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  1. Really hope Calgary can hang onto 1st in the Pacific and let SJ and Vegas duke it out first round.
  2. Not even 10 minutes in... San Jose is leading Vancouver 3-0.... The Canucks haven't even got a shot on net yet.. =(
  3. Kiweh


    Sounds like Backlund might be ready to return soon (currently skating as an extra).. Frolik also skating in a regular practice jersey with the goalies prior to the main group coming on for practice.
  4. Kiweh


    Hopefully not anything serious and Rittich will just start the next few games. Probably will still need to call up somebody from the farm to keep the bench warm.
  5. Kiweh


    Arizona claimed Pickard off waivers.
  6. Really sounds like Hamilton had lots of off-ice issues..and made it clear he wanted a change.. at least we know Hanifan is buddies with Gaudreau and Tkachuk...definitely fits the locker room better!
  7. I just want to call a line of Bennett/Backlund/Tkachuk the BBT Line! (Boba/Bubble Tea Line!) Sounds menacing!
  8. Hope to see a Bennet/Backlund/Tkachuk 2nd line this year!
  9. Kiweh


    Forgot which social media I saw it on (Johnny's Instagram Stories maybe) but both Johnny Gaudreau and Mike Smith with family were on a private jet.
  10. Kiweh


    Looks like David Rittich got the call!
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