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    Hockey, Golf, Fishing, watching the Oilers fail year after year.

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  1. On a positive note, I am very pleased to see Brodie back in the line up.
  2. Gaudreau needs to step up, what a poor attempt on a break away in O.T. very disappointing.
  3. I blame Trump for everything! Yah, im kidding well , kinda but its normal to "Whine", "Complain", "biotch" no matter what when this team has a I will say had such a stellar season to come out stinking like we did in round one. This team does not need a major overhaul but merely a few tweaks, (yes move a couple bodies out and a couple bodies in). My thoughts are to make playoffs next year and learn from this with having more experience in the 2019/2020 playoff scenario. Signing Tkachuk will be interesting I hope it doesn't break the bank. I would offer my thoughts on what bodies need to move and what type of bodies need to join us but everyone has their own opinions and there is always someone to agree and disagree. That's what these forums are for aren't they? P.S. Oiler's will still suck again this year
  4. Sorry about the signature, i removed it I hope its gone

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    2. The_Snowbear


      Sorry Pyro i Dont Appreciate Being Told what to do at 43 years old i tend to get pretty heated

    3. medatswhoP


      I should apply to be a mod haha,, kidding, I have enough babysitting with my crew at work.

      43 I wish I remember them days your along way from getting old Snowbear. Keep the fire burning!

    4. The_Snowbear


      Old enough to know better just to damn old to care

  5. How/Where do i put my signature?  

  6. medatswhoP


    I hope the Oilers keep BN and the rest of the failures in office for some time. No lottery drafts can overcome incompetence.
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