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  1. This interview is really worth a listen. I recommend everyone listen. I hope Calgary radio is playing it.
  2. I agree. It’s ridiculous not bringing the youth in. What are all these vets owed after a terrible season? As far as I’m concerned, it should be expected that the youth is going to get in and be evaluated for next year’s jobs when you’ve eliminated yourself from the playoffs. I don’t mind Leivo getting in as he’s been out for a while, he’s been scratched a lot, and I feel he’d be a smart re-sign for fresh start next season... he had some bad luck this year. But Nordstrom? Backlund? Gio? Wasn’t it only a week or two ago that Sutter was saying Tanev was really banged up and playing through it? I just DON’T GET IT.
  3. Yep. Reinhart said as much himself. He said something along the lines of “I’m in my prime, and I don’t want to go through a rebuild” because chances are, he’ll be out of his prime by the time they’re competitive again.
  4. Ok. So getting Eichel C and Reinhart RW (in this hypothetical trade of course) isn’t worth Skinner at $5mil with term? I think Skinner becomes VERY tradable at $5mil if you wanted to move him Heck, we could even retain a little more of his salary on any trade. I do agree with you regarding LW taking a hit, but on the flip side, we fill a #1 C role and score a RW/C in Reinhart, plus isn’t LW one of the easiest positions to fill league-wide? Just in case, please don’t take my trade post and response above personally - My post was more about stirring up some out of the box ideas - ones that maybe CGY would need to consider in order to be a serious player for Eichel.
  5. I highly doubt Eichel will remain in the East. That organization has had enough blunders that the last thing they need is Eichel pumping them frequently in the East. Word came out that Monahan is having hip surgery... so his value comes down in a trade. Maybe to land Eichel we need to get a little more creative. Before you all lynch me, this is a knee-jerk reply to this thread without a lot of thought into it. I’m thinking for CGY to jump ahead of LA, maybe we need to do something LA wouldn’t, like helping BUF out of a contract they sorely want to get rid of... To CGY Eichel + Skinner ($4m retained) + Reinhart Total Cap = $20.2m in To BUF Mony + Tkachuk + Gaudreau Total Cap = $20.175m out Picks/Prospects can be added at no cap cost of course. I’m also curious how many of you would be willing to make this trade - regardless if Buffalo would.
  6. Re: the bolded Right-on Rob! Forgot to mention that very important point in my own post! There is definitely a new element of risk involved in an Eichel aquisition for all interested teams. Depending on the severity and timelines, it’s bound to affect the haul going the other way for him. How little or how much is of course dependent on the injury itself, and how desperate a GM is. If a GM is on the hot seat and their job is in question, I could see them pushing harder. I’d venture a guess that BT would fall in that category. Re: the italicized I don’t disagree that a competitor like Eichel would want to compete right away, and after looking at cap friendly, our roster is due for major turnover in 1-2 seasons anyway. Perfect timing to bring in players who want to play with him. 😁🤘🏻
  7. I just saw the article and quote from Eichel, so I’m a bit late to the party but you all knew I’d post about it. 😅 What better way to change the core than by sending some of our core players to Buffalo for Eichel? No one is untouchable for me. And if we look at historical superstar player trades, it always involves multiple NHL level players going the other way. There’s no way Buffalo accepts a futures only deal. Do they want 2 Centermen in return? Mony + Backs? Do they want a D as well? Kylington? Would they prefer Tkachuk instead? I’m all ears. And it’s worth noting that the number of players going the other way is going to affect our performance in year 1 of Eichel on the flames. I think the worry regarding future draft position is a bit much, but at least now we have a superstar to lure other talent to come play in Calgary.
  8. Unrelated to this topic, but John Shannon really rubs me the wrong way. He’s an absolute buffoon and pretends to know hockey. I honestly don’t know how he’s still employed doing hockey broadcasts.
  9. Ya... how is that allowable? But I hope the hockey gods have something to say about it!
  10. I’m with ya Conundrumed! I’m pulling for FLA for the cup this year!
  11. Wow. Florida is fun to watch!!! This is hockey!
  12. 😁👍🏻🔥🔥🔥 10 games with FLA. 6 goals, 9 apples, 15pts, +11 and kicking Hash Rate with 29 hits. Love it!
  13. https://thehockeywriters.com/flames-3-draft-picks-that-refused-to-sign-in-calgary/ This is why you bring in an Eichel if there is EVER a chance in a million years. And as of right now, that impossible chance appears possible.
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