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  1. Regrettably - I now have an image in my head to associate with Derf.
  2. It does take up most of my online time. Check your messages. Derf I will forever see you as Herb Tarlek - dressed in a plaid suit dropping turkeys out of a helicopter. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Making people laugh is a virtue.
  3. Hey!

    I'm laughing at derf again. What a watermeloning knob.

    Don't come here much anymore. Modding on HF.

  4. hey there! how are things?

  5. Hey kiddo. Maybe i'm retarded but I got an alert that said you left a comment for me but I cant find it anywhere. How you been doing?


  6. another season. I BELIEVE IN RED!!!


    Hello there Chairman Maouth! :)

  7. Hey thanks Chairman, I always enjoy reading your posts. TC.

  8. @ Pyro. Whitecaps playing tonight. I'm trying to get into soccer as a suitable NHL replacement over the summer.

    1. Pyromancer


      Went to National Lacrosse League playoff game Sat between Calgary Roughnecks & Washington Stealth.Great game but sadly we lost Maybe I'll watch PGA golf this summer.

    2. Chairman_Maouth


      Like lacrosse. Can't stand watching golf. If I could write Tiger Woods epitaph it would be "He hit a ball with a stick very well".

  9. Hi cat. So you guys gonna get it together in time for the playoffs?

  10. Lappierre is playing third line centre tonight. Didn't realize how good he was in that role last year in the playoffs for Montreal. Also very good on faceoffs and the PK. That could be a reasonable solution right there.
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