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  1. Yeah, I would have to agree with you on that. I have noticed on many occasions that any Flames fan could make some of your type of comments and nobody would neg-vote it.

    I guess you have to factor in that many of the people posting these days are bummed out the team sucks now. It makes sense to lash out at the guy with the current top team in the league. That is why I hate you also. :P

  2. It's sad when you look at some of the posts that got me minuses. Most of the time it's "OMG Canuckz fan must minuzz!!!"

  3. -35!! lol

    Don, you've become quite the heel. I find your posts amusing at least, keep up the dirty work.

  4. I just finished reading both of your blogs. I must say that to me they read like a Hockey News articles. Do you do something like this for your day job or are you planning for it to be. You and Cross16 have a bit of a blogging duel going on now.
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