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  1. I blame Trump for everything! Yah, im kidding well , kinda but its normal to "Whine", "Complain", "biotch" no matter what when this team has a I will say had such a stellar season to come out stinking like we did in round one. This team does not need a major overhaul but merely a few tweaks, (yes move a couple bodies out and a couple bodies in). My thoughts are to make playoffs next year and learn from this with having more experience in the 2019/2020 playoff scenario. Signing Tkachuk will be interesting I hope it doesn't break the bank. I would offer my thoughts on what bodies need to move and what type of bodies need to join us but everyone has their own opinions and there is always someone to agree and disagree. That's what these forums are for aren't they? P.S. Oiler's will still suck again this year
  2. I want to see them play like they have for most of the year, they have it in them just have to get it out. This game is far from being over its time to unleash its potential.
  3. Gaudreau one assist the whole series.. scary these stats
  4. Disgusting this team considering the year they had. Out coached, out skated, and no confidence. Go Jets.
  5. Sorry about the signature, i removed it I hope its gone

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      Sorry Pyro i Dont Appreciate Being Told what to do at 43 years old i tend to get pretty heated

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      I should apply to be a mod haha,, kidding, I have enough babysitting with my crew at work.

      43 I wish I remember them days your along way from getting old Snowbear. Keep the fire burning!

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      Old enough to know better just to damn old to care

  6. Brodie is terrible, mistake after mistake....
  7. How/Where do i put my signature?  

  8. I agree caving to the pressure but i would add the Avs are just plain out right skating better then us, watching Neal is painful, there is no urgency with our top line to me they are coasting as well with no hunger to want to win.
  9. Tampa Bay swept, Pittsburgh swept, Flames almost swept, wtf is going on this year. Go Islanders. We were out coached as well.
  10. Who is our top line? Haven't seen them all playoffs, horrible, the better team won tonight, they outright beat us. Refs missed a few yeah, but Western Conference leader playing last place seed this is embarrasing. I say they are done for the year now.
  11. Great GDT and PREVIEW!!! love it. Here is how i look at this. A win tonight that puts this series as a best of three with us having home ice advantage. 5-2 Flames tonight, (we need to stay away from both the penalty box and referees) Keep Mckinnon close quarters, easy win.
  12. Bad time to start a slump, golf season is only a week or two away and Tee Times might be booked quicker then you think if this team doesn't get their head out of their arse. Coaches, Leaders, and playoff experienced players need to hammer on the whole team to stick with the successes of how we got here this year. I'm not hitting the panic button on this team yet and hopefully by mid game (game 4) it will be a forgotten topic and we can see what this team is capable considering the year we had. Go Flames! Oh and to add, I used to appreciate Cassie Campbell and her commentary but what game was she watching? She must have got a bonus field trip to the shower room in the Avs dressing room last night?
  13. Yes this, and get Mcgratton to lace up the skates for next game too.
  14. I want to see blood next game, Bill Peters better give this team an ultimatum.
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