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    Clearly it’s Tanev’s teeth. And the history between them justifies it. Tanev should have the save% column added to his stats for how many shots he blocks. I think the teeth are a nod to the “2nd goalie” we have on the ice when Tanev is out there. Sick mask nonetheless. I appreciate the nod to kip, Vern, and kidder. Absolutely love it. I Want a replica!
  2. Anticipating this response, I counter with this - do you think Mony would fetch the same as Eichel? Mony has also been "available" for while...
  3. With respect, I don't understand the Eichel comparison to Mony. If you want to point at stats over the last X years, yadda yadda, sure - I know lots of people that can make numbers work whichever way they want. So, in a different light for comparison, would Mony fetch us 4-5 quality pieces in a trade including multiple 1st round picks? No? Maybe ask yourself why.
  4. Agreed on the Monahan front TBC. I guess I valued Dvorak higher than most. And perhaps the potential in this upcoming draft makes that first rounder more valuable than most years. He’s just got a great contract price and term, he’s positive in the face-off dot, he can score and setup scoring, he’s defensively sound… to me he’s one of the rare 200 foot players that every team talks about but rarely ever finds. He’s good in so many areas of the ice. Plus, if Chucky is sticking around, I thought it would’ve been good to have his former linemate on the team (as a potential future linemate as well since the chemistry is already there). I may be in the minority, but I see Dvorak > JK. Though, Dvorak alone won’t replace both JK and Danault. MTL is in the toughest division as well - but I think they’re strong on the wings and in net. We’ll see how the D shakes out for them without Weber, though they did pickup Savard. They are a conundrum for this upcoming season to me. edit: I also hate to beat a dead horse (well, on second thought maybe not lol) but if the flames were targeting Eichel, Brouwer’s buyout is off the books after this season, and Lucic’s salary is off the books after next season. So, on a positive note, there will be some misallocated cap space coming back to the flames following an Eichel acquisition. On the flip side, we have to be careful not to overpay for the services Gaudreau or Chucky or Mony with that cap space, if that’s the plan. The Patrick idea is an interesting one for sure. I was just thinking that a Dvorak acquisition would be an excellent succession plan for Backlund, and we could move on from him.
  5. Just saw this. Does that seem fairly cheap to anyone else for Dvorak?
  6. Well, no one is perfect and looking at last year in any capacity is a cautionary exercise, but it’s true that it looked like we couldn’t get out of our zone on the PK last year. Almost full 2 minute power plays in our zone was ridiculous. However, when Rieder was on the PK the year before, there was a threat of a breakaway and that would pull the opposing D off the blue line enough to give us a better chance of getting out of the zone and/or getting it deep. I think someone commented about his “lack of size”, he should be slotted on the 4th line anyway, so, put him on a line with players that have size (Looch, Ritchie, etc). When we don’t need brawn on the 4th line, he may still slot in well for the speed game too.
  7. Speaking of Flames gear, anyone know where I can find an “accelerator” flames jersey and how much it’d go for? I’d prefer an Iggy one but I’m curious if there are any out there and hopefully they’re not too expensive. Thanks in advance!
  8. At the risk of pissing off some on this board who want our youth to be playing 4th line minutes, I’d really like to circle back to Tobias Rieder. Now a UFA, only 28, great on the PK, threat to score SHGs, and has speed for days. A lot was missing last season for this team, but I’d add that we missed Rieder on our PK last year as well.
  9. Mange is a warrior. He’s a dog on a bone type. Fancy stats or not, I want the flames to acquire more players with that kind of mindset and work ethic. He may or may not become a top goal scorer (I watched him get a lot of points in junior), but his tenacity to make some kind of impact on every shift pushes his point totals the right direction. He’s a blue collar player with all the tools for success. He’s someone we should definitely hold on to, and I don’t think he’d be looking in the $6m range. I get the feeling term and fit are most important for him and I can see him following Andersson’s contract structure $4.5m range with term.
  10. I liked Conundrummed’s suggestion to send Backlund to the island for Mayfield+ I’m combining that idea with Someone else that mentioned Hertl as a target If we trade Backlund then for Mayfield+, I’d trade Monahan (2yr left, UFA) for Hertl (1yr left UFA). I think Hertl can replace Backlund for us, and while Hertl could walk at the end of this year it’s no different from Monahan walking the following year. I doubt SJ would be on Mony’s no trade list, and don’t think the islanders would be on Backlund’s. This leaves us with 1C which is no good, so Perhaps the + along with Mayfield could be draft picks or prospects or some form of currency to specifically pry Dvorak (or Eichel) or some other C for us. It does give us additional cap space to play with as well.
  11. Can Carolina trade JK if they acquire him? Or do they also have to hold on to him for a year (I’m not sure there’d be any takers for JK at $6.1m, but I’m just curious if the rule applies to both teams) As an aside, Friedman was saying that at this point in time there’s a good chance MTL doesn’t match - and that they’re likely using the 10 day window to shop the first and third around the league. Just to gauge, I’m curious if anyone here would trade Mony for that first and third? I’d consider it if it helps us land another C (Eichel more so than Dvorak)
  12. What an interesting thought Pikey! Is there an actual rule preventing a player who signed an offer sheet from being traded within the 10 day window?
