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  1. That was a sweet too-many-men penalty with two minutes left. What a bunch of dweebs. Love.
  2. This is starting to look like the Winnipeg 737 MAX. Love.
  3. Ha ha ha! I edited mine at the same time as you posted! Basically proving that we are, in fact, the coolest! Love.
  4. He didn't spliff the D on that goal, but he did get behind them. Love.
  5. Also, been a long time since we've seen @Cowtownguy. Where're you at, Steve?! Love.
  6. I shudder to add a third option, which is that conceivably, both could happen. Love.
  7. Another disgusting, deliberate intent to injure, no doubt. Love.
  8. The coolest, Carty! Thanks for taking such good care of us! Love.
  9. I like Bennett with Dube. It's nice to see Sammy play with someone that he can jam a bit with. Love.
  10. Hopefully they saw that brutal, malicious, ruthless, dirty play where they tried to end Gaudreau's career. Love.
  11. Some of these camera angles are pretty weird. Love.
  12. This is exactly right. Anybody that thinks that the Hawks aren't going to show up for this hasn't been watching much hockey in the last decade. Love.
  13. That's true, which bodes poorly for them... I'd prefer that it's not that, but that it's just Johnny's flow. Love.
  14. Such a stupid penalty. I was stoked that they scored on that power play! Love.
  15. He was single-handedly responsible for them not making the playoffs previously. If the Hawks beat them, that'll probably have something to do with him as well. Love.
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