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  1. I heard yesterday that Eichel is pissed that he won’t be able to participate in the olympics in Feb. if that’s the case, I don’t see how he’d be back in shape by December. I think it’s longer. Dube has a nice 3 year low $ contract. I’d prefer to hold on to him. But if it makes or breaks the deal, and doesn’t include picks, so be it. Maybe him and Kyller can go.
  2. Come to think of it TD. Doesn’t the above have the makings of the Tampa Bay - Kucherov shenanigans they pulled? Trading Chucky for Eichel doesn’t really require more going to Buffalo cap wise. Eichel is going straight onto LTIR and essentially we free up $7m. When Eichel is ready to return, we’ll have to do something, yes, but there’s time there to make additional moves, and doesn’t our cap grow because of Eichel’s LTIR? Just spitballing, but maybe Monahan becomes available if Eichel is expected to make a full recovery… Or, maybe we keep Monahan and Eichel joins us for game one of playoffs - so he doesn’t count against the cap at all. it’s been done before… 👀
  3. Lol I was just on CapFriendly working out something similar TD. We still have Stone in the ranks and I’m not a fan of Gudbranson either… so, if Buffalo is sticking to their requirement of at least 5 pieces: Chucky Gudbranson Kylington (because the Flames don’t like him) Ritchie And if we have to include a pick, maybe our 2nd rounder or the one we acquired from FLA for Bennett. If we can keep our picks, then I’d put NO CONDITIONS on the trade. There’s risk on both sides of the equation with Chucky (does he re-sign in Buffalo after RFA?) and Eichel (does he play to the level he’s capable of for the 4.5 years left on his contract?) So why not exploit an edge in negotiations and be the team that gives Buffalo no conditions on the trade? Sometimes you gotta push your chips in the middle with a pair of 5s to win the pot, and I’m not suggesting Chucky is a pair of 5s. I’m willing to do this because I don’t see Chucky as a game breaker. I love his moxy and attitude, but I love the idea of an elite center more and I’m willing to gamble on that. Plus, LTIR will give us an opportunity to pickup a good D for playoffs as well. The Eichel effect will make some players see us as a better destination for themselves.
  4. Well, if it wasn’t clear before it’s clear now that “anywhere but Buffalo” is acceptable to Eichel. I’d still like to be that “anywhere” destination, and given that Eichel will miss a chunk of the season, I lean more towards Chucky going the other way than Monahan. LW is a position we are overloaded with. How much stronger would the flames be if we had Lindholm, Mony, Backlund, and Eichel down the middle? Could Lindholm return to RW with an Eichel acquisition and better balance our lines? One would think so. Eichel’s LTIR would also afford the flames additional cap space to load up before the playoffs 👀
  5. Good people here. Very good people here. Just another example of it. Kudos Heartmelter.
  6. Robert Thomas article Just came across the above to get an idea of the player from the perspective of the city and fans. At 21/22 he’s not a reclamation project, but they identify that something is concerningly missing there. He’s not pushing himself to grab a higher position. I trust what you’ve seen of him in the past Conundrumed is accurate, and the reason he was selected 20th overall, but given the state of the flames and the same concerns with our own players’ give-a-crap o’meter, I have to say I’ve become very cautious of Thomas as a target. He could need a change of scenery like Bennett did, but he’s playing for St. Louis… it’s not like it’s Buffalo or something. Hmmm…
  7. I don’t mind Conundrumed’s idea either TD - though, we’d run into the same cap issues as with an Eichel trade. I’m not well versed on Thomas tho - does he have too 6 C potential? Word is Thomas is looking for around what Kyrou got. Combined with Tarasenko, we’re looking at $11ish million cap. I do like the ideas, let’s keep’em coming. (Or move them to the trades thread).
  8. Prior to these recent comments, I was all for trading him to Buffalo. And I still am. Strength at the C position is more important than wing.
  9. lou44291


    Clearly it’s Tanev’s teeth. And the history between them justifies it. Tanev should have the save% column added to his stats for how many shots he blocks. I think the teeth are a nod to the “2nd goalie” we have on the ice when Tanev is out there. Sick mask nonetheless. I appreciate the nod to kip, Vern, and kidder. Absolutely love it. I Want a replica!
  10. Anticipating this response, I counter with this - do you think Mony would fetch the same as Eichel? Mony has also been "available" for while...
  11. With respect, I don't understand the Eichel comparison to Mony. If you want to point at stats over the last X years, yadda yadda, sure - I know lots of people that can make numbers work whichever way they want. So, in a different light for comparison, would Mony fetch us 4-5 quality pieces in a trade including multiple 1st round picks? No? Maybe ask yourself why.
  12. Agreed on the Monahan front TBC. I guess I valued Dvorak higher than most. And perhaps the potential in this upcoming draft makes that first rounder more valuable than most years. He’s just got a great contract price and term, he’s positive in the face-off dot, he can score and setup scoring, he’s defensively sound… to me he’s one of the rare 200 foot players that every team talks about but rarely ever finds. He’s good in so many areas of the ice. Plus, if Chucky is sticking around, I thought it would’ve been good to have his former linemate on the team (as a potential future linemate as well since the chemistry is already there). I may be in the minority, but I see Dvorak > JK. Though, Dvorak alone won’t replace both JK and Danault. MTL is in the toughest division as well - but I think they’re strong on the wings and in net. We’ll see how the D shakes out for them without Weber, though they did pickup Savard. They are a conundrum for this upcoming season to me. edit: I also hate to beat a dead horse (well, on second thought maybe not lol) but if the flames were targeting Eichel, Brouwer’s buyout is off the books after this season, and Lucic’s salary is off the books after next season. So, on a positive note, there will be some misallocated cap space coming back to the flames following an Eichel acquisition. On the flip side, we have to be careful not to overpay for the services Gaudreau or Chucky or Mony with that cap space, if that’s the plan. The Patrick idea is an interesting one for sure. I was just thinking that a Dvorak acquisition would be an excellent succession plan for Backlund, and we could move on from him.
  13. Just saw this. Does that seem fairly cheap to anyone else for Dvorak?
  14. Well, no one is perfect and looking at last year in any capacity is a cautionary exercise, but it’s true that it looked like we couldn’t get out of our zone on the PK last year. Almost full 2 minute power plays in our zone was ridiculous. However, when Rieder was on the PK the year before, there was a threat of a breakaway and that would pull the opposing D off the blue line enough to give us a better chance of getting out of the zone and/or getting it deep. I think someone commented about his “lack of size”, he should be slotted on the 4th line anyway, so, put him on a line with players that have size (Looch, Ritchie, etc). When we don’t need brawn on the 4th line, he may still slot in well for the speed game too.
  15. Speaking of Flames gear, anyone know where I can find an “accelerator” flames jersey and how much it’d go for? I’d prefer an Iggy one but I’m curious if there are any out there and hopefully they’re not too expensive. Thanks in advance!
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