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  1. lou44291


    Luuuuuch. Let me say welcome to the flames. Ain’t going to lie - didn’t love the trade. Nothing personal, it’s your cap hit. In fact, I was a big fan of your game and intensity in Boston. I could see your drive to win. Didn’t see the same from you in Edmonton. Something was different there. I hope you find the flames a better fit for you. I hope you see an opportunity to win here. I hope you can do something special. I’m already routing for you.
  2. Whoa. Tough crowd here. Even with Valimaki’s injury we’re still shipping Brodie off, eh? change for the sake of change isn’t something I subscribe to. In my eyes, Brodie is a better fit for us than the available D out there and he’s cap friendly.
  3. Methinks Happy got the worst of it... bob barker has “grit”
  4. Personally, I’d rather not push Brodie out the door for the sake of a trade. If the right deal isn’t there, keep him in the fold. Opportunities will present themselves as the season unfolds. It might not be a bad thing to have Brodie as a tradeable asset at the trade deadline... a player like him might be able to grab us a pretty decent player for a playoff run.
  5. I still have my cross hairs aimed at Brayden Schenn. 🤞🏻
  6. Me too. One of my faves that I still play every now and then. Don’t know if you heard but Microsoft bought the franchise and released a new version not too long ago that is available on PC and Xbox One. It was recently on sale for $9.99 (that one purchase allows for the game to be installed on both PC and X1) and I must admit it’s damn good. Give it a look maybe! 😄👍🏻 *edit - looks like it jumped back up to $50 cad. It goes on sale for $10 throughout the year. There’s a free version that is limited if you want to check it out.
  7. I don’t think the coach can teach killer instinct. He can preach it, but I believe that is something innate in a player. Like you said, he has it or he doesn’t. What I believe good coaches do is evaluate and assess the strengths and weaknesses of his team, and then develop a game plan that plays to his team’s strengths. Not unlike the game of chess, your strategy must change as you lose pieces on the chessboard. I liked your example of Pittsburgh because they played a style that fit the makeup and roster on that team. As a different example, those New Jersey teams that won cups played a trap style that once again fit the player personnel on those teams. In my eyes, a good coach doesn’t bring the same system to every team he coaches - he has to re-evaluate every team he coaches and decidedly draft a plan and system that gives that collection of players the best opportunity to play to their strengths.
  8. Unlike some other posters, I do want to say that I believe in the direction of this team, and I believe in the staff managing it. Yes, there seems to be a focus on talent in the draft, and I think that’s played out very well for us. I may be missing some players, but we have andersson, kylington, mangiapane, Valimaki, janko, and dube (knocking at the door) who have all come up the ranks and graduated to the big leagues. It’s internal success like this that gives us opportunity and flexibility for trades. Look at our D for instance, a position of strength that allows us to entertain trades for Brodie. The salary cap being what it is this year reduced the number of teams who could entertain a Brodie trade, but, if we continue to draft well, we will find ourselves in a position to trade assets to fill those perceived areas of weakness on our team.
  9. Killer instinct ranks very high for me in player assessment. I agree Bennett has it. I agree others don’t. I often use the killer instinct gif of Cinder below in my posts after a flames victory. We could use a few more players that have that quality.
  10. I’m with you snowbear. Thank you mods for all you do, we got a good thing going here. Much appreciation to all involved.
  11. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. That’s what this deal is. For those saying BT shouldn’t have signed Neal, congratulations. Your hindsight is 20/20. BT didn’t have the luxury of seeing the future at the time, and was bringing in a sniper who scored no less than 20 goals per season to our team. The intention was to play him on the top line with quality linemates who can drive play and feed him apples. Did anyone’s apparent psychic ability see Lindholm doing what he did last season??? We have a GM that’s trying to find the right mix to bring a cup home. I don’t condemn him for acquiring Neal. I would’ve liked him at a lower salary, but he was a UFA and you simply pay more at that time of year or you go home empty handed. I look at Neal the same way I look at Kessel. They can put the puck in the net. That’s their gift. Someone just has to get them the puck or create the opportunity for them. Kessel is not a poster boy for health, training, and fitness - but he got to post a photo of himself eating hotdogs out of the cup (to extend a running joke). It’s logical to me that had the Kadri deal gone through, Neal would’ve remained a Flame next season. Kadri would’ve been a significant upgrade and better linemate for Neal than Janko, and I believe Neal is poised for a bounceback next season (more so than Lucic). I admittedly advocated against Kadri, however, I would’ve preferred that scenario over this one. I like our GM. But I’m angry at him for this one.
  12. Re: Bennett Wasn’t looking at financials... was looking at role. I think management may consider Bennett redundant after the Lucic acquisition. I would prefer he stays.
  13. With Lucic a Flame for the next 4 years, I really see Bennett as the casualty. I don’t think he’ll be a Flame much longer, much to my dismay.
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