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  1. Can we stop the Kadri talk, please? Yuck. Are we targeting a new whipping boy? I’m kind of into poaching the Sharks if we can. Shore up our team and simultaneously take a chunk out of theirs. I mentioned Lebanc as a savvy pickup earlier, and I’ll add Timo Meier as a target. Thoughts as to how/if it’s achievable?
  2. Well said. I’d argue that 30 other teams could use a seasoned defenseman with those qualities. I agree Brodie will be a valuable commodity, and that most teams will see the positive attributes outweigh the occasional brain cramps. I don’t think I’ve seen this name suggested before but Lebanc is an RFA in SJ. He’s listed as a LW/RW but played C on the Barrie Colts with Mangiapane on his wing and Andersson on D. He’s dynamic, smart, has a wicked shot, can score, is a RHS, and SJ might have some trouble signing him after this season. To me, Lebanc > Janko, and I’d preferably reunite him with Mangiapane - they had a combined 233 points in 60ish games with the Barrie Colts in 2015-2016 - and I only share this stat as an example of pre-existing chemistry. One of the things lacking in our bottom six is dynamic ability. I’d suggest Lebanc would be a savvy pickup and I don’t think we’ve seen his ceiling yet at the NHL level. Lastly, as much as I like Kapanen for his speed, effort, and drive, trading a first is too rich for my blood - same goes for any deal involving multiple players. He’s a good player, but he also got a bump on his stats thanks to playing with Matthews. He doesn’t create a lot for himself, but he goes to the right areas and he’s usually the beneficiary of someone else’s play. Not sure we have the right personnel to line him up with.
  3. What’s with all the love for leafs players? There’s 29 other teams out there too! As far as Marner is concerned, I think he’s staying put, and I think Dubas is going to revisit some of those teams who had interest in Nylander for a summer trade. I don’t see Nylander as a playoff performer, and we need to focus on acquiring that. I see some have shown interest in Kapanen, and I like the player as well. He’s an RFA without arb rights it seems, but I think the Leafs are going to have trouble fitting him in next year... there may be an opportunity there but I’m not giving up Mangiapane for him.
  4. Sorry fan... I’m not sure how much eastern conference hockey you watch, but the east is more open and high flying than the west. The east has a lot of river hockey going on with the speed and openness of the game. Kadri? yikes. Living in Toronto I’ve got a very good handle on the player. Not what we want or need. Ever. Kadri is like “Phaneuf of the East” - Watching some highlights now and then you’d think he’s so intense and such a difference maker. He’s not on both counts, and won’t help us enough where we need help the most - the playoffs. Hard pass on him.
  5. Hey woodendoug. I know what you’re trying to do, and it’s because you need some attention. Well you won’t get anymore than this from me.
  6. Hey JJ, regarding BT, I wholeheartedly disagree. We have one of the most active GMs in the league who seems to stop at nothing to try to make this team better. I’ll take the few warts along the way for the passion and dedication he brings to try to win us a cup. I’d take him over the more common “status quo” GM a hundred times out of a hundred. Perhaps I am reacting emotionally after our sudden playoff loss, however, I have never once considered trading JH... until now. He’s mine and my son’s favorite player, but I now have doubts... Playoff doubts... we didn’t support him enough, either... but NJ and NYR have the first and second overall pick for this upcoming draft... and I’ll choose to stop there and maybe return to this thread at a later time.
  7. Gentlemen, thank you for a great season. I loved coming on the board and discussing all things Flames and hockey with you guys. It really made the season that much better. Unfortunately our playoff hopes and dreams have come to an end much too soon. I take solace in the fact that we have a GM who never rests on his laurels - and I expect there will be changes that give some promise to next season. As for right now, this is going to be a hard one to accept. Cheers to each and every one of you. See you all again around the draft. Sincerely, Lou
  8. With this team, definitely. We’ve seen it. However, their play tells me they’ve already accepted defeat. They’re not giving it all. They’re not playing risky hockey to try to score. They’re just counting down the time. Sad.
  9. You know what JT (not picking on you here) but I just hate this line of thinking, whether it be the media, or fan, or anything else. These are NHL players and coaches. They’ve played and coached in playoffs before. Their history, experience, and resumes winning at all levels is what gives them the opportunity to coach or play in the NHL. Is there an adjustment playing playoffs at the NHL? I’m sure there is. But don’t tell me that the foundation for coaching and playing playoff hockey isn’t there. This isn’t anyone’s first time in the playoffs. This isn’t anyone’s first taste of playoff adversity. I don’t buy it. It’s complete conjecture. The NHL has never been more open for the taking. Matt Murray wins a Stanley Cup as a rookie goalie. Where’s the “but he has no playoff experience” tagline there? Why wasn’t it a factor? And that’s only one example. Now lets go out there Flames and leave everything on the ice. Go Flames go.
  10. Interesting read for me today. Apparently the flames decided on a slogan for their playoff T-shirt’s that read something to the tune of “hard work brings you to the ceiling, talent brings you to the floor”.... indicating relying on talent alone will only give you your minimal chance to win... Good mantra, if it was followed. #sour
  11. Blockchain me keep up the pressure Flames!!!
  12. Attack mentality! Put away the lawn chairs! A PP isn’t a vacation! Let’s go! ATAAAAAAAAAAACK!
  13. Gru made a big save. Johnny looked gassed. But I’m liking our zone time this game. Definite improvement thus far. Let’em have it Flames! Keep it coming in waves and don’t let up! Need some cowbell!
  14. Pleeeeeeeeeease
  15. Yep. Lazy play in the neutral zone, lazy play in the D zone.