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  1. Sorry to all my fans. I tore my pectorial muscle benching 600 pounds. Something which is routine for me.

    1. Demonous_Xodus


      I remember when you always used to go into the corner and fight for the puck, and would routinely win and run into the net to score.

      Get well soon.

    2. mikeyvb21


      you have fans?

  2. The hockey gods have spoken!!!!!!

    1. bigchief


      I am embarrassed to say my belief in hockey gods was wavering this past season. Their final reckoning has restored my faith.

  3. Kipper is God, he single handedly stole us a single tonight.

  4. Oh I have been around. Just dealing with some personal stuff. I suppose Don has a lot to be long in the tooth about this season.

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