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  1. That's really great to hear Cross. By my math, it sounds like Ryan isn't playing C next season, or perhaps they're attempting to move him. I wouldn't mind seeing Ryan in the RW position with Benny and Looch if Dube is going to play higher up. In fact, having Ryan play with Benny allows them to alternate taking draws since Benny struggled there.
  2. I saw a pic somewhere (here?) of ol’ blasty but using the red-yellow-white colour scheme. I thought it was fantastic. I’m a fan of the blasty jersey, but I was hoping they’d try the original colours with it.
  3. I hear what you’re saying Sarasti. I actually should’ve described my assessment of Hanifin a little better. For me, he has the tools and potential to reach a higher ceiling, but I don’t think he’ll ever realize it because of the IQ. It’s like giving the keys to a plane to a non-pilot. Sure the plane has wings and is fast and can get you many places, but it’s only as good as the pilot driving it and I’m not confident in the pilot in this circumstance. Personal opinion of course - I don’t know the guy - just my analysis based on how he responds and reacts to the play. I’ve noticed some repetitive behaviors and decisions he makes that consistently result in poor outcomes, and I don’t see him learning from them. To each their own of course.
  4. Thanks Sak. A few questions though - if the kraken sign Carlo, do we still get an opportunity to match because he’s an RFA? Secondly, if Engelland was a UFA, and he still counted as the player Vegas took from the flames, I imagine signing a UFA or RFA counts as a selection from their “previous” team? (So the kraken wouldn’t be able to poach anyone else from us)?
  5. This opportunity may not have presented itself before the Tanev signing. And if we were sitting here today without Tanev as a replacement for Brodie/Hamonic, this fan base would be on fire about our defence. It is what it is. Carlo makes our RD very strong, and gives us the flexibility to move him up the lineup if injuries occur. I also don’t share your opinion on Hanifin. I think Andersson carried that pairing in the playoffs (with a broken foot no less) and that Hanifin doesn’t have a higher ceiling than what we’ve already seen. Agreed about Bennett. He needs to play C. Move Ryan to the wing with Backlund (I imagine Lindholm and Tkachuk are going to become a duo) or, if they want to slot Dube higher up the lineup, put Ryan on the RW with Bennett and Looch. Let Ryan take faceoffs on his strong side and Bennett take them on his. Ryan ain’t coming back after next season (UFA), but we should give Bennett a reason to! (RFA) DeBrusk has an Oilers scent for me... I foresee him turning into Brouwer 2.0 if he plays here.
  6. Yes. Funny thing is we used Hamilton (from Boston) to acquire Hanifin lol. That must’ve stung Bruins brass since they’ve coveted Hanifin for so long, and we used the asset they were trying to use to land him hahaha. Personally, I’d trade Hanifin for Carlo all day long. I think Hanifin has a low hockey IQ and that’s what’s held him back from raising his game. I honestly believe Hanifin has hit his ceiling and Andersson made him look better in the playoffs. I also don’t care that we signed Tanev for RD already either. Our RD becomes that much deeper, Carlo is a controlled asset who will be cheaper to re-sign than what Hanifin is currently making, and it sets us up better for the Kraken draft because Carlo - as an RFA in need of a contract - can’t be selected (unless I’m mistaken about that).
  7. Bennett Lucic and Dube had chemistry. Why not let Bennett C the fourth line with those 2 on his flanks? If Lindholm is playing C, that’ll give us Mony, Lindy, Backs, and Bennett. It’s obvious we don’t have that upper-echelon centerman, but that’s some pretty deep center depth for this team if we hold onto Bennett and let him play C. and not for anything, but third and fourth liners today aren’t your stereotypical third and fourth liners of the 80s. Teams that go deep in the playoffs have third and fourth liners that threaten offensively as well. Lucic-Bennett-Dube didn’t just bruise opponents, they also put up points, were a consistent threat to score in the offensive zone, and had Corsi stats that suggested their line dominated their opponents. Call me simple, but why are we considering trading Bennett when the chemistry between those 3 players was instant and consistent? It brought the best out of all 3 players... but we don’t want that to continue? Flat out stupid if they let that slip through their hands.
