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  1. Frolik has been brutal, forget about putting him on the 4th line, he needs to be scratched. Bennett deserves that 2nd line spot for now.
  2. Zirakzigil


    It makes sense, goalies dont like coming out when they have just pitched a shutout.
  3. Im going with Mangiapane being bumped down and Czarnik being bumped out.
  4. The team needs more Bennetts and not less. Hes fast, skilled and not afraid to be gritty. Hopefully hes given more minutes with skilled players this season. Id really like to see him on the right side of the 2nd line.
  5. Zirakzigil


    Cause they know a thing or two about winning Who needs fans anyways? I honestly think it was because the organization did not want to be running a fan board that, rightfully so, is going to be very critical of the team right now. I wouldnt be shocked if it magically comes back when the team is good again.
  6. Yep. This wasnt a way to get around the cap, the Jets have plenty of cap space. They are giving him all the time they need. This is a roster move to make sure the Jets keep all their options open.
  7. I like the speed Rieder brings and its something you cant teach. Teams need to be more aggressive on the PK and for that you need speed.
  8. Cmon man.... a Tanguay - Carter - Iginla line. Would of been awesome! 😝 Mangiapane was an idiot. He had zero leverage and overplayed his hand. This should of been dealt with this time last week if he was smart.
  9. Ahh.... Remember the good ole days when you and I were arguing about how we should of traded Brodie to the Jackets for Carter? You hated that idea because of Brodie's "potential." Pepperridge farm remembers. Now you've come full circle on Brodie. 😛
  10. That trade does nothing for the Ducks. They want a right shot defenseman, not someone who just plays on the right side. Right now they only have 1 right shot on their blueline.
  11. Bennett has really impressed me so far. I am also someone who is curious how a Tkachuk - Bennett - Neal line would work. Might be a way to create more secondary offense, as well as being a massive pain to the other team.
  12. Zirakzigil


    Smith was very brutal and honest to the media after the Pens game, he openly stated he has to be better. Smith is only part of the problem though, the defensive structure in front of him has been inconsistent at best. The team as a whole has to be better. A prime Kipper in net wouldnt even completely mask all the problems on the ice.
  13. Ahh.... Remember the good old days when we argued about whether the Flames should of traded Brodie to the Jackets for Carter? Those were the days. Brodie hasnt been the same since the health issues appeared with his wife, dont blame him for being distracted, but hes definitely not the top pairing guy he used to be. It would be a serious mistake to trade Backlund in my opinion. Hes one of the best two way centers in the league. You need guys like him to win in the playoffs. Jankowski is the guy I would move, hes really not showing hes anything more than a 3rd line center in my opinion.
  14. Not happening. Salary cap says hi on that trade, the Pens will not be adding anymore salary to their blueline.
  15. Zirakzigil


    Its slightly worrisome that he didnt travel with the team, considering how close together these games are. I think he misses a few games minimum.
  16. Not going to happen. No team will ever run like that unless forced by the salary cap. Limits them too much from resting guys in practice or if someone suddenly cant play due to a family emergency or illness.
  17. Zirakzigil


    Hes not the problem this year, the rest of the team is.
  18. This team needs another impact forward. Either Bennett develops into one of they need to trade/sign one. Its painfully obvious right now that the offense just isnt there.
  19. Hes not in the minors and Im sure Vegas would rather have the 4.5mil in cap space over taking a cap dump, which is all Stajan or Brouwer are.
  20. Im guessing the Knights would want a top 6 center coming back, something the Flames dont have excess of.
  21. Zirakzigil


    Then you are just creating a different problem down the road, and that is a rusty backup when the games are more meaningful.
  22. Zirakzigil


    Highly disagree. With the amount of back to back games and the importance of games down the stretch, you need your backup sharp and able to step in. The longer it takes for Lack to get into meaningful games the less likely hes going to be any good. The way the Flames are playing they cannot afford to have Smith facing 30+ shots a night and playing 70+ games and still have something left for the playoffs. The guy is 35 years old, not 25.
  23. Zirakzigil


    Lack not playing against the Canucks is my point about him not playing though. Now the team has had a bunch of days off, which mean Smith is rested, which means hes probably going to play the next few games at least. And that means another 1-2 weeks were Lack hasnt played a meaningful game.
  24. He posted that on his personal account, and not one with any association to the Flames. Hes entitled to do that even if it was a stupid decision.
  25. Zirakzigil


    At some point though you have to get Lack in net for meaningful games. Smith is a big boy and understands that. A crappy Canucks team was the perfect game. Disagree. They are a talented up and coming team. Too many teams are underestimating them. They just manhandled the Oilers tonight.
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