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  1. That’s a goalie stealing a game for you. Thank you all star BSD.
  2. Brutal. Unbelievable. What a terrible call.
  3. I think they were all over us because we let them come in and we were lax in our effort. We wait for other teams to show us how the game is going to go before we respond. It would work in our favor if we imposed our game on other teams right from the start.
  4. Not liking the start. Not sure why the flames refuse to dictate play. They’d rather wait and see how the other team plays, giving them too many opportunities in the process.
  5. lou44291


    agreed. short term memory remembers he’s let in 3 goals in the first period 3 out of his last 4 starts long term memory reminds us we wouldn’t have been remotely close to first place in the division if Rittich didn’t bail out the team in games we had no business winning.
  6. IIRC there was a dump in earlier in the game with Gio retrieving it and Kassian zeroing in on him fast. Kassian (or perhaps it was another Oiler?) followed through on the hit from behind, directly into the numbers. I remember wincing on the play because it was Gio and there was potential for serious injury. Players are supposed to avoid following through on a hit from behind, no? As much as we debate about Tkachuk’s hits and Kassian throwing punches, perhaps the real issue here is the officiating. There was a time not too many seasons ago where if you got your stick up (one handed even) in the hand area of an opposing player it was penalized as a hook. Now we have players getting hit from behind, pokes at the goalie when the puck is smothered, slashing at the hands, dangerous hits going uncalled... No kidding players are taking matters into their own hands. Players will play within the rules according to the officiating. If there’s no call on a slash, players realize they can get away with slashing - and that holds true to every other non-call. There has to be a middle ground here. Refs are human, they may miss a few calls, but the ones that occur in front of them with no call is the issue at hand, not Tkachuk vs Kassian.
  7. At this point I’d trade for Brady Tkachuk just to make Edmonton completely lose their collective minds. Lol
  8. Thanks for the videos peeps. During the game I loved every second of it, and Biznasty made me realize I enjoyed it so much because of who it was against (Kassian). If it was a different game, with different players, there’s a definite possibility I’d see it differently as well. This is me removing my flames coloured glasses, only for a moment. I love big hits. I love body checking in the game. But I was initially surprised to hear how many players (past and present) sided with Kassian. I’m guessing they only side with him because of the vulnerability and potential to get hurt on the hit, not so much that they expected Tkachuk to fight someone out of his weight class. They likely put themselves in Kassian’s position and sided with outlawing that kind of hit in the game.
  9. It’s ok. We still won’t respond until under 5 minutes left.
  10. nailed it. I think all of us are hoping for more robrob. And that’s probably why we continue to watch... though, I’ll admit that my commitment to watching every game has waned this season. I’ve seen this same show so many times it’s gone far beyond disappointing. I’d rather invest my time into something that offers a little more reward. #sourpuss #givemesomethingtocheerfor
  11. 😬👎🏻 brutal game. Disgraceful. I think each and every one of us expected this tonight... that says a lot about this team.
  12. I find myself following this kind of thinking as well. I’ve long been a supporter of Bennett, but I feel at this point he and the team would be better off parting ways. Like you said TD - Bennett often (always?) comes out on the wrong side of any opportunity. I always look forward to “playoff Bennett”, but maybe there’s a better fit out there. I’m also starting to sour on Backlund after supporting him for so long as well. Heck, I just posted the other day to end the Backlund at wing experiment and make him 3C with Ryan 4C. I know he has a NTC, but I’d be at least exploring the market for him and what potential C replacements could be available. I wouldn’t expect a TDL deal for Backlund but maybe something in the off-season.
  13. Refs trying to be a factor in the third period. Didn’t get out of the way. That was a close one!
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