  13. Add to this that Brisson represents many of the league’s top players - if Kevyn Adams doesn’t play nice with Brisson (and Eichel) it will affect future dealings between the 2 for other players. For example, Brisson represents Patty Kane. There’s some speculation Kane may be willing to go play in his hometown Buffalo. If Adams creates friction with Brisson with Eichel, Brisson will likely do the same with Adams for all the NHL talent he represents (including Kane). And Buffalo isn’t in a position to create additional barriers for players to play there. Brisson is playing with a different deck of cards and has a lot more influence than Peter Fish ever had - just saying.
  14. Yep. Just saw this moments ago. Finally some excitement. This also screams retaliation for the Aho offer sheet. Love the fact that Carolina gave JK a $20 signing bonus - Edit: Sebastian Aho’s number 😏 What would be the return for MTL if they don’t match? I mean, can they even match - I think they’re over the cap right now?
  15. You and I have shared that same view the past few years. It was evident in the 2nd half of the season we ended up 2nd overall.
  16. It appears fairly obvious to me that BT is out of the Eichel conversation, with all of the recent Flames signings. I think he was holding off to give him some flexibility if Eichel was acquired. That said, Eichel's value has dropped that much more thanks to very few teams with available cap space, the delayed surgery causing Eichel to have to miss the start of the season, and of course the missed opportunity at the draft for draft picks. Eichel also just changed agents to add more to the drama. It's at the point where Buffalo is going to have to accept roster players with salary in return to move Eichel this season. I'm with Conundrummed on the Dvorak front - fingers crossed. The only way Eichel is a possibility here or elsewhere is if guys with salaries like Mony or Chucky are going the opposite way. Otherwise the money won't work. Maybe all the GMs colluded to drop Buffalo's asking price and force them to accept salaried players in return - who knows. But again, Dvorak - if available - would be a nice target and as an aside I'm sure Chucky would be happy with it.
  17. ^Like 😊 I didn’t think Mayfield was available.
  18. Welcome to the C of Red, Big Z! I’m looking forward to finally having a d-man that will punish the opposition!
  19. Hey Kehatch! Good to have you back. I was also thinking of Ottawa as a third party. I do like what you setup above. I was thinking something along the lines of: To OTT Matt Tkachuk To CGY Eichel To Buff 1st + from OTT 1st + from Calgary I’m not sure what the “+” from Calgary and OTT should be to Buffalo, but it’s likely that Ottawa would hang on to both Tkachuk brothers (not trade them back to the west which Buffalo might do if Tkachuk refuses to sign there), and Matthew would conceivably re-sign in Ottawa to continue to play with his brother. Plus, hailing from Toronto, I’d get a personal kick out of watching the Tkachuk brothers do some damage to the Leafs and I’d rub it in my family’s faces hahaha. Cap-wise, $7m goes out with Chucky and $10m comes in with Eichel. We take on a $3m cap hit. That fits quite easily. Then I was thinking you have Monahan available for trade after the big fish Eichel has been taken. You get something for Mony maybe from St. Loo or elsewhere (would MTL be interested in Mony with Danault’s departure? Would they trade Toffoli now that they signed Hoffman? How about Rakell from the Ducks? Dvorak from Arizona?) to shore up the team. Similar ideas for sure regarding Ottawa - I just went with Chucky, and you went with Mony. Either way, it could work to give Buff what they’re looking for, us, and OTT. edit: Just saw a report saying OTT is looking for a top 6 forward - C or Wing - and are potentially using Brannstrom as a trade chip in a deal. They kicked tires on Eichel but backed off due to the price. Logan Brown and Chris Tierney may also be available. https://nhlrumors.com/nhl-rumors-and-notes-winter-olympics-and-the-ottawa-senators/2021/08/15/
  20. Technically, with Eichel’s neck injury, you’re not too far off with your one leg and close to retiring comment The reasons why it’s in the realm of possibility Zima is the following: - Buffalo greatly prefers to send him to the western conference so that he doesn’t haunt them in the East. - After all of the UFA signings and such, many teams don’t have the cap space to absorb Eichel’s $10mil per year without sending significant cap back - which Buffalo isn’t interested in unless it’s in the ages 25 and under bracket. - We do have a C (Monahan) to offer back, not sure many teams have a C to send in exchange - Buffalo is looking for futures as well, which we have. - We didn’t finish well last year, so, Buffalo could anticipate a high first round draft pick to be included from us - We can fit his cap hit Those are the ones that come to the top of my mind. I’m sure there’s more, and there’s also additional ones supporting Eichel ending up in LA or something. The fact that Gio got taken by the Kraken (and his cap hit coming off our books) is what’s given us cap space to be a potential destination.
  21. Agreed. Dare I say it, we’d resemble the Oilers. 🤮
  22. Look, I’ve been a proponent for Eichel for over a year now on this board, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see value in other options. There are some great points for and against Eichel from many of you, but the one scenario that shouldn’t be an option is going into next season with predominantly the same lineup. Change - one way or another - is necessary. Sure, we brought in a few players with some intangibles. We also lost our captain on the backend. The needle hasn’t moved enough in either direction to get us a good draft pick, or set us up for any realistic contention. TD and some others have proposed some good targets for trade outside of Eichel. Dvorak Rackell Parayko Kyrou Tarasenko (though, I’m not the biggest fan) Dunn The bottom line for me is to see this team improve one way or another.
  23. Perhaps being signed to a 2-way contract makes him more appealing in a trade?
  24. Hopefully the Eichel situation gets figured out soon so we can move forward, or move on.
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