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  1. Man our D this year have been driving the play all season long.. D starts playing great again - we start winning games.It's great to see Russell step up like he has, earlier in the season it was Gio/Brodie but Wideman and Russell are playing like mad men atm! Also I think it's a no brainer to keep Russell, we got him extremely cheap and he fits in our top 4 well. Wish we would have Smid back though.. prefer him over Diaz/Shlemmy.
  2. We also aren't bad at goals against - 15th right in the middle. In my mind our D has a lot of room for upgrade still just because some of our D are getting old and we don't have the youth to replace them as of yet. Yes we have a solid core but no real young D stud and we could really use one..
  3. funnymunk


    I'd be fine with a Hiller/Ramo tandem even next year - I'm not super high on Ortio due to his size. Having two hot goalies is perfect this time of year and let's see how Ramo does on Sunday.
  4. funnymunk


    Finally people are jumping on the Ramo bandwagon! I'm almost leaning towards Ramo still getting the start tomorrow.. but rest is also important. Get Hiller in and regardless of how he plays I think Ramo needs to go back in on Sunday, he's been that good and should've been the first star again tonight.
  5. funnymunk


    Aaaand look at that, after two great games Ramo's numbers are similar to Hiller's. The two are quite similar to me at least, both let in softies at times and can get hot at times. Let Ramo run with it for now, I think in the long run he should be the one we keep not Hiller.
  6. We need to move out and get a puck-moving guy for the 3rd pairing. I get scared everytime I see both Smid and Engelland out together.. Maybe call up a guy like Wotherspoon who wasn't bad at the end of last year.
  7. funnymunk


    Man seeing us this season with two solid netminders makes me wonder about all those years with 70 plus games of kipper... He probably wouldn't have had those off years if he had a solid backup to take the pressure off. Anyways, I hope Ramo actually gets the ball to run with this time, he's a 1b guy who in my mind can play 30-40 games a season and be solid. I hope we re-sign him at the end of the season and maybe try to trade Hiller next year to get Ortio up (who I'm still not sold on as being an NHL goalie).
  8. funnymunk


    That's only because of that really bad game he had with ABB in the beginning, he's actually been doing well so far.
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