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  1. So voicing an opinion is now considered a "complaint"?
  2. I'm not complaining about the "shooting", I'm complaining about shot placement. Look at the 3 goals Vancouver scored on Anderson tonight. All accurately placed shots from the hashmark out...
  3. You know what I hate.. watching highlights of other games and seeing their shooters rip shots past goalies top shelf, five hole, low blocker..... all our highlights of our shooters are shots straight into the crest...
  4. Wow...that's the most "off" pass I've seen Gaudreau make!
  5. At least classic Tkachuk is getting back to the style he came into the league with... Would've loved to see MAF and Rittich go at it!
  6. Man...I wish Monahan would learn to use his size more...he's so soft on the puck...learn to stick his Hash Rate out like Getzlaf..
  7. Man..Hamonic should fire that puck more...he's pretty damn accurate with that shot!
  8. I guess we're allowed to clutch and grab again...
  9. Man...Jankowski is starting to annoy me... just get it out on the PK with a safe play..instead he decides to make a weak pass and it gets picked off leading to another scoring chance..
  10. Man..the league needs to think about the kids... CP Goals for Kids would be donating so much more money if the league stopped overturning our goals..
  11. Time to start our own embellishing...anytime a hand/stick comes near the face/head area..just start snapping those heads back!
  12. The sad thing is even MAF thought it was a legit goal... he didn't even signal any protest about interference..
  13. It's a good goal..but the refs/league hates us... so it'll get called back..
  14. Common Big Z...just shoot it! You're the sniper and you set up Prout for the one timer??
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