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  1. Here's his stats, for those who want to know https://www.nhl.com/player/marek-hrivik-8475949
  2. reported 2 years, $1.7M https://www.nhl.com/news/maple-leafs-sign-curtis-mcelhinney-two-year-deal/c-290187782?tid=281072352
  3. reported to be 5 years @ $4.6/per http://www.tsn.ca/alzner-canadiens-agree-to-five-year-deal-1.794121
  4. Thanks for this, cross. I don't much care for the Stone signing myself (don't think he was that much of an influence for Brodie last year at all). I just think there's a huge difference between not liking something based on numbers and fancy stats, and taking a "let's trade off the entire Stockton team for Bantam players because that's how long it'll take for anyone to break the Flames line-up" mentality.
  5. If had the answers, I'd be an NHL GM. Why don't you try being optimistic and hopeful?
  6. My my my, you are just a little doom-and-gloomer, aren't you? Not even willing to entertain the notion that something else (either immediate or mid-term) could potentially be in the works?
  7. http://www.tsn.ca/cammalleri-bouma-stuart-placed-on-waivers-to-be-bought-out-1.793373
  8. Just a couple of critiques, and they may be more of a "just me" thing than anything..... Music is too mellow For "pump up" vids, you want music that's more raw and high-energy. These songs are more sentimental, and probably better suited for "thank you for your career"-style videos. High-points in the vids to match high-points in the music Try to match the highlights of the music (large "booms" or "crashes") with the point of the video clip you're playing. A big boom in the music = big hit. A crash/high-point in the song = a goal. Small, drawn-out dramatic section of the song = fantastic play (deek/forehand-backhand-goal.etc) Like I said, tho....these may just be my own personal preference (definitely better than anything I've tried to put together).
  9. My understanding of the Calgary Flames involvement is strictly between the Government of Alberta and Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation for medical cost recovery only (I distinctly recall hearing Kerr and Steinberg heavily emphasizing this on the day the story broke). Everything else is between Henderson and Wideman
  10. That other thread has lost it's collective mind, so "normal" conversation can be had here.
  11. Remember, this is the same organization that thinks iPads are a good idea for video review
  12. While that may be true, we're also not boat-anchors and cinderblocks below them, either