues, they should be able to play out their careers. Remember how mad some of you got when Kiprusoff rejected the trade to the Leafs? The explanation that he gave was that his heart wasn't in it. He wanted to retire a Flame. That's the stuff of legend, Man, and I respect that. We sure were spoiled to have him for as long as we did, and I'm glad that he finished his career where he wanted to - in a flaming C. If that's what Giordano wants, then I think that he has deserved it. Love.
  4. A silver lining: It could be a new record... we'd have to ask the stats guys at Sportsnet, but this is the first time I can recall where they've played "the worst game of the season" an unprecedented three times in the same week! Love.
  5. I would add the Gaudreau chance to that as well. He had the shot, and missed the net completely. Love.
  6. I would have felt so much better if Gaudreau had scored there. Love.
  7. Zary is a centre, but I think he's a ways out. Hopefully they develop him, and then bring him up as a centre. Love.
  8. Are you feeling salty? I've agreed with almost everything that you have said, and Chucky is my favourite Flame... but there are a few gems on the current roster. Mangiapane brings it every game. These guys are right, Tkachuk hasn't been right since the Muzzin incident. Last night was his best game in awhile, and I look forward to seeing more of that from him. Hopefully he's back to his usual self sooner than later, but I think he's getting pretty frustrated, and I can't blame him. Love.
  9. You have posted this in a number of threads now. Matthew Tkachuk is one of the best, but I think that if you think that he's the only one playing with heart, you should take a closer look at number 88. He shows up for every single shift, and he's as tenacious as they get. Love.
  10. Well, you're one for two! With some luck... Love.
  11. I think that they should probably switch goalies here. It's no good to leave a guy in for five against in 15 shots. Love.
  12. At the time that I write this reply, they are outshooting the Oilers 27 - 12. They are outplaying them most shifts. It's a little bit sloppy, but it's a welcome change. This is gut check time. You know that they're being feasted upon by the best player in the world, right? He's got four points on their four goals. So, no, I don't believe in this team right now, but I'm a little bit more invested in this game because it doesn't feel like they're going to roll over. I'll give them that chance. I mean, I've sat through some terrible games this year. Love.
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