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  1. Hope everyone had a great Christmas.  Did ya miss me? :P

    1. Pyromancer


      No - It was refreshing to have a minion-free site for a while.Anyway - welcome back & hope you can resume your version of normality. :P

    2. Flyerfan52


      Welcome back. I hope you had a nice break from us.

    3. Carty
  2. What is it about him you don't like? I haven't seen anything to excessively hate on him about, and think he's right where he should be....3rd-pairing D.
  3. Kulstad


    Been my new avatar for about a week now
  4. Kulstad


    Not seeing any mudslinging, just a simple question. Now, everyone play nice, or I'll send you all to your rooms for a time-out.
  5. This is, without question, the only opinion I can completely, unequivocally, 100% agree with on this entire site.
  6. Kulstad


    I moved all the woulda-shoulda-coulda non-goaltender talk to the The Rebuild Over thread. Please at least try to keep it on topic, folks.
  7. Kulstad


    Jermain Franklin posted this on Instagram on Nov 30, 2016
  8. (re: bolded) then you really haven't been paying attention to, nor been affected by, the current economic climate or the news in this city for the past 2 years.
  9. To be fair, Calgary would end up in the PDL (like Toronto, Seatlle, Vancouver, etc). Is the same price still the same for a PDL team?
  10. The success and popularity of the Calgary Boomers (1980 - 81), Calgary Mustangs (1983), and Calgary Storm (2001) would suggest otherwise.
  11. Kulstad


    There, fixed that for you Fixed your fix
  12. Kulstad


    Defense posts are now in the DEFENSE THREAD (linky-poo --> http://fans.flames.nhl.com/community/topic/21053-flames-defense/?page=46)
  13. Kulstad


    Thank you Mr Trump, thank you Secretary Clinton. Ladies and gentlemen, that concludes our Joni Ortio portion of our Goaltending debate. We will now move along to "who is in our system, from Adirondack all the way up to the NHL club"
  14. Kulstad


    Wasn't sure where to put this, but here's a pic for Moose's new Flames mask Created and designed by David Gunnarsson (davidofdaveart on Instagram, or his personal website: http://www.daveart.com/)
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