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  1. There’s a rumor out there that we’re looking into Hoffman (from the website that shall not be named). He makes $5.2mil who goes the other way? Frolik? $4.3 Czarnik? $1.25 Janko? $1.675 Florida has just over $700k in cap space after the Boyle signing, and apparently they may be looking for D. Brodie? $4.65. If we move a D, that means a D has to come back.
  2. A couple of things 1. Talbot played fantastic. Looked real good. 2. Hockey Gods bailed us out many times with the Ducks shooting wide and whiffing on point blank shots 3. Monahan - I haven’t seen him be that physical since.... ever. 4. Stone - hit the net 3 out of 4 shots, one resulting in a goal. 5. Lucic - hussles, hits, and makes great tape to tape passes. Really liking where I see his game going. Nice to win in Anaheim.
  3. Talbot is looking great in a Flames Jersey!
  4. 100% He throws the puck away as soon as someone gets within a few feet of him.
  5. Don’t think anyone followed Rittich out the tunnel for period 2. I did like Kylington’s effort to take it out of the zone himself and almost get a shot.
  6. Good morning cfreining! Let’s go Flames! Take it to’em in period 2!
  7. I watched it a third time and changed my post to reflect that Lindholm attempted to throw a hit - thinking helm was coming at him. My error
  8. Lindholm hit helm first, yes, but if you watch the replay again you’ll see Lindholms intent wasn’t to hit helm in the head. He thought helm was going to engage him and he threw a hit to protect himself. Still, the outcome wasn’t good despite the lack of intent.
  9. Personally, I’d like to see the league employ a rule where any egregious act is suspendable for the duration of the injury and recovery of the victimized player. I imagine we’d see less stick work, and fewer hits from behind when a player is in a vulnerable position.
  10. Great backcheck and hustle by the big man.
  11. Agreed. I don’t think they can review anything other than the major penalty act.
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