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    Well, I'm interested in a lot of things. Most specifically being amazing, and in my prime. I'm pretty sure I also like to hunt trolls :D
  1. not sure if the Flames noticed, but the season started in october

  2. Haha well played Bane. And the only reason it is G rated is because of the oiler fans

  3. Oh Dear lord Bane :P Is that all you ever think about ;) (Im more into photography- better to shoot for playboy)

  4. If I was your age again, I'd be getting a job as a professional sand patter. Imagine spending your days patting sand onto hot Sports Illustrated swimsuit models.

  5. Don't worry, the Flames will still sign you for many years even if your old :D Then you can get a retirment job here as a scout for potential trolls :D

  6. Now, you're going to need a couple of things for hunting trolls: Chainsaw...check, boomstick...check, cheesy one-liners...check. Ok, you're set! Now kick some arse!

  7. Much like Conroy, my career is winding down. You're the flashy young Jonathon Toews who will lead the next generation.

  8. Nope, you're a veteran and rising star. Get used to facing the media!

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