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    My gut says it'll be James Reimer. Options are abound so let's see.
  2. Like Cross said - we didn't miss out on Andersen. The Leafs provided the Ducks an opportunity to ship him out of both the division and conference. All things being equal, why would Anaheim trade Andersen within the division when they don't have to?
  3. The market has been set for rental dmen with the Shultz trade. I don't see why we can't trade Russell for a 1st ++. I'd target Boston, who has rumoured to be in the Russell sweepstakes and also had three straight first round picks last season. If any team is willing to part with its 1st for 2016 it would likely be the Bruins.
  4. This is precisely the trap that Darryl Sutter got caught in. Started trading the farm for older players. Now granted, Stamkos is 25, I don't think he's going to come in here and turn us into a contender. In fact, he could seriously hamstring us because he is a pending UFA. He could flip the finger at us and walk away and then Tampa has Sam Bennett. We already trade Gilmour for Lehman. Stamkos isn't Lehman but the result could be similar. If he signs, for how much? 12 million a year? Why can't we just be patient and allow things to develop? There seems to be in a mentality as if our window of opportunity is closing and we need to act now to capitalize. Sean Monahan and Johnny Gaudreau are not pushing 30. Let's stop pretending as if they are. If you're window of opportunity is indeed closing, I can see trading picks and prospects for a Stanley Cup push. BTW, rarely does this tactic work. In any event, that's not the case here.
  5. I got no problem with any of Treliving's singings. In fact, bringing in veterans creates good competition with the young guys since they are fighting for jobs. What I do have a problem with is when management lets their egos rule and refuse to sit a guy or send a guy down to the minors in favour of a younger player who has shown that he can do a better job. I haven't seen that from BT. As far as I'm concerned he can sign whoever he wants as long as the right decisions are made when it comes to icing the lineup.
  6. Moving forward, that quite simply is not good enough. In my mind guys like Russell, Wideman, Engelland, Schlemko are solid 5-6 guys. We have a glaring hole at 3-4. While I love these guys to pieces, the reason we had to block so many shots is because we just can't hack it possession wise. Blocking a shot should be a last resort, but that wasn't the case with us this year. How we fill that 3-4 slot in is anyone's guess but as long as we have guys like Russell and Wideman patrolling the blue line in our 3-4 spot, we're not making it to the next level.
  7. Anybody wanna tell me why David Schlemko was penalized against Winnipeg for a follow through?
  8. Is this an extension of April Fool's? Since when do penalties have to be intentional? You still have to be responsible for your hockey stick. You can't just follow through, destroy someone's face and then simply carry on shrugging your shoulders.
  9. Are you insane? You can't slam your stick into someone's face on a follow through.
  10. I've had a chance to see Johnny up close this season, including the Montreal game. He's very shifty and wiry. Not an easy target to hit and most guys would miss his head with their shoulders. Let's not forget that he has the physique of a 9th grader, but he's made it through almost a dozen NHL games competing with the best of them. Of course there's the hacking and slashing stickwork but being bigger as a team or having more goons I don't think will be effective because of the instigator. Most NHLers, if it means getting a man advantage, don't mind getting their checking from behind handed to them after cheapshotting someone. In the end, the best of them make it through in spite of the slashing. Anyway, the comparisons to St. Louis - I remember St. Louis. He did not make this type of impact in a Flames jersey ever. Let's not forget that he required a fair amount of time in the minors for some seasoning, but the Flames brass at the time knew exactly what they had. It was top prospect inspector Craig Button who came in and decided he wasn't going to amount to anything. In reality, however, his numbers at the time were not overly impressive - somewhat comparable to a Steve Begin. If Johnny can pack on 20 pounds and get into the Patrick Kane and St. Louis weight class, the sky is the limit for him. We haven't had a player with this much raw talent in a long time. Any comparisons to St. Louis then are the hockey gods correcting that dreadful move to ship him out some 12 years ago.
  11. The objective was to round out his game. Brian Sutter and Al Coates believed heavily in him, had plans for him, and were in the process of developing him (and clearly they did a textbook job). Unfortunately, they were fired and the clueless Craig Button was brought in, the guy who to this day rides the coattails of his father. You put St. Louis and Marc Savard on that 2004 team and you can only wonder what would have happened.
  12. I think a more apt comparison is Marty St. Louis, who didn't start producing consistently until his 5th year out of college. We're going to need a ton of patience with this kid and the minor leagues will be required. While he's playing with people twice his size, he doesn't play against anyone who is near the ability of a Drew Doughty or Ryan Kesler. His college coach has already acknowledged that he's going to need a lot of seasoning. I honestly believe he ends up being a consistent 70-80 point guy. A gamebreaker type of player. The question is whether he does that with the Flames or some other team.
  13. Feaster's put a lot of pressure on himself by talking about best players in drafts and best even strength players in the league. If he delivers, good on him. If he fails, and the odds are stacked heavily against him, then he's going to look like a fat buffoon and will officially make this team the laughing stock of the NHL.

  14. 14-2. Don't think we've seen a squash job like this in the playoffs since the Oilers in the 80s. And given the recent "parity" in the league, it makes the Kings run that much more impressive.

  15. The Canuck message board has crashed

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