  8. According to this its Hanifin and Bennett for Carlo and DeBrusk. Though Hanifin for Carlo is the meat of the deal, and the other 2 could be included in the swap. I personally would despise Bennett being traded. I hope it’s just Hanifin and Carlo. I’d love Marchand for Gaudreau, but I don’t know why Boston would even consider moving him.
  9. That other player was Carlo IIRC. To replace Hanifin. Though, I believe DeBrusk and Carlo were an either or, not both.
  10. Not sure about the first or second - Mony is no slouch, has good numbers, is just 26 (only 3y older than Brazil) and is already locked up for 3 more seasons on a team-friendly salary. That said, I personally wouldn’t mind tossing in ours or the Oilers’ 3rd rounder we acquired in the Lucic deal. 😉 Though, the talk has been that Barzal will get a minimum of $8mil (apparently he’s worth $10mil if not for COVID) which means we’d have to make another move. Is this likely to happen? No, but there’s a chance.
  11. Sure. Like I said, those muffins start looking better when your original target doesn’t pan out - otherwise you go home empty handed. And there’s no shortage of people interested in those muffins as well, that you’re competing with. 🤷🏻‍♂️ But, if my analogy is correct, for Calgary to build a perennially contending team, they’d likely have to do so through the draft AND by acquiring players with term on their contracts. That’s why I was hung up on Eichel (he had term and would have to play out his contract if traded here). We have to target players who don’t have NTCs / NMCs but have term on their contract. I believe I mentioned in a past post about trading Mony for Barzal in some capacity, and I know Barzal is an RFA and there’s risk of an offer sheet, but with the flat cap and most teams handcuffed by their cap space, I see an opportunity to lockup a great player for a long time because he doesn’t have many options. These are the kinds of opportunities I think BT should be targeting, and from what we hear, he’s one of the most active GMs out there communicating so I think it’s only a matter of time before those relationships he’s building start benefiting us in trades. My 2 cents.
  12. I like BT. I’m a big supporter. Sure, he’s signed some players that didn’t pan out, but I take that with a grain of salt because I believe those players had to want to come to Calgary in the first place - or - they had to be paid enough to come to Calgary. Said it before and I’ll say it again, I have faith BT is in on everything - the issue is not every player is in on us. Sometimes my wife asks me to go buy her a warm, $10 cinnamon bun at a local shop. Sometimes there’s none left. But they have $5 muffins. So, I go home empty handed or with a muffin. The moral of the story? Either way my wife isn’t going to be happy. It’s not due to lack of effort or try either... what I wanted was simply unavailable to me. Also, that muffin starts looking a hell of a lot better when there aren’t any cinnamon buns available. I imagine BT goes through a similar process when trying to acquire players.
  13. You gotta dream big, right 7wit? 😁🤘🏻
  14. With the signings, I feel something is afoot. Methinks BT has something up his sleeve. FlamesFan4Life brought up Ottawa as a trade partner in the UFA thread. I can see them being extremely interested in Hanifin - not sure they’d take Ryan tho. But again, Ottawa may part with a very decent piece for Hanifin. just spit-ballin here. Brady Tkachuk. 4th overall pick. His ELC expires after this season and he’s an RFA. He’ll be due a raise. Hanifin. 5th overall pick. Young and locked down for 4 more seasons. Carries a team friendly (read: “Owner Friendly”, especially for Melnyk) low salary. Include Ryan in the deal to replace the forward spot lost in Brady’s departure. Ryan’s contract expires after this season (like Brady’s). I’m not sure Brady is what we need, per se, but damn teams would hate to play against us with both Tkachuks. Then we sign Corey Perry to become the most loathed team in the league!
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