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  1. Hey robrob, I see the same things you do. I talk a lot about the give-a-crap o meter, a measurement I wish could be properly assessed and added to player stats, and the lack of it this team shows most often. It’s up and down, it’s out of sync, non-existent, and unstoppable. And this can be all in the span of a single game (lol). Compound that across an 82 game schedule and its enough to make anyone pull out their hair. I agree with you that the eye test doesn’t match some of the statistical data. But here’s the thing, the flames also have some talent. And the talent is what’s contributing to stats. Now, we have to be realistic that this team isn’t going to run the table for a full 82 games giving 100% effort consistently. It’s impossible. Last season we were opportunistic and scored at will, but I could definitely see the details slipping in games we still won. And I share in the frustration that this team is capable of more if they would up their mettle. I’d love for them to take a look at a team like the Boston bruins and develop that kind of consistency in their effort, that kind of expectation game in and game out, and let the hockey gods and nature take its course when it comes to off-games. There was an interview with Bergeron recently (I believe) where he said when he came to the bruins there was an expectation as to your level of play, an expectation that you are accountable to your teammates, and an expectation that you’re going to compete for the playoffs and a potential cup. Anything less isn’t bruins material. And this is something he shows as a leader in the dressing room now. This is something I believe is missing in the flames dressing room. Is it a coach thing? I believe it’s part of it. But I also believe players have it or they don’t. Some are born leaders, some are born followers. I like Gio as a leader, but I think he needs a few more strong leader types in that room. (Tkachuk will get there, not there yet)
  2. the fact that this pause occurred, and conversations are being had about potential playoff positioning based on current standings or points percentage, the latter is the sticking point for me. The flames put themselves in a position where points percentage (which to me is a better indicator of performance) would put them in WC spot #2 if I’m not mistaken. So, essentially, this is a team that by the smallest of margins squeaked into the playoffs. Not a glowing review to move forward with this core. My WC2 cents.
  3. Hahaha I know. What a name!! Question is, does his birth certificate say “Dick” or “Richard”? It would shed some light on the person himself or his parents lol
  4. Maybe EA sports can get involved and green-screen in the fans and sounds from NHL’20?!? 😁
  5. For me, if they go straight into playoffs, I’m curious how they do it fairly when teams haven’t all played the same number of games...
  6. Yeesh... it became the offseason just like that. I’ll probably still be lurking around here from time to time. I am curious how everything will unfold when (if?) the season continues. 74 game season? 5 game playoff series? 1 game elimination for teams on the cusp in order to get into the playoffs? Might be very interesting
  7. lou44291

    Ken King

    Wow. It’s unbelievable how much turmoil has surrounded this team this year. RIP Ken King and thank you.
  8. lou44291


    Agreed. It was one of those nights where I feel he took the team on his back and said “follow me”. Got the party started for us for sure.
  9. Mange echoed what I said. Problem is they need to start on time, first and foremost. Ward seems to think after 9 minutes in we were even - he needs to stop saving the players from the truth. They need a reality check.
  10. If he’s on his knees, he’s vulnerable up top. If he’s standing and hugging the post, he’s vulnerable down low. Every “stance” has a vulnerability. Ritter was playing percentages, saw the initial release of the shot (low) and it painfully and unfortunately got deflected by the toe of Mange’s stick to go top shelf. Really, just an overall unfortunate outcome. No blame on Mange. No blame on Ritter. Rather, my position is that this final score might have been different if the Flames started this game on time. They let the hockey gods and “chance” have a say in the outcome because they chose not to dictate the play themselves for a full 60 minutes.
  11. Hockey Gods. Satoshi Nakamoto happens. Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned here... something like “don’t come out flat and go down 3 goals before you decide to play, then luckily make a game out of it and think you’re a good team. Put in a 60 minute effort next time and try never relinquishing a lead for a change” or something along those lines...
  12. Rittich is in. Love the guy, but I’d continue with Talbot since he hasn’t faltered.
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