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  1. Woot! Anaheim up 3-2 with 4mins to go! Edit. Spoke to soon. 3-3 Anaheim wins in OT... at least the Sharks didn’t end up with 2 points.
  2. Youre watching too eh? Surprised SN west has been showing games here and not blacking them out lately. Go Ducks! (One of the only times I will ever say such a blasphemous thing)
  3. I like the current jersey as well but I think the retro is fitting for the playoffs. Go Flames go!
  4. Nice save Smitty. That looked confident.
  5. Mangiapane’s confidence is growing. And he’s still got a lot more to his game that we haven’t seen yet.
  6. Did I call that one? Lol
  7. Yep. Need some separation here. Let’s get another one Flames!
  8. Agreed,however, Smith doesn’t make that save look intentional... he seems uncertain which makes me uncertain. Edit as I post the above he makes a good “intentional” toe kick save
  9. Wow. Loving the attack. Great passing and setups.
  10. what a pass by Lindholm. Pure sauce over two enemy sticks. Beauty
  11. Hahaha ya, well I’m north of Toronto in Newmarket and you know how it’s Leafs TV 24/7 here. My own father didn’t know the flames were second overall this year when he was trying to rub it in my face that the Leafs were sixth i have had some family and friends send me some kudos for the flames this year which is nice for a change. Even got some of them on the bandwagon! Im going to have a few drinks in Larry’s honour tonight.
  12. That worked for me as well Conundrumed! Thanks again for your help buddy. FF52 is definitely missed.
  13. It worked! And I will heed your warnings Thank you very much Conundrumed, and again to Carty as well for creating it!
  14. Hey Conundrumed, I too would like to show my respect for FF52 in my signature. How do I go about adding your graphic to my signature on these forums? I don’t see where I can add a signature to my posts. Thank you in advance!