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  1. Lots of UFA goalies out there. I personally think it would be reckless to use any kind of asset (player, prospect, or pick) to acquire one. Keep the picks BT. Also, consider Lehner only got a one year $5mil deal last year, and now we have a flat cap with multiple goalies out there... I predict low salaries and low term for the lot of them. Perhaps bottom feeders have cap to throw around, but I doubt many GMs are interested in hitching their wagons to a pricey, long-term goalie when we expect a flat cap for at least the next few seasons. Again, I say stick with Talbot. I like what he brought. I like what Rittich brings. They’re a good tandem. Focus on improving the D-core and the goalies will look better for it. Apparently Petro was told to explore free agency by St. Louis.
  2. Buffalo just picked up Staal, so now they can trade Eichel to us for Monahan and JH since they’ve got their #2 C, and Mony + Johnny will help them target their owner-mandated $71mil maximum cap salary for the next season by getting 2 players (with more combined offensive output) for almost the same cost as Eichel alone. Do it BT.
  3. After winning the Messier award again this year, flames players saying they’ll go to battle with him as their leader, and his importance to the community, Gio isn’t going anywhere. At least from my perspective. That said, all this talk about our interest in OEL from Arizona has me scratching my head. I don’t want a 29 year old LD on an $8+ million contract until he’s 36. I figure OEL’s point production is what it is due to playing on the coyotes, and believe he could improve upon those numbers on the flames or another team, but I don’t like the contract, I don’t like the term, I don’t like that he’s LD, and I don’t want to gamble on him. Kuemper looks good and could be a good target - tho I have sided more with the idea of holding on to Talbot instead if he comes in cheaper. Half our D is UFA and there’s an opportunity here to put something better in front of Rittich and Talbot for next season which will surely help their GAA and Save%. Reducing high danger opportunities will go a long way in helping our current tandem look better than they have. Then there’s also the expansion draft to consider...
  4. These are only my opinions, TD. Sharing them for debate and to continue the conversation is all. 😁👍🏻
  5. I like Gustafson - our PP was incredibly better with him on it. Bring him back. 3rd pairing D with PP upside. Reider - bring him back for his PK ability and the threat he brings to score on a PK. Sure he can be frustrating at times with his lack of finish, but he’d be a cheap quality PKer with speed, and the ability to move up and down the lineup without hurting you. Brodie - if Brodie is looking to cash-in, unfortunately we let him walk. I know many here harp on his gaffes, but he does so much well that we ignore how consistently good he is. He may not be physical, but his stick work is incredible. If he will take a team friendly deal to remain in Calgary, similar to what he’s making now, Brodie is a no-brainer for me. (And this is assuming Petro isn’t an option for us. If there’s a chance Petro is available, I think that needs to be explored first). Taylor Hall - Yes. He’s not looking for a payday, he’s a good player, he has speed, he wants to win. And, he may actually want to play here. Ticks a lot of boxes for me. I look past his injuries because his injuries were a result of compete level and desire. Goalie - Lehner and Markstrom are great goalies and they would solidify the position for years - at a cost. And this is the sticking point for me. If the flat cap and high availability of goalies this offseason keeps costs down for either of these goalies, explore it. I’m just not prepared to spend $6mil on a goalie given the flat cap. I look at Talbot and say to myself, if Talbot will take $3mil/year for a few years of stability (2 maybe 3), is Markstrom or Lehner at $6 mil a year, two times better than Talbot? I don’t think so. I liked Talbot. I thought he was a fit with Ritter too. Aside from the final game, I think Talbot is a great goalie and kept us in so many games while we were finding our footing. And I’ll go back to trading Monahan and Gaudreau. I agree C is a position of need, and if either (or both) of these 2 players can get us a C with higher upside than what we have, we have to go for it.
  6. There’s also the detail that Gaudreau has 2 years left where Marner has 6. Any retained salary by Toronto lasts 4 years beyond Gaudreau’s contract... I’m sure an even split doesn’t make sense for Toronto at that point and I’m not sure I’m as interested in Marner at $9mil...
  7. Not out to lunch at all. I’ve dreamt of the same thing, but that $10mil price tag on Marner makes me shudder. If the leafs were to retain some salary to make it a more even swap... then I’d entertain that conversation. Though it would be a 1-for-1 in my mind... no way I add to Gaudreau for Marner. Heck, if you add both players’ salaries and split it so that’s the amount Toronto retains, they’re still saving cap space for a similar (if not more dynamic) player. And of course Marner has his intangibles over Gaudreau.
  8. Apologies TD... anytime I see Nylander’s name come up on the board here I’m compelled to respond “Nooooooooo!” Nylander is a one dimensional player, and only when he feels like playing that one dimension. He gets hot for a few games, and decides he’s earned a vacation and is an absolute no-show for weeks. He’s a complete Premadonna, and a no-show in the playoffs (or even regular season games where it gets even the slightest bit physical). I’m pretty sure if you lookup the word “anchor” in the dictionary, his photo is there as both a noun and a verb (verb: Nylander’s contract has anchored a cash-strapped leafs team due to the discrepancy between Nylander’s contributions to the team and his yearly salary (Dubas? See “Dumbass”) Noun: Nylander is like a real life anchor if you imagine a hockey team is like a boat trying to reach the promised land, and instead of Nylander contributing or at least being a passenger, he digs his heels into the ground and makes the team drag his carcass because he doesn’t want the wind to mess up his hair). That sums up the way I feel about the player. Gaudreau would be a massive overpayment and also lock us in for years with another player who’s character and style of play is the opposite of what we’re looking for. Apologies, I’m a little passionate about this one - living in Toronto and all... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/2008505 And there you have it. I knew Andersson looked out of sorts - played with a broken foot! Chucky with the concussion confirmed, and Bennett letting pucks fly with a torn tricep! Wow. He did go full on beast mode for playoffs. Keep Bennett around if you’ll give him a spot at C. I’d prefer that entire line stay together.
  10. https://youtu.be/KzX62Ub7wa4 I watch this guy from time to time. He picks up on Francis’ article. Suggests Mony and JH as a combo deal in a trade... looks like some media types browse this forum 😅
  11. https://www.si.com/hockey/news/flames-at-crossroads Been saying this for a little while now.
  12. Hey gents, it’s been ground hog day for years now. I hope we’re watching a different team next season. Cheers to each and every one of you.
  13. It should be 9 minutes of offense from the flames. Nothing to defend.
  14. Hindsight is 20-20 and 2020 has been horse Satoshi Nakamoto. it’s a 2 on 5, and Dallas scores. Wow. pulling Talbot before calling a timeout was premature. It was a 0-0 game again at that point.
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